Super Yummy Sweet Popcorn Recipe

A sweet popcorn recipe – Perfect as a family movie night treat, summer snack, or weekend TV marathon bite. Sweet comfort snack for any occasion calling for yummy sweet popcorn fun!

Yummy Popcorn recipe. Summer snack for kids. grab the recipe now and have fun with the kids making super yummy popcorn mix. #popcornrecipe #popcorn #summersnack #summersnackforkids

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Friday night is Movie Night at our house! And, movie night is a special family tradition with popcorn an absolute must have! We have tried many a different popcorn recipe, but this one remains one of our favorites! This popcorn recipe evolved from many different mix attempts. Resulting in the perfect super tasty popcorn mix combination.

Now, let’s share our super yummy sweet popcorn recipe. You and the kids are sure to LOVE this one!

The best part is, you can use any or all of the ingredients and replace it with any of your preferred choices. It will still be super yummy as the combination of the base ingredients is already a winner.

Yummy Popcorn recipe. Summer snack for kids. grab the recipe now and have fun with the kids making super yummy popcorn mix. #popcornrecipe #popcorn #summersnack #summersnackforkidsYou can download a Free PDF version of the popcorn recipe here to print and add to your recipe binder.


Sweet Popcorn Recipe Ingredient List

popcorn recipe. Super yummy and easy with the hotpop popcorn popper for the microwave. #popcornrecipe #popcornmakerIf it is time to invest in a new microwave popcorn popper I can strongly recommend the very affordable HOTPOP Silicone Maker. Fast, easy and it goes straight from microwave oven to dishwasher. My favorite kind of kitchen tool!



  • 1 cup of almond, walnuts, pecan nuts or any nut of your choice
  • 150g chocolate, white, milk or dark
  • And, then for the yummy bit
    Smarties, mini marshmallows, M&Ms, mini Easter eggs or any sweet chocolates or candies of your choice

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Sweet Popcorn Recipe Steps

Prepare 1 packet of popcorn according to the instructions in the microwave, popcorn machine or stove top, and leave to cool.

Make movie night special with this yummy popcorn mix. www.HealthyFamilyandMe.comWhile waiting spread 1 cup of blanched almonds (or the nuts of your choice)  flat onto a baking sheet.

You can use any baking sheet, this is my favorite and very affordable baking sheet from Farberware. The non-stick covering ensures easy cleaning and even browning. My kitchen cannot run without this little beauty!

Roast the nuts in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 3 minutes or until golden brown, taking care not to burn. Roasted pecan nuts are a great alternative to the almonds. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

The next Sweet Popcorn Recipe Step

Make movie night special with this yummy popcorn mix. www.HealthyFamilyandMe.comMelt 150g of milk, dark or white chocolate in the microwave oven at a low temperature and set aside to cool.

A small glass bowl works well for me, just make sure that it is heat resistant. Pyrex bowls are always the best brand as it can go straight from the conventional or microwave oven to the dishwasher!

Flatten the cooled popcorn and nuts onto the roasting pan. Next, drizzle the melted chocolate over the spread popcorn and almonds.

And, then for the best part of this super yummy popcorn recipe

Make movie night special with this yummy popcorn mix. www.HealthyFamilyandMe.comSprinkle the most delicious array of small chocolates all over the popcorn and nuts mix. We love to add M&Ms, Smarties, and mini Easter eggs. But the options are endless…

Leave for about 10 minutes for the chocolate to set, then mix through and serve. There will not be a single crumb left of this super popcorn mix!

Yummy Popcorn recipe. Summer snack for kids. grab the recipe now and have fun with the kids making super yummy popcorn mix. #popcornrecipe #popcorn #summersnack #summersnackforkidsRemember to grab your recipe pdf. Just click on the image to download.

Want even more yum?

Make movie night special with this yummy popcorn mix. www.HealthyFamilyandMe.comBe brave and allow the kids to add some mini marshmallows!

And now, your super yummy popcorn mix is ready to enjoy!

Establishing family traditions like our movie and popcorn nights grow strong family bonds. Find more family tradition inspiration from the Valentine’s Day and Family Easter posts.

Ready to serve your popcorn mix like a pro?

Popcorn recipe for super yummy popcorn mix. Served in an awesome holder. #popcornmix #popcornrecipe


Then grab these awesome colorful striped popcorn holders and serve this popcorn recipe mix like a professional! The family will adore your effort. These boxes are also great having at hand when you want to serve chips or candies at birthday parties and sleep-overs. A summer snack yummy and easy.

You can also check out this great post on the Health benefits and pitfalls of Popcorn.

It is a great read highlighting ways to ensure the healthiest popcorn version.

In summary, the article suggests avoiding cinema popcorn and the microwave version. Rather use organic kernels, prepared with the right fat like coconut oil. Enjoy with superfood toppers like olive oil, paprika or sea salt.

And, make use of an air popper and not a non-stick pan.

Prepared in a healthy way this awesome snack still has lots of health benefits like added fiber, antioxidants and manganese for strong bones.

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Popcorn recipe. Summer snack for kids. grab the recipe now and have fun with the kids making super yummy popcorn mix. #popcornrecipe #popcorn #summersnack #summersnackforkids

Popcorn recipe. super yummy popcorn recipe for the family. #popcorn #popcornrecipe #movienightpopcorn Popcorn recipe. Grab your free recipe now. super yummy popcorn recipe for the family. #popcorn #popcornrecipe #movienightpopcorn






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