Self care assessment survey for moms to identify your self care needs. Take this quick self care quiz now. #selfcare #selfcaresurvey #selfcarequiz

 Today we will discover 59 Self-care ideas for moms. And, the best part is, you only need 5 minutes a day to use these powerful self-care tips for moms.  It will help you improve your self-care routine and be a more confident mom.

And as stay-at-home moms, we need to take extra care claiming those much needed moments to recharge and refocus.

59 self care tips for moms

I am too busy to take time out for myself …

The kids’ routine is crazy and I can hardly keep up with everything as it is …

I’m too tired and miserable to do anything …

If any or all of these statements ring true, you are in the right place today. Let’s discover some powerful self-care tips and tricks for moms. And there are no excuses, as you only need 5 minutes a day to get going with your own self-development.

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Mom self-care tip

This will always be one of my first tips for moms suffering from fatigue and depression … because it really helped me a lot whenever I need an energy boost right away.

Self-care definition

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury it is a necessity.

And, remember it rarely needs to cost any money. It not about pampering and spoiling but rather about self-love and development. Sef-care is about having a healthy body, mind and soul and the routine of keeping these healthy.

Love yourself

No person can share love if they don’t love themselves first.

Keep this in mind and stop feeling bad for wanting time alone. As moms, especially, we need to let go of the guilt and love ourselves for who we are.

Self-love and growth are impossible when we don’t spend the needed time to grow these skills.

Take action today

Why self-care is important for moms

Taking care of ourselves is an essential part of healthy motherhood. Mostly because self-care promotes overall health and wellness and encourages our self-improvement. Practicing self-care makes us stronger mentally, physically and also psychologically.

Taking good care of ourselves makes us better moms.

How do you practice self-care

You can read the self-care ideas post for moms to learn to optimize your self-care routine. Here are some great tips to get you started

  • schedule at least 5 minutes a day to refocus and find inner peace
  • spend this time on activities for self-growth and development
  • use a journal to discover your self-care needs and activities to meet these demands
  • use the 6 senses self-care journal prompts
  • never feel bad for spending time by yourself

and ultimately, learn how to be a confidently beautiful mom

Simple self-care tips and tricks

Self-care needs to be simple and easy. As soon as it gets complicated, chances are you will never stick to your self-care routine. So, keep things simple by keeping these self-care tips in mind:

Self-care ideas for moms

Let’s have a look at those easy 5-minute self-care tips to get us motivated and focused on developing ourselves, not only as moms but also as women.

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59 Self care tips for moms promoting self love and self development. Wellness made easy for stay at home moms to take better care of themselves. Discover great self care tips for moms. #selfcare #wellness #selfcaretips #selfcareideas #momlife #motherhood #adviceformoms

nd just because I hope you allow yourself even more time than just 5 minutes, some of the ideas below can grow into 10 or even 20 minutes routines

  1. Plan your daily and weekly self-care routine
  2. Discover new parenting tips
  3. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea
  4. Drink more water
  5. Read a book
  6. Plan a family outing
  7. Take the dog for a quick walk
  8. Plan a 10-minute workout strategy
  9. Enjoy a bubble-filled bath
  10. Select unused items to donate
  11. Listen to your favorite music
  12. Discover your favorite essential oil
  13. Schedule your family’s annual health checkups
  14. Plan a skincare routine
  15. Read jokes
  16. Plan kindness activities
  17. Schedule your day to go to bed 10 minutes earlier
  18. Write secret notes to your kids
  19. Schedule a coffee date with your best friend
  20. Reflect on the positive things in your life
  21. Read the community newsletter
  22. Do a plank exercise
  23. Plan to redecorate a room
  24. Do coloring
  25. Read your favorite magazine
  26. Listen to an audiobook or podcast
  27. Look at family photographs
  28. Paint your nails and do nail art
  29. Create a gratitude journal
  30. Enjoy a cup of tea
  31. Do self-affirmation
  32. Create a wish-list
  33. Phone your mom
  34. Plan a cheese and wine evening with friends
  35. Watch the clouds or stars
  36. Read up on world news
  37. Do deep breathing techniques
  38. Be creative
  39. Pray
  40. Enjoy a bit of sunlight
  41. Write down your mom goals
  42. Play with your pet
  43. Water your plants
  44. Watch funny videos
  45. Create your weekly affirmation
  46. Meditate
  47. Learn how to master motherhood and enjoy mom life
  48. Plan your healthy family lifestyle
  49. Light a scented candle
  50. Go for a walk
  51. Read inspiring quotes
  52. Find an awesome new dessert recipe
  53. Choose a drawer or closet to organize as soon as you have some extra time
  54. Plan a family movie night
  55. Do something fun
  56. Plan a date night
  57. Try a new recipe
  58. Do yoga
  59. Plan your self-care routine

Self-care assessment survey

Take the quick self-care quiz with a free self-care checklist and find out if you know how to take good care of yourself. The survey will help you identify your self-care needs.

Self care assessment survey for moms to identify your self care needs. Take this quick self care quiz now. #selfcare #selfcaresurvey #selfcarequiz

Self-care tips summarized

There you have more than 50 epic self-care tips to get you started. Remember self-care need not be difficult, keep it simple.

  • schedule your time
  • plan your activities
  • develop yourself as a mom and as a person
  • never feel guilty about me-time

To set you up for success, here a couple of powerful tips to create success habits and reach your life goals

The best way to create success habits

  • set achievable goals for yourself
  • learn how to say no
  • choose one habit at a time
  • celebrate success both personally and with others
  • take a look at habits and what hasn’t worked so you can figure out a new strategy with what does work
  • create a journal page with your new habit strategy and visit it daily, adding more ideas on how to achieve each new habit
  • make a decision and if it doesn’t work just make a new one
  • don’t overthink, just keep moving
  • reward yourself for every goal achieved no matter how small
  • track your progress daily

Tips on how to reach your life goals

  • take action. without taking the first step, enjoying success remains impossible
  • practice self-discipline, it will get easier as you go
  • be practical and stick with small steps at a time.
  • stick with one goal or one set of actionable and measurable goals
  • have an accountability partner
    • there’s nothing like a best friend, he or she tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it
    • having an accountability partner is one of the best ways to keep yourself in line and in check
  • hold yourself accountable by using a journal
    • remember practice makes perfect
  • use self-affirmation to realize your prosperity

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Mom life made easy with 59 Self care tips for moms promoting self love and self development. Wellness made easy for stay at home moms to take better care of themselves. Discover great self care tips for moms. #selfcare #wellness #selfcaretips #selfcareideas #momlife #motherhood #adviceformoms

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