Christmas Gift Exchange Games Our Unique Christmas Family Tradition

Having fun as a family over the holidays

Establishing family traditions is very important to us. Want to know one of our secret family rituals that can also transform your holidays into fun, memory making moments Christmas gift exchange games and themes!

diy ornaments, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions

Wouldn’t it be awesome when you are a grandparent, seeing your children share with their kids, the same traditions you shared? The very things that you did to give them happy childhood memories, living on in your grandkids’ lives!

Brilliant! That is what leaving a legacy is all about. The little things we do that lasts more than one lifetime.

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Our New Christmas Family Tradition

Last year I decided to add Christmas gift exchange games to our family holiday traditions. Why? Because its fun and everyone will get the chance to feel the pleasure of sharing and receiving personalized gifts.

For our kids now 6 and 7 years old, traditions like these are thoroughly enjoyed and remembered. And, repeated every year, as that is the purpose of a tradition. Right?

We played a simple Christmas gift exchange game where everyone prepares a gift according to a theme. And, then we swap them amongst each other.

For example, last year our theme was photo memories. I bought some pretty photo frames, printed cute family photos and the kids cut, decorated and created their own framed collages.

You won’t believe how giving the kids free creative rein, results in the most incredible gifts.

This year our theme is going to be memory books. Everyone has to draw pictures, and write down memories from the past year.

I simply gathered some colored papers and our favorite pencils and the kids get to draw one picture for every day of December. Just before Christmas Eve, I will help them to put it together and bind it into a book. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

They are super excited to do one drawing every day. At the same time counting the days down to Christmas. Because who doesn’t enjoy the fun of having a Christmas calendar! And the outcome of this one?

A 25 picture collection memory book to cherish for years to come.

The Value of Family Traditions

Doing activities like these together as a family is important to create strong family bonds. And, what better time than the  Christmas holidays to enjoy moments like these together.

The theme you choose or the exchange games you play can vary every year and you can adapt it to fit your family size and kids’ ages. To make it easy for your young kids buy something related to the theme and let them turn it into a gift. Be creative!

You can build the tradition within your close family or even include your extended family members for all to enjoy together and create awesome holiday memories.

Free Printable Just Because You Are Awesome!

Download your Christmas Menu Planner, it is an awesome tool for stress-free holiday menu planning. Just click the link below, print and enjoy!
Christmas Menu

Christmas planner. #christmasplanner #christmasmenu #menuplanner

More family Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes

Choosing the theme for your gift exchange games will depend on the age and abilities of your kids. Choose one that is easy for them to participate and allow them to follow their own ideas.

I will share some of our best ideas with you below. Choose one, adapt one, or create a new one!

You can also write down a couple of your favorite ideas on a piece of paper, place them in a jar and every year someone else gets to choose one for that year.

Frugal Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes

wind chimes diy, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions

  • nature

During December everyone collects beautiful things from nature, like stones or shells and then create a gift using their treasures. You can find some awesome shell gift ideas here.

  • creative writing

Each family member writes a poem or story and then read it on Christmas Day. Younger kids can draw pictures and tell the story using their images. This is an awesome way to stimulate those creative minds.

  • recycle

Save recycled items and make something useful with it. For example, help the kids create beautiful wind chimes. Here are some great ideas to also make eco-friendly gift wrap.

Fun Family Activity Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes

Christmas mug, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions

This is one of my favorite ways to build family holiday traditions. Even when you choose one of the other exchange themes, be sure to always add a family activity as well. Times like these, spend as a family, builds the basis for happy and healthy family relations.

  • movie night

Everyone wraps something related to enjoying a family movie night. Think popcorn, drinks, chocolates, a movie, pajamas. Exchange gifts and watch the movie together on Christmas Eve.

  • enjoy a cuppa

Buy some cute coffee mugs and sharpie permanent markers. Everyone decorates one mug and exchanges it. Enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate together in your new mugs.

Beautiful Memories Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes

diy ornaments, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions

  • pictures and drawings

Everyone draw pictures of their favorite memories from the past year and share the stories around it on Christmas Eve.

  • diy tree ornament

It is super fun to make your own tree ornaments and decorate the tree together with all the DIY ornaments. I love these felt ones.

The best part is re-discovering these DIY ornaments the next year!

Favorite Food Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes

Christmas cookies, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions

  • chocolate

The kids choose their favorite chocolates, add a personalized card and exchange them on Christmas Day.

  • fresh fruit

Go to a local market where everyone selects fresh fruit. We have done this before, after buying the fruit my kids grabbed our re-usable mesh and muslin drawstring bags and created an awesome gift hamper for their grandparents.

I also love this fruit Christmas wreath idea!

  • cookies

Prepare Christmas cookie batter together and have the kids choose their favorite cookie cutters. They can shape, bake, decorate and then pack a selection of cookies for each family member.

This is also an awesome family holiday activity to do together. Bake and decorate your favorite biscuites or cakes.

Family Fun Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes

Christmas cookies, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions


  • play the gift exchange game with a dice

And exchange gifts. Each number on the dice has a different instruction. Be prepared with a small gift ready that everyone will love receiving and start playing!

Think of gifts like

You can find this and other gifts exchange games here.

  • Toys

Exchanging toys is super fun for kids and you can easily also include the adults in this theme, with toys like

  • smelly gifts

This is one the kids will love!

You can either take the kids to the shop to choose an item or be frugal and have them choose something that’s already in the house.

They need to find something you can smell through the wrapping paper. Everyone receives one of the smelly gifts and needs to guess what is inside without opening it.

Good choices include

A good tip is to rub a piece of napkin in the lotion, soap or oil and add it in the package. It will help the person receiving it, to guess the smell.

And, yes the less nice smelly ones like cheese and old shoes will also be considered ….

  • Be spoiled

Each family member creates three spoil coupons, offering things like a foot massage, nail care, making a cup of tea, cleaning someone’s room or any other spoil activity. The spoil coupons are exchanged and everyone gets spoiled!

Favorite Color Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes

Christmas color, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions

  • Choose a color and everyone needs to be creative and find or create a gift matching that color.

These are just a few ideas of great Christmas gift exchange games and themes.

The fun of doing this lies within the personalized family touch. There are no rules and you can choose any theme!

Think out of the box, start your own family holiday tradition and have fun together!

Leave a comment and let me know your gift exchange idea. Or, family traditions you cherish over the Christmas holidays.

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Need a new Christmas family tradition. Check out the Christmas gift exhange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions Christmas gift exhange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions




Family Christmas gift exchange ideas. Check out the Christmas gift exhange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions

Bee Coloring Pages. Cute Free Printable Bee Art.

Who doesn’t love cute Bumble Bees?

We sure do! My daughter asked me to draw new bee coloring pages for her. Or a humble bumble bee as she calls it! And, that is how this post came to life.

Bee coloring page. free printable #beecoloring #freeprintable #freecoloringimage #bumblebeeimage

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you. 

Related Learning toys for kids at different developmental stages

We started talking about the life of a honey bee and how it is an endangered species. It became a much-loved topic we discussed for days on end.

We saw some awesome bumblebee images and honey bee coloring pages and then decided to create our own.

This is an awesome educational topic to share with your kids. And, you will be amazed at the brilliant bee facts that you probably didn’t even know yourself.

You can find some inspiration from these hands-on learning ideas for kids.  We really enjoyed this free printable bee spotters guide. Never knew there were so many different bees out there…

And, if you want to invest in a great book about bee facts, I can strongly recommend these:

  • Five Bizzy Honey Bees – The Fun and Factual Life of the Honey Bee: Captivating, Educational, and Fact. You will all love this Picture Book about Bees for Toddlers, Kids, Children, and Adults.
  • A Bee’s Life, a non-fictional read from TIME for KIDS

P.S. when you need to buy non-fictional books for your kids, Time for Kids should be your go-to guide. They cover a lot of topics and provide information for kids in an easy and interesting way. I always search this list first when looking for or a new tool to educate my kids.

You can also read more about the wonders of bee live in this recent Guardian article. Or, about the fascinating perfume patterns, the bumblebee uses to tell flowers apart. Another interesting read is Saving bees one hive at a time.

Loooking for the Best Learning Toys for Your Child! Then check this out!

So we created lots of fun bee coloring images. And, in the spirit of summer, I decided to share two of our coloring pages with you – for Free! Just click, download and enjoy.

When you download the image, it will be awesome if you can share the link with your friends on social media for everyone to enjoy. Thank you!

Bee coloring page. free printable #beecoloring #freeprintable #freecoloringimage #bumblebeeimage

Don’t know about you, but I love coloring just as much as my kids! I couldn’t help printing al the images out and enjoy them myself as well. So print away and have fun with these bee coloring pages. Guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Bee coloring page. free printable #beecoloring #freeprintable #freecoloringimage #bumblebeeimage

Please remember that the bee coloring pages are for personal use only.

Please don’t copy, sell or use the free images, in any way other than coloring at home. For any other use please contact and get written permission from HealthyFamilyandMe.

If you enjoyed our unique bee coloring images, you are welcome to grab 8 more free images from the resource library.

Free resource library #parenting #kidslearning #freeprintables #momblog

A Special Collection Bonus SecretColoring Fun for the Kids. A beautiful book with more than 40 unique images #coloring #kidscoloring

My kids constantly have requests for new coloring images. This resulted in me creating loads of unique images to their likes and preferences.

There are images of animals, fairies, elves, snowmen, underwater creatures and so much more.

I quickly realized that new coloring pictures occupy my kids for hours. It became an easy way to get them interested in a new topic. And, the part they loved best was getting to decide exactly what goes on each coloring page! It made them feel like they created it!

Of course, the coloring is only the initial fun. Have you thought about using coloring images to make gift cards? To cover school books with? To create a personalized gift wrap? Yes, these are some of the things we love using coloring images for.

So start creating your own unique images today! Or, grab your free images and think of super creative ways to use them. Be sure to share your great ideas in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

Remember coloring stimulates brain development. It teaches skills like patience, attention to detail and creativity.

And, discovering how the simple task of coloring and cutting images, entertain my kids – whilst I get things done – I decided to put some of the images together in a coloring book.

 So yes, the secret is out: There is now a coloring book filled with our creations!

Knowing that moms like you would appreciate the opportunity to busy their kids with an educational activity whilst having some time free for other things. 

If you will enjoy having 43 more coloring images, you can grab your own copy. And what better time than now whilst it is on a super sale.

I know your kids will enjoy it just as much as mine does!

my magic coloring book. #coloringforkids #magiccoloring #kidslearning

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Bee coloring page. Grab your free printable pages now! Click for the best bee art. #beecoloring #savethebee #bestbeeart #kidscoloring #adultcoloring
Do you also like the cute bumble bee? Get some free bee coloring pages today. #coloringkids #coloringfun #beecoloring #savethebees #kidslearing
Teach you kids to save the bees with bee coloring pages. #kidslearning #educatekids #savethebees #beecoloring #freeprintables #beeart
bumble Bee coloring page. Grab your free printable pages now! Click for the best bee art. #beecoloring #savethebee #bestbeeart #kidscoloring #adultcoloring

How to transform Easter into a Happy Easter Family Tradition

Easter is great! It is one of my favorite times of the year.

It could be the spring feeling, the chocolate eggs, the treasure hunts or maybe just the joy of happy family gatherings that makes this time so special. But how do you transform it into a happy Easter family tradition? Easy! Have awesome Easter Family fun together and share unforgettable memories. Create strong family traditions to cherish in the years to come. This is exactly what this post is all about.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you. 

How to Have the Best Easter Ever

Spending quality time together as a family is a fundamental start to strengthen ties. Begin today and find some inspiration to transform your Easter into a Happy Family Tradition. You might also find a definition for the Curse of a Mom Blogger

Best Family Easter ever with these peeking bunny cookies. More Easter Family Traditions with Baking Fun

No family time is spent better than when baking biscuits together. The fun, the smell, the mess … All great fun! And what better time to do so than Easter! Seeing daddy and the little ones mixing the dough and rolling fondant with streaks of flour on their cheeks is quite a special moment. What you are baking, or even the end result is not nearly as important as the necessity for laughing together and having splendid fun.

We love baking sweet vanilla biscuits from a trusted family recipe and if you don’t have a good recipe, we have also tried these vanilla snap biscuits before and they are easy to make and taste great. Decorating the biscuits with fondant bunnies is the most fun part and creating peeping bunny biscuits is so simple.

The great thing is that you can keep these biscuits in an airtight container for up to a week. Make them in advance and surprise those unexpected Easter guests with a delicious and pretty treat. The adults and kids alike will adore them.

My kids also love spoiling their schoolmates and teachers. Packing a couple of these biscuits into a see-through packet, closed with a pretty ribbon, makes for a great gift. Nobody can resist a delicious, awesome looking bunny biscuit! And that is exactly what Easter is all about: Yummy Fun!

Hugs and Cuddles

Easter is the greatest time for hugs and cuddles! Sharing lots of bear hugs with your kids is an important part of the 7 Super Simple Strategies to be an Awesome Parent. There is no better way to indulge in cuddles than with a cute little Easter Soft Toy. So why not surprise your little one with one of these cute friends? They are sure to adore them!

Easter Family Crafting

Doing craft projects with the kids is always a marvelous experience and the benefits are clearly described in the 8 Part Secret to have a Brilliant Child.

All you need to make your own beautiful Easter card.Seeing their creativity develop during these projects allows you to experience a different side of a sometimes reserved child. Easter is the perfect opportunity to do a project together. Depending on the age of your child it can be a very simple and easy craft like making a beautiful Bunny Easter card. Grab your free printable step-by-step tutorial for making your own Bunny card for Easter. There is also a free PDF of the bunny images that you can download and print for the card.

Free Easter bunny pages to color inMy kids love to have new coloring pages. Of course for Easter, we had to create some fun ones filled with cute bunnies! So in the giving spirit of Easter, we are sharing them and you can download 6 new PDF coloring pages FREE to print as many times as you want.

Coloring Fun for the Kids. A beautiful book with more than 40 unique images from HealthyFamilyandMe.comWhen the kids enjoy these coloring pages you can grab the My Magic Coloring Book for them with more than 40 unique images.

Make sure to create at least one new family tradition this year. It will become a highlight that your kids look forward to and cherish.  In all likelihood, they will continue with these traditions one day with their own families. So make sure to establish great traditions and leave a legacy to be proud of.

Let’s Hunt for Treasure

Easter eggs filled with cute soft toys for a great treasure hunt. Best Easter ever with

Easter eggs filled with delicious chocolates. Great for treasure hunts with the family. Best Easter ever with www.HealthyFamilyandme.comEaster is one of the splendid occasions every one in the family may legitimately partake in a Treasure Hunt! Inexpensive printable Easter games are a great way to start the fun. The decorated Easter eggs with yummy chocolates or if you have a child like mine who doesn’t like sweet stuff, cute soft toys inside is great for hiding in the garden. After removing the treasure the little ones get to keep their eggs and refill them again and again. At Easter time the fun never stops!

Get some inspiration from these Treasure Hunt Ideas and be sure your kids have one of these Snazzy Easter Goodie Carry bags to collect and carry all their treasure.

For treasure of a different nature that will benefit your child long term, check out Hoot for Kids.  A Treasure Box will be customized based on your child’s age and developmental stage and filled with selected toys and activities. These are one of our favorites and definitely worth a try!

Easter Movie Marathon

HOOT for kids. A treasure box of toys and activities customized for your child. Educate your child with www.HealthyFamilyandMe.comOne of our best family traditions is watching a movie together every Friday night. It is a great way to start the weekend.  We all take turns choosing the movie and popcorn and milkshake is an absolute must! Make movie night special with this yummy popcorn mix.

Therefore, an Easter family movie weekend is definitely in the cards for us this year. We will choose related movies and stock up on the goods!  Our secret Easter popcorn recipe is essential and you we are more than happy to share this yummy secret!

Chocolate bunny Easter Shake - a shake served inside of a chocolate bunny! So cute! Best Easter Ever with


Now, who doesn’t love Lindt chocolate? The answer is definitely: Not me! That is exactly why we were super excited when we found this Awesome bunny milkshake on Pinterest. Thank you AllisonEnjoy your own Chocolate Bunny Easter Shake and start a delicious Easter tradition!

A Touch of Chic

Setting the table for our Easter family celebration is always the highlight for me. This year I decided to add a bit of bling to our Easter table and I was in awe at the beautiful shiny little Easter table decorations available. My personal favorite is the little silver bunny serviette holders and I can’t wait to show mine off! I can never resist a beautiful candle holder and the pink Easter ceramic one below wasn’t any different. It is going to take center stage on my bling table for sure.

Although I am going for bling table decorations this year, I couldn’t resist the urge to look at the fun things there are available to create a super festive Easter table. And I was not disappointed! Have a look at these brilliant bunny table goodies. Is the bunny wine bottle hugger not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I will definitely be celebrating this Easter with a bunny hugger of my own! You?

Share a Bestseller Easter Family Book

Share a new adventure with your child with a Best Seller Easter Book. See top ten from www.HealthyFamilyandMe.comThere are a few things my kids enjoy as much as reading a new book.   The anticipation of getting to know the new characters, following the novel storyline and feeling the excitement as the adventure unfolds. Priceless

A book is one of the best gifts for a child of any age. Reading with your child has immense benefits. It expands your child’s vocabulary, stimulates resourcefulness, and teaches him or her to listen. Reading nurtures their imagination and allows them to revel in a world that unfolds with each new book. So share in the Easter fun and gift your kids a new adventure with one of these Bestseller Easter books.

Easter Family Photo Memories

Make a memory and take an Easter Family Photo. Best Family Easter Ever with

Another great way of establishing Easter family tradition is to take an Easter family photo. Make sure to add one to the collection every year and build your wall of memories. It is great fun to make cute pompom tails and headband ears for each family member and capture the magic on a spectacular family photo. If you are not up for DIY tails and ears, check out these super cute inexpensive bunny headbands that will help create that awesome photo.

These bunny shoes are made for walking…

Whilst browsing through the great Easter stuff on offer I came upon the most adorable bunny shoes for my little girl. I could not resist grabbing a pair of the pink sandals for her. She is ready to shine in spring! Hopefully, your resistance level is higher than mine …

A Gift for My Honey

I couldn’t possibly celebrate Easter without a special little something for my gorgeous hubby! A thoughtful gift to your partner always goes a long way to remind him of how precious he is. Share the love and spoil your bunny with one of these fun accessories.

Curse of a Mom Blogger

Definition: Inability to not fall in love with the beautiful things you find online whilst doing research for your post…

I should probably not share the extent of my curse suffering and therefore the money spent on from-Mom-to-Mom gifts this Easter, but I will gladly share my greatest finds:

I hope you enjoyed all the beautiful Easter Family Goodies with me. Best wishes to you and your family. Have an Awesome and Happy Easter filled with fun and family tradition. I would love to hear about the special things that make your Easter shine. So please share a comment!

Grab your FREE Printables:
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All you need for the best Family Easter Ever. #easter #eastertradition Best EAster ideas. All you need for the best Family Easter Ever. #easter #eastercard #easterdiy
Easter is a happy family tradition. get ideas now. #eaterideas #easter #eastertradition

10 Idea Valentine’s Day Plan

Don’t we all just love Valentine’s Day?

Whether it is the love, the red, the hearts, the chocolates and candies or simply the shared feeling of a day filled with romantic love. And, having a super idea Valentine`s Day Plan, makes it even better!

Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

The first records of celebrating a day for your Valentine dates back to the 14th century and many ways of sharing and gifting evolved since with billions spent annually on cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts.

As part of the expected 25 million people in the UK we can simply send a card, or go the extra mile this year and plan a truly meaningful Valentine’s Day. Follow this easy 10 idea plan and let your loved one feel the love.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you. 

1. Prepare an awesome Valentine’s Day breakfast with a personal napkin note

Valentine's napkin note for your loved one Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

Starting the day with a special breakfast for your valentine will leave a sense of lasting anticipation for the rest of the day. A brilliant way to start your good idea Valentine`s Day Plan.

Simple meals such as pancakes and syrup or classic French toast can easily be converted into a magic meal by adding red berries, chocolate sauce and a little attention to detail like using heart shaped cutters.

Make your loved one feel extra special by serving the meal accompanied by a personal note written on a paper napkin.

My favorite paper napkins are ones designed with a lot of hearts that I can use not only for Valentine’s messages but any day my husband or one of the kids needs a bit of a surprise motivation. Be inspired by the awesome valentine’s breakfast ideas below:

Napkin note to loved one. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

2. Pack a special idea Valentine’s lunch box and add a personalized card

Card for him to say I love you. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplanMaybe you have to pack lunch every day anyway but even if you don’t, why not do it on this special day.

Who doesn’t appreciate a meal box filled with goodies they love, ready for lunchtime in between a busy schedule?

Add a handmade card as a surprise to ensure you make your valentines day even better. Click below for great lunch box love note ideas and give these beautiful little cards a try to make your note even more special.

Join the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge to get the best tips to be energized, happy and healthy. #healthylifestylechallenge #healthylifestyle #weightloss #detox

3. Enjoy a great idea Valentine’s craft project with your kids

Kids love valentine’s day just as much as we do.  I am yet to meet a young girl who doesn’t adore red hearts and cupids.

Use this day to spend time with your kids as well and do some fun crafts together. Making a special card for daddy is most girl’s dream craft and can be a great mother-daughter activity.

Craft time with kids. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

4. Create a handmade Valentine’s day card

Ultimate Valentine's Plan. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplanWhilst the kids are busy with their craft project, design your own card for a loved one.

Resist the urge to buy one as it is so much more fun making your own and it will be more appreciated.

If you need a bit of inspiration look at these awesome handmade card ideas below. And if you find the addition of a personal message for your valentine a daunting task, borrow a poem or quote from this great site online.

Choosing beautiful card stock with an envelope for your project is a must and using top quality paints, stamps and stickers make a great difference.

“She bath’d with roses red, and violets blew,
And all the sweetest flowres, that in the forrest grew.”

Edmund Spenser (1590)

5. Take a photo, personalize and post it

quote Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplanShare a photo or image on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, your blog or any social media that you use and personalize it with a message from the heart. A truly heartfelt idea Valentine`s plan.

Copy and send the link to your loved one. They are sure to adore the public display of your affection. The message can be as general or personal as you wished.

And even if you don’t use any of these platforms, sending a special photo with a related note as a standard phone message is enough to make someone’s day super special.

6. Create, make or buy a special gift for your Valentine

A Valentine’s day gift needn’t be the most expensive gift ever but it definitely needs to be well considered, with the one you love in mind. That is part of the magic of a good idea Valentine`s Day plan.

Consider your options by looking at these examples, but make sure to add a personal touch like pretty wrapping paper and your handmade card.

One of my wrapping secrets to creating a magic touch is to wrap the gift in beautiful tissue paper first and then placing it into a metallic gift bag. Your loved one will feel extra appreciated by realizing that you had them in mind when choosing the amazing gift.A gift of love.Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

7. Prepare a Valentine’s dinner meal to impress

Yes, you can go out for a restaurant dinner but does that really beat a picnic at the lake or beach or even on the living room floor, making sushi together or enjoying a meal home cooked with much loved ingredients.

Light some candles and enjoy one of these awesome dinner ideas together. For an awesome dessert, try these easy mini chocolate cakes with red berries, pistachios and a drizzle of chocolate.

And, if you love Nutella as much as me, check out these super yummy Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting.

Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

8. Plan a Valentine’s date night activity

Super yummy movie night popcorn. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplanChoose an activity that you can do together. Have fun by watching a romantic comedy together with yummy popcorn and a cocktail, frying marshmallows over a candle or find your perfect share from the ideas below.

9. Don’t forget to say I love You

Again and again and again… This will always be part of the best idea Valentine`s day plan…

Free resource library #parenting #kidslearning #freeprintables #momblog

10. Write a special note for your Valentine

Love noteTo end a perfect day and ensure your Valentine remembers this one until the next year, leave a last special note hidden under their pillow.

Few things warm the heart as much as an unexpected find of affection. An awesome way to end your super idea Valentine`s Day Plan.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day, make new memories with your loved one and use all or part of the 10 idea plan to start new Valentine’s traditions.

I would love to hear about your awesome plans for this year, so share some thoughts in the comment section below for all to enjoy.

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Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Day Plan with your family. #valentines #familyvalentine #valentineideas Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Day Plan with your family. #valentines #familyvalentine #valentineideas The best ever 10 idea Valentine's Day Plan with your family #valentines #familyvalentine #valentineideas