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I am Estie Alessandrini, author of this blog and proud mommy of 2 gorgeous kids. Are you also a parent? One who wants to become a power parent raising brilliant children? Then you are in the right place!

I very well know that parenting can be difficult. It is time-consuming hard work that sometimes gets to the best of us. We often feel stressed and overwhelmed and at the end of our resources. But don’t fear! This is exactly why I started this blog.

To share discoveries resulting from my need for researching top parenting, medical and family fun topics. I thrive on reading new health-related publications and will share the best and most relevant findings on this blog.

Healthy Family and Me is a blog where you can also share your parenting problems and fears. You will discover solutions to your day to day parenting difficulties. And, find great strategies on how to be an awesome, power parent. How to raise brilliant kids. How to successfully educate your child using learning styles. As well as superfood tips and infographics to boost them at times of high demand… And, so much more.

Being a parent is also about having fun and being happy.

Thus you can find great crafts, recipes, happiness hacks and family activities here. All part of us being power parents! If this is your first visit to Healthy Family and Me, be sure to kickstart your parenting experience by checking out the top Power Parent Post.

In order for us to be awesome parents, we also need to be awesome women. Taking care of our families start with taking care of ourselves. Female health is another one of my passions and therefore you will find lots of great tips and information about your own health and wellbeing. And, inevitably the interesting science behind our bodies, minds, and souls!

And, because none of us can have a successful blog without the best blogging resources, you can find all the best blogging tips and courses to help you rock your own new blog. Complete with links and free cheat sheets!

My experience as a full-time mom combined with my training as a medical doctor gives me a deeper understanding of health and parent-related issues. These are the actionable tips I love to make available to you at Healthy Family and Me. In my blog posts, I share recent innovations and make them relevant to you as a parent.

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I would love to meet you and share the parenting journey with you. When you want to tell us your story, get some parenting issues off your chest or feel the need to add your view or opinion, please send me a message. I love hearing from my readers and will always do my best to support you!

From time to time, as a special service, I research and write about a specific requested family health topic. If you have a burning parenting or lifestyle issue that you need more information on, click here and fill out the Request for Review form. I will definitely consider your request and reply via a blog post or personal email.

**Please make sure to read my Disclaimer page when filling out the review form as I will be happy to share information with you but always refrain from giving any medical advice on this forum.

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Welcome to Your one stop blog for power parenting tips, brilliant child hacks, healthy living and a happy family!. #happyfamily #healthyfamily #awesomeparent #brilliantchild

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