How to Live a Healthy Life Made Super Simple

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

We all know we are suppose to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, live healthy, think healthy. But exactly how to live a healthy life is sometimes a bit more elusive.

how to live a healthy life made simple #healthyliving

It often seems just a little bit easier said than done! 

Probably because we are tired and busy and making these kinds of changes feels like climbing a mountain.

It is even tougher when we think we need to make these changes for the entire family! And for good reason. It is tough!

Simply, because radical diet and lifestyle changes affect sleep, mood, and behavior.  Even though these initial symptoms are temporary, they are real.

The last thing you need is moody, miserable and tired family members all at once. Right? Right!

But don’t worry, in this post, we will clarify the definition of a healthy lifestyle and discover how to live a healthy life by making changes as simple and effortless as possible.


The Principles of How to live a Healthy Life

To me, a Healthy Lifestyle has 4 essential building blocks. By incorporating these 4 aspects, you will be able to make lifelong changes much easier. Healthy changes that will benefit the health of your body and mind. 

how to live a healthy life infographic #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

The 4 building blocks of how to live a healthy life are

  1. Clean Eating
  2. Clever Drinking
  3. Happy Body
  4. Happy Mind

What a Healthy Lifestyle is not

Living a healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated. It certainly has nothing to do with a ‘diet’, calorie counting, weighing, strenuous exercise routines or difficult to follow recipes.

It simply means to understand and incorporate the 4 building blocks above into your daily routine as best you could.

And, no, the healthy lifestyle police is not going to give you a fine when you enjoy a piece of cake at your child’s birthday party!

Just know the basic principles and follow them as well and as often as you can.

It is not as much about what you eat, as it is about how much and how often you eat what!

Now, let’s have a look at those 4 building blocks of how to live a healthy life.

1. Clean eating

Clean eating is a combination of knowing the foods you should always include in your diet and also those you need to limit.

It is NOT about avoiding certain foods, it is simply eating more healthy foods and less processed foods.

Remember to

In other words make sure every meal includes some protein, good fats and lots of fresh veggies. It`s that easy!

If you need a bit more guidance on how to live a healthy life by eating clean, grab your free resources and learn how to implement these rules successfully and easily.

2. Clever drinking

Clever drinking has two parts. The first being to consume enough water and yes you guessed it, the second is limiting your alcohol intake.

Drinking enough water every day has lots of benefits including,

  • boosting metabolism and helping with weight loss
  • energizing your muscles
  • boosting energy levels
  • helping with stress relief
  • promoting healthy skin
  • boosting immunity
  • flushing kidneys
  • improving bowel  digestion

3. Happy Body

We need to be active to keep our bodies happy. It does not mean, spend an hour a day in a gym, although, if that’s your thing, go for it!

Being active should be fun and easy. Great ideas include

  • family activities
  • spending time outdoors
  • cycling with the kids
  • playing ball
  • dancing
  • doing yoga

4. Happy Mind

Feeling tired, stressed and miserable has a huge impact on our health. You will already be more healthy from being active and eating well. The last healthy lifestyle step to incorporate is a creating a happy mind.

Easy ways to do this include easy actions like,

Check out the great Better-Me Challenges in the Healthy Lifestyle Kit for more inspiration.

healthy lifestyle kit

Knowing how to live a healthy life and the resulting benefits

Of course, your next question should be, but why do I want a Healthy Lifestyle. And, the answer is two-fold:

Clean eating, clever drinking, and a happy body and mind ensures

  • feeling healthy, happy and energized day-to-day, and
  • longevity, as it protects you against diseases like obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer

And, who doesn’t want that?

But, doesn’t a healthy lifestyle mean dieting and eating no carbs?

No, it does not! Everyone has jumped on the low carb/keto/paleo bandwagon and I know this comes to mind when talking about a healthy lifestyle.

However, following the 4 building blocks discussed above is all you need to live healthily.

That being said, the keto lifestyle certainly has many benefits. Ones I will go into more detail in a different post. Remember to subscribe when you want to receive the new healthy living posts directly to your inbox.

And although I do recommend

  1. A low-carb body cleanse to kick your healthy lifestyle changes off, and
  2. Starting your healthy lifestyle with low-carb eating

I also believe low-carb eating should only be followed for a limited time. There is no research proving that a low carb lifestyle has longterm benefits.

And, there is a lot of side-effects like constipation, hormone changes, tiredness and irritability to keep in mind when sticking to a low-carb diet.

Therefore, I suggest you start the process as described above and then follow a clean eating routine, including limited carbs.

The question should never be whether or not to eat a certain food group like carbohydrates, rather how much of it.

That is the secret of how to live a happy life naturally!

When you want to body cleanse or lose some weight, by all means, go low carb! For a long-term healthy lifestyle simply eat clean, drink clever and have a happy body and mind! In other words, follow the 4 building blocks!

Your Healthy Lifestyle Summarized

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  • Cleanse your body naturally to kickstart your healthy lifestyle changes
    1. Grab your free 7 Day Detox Plan and Worksheet Bundle
  • Start your healthy lifestyle with low carb eating
    1. Grab your Healthy Lifestyle Kit worksheet bundle to set you up for success
  • Understand and incorporate the 4 healthy living building blocks
    1. Clean Eating
    2. Clever Drinking
    3. Happy Body
    4. Happy Mind

Take action today and live the Healthy Lifestyle you and your family deserve!

What is your biggest struggle with how to live a healthy life as a family? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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This is how to live a healthy life made super simple. Discover the best tips to healthy living with healthy lifestyle tips and motivation. #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthy #healthylife #healthyeating
Discover how to live a healthy life made super simple. Discover the best tips to healthy living with healthy lifestyle tips and motivation. #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthy #healthylife #healthyeating
Read now! This is how to live a healthy life made super simple. Discover the best tips to healthy living with healthy lifestyle tips and motivation. #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthy #healthylife #healthyeating
Wow! This is how to live a healthy life made super simple. Discover the best tips to healthy living with healthy lifestyle tips and motivation. #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthy #healthylife #healthyeating