When we get busy with family life, our own health often comes last as we thrive to keep the rest of our family members happy and healthy. This is, however, an unwise strategy knowing it’s much easier to take good care of others when we take proper care of ourselves. When we are happy and healthy, so will our families be. For that reason, we will today look at easy tips on how to be healthy and discover some common and other less common, but very important healthy lifestyle tips to help keep everyone healthy.

Although we are focusing on our health as moms in this post, these are simple health tips for everyone. And when you want to kickstart your day with positive vibes, you need a kickass morning routine.

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We will split the tips on how to be healthy as a busy mom into two parts. The first discussing some common healthy living tips and in part two, more tips to be healthy that is less discussed but very important.

11 basic tips on how to be healthy

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Let’s start this off by discussing these 11 basic yet powerful tips for good health

simple healthy tips

savor the colors of the rainbow

Whilst preparing meals, add as much color as you can from different food groups. You will be amazed at how much easier eating fruits and veg is for everyone when a plate contains all the colors of the rainbow and looks super yummy.

And, the more colorful, the more the vitamins and nutrients. A good tip is to get the kids involved and try the ideas below to serve more rainbow meals

  • allow each child at mealtime to choose three different colors and add these to the plate
    • to make sure you are prepared, have them choose their colors before your shopping trip!
  • instead of serving breakfast, creat a snack bar with cut-up fruits and veg and nuts to choose from throughout the morning

putting the science to good practice

Neophobia in kids, or the reluctance to try new food, is best overcome by seeing parents or care givers consume the new food. Therefore when we eat a lot of fruit and veg, it becomes a lot easier for our kids to also give it a try.

tips for good health

relish the fresh air

Ever heard of forest therapy? It’s a great way to stay healthy and all about stimulating all your senses whilst being outside. And you don’t need to live close to a forest to enjoy these benefits. Simply find an easy way to spend time outside by combining it with your favorite activity, for example

need a coffee to get you going in the morning

  • prepare your favorite drink in a flask, and enjoy it somewhere outside (even if it’s on a bench in your own garden)

love to read

  • go to a park and let the kids play while you enjoy your favorite book

catching up with a friend

  • choose to meet up at an open-air coffeeshop or
  • at the botanical gardens or
  • a nearby park

putting the science to good practice

Outdoor play during pre-school years have been proven to combat obesity and impove academic learning. Spending time outdoors is thus a frugal activity to improve our families’ physical and mental health. Get more active today.

simple health tips for everyone

drink like a fish

We all know we are suppose to drink eight glasses of water every day to keep our bodies and brains hydrated. But how many of us actually use this simple health tip?

Try the tips below to make sure you get your daily water intake optimized

  • use a daily water consumption track sheet (you can find a great one here)
  • carry a bottle of water at all times
    • when you have it with you, you are more likely to drink from it and prevents you from reaching for sugary drinks when you are out and feeling thirsty

putting the science to good practice

Frequent consumption of sugary drinks are linked to not only weight problems but also heart-, dental- and endocrine disease. The best way to ensure adequote water consumption is being a good role-model for our kids.

how can I be healthy every day

excite your happy hormones

Laughing and even smiling boost our happy hormones, helping us feel more relaxed and content. This is a fun yet simple health tip for everyone. Getting our daily dose of positive vibes, is super easy when we have a kickass morning routine. And you can download a free copy of the morning routine printables to boost your productivity, self-confidence and mindfullness right here

When it feels like we don’t share enough laughs as a family also try these

putting the science to good practice

Happiness stimulates overall health and can reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Have fun as a family is easy with this free list of 101 happiness and kindness hacks. Grab your free copy.

ways to stay healthy

sleep like a bear

There is no better way to heal your cells, body, and soul than getting enough, good quality sleep. Even when we think we are sleeping enough, we can add another half an hour to our routine. When we find it easy to sleep more, it’s a sign that our bodies need more downtime. So listen to your body and improve your sleep routine. Keep the following good quality sleep criteria in mind

  • no harsh lighting
  • comfortable sleep environment
  • cool but pleasant surroundings
  • tranquil pre-bedtime routine
  • uninterrupted sleeping time of 6 to 8 hours per night

Do you know

It’s brilliant!

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And when you want to track your sleep to help you improve your sleep routine, you will love the

putting the science to good practice

One of the quickest and most effective ways to boost focus and memory is to sleep more. So what are you waiting for? Improve the sleep time and quality for all your family members and watch them thrive in school and at work.

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how to be healthy

shake your sillies out

This is another basic healthy lifestyle tip we all know but few adhere to. Exercise has numerous benefits on our health, heart, and bodies. The problem is to make it a frequent habit and stick to it.

The best tips for keeping an active lifestyle include

  • choose an activity you like, you will be more likely to stick to it then
  • keep active whilst playing outside with the kids
  • schedule physical activity into your daily routine and avoid excuses
  • just start, that’s the most difficult part

If you need a step-by-step guide

to help you kick start your healthy lifestyle, you have to check it the amazing all in one HEALTHKICK7 program.

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putting the science to good practice

Not only does regular exercise improve our kids’ cognitive performance but also builds healthy bodies and minds. And, is proven to fight signs and symptoms of aging! So let’s get off the couch and start moving to enjoy better health and retain our youth.

tips on how to stay healthy

don’t be a nectarivore

Say what? Nectarivores are animals deriving their energy from sugar-rich nectar. In other words, they love sugar! And some of us are also nectarivores except that our nectar doesn’t always originate from flower-based sugars!

Sugar rich foods might make us feel good for a short time whilst enjoying the rush, but the aftermath is fatigue and grumpiness! So try to avoid the sugar charge and rather consider healthy snacks like these

  • low carb crackers and cottage cheese
  • fresh vegetables
  • fruit salad
  • nuts or
  • dried fruits

putting the science to good practice

Limit your family’s chances of suffering from obesity, heart disease and endocrine insufficiences leading to diseases like type 2 diabetes by avoiding excessive sugar intake. Keep healthy snacks in close reach so everyone can help themselves.

A good tip

is to keep portion-sized containers at hand to ensure the kids’ don’t overindulge and teach them about proper portion size at the same time.

I use and love this portion control container kit

tips on how to be healthy

be a love bird

An essential part of a healthy lifestyle is enjoying time with our loved ones. As humans, one of our distinctive traits is the need for love and affection. Make time to have fun with your partner and kids and enjoy the linked serotonin boost.

putting the science to good practice

Strong social relationships like those shared between our kids and us as parents form the basis for having a healthy self esteem. Social interaction therefor help to build confidence, make us feel good about ourselves and helps to alleviate stress and anxiety by being able to share our fears and dreams. So be sure to make time for family and friends.

good health quote
healthy lifestyle tips

avoid man-made foods

When you can’t live without junk food, move to Switzerland where it’s simply too expensive to indulge in takeaways too often … Jokes aside, junk food is laden with calories, preservatives, unhealthy fats and who knows what else.

Even though it’s super easy to run into a takeaway restaurant when days are hectic, it’s much better for your health and pocket to rather indulge in an easy home-cooked meal.

Have easy recipes with common pantry ingredients ready for nights like these. Good examples, the whole family enjoy are

  • tuna and corn salad
  • potato casserole
  • salmon and fennel salad

Here are some great resources to find easy family meals

putting the science to good practice

Even though the amount of junk food consumed by children have decreased over the past five years, it’s still alarmingly high. And, the associated risk of obesity and nutrient deficiences related to this bad eating habit therefore remain a huge disease burden. Limit the risk of eating disorders by teaching your kids about good nutrients and healthy food choices from a young age.

healthy living moms

embrace the lazy sloth attitude

I hereby give you permission to be lazy!

Taking time out to reflect, plan and re-focus is essential. When we don’t replenish our bodies and minds, we will inevitably break down at some point.

We can easily avoid this by including into our routine, activities like

putting the science to good practice

A self-care routine does not only improve our emotional health but can also limit the risk for developing cardiovasculare disease and stroke. Do a self-care assessment to identify the areas you need to focus on and make self-care part of your daily routine.

tips on how to be healthy

take a lioness stance

Have the confidence and courage of a lioness. Believe in your own abilities as a mom and as a person. And, find ways to grow and develop yourself. Check out this popular and powerful resource

putting the science to good practice

Self confidence is a personal perception. When you trust in your own abilities, your thoughts and actions will reflect this belief. And in turn improve your performance. So grow your self-confidence, have courage and stop judging yourself so harshly. Be bold. Be brave. Be you.

inspirational quote


Get your healthy habits going by starting to use a reflection journal. Journal writing helps us discover and grow our inner selves, gratitude, perspective and mindfulness. And to help you start today, grab your free PDF copy of the 365-one-line-a-day journal.

Tips on how to be healthy as a busy mom concluded

There you have it. 11 Basic healthy living tips you need to incorporate into your daily routine. All of these health tips are simple and easy to follow. Write them down on a list and start implementing them one by one. You can grab a free copy of the healthy habits tracker to help you stay motivated and track your success.

tips on how to be healthy

Here’s a quick recap of those 11 basic tips on how to be healthy

  1. savor the colors of the rainbow
  2. relish the fresh air
  3. drink like a fish
  4. excite your happy hormones
  5. sleep like a bear
  6. shake your sillies out
  7. don’t be a nectarivore
  8. be a love bird
  9. avoid man-made foods
  10. embrace the lazy sloth attitude
  11. take a lioness stance

Look out for part two on tips to be healthy as a mom

We discussed 11 less common healthy living tips that are important to keep moms happy and healthy. Including tips on mental health and mom fatigue. You can check it out here.

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