Discover a Unique 7 Day Self Care Challenge for Moms, including powerful self-love affirmations to start your morning on a positive note using epic self-care ideas.

Mom life is not always easy

You have heard this statement repeatedly. And, if you are already a mom you know it’s true!

Motherhood is a journey filled with love, joy, pride and happy moments. But at the same time, it also requires patience, strength, an open mind, confidence, and super management skills. And lots of each!

And because motherhood can be challenging, we need to discover and use tools to make life easier. The self-care ideas for busy moms, you will discover today, neatly packaged into the easy to use 7-day self-care challenge, is one of those tools you will get to love. And perfect to use as an end-of-summer self-care challenge.

Why? Because not only does it make mom life easier but it also helps us be more confident moms. And that is exactly what we all want, being calm and confident moms.

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Why self-care ideas and self-love affirmations

Let’s look a little bit at the value of self-care and positive affirmations to motivate and inspire us to use these techniques, knowing they really work.

The epic benefits of self-care

Taking care of ourselves is an essential part of healthy motherhood. Mostly because self-care promotes overall health and wellness and encourages our self-improvement. Practicing self-care makes us stronger mentally, physically and also psychologically.

Taking good care of ourselves, therefore, make us better moms.

We all know when our batteries are recharged it is so much easier to share some of that power with others. But when we are drained physically, emotionally or even worse, both, disaster strikes. So rather appreciate the benefits of self-love and start taking better care of yourself, today!

Epic self-care ideas that work

Start slow.

Starting a self-care routine is easy. Just about as easy as making new years’ resolutions. But all we know how soon those resolutions are forgotten …

So rather than trying to change your entire routine to take better care of yourself, make small changes and enjoy the immediate benefits. When we savor the way these small self-care changes make us feel, think and live, we are motivated to do even more.

And do you know what the best part of being a confident mom is?

The way your family’s attitude towards you changes.

When you are confident, your kids know it, appreciate it and admire it. Your partner recognizes it and respects you for it.

The benefits of self-love affirmations

Self-affirmation is a practice endorsed by most psychiatrists. Mostly because it has been proven to work!

Science confirms that self-affirmation improves our positive self valuation. And by activating the pre-frontal cortex, it promotes self-related information processing, helping us build our confidence as moms.

There is more than enough neuroscience data to prove that positive affirmation is beneficial and well worth our time and energy. Mood-inducing affirmation practice boost serotonin levels in the brain and that is exactly what we as moms need! So take charge today and start using self-affirmations. Because they work!

Self-love affirmation tips

The most beneficial way for us to practice self-affirmation:

  • repeat an affirmation thrice, at three different times a day
  • use visual aids
  • create individual affirmations that motivate you on a direct and personal level

Time to dive into the best self-care ideas for busy moms

An excellent way to easily include self-care into our daily routines is to start with a challenge.

As soon as we start to appreciate the value of these self-care actions, it will be easier to continue with them. So let’s challenge ourselves.

Challenge yourself

7 day selfcare challenge for moms. learn how to take care of yourself as a mom and be a more confident mom #selfcare #momlife #motherhood #selfcareideas #selfcaretips

Start your 7-day self-care challenge by Downloading and printing your challenge cheat sheet. Take the next 7 days to do each action and practice each affirmation.

The challenge is designed so you can easily repeat the 7 days whenever you need a bit of self-love or even continuously by simply updating the affirmation and action for each day in accordance with the day topic.

Self-care ideas for busy moms

Use the daily actions and positive affirmations as a guide. When you feel you need an affirmation or action to be more personal, improve it.

Make it as personal as possible as long as you stay within the topic of the day. Using challenges like these is all about individualizing it to make sense for your life, and be specific enough to keep you motivated.


The first day is all about being a confident mom and taking control.

And one of the best ways to be in control is to use a journal to keep track of your goals, accomplishments and inspirational quotes and tools to help you along the way.

Journalling is such a powerful mom life tool

It helps me tremendously to plan, stay on track and be prepared. I will definitely write a new post outlining the exact process of getting started with journaling, but for the moment, if you haven’t tried your hand at it yet, here is a couple of essential basics to get you started.

Must have journal pages

Journal prompt for mom 6 sense self care #journalprompt #momlife #journal #senses #motherhood #selfcare

My favorite journals

  • One of the most used journals is the Leuchtturm 1917 hardcover. It is one of the bestselling journals available in many different colors, long-lasting and reading for some serious journaling action.
  • The 6-minute diary is a simple and effective gratitude journal and will help you be more happy, mindful and productive. And the best part is, you only need to spend 6 minutes a day. Perfect for the busy mom.
  • The morning sidekick journal is the perfect daily planner for creating the perfect morning routine and positive life habits. The daily content journal and accountability tracker will help you change and stick with your new life goals.
  • The clever fox planner is one of my favorite non-dated weekly planners. It comes with stickers and tabs and it is super easy to get organized and keep track of your goals and to-do lists. And, you are sure to find one in your favorite color.

And when you prefer a journal with coloring pages, like mine, here are some great options

  • My days in color is a beautiful planner with tabs and lots of coloring pages. The spiral binding ensures your journal lays flat, making coloring easy and fun.

Love the color, but don’t like coloring?

Then this beautiful full-color journal with inspirational quotes is perfect for you

Journaling essentials

There is no better way to make journaling fun as with great accessories. Here are my must-haves


*Do your day one action Create or complete your mom journal pages

Day action for the journalling pro

  • create your 6 senses journal pages and add activities
happy mom and daughter

*Practice your self-love affirmation I am a confident mom

self care affirmation be confident #affirmation #momlife


Taking time to enjoy nature and practicing deep breathing techniques is a powerful way of finding inner balance.

When we relax, preferably outside, we not only enjoy the benefit of physical movement but also the physiological benefits of mind and body recreation. Allowing our minds and bodies to re-focus and regain strength. Doesn’t that sound great?


*Do your day two action Get outside and move your body

Being outside can be as elaborate as going for a walk in a forest or simply, standing in front of a wide opened window.

Breathe the fresh air, clear your mind and re-focus. Use this time to find inner calm and prepare emotionally for whatever lies ahead.

*Practice your self-love affirmation I love my curves and curls

self care affirmation love yourself #affirmation #momlife

This affirmation is very personal and you need to adjust it to make sense for you. This affirmation is meant to help you accept your appearance in every way.


Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It empowers us to be better parents.

When we are able to ask for and, more importantly, accept help, we create free time to take better care of ourselves.

Instead of spending hours worrying about something, rather share it with someone you trust and get some advice. This way you will be able to view problems from a better perspective and find easier solutions.

woman journaling


*Do your day three action Ask for help from family or friends

Think about that big parenting struggle that keeps you awake at night and ask a friend to take care of the kids while you either

  • spend quality time finding a solution, or
  • tackle the problem head-on

*Practice your self-love affirmation Asking for help makes me strong

self care affirmation asking for help #affirmation #momlife


Being organized is one of the most sought after qualities for us as moms. But unfortunately also the most elusive!

Don’t be stopped by this though. Taking baby steps is the only way to tackle this problem and make continued progress.

Don’t try to get organized in every aspect of your life, but simply choose one area and get started. And only spend about half an hour on each project. It will be much easier to succeed. The joy we feel after organizing one small thing always serves as a great motivation to keep going.

beautiful mom


*Do your day four action Clean out one space and reward yourself

Never challenge yourself to organize your entire house at once. You will certainly set yourself up for failure. We always need to start small, one drawer at a time and then find ways to stay organized.

A good tip here is to sort your kids’ drawers with them, teach them how to do it themselves and help you keep the house organized. A good motivation system always comes in handy. Think: reward card or extra screen time allowance.

Discover some great 5-minute self-care tips you can fit into any schedule.

*Practice your self-love affirmation Being organized makes me feel good

self care affirmation be organized #affirmation #momlife


I like to believe that time management is not always feasible. But time prioritization certainly is.

Since I can never do everything I have to in one day or even one month, I know exactly what my priority tasks are, with the help of my priority task journal page. It makes it a lot easier to decide how to use the time I do have available, effectively.

Create your own priority task list and start with those. As you get more organized you will be able to add more things to this list. And, don’t get discouraged when you never reach the last entries on your list. Maybe it’s time to rethink your list and make it shorter …


*Do your day five action Prioritize your daily tasks and create to-do lists

Create your own priority task page and even consider taking it a step further by segmenting them into daily, weekly and monthly priorities.

*Practice your self-love affirmation My family is my priority and I love it

self care affirmation my family is my priority #affirmation #momlife


When we as moms, are tired and stressed, our kids are frustrated and annoyed too.

Use this knowledge and invest the necessary time to take care of yourself, making time to do the little things that keep you sane. Motherhood can be so much more fun when we try to enjoy it rather than control every step of the way. Just let your hair loose and have fun.

Here is a great post for inspiration on having fun as a family


*Do your day six action Spoil yourself using your 6 senses self-care pages

Schedule your much need me-time. This can be anything from 5 to 30 minutes and when you are really lucky and hour or more. Use your newly created 6 senses activities list and choose one that fits in with the time you have available. And, most importantly, enjoy your activity.

*Practice your self-love affirmation I can take better care of others when I take good care of myself

self care affirmation taking care of yourself #affirmation #momlife


Notice that I didn’t say you need to change your entire lifestyle here. Do baby steps remember?

Using one day a week to cook healthier and even do it as a family activity, will make a huge difference to your health.

And if healthy living is a priority you want to focus on this year, here are some great resources:


*Do your day seven action Prepare a new meal using fresh produce only

You don’t need to break the budget here. Simply plan a healthy meal and stock up on fresh produce from your local market. Make sure you know exactly what you need for the recipe and only buy those products. It’s easy to get carried away amongst all the fresh goods, but with a list in hand, it’s much easier to avoid temptation.

Don’t have a healthy recipe for dinner tonight?

Check out these family-friendly low carb meals. You will love them.

*Practice your self-love affirmation When my family is happy and healthy, so am I

self care affirmation happy healthy family #affirmation #momlife

Let’s recap

take care of yourself

We discover an epic 7-day self-care challenge to get you started on self-care and help you be a more confident mom. Self-care ideas like these can help you be a stronger and calmer mom. Do the daily actions and self-love affirmation and start your mornings strong.

Download and print your challenge cheat sheet and take action today. Use these self-care ideas for moms and start enjoying motherhood.

Self care ideas for moms. Take this 7 day self care challenge and be a better mom. How to be a confident mom with great self care tips. #selfcare #momlife #motherhood #selfcareideas #howtobeagoodmom

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