Discover a unique journal prompts idea to maximize your self-care strategy

As parents and even more so as moms, we need to take good care of ourselves. We should consider self-care a necessity rather than a luxury. But sometimes, when we find a couple of minutes to treat ourselves, we have no idea what to do! Have you ever experienced this? Well, as soon as you create your own 6 senses self-care journal using the journal prompts idea this will never happen again.

You will know exactly how to spend those valuable free minutes, doing activities that will make you stronger and more confident.

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Mom life inspired with journal prompts for moms using 6 sense self care. Bullet journal inspiration for women with free journal templates #journalprompt #momlife #journal #senses #motherhood #selfcare



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Do you take good care of yourself?

Well, you should. And today you will discover a fun journal prompt method that will help define your mom goals and find the little things in life that keeps you inspired and motivated using all your senses.

And where is the fun if you can’t include that one special sixth sense we share as moms! And if you dare doubt your mom instinct, start trusting the science behind it

You will also get a little sneak peek into my 6 sense journal inscriptions. Hopefully, it will inspire you to start yours right away and enjoy the wonderful benefits of journaling.


Why 6 sense self-care journal prompts

We often hear we have to take better care of ourselves. But sometimes it’s difficult knowing exactly what we need. When someone tells you, you have to treat yourself today, do you know how you will spend that special me-time?

It’s always valuable spending some time discovering the little things that inspire us and make us happy. And, I don’t mean obvious things like visiting your favorite holiday destination or going for a spa pamper. But rather the small things that touch our hearts and help us to keep going even through difficult times.

And that is exactly what the 6 senses self-care pages will help you with

To spend some time thinking about the things that really make you happy whilst creating your own self-care strategy that works.


Beautiful mom free printables #freeprintables #momlife #motherhood #beautifulmom

The best way to use the 6 senses self-care journal prompts effectively

  • make time for yourself – create dedicated journal writing time
  • pull your journal close – if you don’t have one, some blanc pages work well too, or check out the great options towards the bottom of the page
  • print your 6 senses cheat sheet
  • create a page for each sense, including
    • sight, touch, sound, taste, smell and mom instinct – just like I did in the photos below
  • spend some time, finding one or more activity you love to do in accordance with each sense and
  • write it on you sense pages
  • remember to never stop adding more!


Your 6 senses self-care activities

Now, whenever you have a couple of minutes or hopefully sometimes hours, to spend on yourself, it’s very easy to open your journal on your 6 senses pages and choose an activity you already know you will love! Spend those valuable me-time minutes doing a sense-activity that will build your inner strength, confidence, and calm.

Helping you be the awesome mom you want to be.

Remember, this is your personal journal and not meant for other people’s eyes. Your journal writing time should be quiet and in a safe, personal space where you feel comfortable and unbound. Don’t try and write things you think are cool for others to read. That’s not what keeping a journal is all about. Rather discover your inner heart’s desires and allow yourself to dream big. This way journaling will help you with self-development and growth.

If you are not brutally honest with yourself, journaling is a waste of time.

Because I want to inspire you to use the 6 senses self-care journal prompts, knowing you will love it just as much as me, I share a couple of my own journal pages below. And, because my journal, just like yours, is personal, I am only sharing one activity on each sense to give you an idea, but strongly encourage you to create a few, just like I did.

Journal Prompts Sense One: Sight

Journal prompts for moms 6 sense self care #journalprompt #momlife #journal #senses #motherhood #selfcare

The first sense we will focus on is sight. And, it’s an easy one.

For me, nothing lifts my mood more easily than looking at some family photos. Unfortunately, living in our digital world, we don’t always print as many pictures as before, but browsing through them on my Apple iPad, still gives me the same feeling of content.

What is your favorite sight activity?

Here are a couple of examples to ignite your inspiration:


Journal Prompts Sense Two: Touch

Journal prompts for moms 6 sense self care #journalprompt #momlife #journal #senses #motherhood #selfcare

Touch is a fun sense to plan. On difficult days, I always find calm in sharing as many hugs as possible with my family. And the best part of giving hugs is sharing the exhilarating feeling. Not only do I feel better, but so do my kids.

On days where I choose to spend my me-time on the touch sense, I plan special little moments with my husband and kids, including lots of hug time.

Here are a couple of those special moments guaranteed to make them smile:

Journal Prompts Sense Three: Sound

Journal prompts for moms 6 sense self care #journalprompt #momlife #journal #senses #motherhood #selfcare

Choosing sound as your me-time sense activity is great. There are so many ways to enjoy beautiful sounds.

To me, the best sound activities are listening to:

Journal Prompts Sense Four: Taste

Journal prompts for moms 6 sense self care #journalprompt #momlife #journal #senses #motherhood #selfcare

Taste is, of course, my favorite sense activity choice!

And whether you love chocolates or cheese, champagne or coffee, finding a taste sensation is easy and fun.

And why not take your taste activity a bit further and:

Journal Prompts Sense Five: Smell

Journal prompts for moms 6 sense self care #journalprompt #momlife #journal #senses #motherhood #selfcare

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Smelling flowers has to be one of my favorite, favorite pass times. You?

I love planting, arranging, picking, smelling and of course, buying flowers. It is very easy for me to find peace and inner strength whilst appreciating flowers.

Another great smell example is my husband’s smell ritual when grinding beans and brewing a fresh cup of coffee.

Do you have a special smell you savor?

Maybe it’s:

Simply include your favorite smell in a treat activity like a candle scented bath or working in the garden.


Journal Prompts Sense Six: Mom instinct

Journal prompts for moms 6 sense self care #journalprompt #momlife #journal #senses #motherhood #selfcare

Now, this is the sense where I am putting my foot right into it and are expecting some discussion. I firmly believe in mom instinct and this belief is not based on the clouds, but rather scientific facts. If you haven’t read about the way pregnancy changes the size of your brain, check it out.

We all know kids are fairly well at making their needs very clear. But sometimes they don’t even know they need something or don’t know how to express themselves. And, this is where your sixth sense is essential and lots of fun. Getting to know your kids’ needs without them asking for help takes a bit of practice and you will get better and better at it.

Here are some of my secret tips to discover those special needs

  • ask the right questions
  • take time to really listen and read between the lines
  • take special note of attitudes following school or certain activities

And them, identify possible needs and create opportunities to address these.


Mom instinct activity examples

  • use me-time to catch up on sleep, in order to be more sensitive to kids’ needs
  • update your gratitude list, noting kids’ personalities
  • create a family activity list, including kids’ likes and dislikes

Please leave a comment

I would love to hear what you come up with for a sixth sense activity!

Let’s summarize the 6 senses journal prompts idea

There you have it, inspiring journal prompts examples to help you create your own 6 senses self-care journal helping you use your me-time wisely.

Don’t invest in self-care, invest in quality self-care. And that is exactly what your self-care journal will help you with.

Remember to add a page each for all 6 senses

  • sight
  • touch
  • sound
  • taste
  • smell and
  • mom instinct

and start adding fitting activities that you enjoy and love. Ready to choose from whenever you have those treasured free minutes to enjoy by yourself.

Hope you enjoy creating your 6 senses self-care pages and enjoy the activities thereafter even more!

Journal prompts for moms using 6 senses self care method. You will love this journal idea for bullet journal self love and growth. Bullet journal inspiration for moms with free printable #bulletjournal #journalideas #journalprompts #momlife #motherhood

Create your 6 senses self-care journal today

using these journal prompts and start enjoying the true benefits of well-planned, unique self-care that will help you build your inner calm, patience and confidence as a mom.

Not using a journal yet?

I will definitely write a new post outlining the exact process of getting started with journaling, but for the moment, if you haven’t tried your hand at it yet, here is a couple of essential basics to get you started.

Must have journal pages

  • mom goals
  • priority tasks
  • to do list
  • gratitude page
  • 6 senses self-care


My favorite journals

  • One of the most used journals is the Leuchtturm 1917 hardcover. It is one of the bestselling journals available in many different colors, long-lasting and ready for some serious journaling action.
  • The 6-minute diary is a simple and effective gratitude journal and will help you be more happy, mindful and productive. And the best part is, you only need to spend 6 minutes a day. Perfect for the busy mom.
  • The morning sidekick journal is the perfect daily planner for creating the perfect morning routine and positive life habits. The daily content journal and accountability tracker will help you change and stick with your new life goals.
  • The clever fox planner is one of my favorite non-dated weekly planners. It comes with stickers and tabs and it is super easy to get organized and keep track of your goals and to-do lists. And, you are sure to find one in your favorite color.

And if you prefer a journal with coloring pages, like mine in the photos, here are some great options

  • My days in color is a beautiful planner with tabs and lots of coloring pages. The spiral binding ensures your journal lays flat, making coloring easy and fun.

Love the color, but don’t like coloring?

Then this beautiful full-color journal with inspirational quotes is perfect for you


Journal essentials

There will be no fun journaling actions happening without beautiful pens and decorations


Time to start creating that 6 sense self-care pages!


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Journal prompts for moms using 6 senses self care method. You will love this journal idea for bullet journal self love and growth. Bullet journal inspiration for moms with free printable #bulletjournal #journalideas #journalprompts #momlife #motherhood

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