HEALTHKICK7 to kickstart your Healthy Lifestyle Today

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the one of a kind

all-in-one healthy living program

to kiskstart your transition

from tired, stressed and unhealthy

to healthy, calm and happy


Perfect when improving your lifestyle is a top priority

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* I wish I knew how to live a healthier lifestyle …

* I am too tired to change our family lifestyle habits …

* my family members are always stressed and miserable …

* my kids need to eat more healthy foods but I don’t know where to start …

Sounds familiar?


then HEALTHKICK7 is the perfect solution

to help you live the healthy lifestyle you always wanted


healthy family living

Everything you need to successfully change your family lifestyle and

live healthier

be calmer and

enjoy feeling happier


HEALTHKICK7  will Guide You with Effective, Easy strategies to kickstart your journey towards

* Long-term Health Benefits

* Making Healthy Food Choices

* Raising a Healthy Family

* Reaching your Health Goals

* Being Happy and Healthy for Life!

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take action and invest in your own health and happiness




you can start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

and Improve your Quality of Life

by Knowing How-To


* plan healthy meals

* add superfoods to meals

* make healthy food choices

* stay motivated by tracking your success

* be challenged to be a better you

* free up time to spend with your family

* have access to healthy lifestyle information backed by science

* set reachable health goals and succeed in living healthy for life


… all with the help of the easy-to-use HEALTHKICK7


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HEALTHKICK7 includes 3 power bundles:

1. The HEALTHKICK7 welcome section

* 3 steps to success

* frequently asked questions

* the way forward


2. The 7-day detox plan worksheet bundle

7 day detox plan healthkick7

guiding you through your successful body cleanse in just 7 days



3. The Healthy Lifestyle Kit worksheet bundle

healthy lifestyle kit


your guide to seven weeks of low carb living

followed by

 healthy living for life


PLUS Your Super Bonus

low carb recipes easy and delicious. grab your copy and start with healthy living made simple. #lowcarb #ketorecipe #healthyliving #recipebook



 The low carb recipe book

low carb recipes


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all-in-one healthy living


Your Total Package


the HEALTHKICK7 welcome section includes

* 3 steps to success

* frequently asked questions

* the way forward


the 7 day detox plan section includes

* 7 steps to success

* 7 detox rules

* measurement chart

* detox goals chart and success tracker

* mood tracker

* workout plan and water intake sheet

* detox meal plan

* daily meal planners

* foods to avoid cheat sheet

* triple detox superboost


the Healthy Lifestyle Kit section includes

* 7 tips to success

* triple lifestyle super boost

* measurement goals and success chart

* healthy lifestyle goals and success tracker

* weekly workout planner

* daily meal planners

* low carb food substitute chart

* superfoods list

* better-me challenges


the bonus recipe book includes

* 13 low carb recipes



all in a user-friendly format

* easy to use daily/weekly worksheets

* direct download option

* quick access, save and print pdf documents

* product-lifetime access to HEALTHKICK7

* product-lifetime access to updated versions of HEALTHKICK7

* due to the digital nature of the resources, purchases and downloads are final, in other words, no refund policy

* this product is there to help you be happier though, so if you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to make you smile 

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healthkick 7 all in one healthy living solution #healthyfamily


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How to kickstart your healthy lifestyle with healthy habits and healthy lifestyle tips. Everything you need to live health and happy. Mom life and kids healthy made easy. #healthyfamily #healthyliving #momlife #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits

Healthy living made easy with healthy lifestyle tips for moms. Easy healthy eating tips to raise a healthy family. Kids health and healthy habits for families. #healthyfamily #healthyliving #momlife #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits

Healthy family lifestyle made easy with healthy habits and healthy lifestyle tips. Everything you need to live health and happy. Mom life and kids healthy made easy. #healthyfamily #healthyliving #momlife #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits

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