About HealthyFamilyandMe

Hi there, Estie Alessandrini here, proud host of Healthy Family and Me.  This blog was born, from my passion as a new mommy blogger, being privileged to be at home with my two gorgeous children, and feeding my need to read up on the latest medical articles and keeping my hands busy with art and craft projects.  After enjoying many posts from mothers alike I realized that I could positively supplement the information out there on how to grow a happy and healthy family.

Adding to my experience as a full time mom is my training as a medical doctor and clinical researcher, giving me the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of health related issues that I would love to bring to my readers.  I will aim to share recent innovations with families and help to make medical publications available and relevant to those who want stay on top of the best and newest health care options.

If there is a specific family health topic that you would like me to research and write about, click here and fill out the Request for Review  form. Please make sure to read my Disclaimer page when filling out the review form as I will be happy to share information with you but refrain from giving any medical advice on this forum.

On the less formal side, I love doing art and craft projects with my children and will share all our fun on the Family fun /Arts and Crafts page. Contact me if you would like more detail on how we did them.

I love hearing from my readers, so introduce yourself or share your views and opinions with me via the contact form or sign up with your email to be the first to receive tips and freebies on family health and crafts.