Need some ideas to start your day strong radiating positive vibes? Then you will love this powerful morning routine to kickstart your day. You will discover the perfect morning routine including quotes for morning inspiration, positive affirmations and lots of good vibes.

Include these powerful morning routine ideas on how to be productive, healthy, doing good self-care and bullet journaling to have the best day ever. And learn to make the most of your time before work or starting your busy daily schedule. Good morning positive vibes!

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Power morning routine free printable

Grab your printable healthy morning routine checklist and start your day strong with a super dose of positive vibes. The Checklist is available in an easy-to-download PDF format for you to print and save and use as a template to create your own healthy morning routine. And if you like the free printable, you will love the Kickass Morning Routine Power Bundle!

The printable checklist is also perfect to add to your bullet journal and complete every morning. Grab your printable now and also get a bonus positive affirmation cheat sheet.

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Let’s kick this off by defining and discussing what a morning routine is, why we want one and how to create our own kickass morning routine.

what is a good morning routine

The best morning routine for success is a step-by-step-guide on how to fill your first 30 minutes in the morning with power actions to kick-start your health and wellness surrounded by positive vibes. This sets the tone for a successful day ahead.

how do I start a morning routine

Easy! Just get started. Even if you can’t manage to do all 6 the power actions that we discuss below. At least start by incorporating one or two of these into your first minutes in the morning. Successfully doing some of these are still better than not doing any.

The easiest way to start a morning routine is to create it on paper and have it next to your bed as a checklist. You will only need to use the checklist for a couple of days before your body will go into automation and do these power hacks automatically.

For example, after drinking a glass of water first thing every morning, your body will soon remind you of its need for hydration if you do happen to forget.

how long should your morning routine be

Now the professionals suggest that you spend 30 to 90 minutes in the morning to get your day started strong and positive. But hello! I don’t know about you, but I do not have 90 minutes in the morning to do this.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a kickass morning routine. No, it simply means I need to use the time that I do have, wisely. And that’s exactly what the 6 power actions below will help you do.

I have chosen the 6 power actions to include in your morning routine because these will help you make the most of your available time and help create a kickass routine to boost your health, positive mindset and start your day strong.

Are you ready to create your own kick-ass morning routine? Here are the 6 power actions you need to include in your morning routine to start your day strong and with lots of positive vibes

perfect morning routine inforgraphic

Before discussing each of these power actions in more detail, let’s clarify the best kind of morning routine and a healthy way to start your day

what are the best morning routines

The best morning routine is one that is personalized and tailored to your specific needs. That’s why I am giving you the 6 power actions to get you started on creating your own morning routine. Using these power tips will make sure you get the most from your morning routine.

However, it does not mean it includes everything you need. It simply provides you with the starting point to creating your own perfect routine. If there is something you need to do in order to wake up with positive vibes, like listening to your favorite music or brushing your teeth before doing anything else, then add that to your routine.

a morning routine has to be tailored to your specific needs in order to be successful

what is a healthy way to start your day

This is how you start healthy in the morning: by waking up naturally, having a plan for the day and getting focused, inspired and ready for action.

And how do you do all of that? By simply following the 6 power actions below to create your own kickass morning routine list. What are you waiting for?

The perfect healthy morning routine

Let’s have a look at the 6 action steps you need to include in a healthy morning routine. By including these tips you will boost your

  • health
  • positive mindset
  • core body strength
  • self-confidence and
  • feel-good hormones

All together helping you to have a good morning and enjoy the benefits of positive vibes. At times, we all need a bit of an energy boost or inspiration to kickstart our days. And by creating a power morning routine, making sure we use the first 20 to 30 minutes of our day wisely, we ensure better health and productivity.

And when you want a step-by-step guide to help you create your own perfect morning routine, check out the Kickass Morning Routine Power Bundle, including worksheets, emergency 5-minute morning routine cheat sheets, to-do planner and more.

power action 1

morning routine hydrate

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning has numerous health benefits and it the perfect way to start a healthy morning routine. These benefits include

  • glowing skin
  • healthy urinary tract
  • raise metabolism
  • boost immunity
  • improves mental performance


if you are following a keto lifestyle, you know that staying hydrated is super important and it’s very easy to not drink enough water. Using keto hydration powder is however an excellent way to up your hydration without adding carbs.

power action 2

morning routine engage

No electronic devices in the morning! Why do we all grab our phones first thing in the morning to catch up on social media? Simply because we long for social engagement and personal connection.

But did you know

it’s way more beneficial to satisfy these cravings with personal engagement with your partner and kids. Doing this will boost your feel-good hormones and strong build family relationships.


power action 3

morning routine affirmation

Self-affirmation is a self-care technique, using a positive statement repeatedly to help you succeed in life, by establishing a positive mindset. Science confirms that self-affirmation improves positive self valuation. And by activating the pre-frontal cortex, it promotes self-related information processing, helping us build our self-confidence.

Practicing positive self-affirmation has the power to kick start your day with positive vibes. And that’s exactly what you want. Create your own affirmations or grab a free copy of the 32 best positive self-affirmations cheat sheet


power action 4

morning routine listen

Take a moment to listen to your body. mind and soul. This will help stimulate positive thinking and plan your day to answer to your own needs. For example, when you wake up feeling

  • tired, make it a priority to get more sleep the next night
  • hungry, be sure to enjoy a high protein breakfast
  • grumpy, do some soul searching to identify the source and deal with it
  • overwhelmed, organize and plan your days better


Check out this powerful read called playing the matrix

power action 5

morning routine tiger pos

Start your day with a good stretch. The best way to wake your muscles up and get yourself ready for a busy day is to do some yoga exercises. My favorite morning poses include the

  • tiger pose to strengthen your core body and stretch your back and spine muscles
    • or when you’re a beginner you can get similar results with the easy cat-cow pose
  • camel pose to open up your chest and improve breathing and lung capacity

morning routine yoga poses


This power action is all about getting your body moving. When yoga is perfect for you, go ahead and practice your best morning routine poses. Or check our yoga anatomy as a perfect way to get you started. And when you prefer simple breathing exercises or an early morning run, add that to your perfect routine.

It’s not as much the kind of exercise you do as it simply is about doing something to kickstart your muscles and metabolism. So find your perfect exercise and do it every morning to get you started.

power action 6

morning routine hand write

Early morning is the perfect time to do some journal writing. Focus on identifying your goals for the day and write down your self-affirmation. Doing this will keep you on track to not only identify your goals but also reach them and celebrate your successes.


When you don’t have much time to spend on journal writing in the morning, a one-line-a-day journal is perfect. And you can grab a free copy of your own reflection journal below.

Create your own kickass routine

Download the free printable with six morning routine power actions you need to include, and create your own healthy morning routine. By including all 6 the actions you will ensure overall health and wellbeing and start your day strong. And when you are ready to take it one step further, check out the Kickass Morning Routine Power Bundle.

Remember when we feel happy and strong in the morning, the rest of our family members also follow suit. But the reverse obviously also holds true. When we are grumpy and tired it’s very difficult to help others feel good. So remember the golden rule of mom life

help yourself before you try to help others

morning routine happy mom

Now use the six power tips as a guideline and create a morning routine that works for you. Decide on the amount of time you have to spend on yourself after waking up and create the rest of your routine around that. And remember, when you are not able to include all 6 the power steps in your morning routine, you can always incorporate these somewhere in your daily schedule or even as part of your night-time routine.

good morning routine

Morning routine journal prompts

Here are some fun morning routine journal prompts to get your journal writing and self-affirmations started for having a perfect morning

this is the best day ever

Write down the following prompts in your bullet journal, find an idea to go with that theme and use it to be inspired and create your perfect healthy morning routine.

  • Good Morning Monday Inspiration
  • Good Morning Tuesday Blessing
  • Good Morning Wednesday Message
  • Good Morning Thursday with Flowers
  • Good Morning Friday Funny
  • Good Morning Saturday Image
  • Good Sunday Morning Blessing

Do you like shortcuts?

Get an awesome cheat sheet here!

beautiful mom

Kickass morning routine summarized

We have discovered the perfect healthy morning routine to start your day strong and radiate positive vibes. Following a morning routine like this will help you to enjoy better health, positivity, self-confidence and a strong body and mind.

So use these morning routine ideas, grab your bullet journal and start creating your own healthy morning routine today. Be sure to include the 6 HEALTH steps and check out the power tips under each to make it even easier

morning routine free printable checklist

Remember to grab your free morning routine checklist and affirmation cheat sheet and check out the Kickass Morning Routine Power Bundle

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