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A Super Simple Delicious Dessert Recipe to Impress your Dinner Guests!

I am always looking for an easy yet elegant recipe to make a delicious dessert when friends are visiting. And this mini chocolate cake recipe is just that!

You can in very little time create a yummy dessert, that not only looks beautiful but also tastes great.

Spoil your guests with this super easy mini chocolate cake surprise! Mini chocolate cake with red berries, pistachio nuts and a drizzle of chocolate #minichocolatecake #easyrecipe #quickdessert #chocolatestrawberry


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Why we love this recipe

This mini chocolate cake with beautiful red berries, pistachio nuts, and a good quality chocolate drizzle is one of my favorites. It is super quick to make, looks stunning and tastes awesome!

The recipe is very versatile and allows for ingredient substitution based on your preferred choice of berries and nuts. You can even choose your favorite chocolate cake recipe.

The great thing about this simple dessert recipe is that both adults and kids alike love it!

These little chocolate cakes are not only great as a dessert. I have successfully served them during afternoon tea. The perfect sweet treat for any occasion.


Spoil your guests with this super easy mini chocolate cake surprise! Mini chocolate cake with red berries, pistachio nuts and a drizzle of chocolate #minichocolatecake #easyrecipe #quickdessert #chocolatestrawberry

Follow the easy instructions and impress with this super yummy mini chocolate cake dessert.

Now, let’s do it! You won’t believe how easy this recipe is.


Mini Chocolate Cakes

Mini chocolate cake, add red berries, nuts and drizzle chocolate. Easy and simple and elegant. #elegantdessert #easyrecipe #minichocolatecake

Use your favorite chocolate sponge cake recipe and prepare the mini chocolate cakes. If you need a new recipe to make your mini cakes, try out this eggless chocolate cake version. Or, if you prefer a low carb coconut flour mini cake. 

You can also try this delicious chocolate sour cream bundt mini cake recipe. Bake the number of mini cakes your need. Remember you will need one mini cake per dessert portion.

Although a mini bundt cake pan makes your cakes look more elegant, you can prepare them in a standard muffin pan. Bake the cakes as per the recipe instructions. And, leave them to cool on a tight grid wire rack. This is important to prevent the small cakes from breaking when placed on a large grid rack.

I will share the secret to why I use a bundt cake pan below.


You will discover a tip to have your dinner guests asking for more dessert!

A Generous Drizzle of Chocolate

Drizzle a mini chocolate cake with melted chocolate before adding red berries. #minichocolatecake #chocolatedessert #strawberries

Melt 100g of good quality milk or dark chocolate for every 6 mini cakes. I prefer to melt the chocolate in the microwave at a low temperature. Take care not to burn and use a heat-safe glass bowl. 

Instead of melting chocolate, you can use Nutella chocolate spread. Be sure to mix it thoroughly before adding it onto the cakes. Just remember it contains nuts, in case there are guests with allergies.

It is now time to plate your mini chocolate cakes…

Recipe Top Tip

Using a white plate improves your presentation as it makes the berry and chocolate colors appear more vibrant. You can plate them as a single serving – one cake per plate. Or, all the cakes on one big plate.

Use a fork and drizzle the melted chocolate over the cooled mini cakes. The amount of chocolate you want to use is your choice. My motto is, of course, the more the better!

Make sure to drizzle the chocolate across the cakes to also create some splashes of chocolate on the plate.

My bundt cake pan Secret

bundt cake pan for mini chocolate cakes #cakedessert #chocolatecakeThis is a step that you can skip and still create a delicious dessert. But, if you want to take the taste one step further and really impress your guests – give it a try!

The reason why I prefer using a bundt cake pan is to create a central space to add a secret ingredient! Mascarpone cream!

The combination of chocolate, berries, and mascarpone cream creates the ultimate dessert experience!

After plating your cakes, just place one spoon of mascarpone inside the ring of the mini chocolate cake. Then drizzle with the chocolate as described above and follow the instructions below. You will be amazed how this one addition boosts the taste sensation!


Red Berry Extravaganza

Choose your favorite red berries, mine are strawberries and raspberries. Make sure to wash and dry them as needed. Place some on top of your chocolate drizzled mini chocolate cake.

If some fell on the plate, no problem! It adds to a beautifully presented dessert serving.

Nuts Decoration

Chop a handful of nuts roughly. Here I prefer to use pistachio or pecan nuts. Sprinkle it freely over your mini cakes. Again be sure to let some fall on the plate around your cake!

A Powdered Sugar Dusting

Last, but not least, give your creation that professional restaurant look. Dust the mini chocolate cake as well as the plate around it, with powdered sugar.

Recipe Top Tip

I love to use a little sugar dusting wand when creating these small dessert cakes. It creates the perfect light dusting you want when serving small desserts.

The Perfect Mini Chocolate Cake with Red Berries, Pistachio Nuts and a Drizzle of Chocolate!

Mini chocolate cake with red berries, pistachio nuts and a drizzle of chocolate. #minichocolatecake #dessert #sweetsurprise #chocolatecake #recipe

Your creation is ready to serve and enjoy. You will also get to enjoy all the great compliments from your guests! Best Dessert Ever!

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Bonus Dessert Idea

No time for baking? Unexpected guests? Here is another great tip to serve a simple dessert that everyone will love! And, you probably have all the ingredients already at hand.

All you will need is strawberries, Nutella, and a powdered sugar dusting!spoil the kids with strawberries covered in chocolate. easy sweet dessert. #chocolate #chocolatestrawberry #easydessert #simplerecipe

Easy to make sweet treat recipe

Wash strawberries and cut the bottom end flat. It is important to cut evenly to ensure the berries standing upright. Arrange on a serving plate, flat side down.

And now for the good stuff – add a spoonful of Nutella on top of each strawberry.

spoil the kids with strawberries covered in chocolate. easy sweet dessert. #chocolate #chocolatestrawberry #easydessert #simplerecipe

Recipe Top Tip

Create a beautiful Nutella swirl by using a teaspoon and adding the chocolate spread in a circular motion.

Finish your dessert plate by dusting all the strawberries generously with powdered sugar.

Remember that awesome little dusting wand?

Dessert doesn’t get any easier than this!

And, there will be not a single one left! Guaranteed!

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