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Do you want to be a more confident mom?

A mom who is in control of motherhood and know how to be calm, strong and happy? Then the Awesome Parent Challenges are perfect for you! It’s a free mini-course conveniently delivered to your inbox over 7 days. This makes it possible for you to do the challenges at your own pace and revisit the printables and resources as often as you need them.

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Do you sometimes feel:


I need to be a better mom …

a strong loving mom who is happy and kind

a practical and patient mom raising a healthy family

If this sounds exactly like the kind of mother you want to be …

This mom life course was created with you in mind!


how to be a better mom awesome parent challenges #parentingtips

This is exactly what the How to be a Better Mom Challenge is all about


A free 7-day email course where you will discover easy ways to achieve all your desired awesome mom traits

Simply join our community of Power Parents today

Awesome Parent Challenge

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What you will gain from joining the Awesome Parent Challenge

* vastly improve your parenting skills

* have access to great quality parenting guidance tools and resources

* learn power parenting tips and hacks

*  gain Parenting Awesomeness!


The design of the Awesome Parent Challenges

The Awesome Parent Challenges are delivered as

* an easy to access mini course

* 7-day email course

* delivering one jam-packed email a day 

* with powerful parenting tips, examples and parenting resources

* including a worksheet and lots of free printables


I know you are also a busy mom and therefore, the easy to complete challenges is delivered directly to your inbox for you to achieve at your own time and pace.


To complete this challenge successfully, you simply have to

* devour the daily email content

* have fun with the actions, and thereby

* develop your parenting awesomeness!

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What other moms said after completing the mini course

awesome parent challenge testimonial

awesome parent challenge testimonial


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The best awesome parent challenge. join now to be a better parent. great parenting tips and advice. #parentingtips #parenting #beagoodmom #bestparentingtips


How to be a caring mother. Discover great parenting tips in the awesome parent challenge #parenting #parentingtips #parentingadvice #beagoodmom





with unique parenting cheat sheets including action steps on how to be calm and confident.

Grab your own free copy and quickly gain skills to start being a better parent today.

PLUS BONUS 101 family activities list

Your cheat sheets are on the way!

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