Feeling too tired to get out of bed in the morning or even reach your coffee cup from where you are lying? I know the feeling … Mom fatigue is real! And what you need, is 25 foods to fight fatigue instantly! Today we will discover natural ways to fight fatigue and instant energy boosters specifically for women.

tired mom

Sometimes it’s so overwhelming, trying to do something about feeling tired, it just seems unthinkable.

But don’t worry, mom friend. This post will equip you with everything you need on how to boost your energy levels naturally. And, the best part is, it includes not only lists of amazing superfoods for energy but also feel good food snack ideas to fight fatigue instantly.

And, to make sure you get going today with boosting your energy levels, I have included lists of

  • the best high energy snacks and smoothies
  • breakfast ideas for all-day energy and
  • the 9 best tips on how to boost your energy

The most awesome part

All the great food lists and tips on boosting your energy levels are conveniently packaged into a single download you can grab right now and use to start feeling less stressed and tired today. Just enter your email below and the super printable will be waiting in your inbox.

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tired mom

Foods to fight fatigue

Time to discover the high energy food list filled with the best energy-boosting foods.

Each food group included in this list boost energy and has one or more of the following qualities or constituents

  • essential fatty acids
  • minerals for body and bone strength
  • protein source
  • hydration properties
  • antioxidants
  • nutrients essential for DNA repair and growth

Let’s have a look at those superfoods to boost your energy instantly, as classified per food group.

Foods to fight mom fatigue #energyfoods

Foods to fight fatigue group 1: Fluids

Fluid intake is a very important part of any healthy diet. Be sure to keep hydrated as dehydration is the number one energy sapper and easily avoided.  Be sure to include lots of

  • water
  • herbal tea and
  • limit alcohol

When you are not very good at drinking lots of water, try adding lemon or cucumber to make it more pleasing.

Foods to fight mom fatigue #energyfoods

Foods to fight fatigue group 2: Fruits

Fruits are not only good for energy but also boost your immune system. Include as many fruits as you can in a day and aim for at least 5. When you are following a low carb lifestyle enjoy lots of blueberries, watermelon, and melon to avoid carb loading.

  • dates
  • watermelon
  • bananas
  • oranges
  • grapefruit
  • apples
  • coconut
  • blueberries

Foods to fight mom fatigue #energyfoods

Foods to fight fatigue group 3: Vegetables

When you don’t enjoy vegetables much try to at least include green leave veg like spinach as well as avocado in your daily meal plan. For those of us who don’t really enjoy veggies fresh, try adding them to your smoothies.

Both spinach and avocado work great here.

  • green leaf veg
  • spinach
  • avocado

Foods to fight mom fatigue #energyfoods

Foods to fight fatigue group 4: Nuts, grains, and seeds

There are many different nuts, grains, and seeds to enjoy when you need a bit of an energy boost.

A handful of nuts, combined with dry fruits are a great snack option and no better way to start your day with high energy oatmeal porridge to keep the energy going for the entire day.

  • oats
  • quinoa
  • almonds
  • beans
  • walnuts
  • chia seeds

Foods to fight mom fatigue #energyfoods

Foods to fight fatigue group 5: Fish

There is no better source for essential fatty acids than salmon and sardines. Add these to warm meals or enjoy fresh as sushi.

  • salmon
  • sardines

Foods to fight mom fatigue #energyfoods

Foods to fight fatigue group 6: Meat and more

Pack a powerful energy punch by adding chicken and eggs to your meals. And, most of us love sweet things. So why not choose your sugar for the day wisely and opt for energy-boosting honey or dark chocolate.

  • chicken
  • eggs
  • honey
  • dark chocolate

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Foods that fight fatigue and depression

Unfortunately, as moms, we do not only have to fight fatigue but sometimes also a bit of anxiety and depression.

And there is no better way to this naturally than by including the best superfoods. Here is a quick list you need to focus on when mom life is getting the better of you.

And, if you feel like you do need a bit of help, here are some great self-care tips to help you out. Trying adding as many of these foods to your diet as possible.

  • salmon
  • dark chocolate
  • almonds
  • eggs
  • green tea
  • avocado
  • bananas
  • blueberries

Already wondering how you can add the superfoods to your diet? Here are some great snack and breakfast ideas to get you started.

High energy smoothies

Add any of the energy-boosting foods from the list to your smoothies. Here is my favorite smoothie ingredient for an all-day energy boost.

Adding this daily has really changed my life and it will yours too! Check it out here.

Breakfast ideas for all-day energy

Make sure you start the day off well by enjoying a breakfast filled with energy-boosting foods. These are some of my favorite high energy breakfast ideas.

  • cooked oats and fruit
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • greek yogurt and fruit and chia
  • spinach and fresh fruit smoothie
  • quinoa porridge with honey
  • nuts and dried fruit

8 Top high energy snacks

Feeling peckish during the day?

At least make sure the snack you grab will boost your energy level and make you feel good. Great high energy snack options are:

  • apple with peanut butter
  • dates and walnuts or almonds
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • Greek yogurt with banana and citrus fruit
  • cottage cheese with chia seeds
  • toast and avocado
  • celery and peanut butter
  • fruit salad
  • vegetables with bean dip

9 Tips on how to boost energy levels

Eating energy-boosting foods is only one way to fight fatigue.

There are many other tips to follow to feel less tired and stressed. Here is a quick list of 9 things you can start doing today to boost your energy.

And, when healthy living is a priority, check out these great resources:

9 tips to boost your energy levels. Discover the best foods to fight fatigue and depression. Making mom life easier. #eneryfoods #boostenergy #highenergysnacks

9 Powerful tips to boost your energy instantly

including a link to find more information below

  1. avoid sugar and alcohol
  2. ensure good quality sleep
  3. drink lots of water
  4. eat energy-boosting food
  5. exercise often
  6. limit stress using self-care and affirmation
  7. be social
  8. have fun
  9. avoid processed food

Final thoughts on energy-boosting foods

Well, there you have all the details to start boosting your energy levels instantly knowing at least 25 foods to fight fatigue.

And to help you out it’s all neatly packaged in your free download. Grab your copy now and start enjoying motherhood.

And, don’t forget to

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Does motherhood leave you tired and stressed? Then it's time to discover 25 foods to fight mom fatigue instantly. This free printable will help you discover the best superfoods to fight fatigue, be less stressed and depressed as a mom. Click now and grab your free check list. #freeprintable #fatigue #mom life #motherhood #healthyliving #fightfatigue

25 foods to fight mom fatigue and give an energy boost

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Boost your energy levels instants with high energy snacks, breakfast ideas to boost energy all day and foods to fight mom fatigue. #eneryfoods #boostenergy #highenergysnacks #wellness #selfcare





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