When mom life sometimes gets the better of you, don’t stress. It happens to the best of us.  As long as we know how to deal with the stresses of motherhood and have access to tips and tools to handle these moments better, we can be stronger moms. And, that is exactly what you will find here today. An epic solution for self-love using the power of affirmation. Perfect for those overwhelmed mom life moments.


Self affirmation for moms. How to be a good mom and do self care. #momlife #affirmation #selflove #motherhood


Now I already know what you might be thinking:

  • I’m not really overwhelmed, I just need to be a bit more confident

No problem, this self-care technique will help you at any point, no matter the stage or stress level you currently are at

  • self-affirmation? seriously?

Just take a moment and read on. After scanning this post you will realize that self-affirmation is a powerful, underused tool with loads of scientific data to back its benefits and positive results. Just try it out, what do you have to lose?

So now that your foremost queries have been settled, let’s dive in by answering the most commonly asked questions about affirmation and how you can use it to be a more confident mom.

Download a copy of the 32 positive affirmations cheatsheet and use as a visual aid to start using affirmations today.




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Affirmation quote. How to be a confident mom. Have you tried positive affirmations for moms? You should, the power of affirmations is epic. Mom life made easier. #affirmations #momlife #motherhood #beagoodmom #parenting


What is self-affirmation

Self-affirmation is a self-care technique, using a positive statement repeatedly to help you succeed in life, by establishing a positive mindset.


Does affirmation really work

Truth is, it does!

The self-affirmation theory by Steele in 1988 and, even as soon as  L. Festinger’s original theory in 1957, sparked further investigations into the value of self-affirmation. And since then it is a practice endorsed by most psychiatrists.

Mostly because it has been proven to work! Science confirms that self-affirmation improves positive self valuation. And by activating the pre-frontal cortex, promotes self-related information processing, helping us build our self-confidence.

There is more than enough neuroscience data to prove that positive affirmation is beneficial and well worth the time and energy. Mood-inducing affirmation practice boost serotonin levels in the brain and that is exactly what any mom needs!


Affirmation best practices

To experience the true power of affirmation, make sure the statements you choose are

  • positive
  • personal
  • in the present tense
  • specific
  • easy to remember


Affirmation visualization

The benefits of visualization have been extensively researched as well and proven a way to effectively limit stress. This technique works because images trigger a response in your neurons, interpreting the concept as real-life.

Use this knowledge and add the technique to affirmation with mind visualization or by creating goal pictures.


Here are some visualization affirmation ideas:

  • write your affirmation down
  • close your eyes, repeat the affirmation and make a mental note of the image that surface first
  • creat goal pictures, either with the affirmation words or a picture that reminds you of the goal

For example

when your goal is to be a happier mom

  • affirmation: I choose happiness
  • goal picture: a family photo where everyone is smiling, kept where you can see it every day

when your goal is to sleep better at night

  • affirmation: I am thankful for resting time and fill my mind with positive, relaxing thoughts
  • goal picture: any picture making you feel calm and relaxed like a forest scene


The power of affirmation

Assertive affirmations will help you make positive changes in all areas of your life.

It can also help you handle stress better as a mom, this is a great skill to have. When you use an affirmation like ‘When my baby cries I can and will take a deep breath first before helping’, repeated every single day, it will help you do exactly that. before tending to your little one’s repeated crying.

The affirmation will help you know that it’s okay to first take a second to calm down before helping your little one and make you less anxious, already knowing the way you are going to react.

How do you use affirmations daily

In order to maximize the benefits of affirmation, you need to repeat the positive statements continuously. Training your brain to believe the affirmations and convert it to reality takes times. Even when you don’t initially find positive gain from using an affirmation, keep going.


Affirmation quote. How to be a confident mom. Have you tried positive affirmations for moms? You should, the power of affirmations is epic. Mom life made easier. #affirmations #momlife #motherhood #beagoodmom #parenting


Affirmations have the most power when you

  • say them repeatedly and
  • write them down and
  • visualize them

How many times a day should you say affirmations

Experts suggest you repeat your positive affirmation at least three times a day for at least one month.

Great tips to keep up with your affirmation routine is to

  • link it with your daily routine, when doing your make-up or drinking your first cup of coffee in the morning
  • use visual aids – write down or print your affirmation and stick it where you can see it, like the bathroom mirror
  • create individual affirmations that motivate you on a direct and personal level


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List of positive affirmations

Now that we have discussed the benefits and methods of affirmation, let’s discover some of the most inspiring affirmations for moms. And, don’t just use these. Personalize them and improve the words to touch your soul and change your life.


Short positive affirmations

  • I choose happiness
  • I am proud of myself
  • I find solutions not problems
  • I believe in myself


Positive affirmations for overwhelmed moms

  • I will learn from my mistakes
  • I am grateful for being a mom
  • staying calm is within my reach because I am in control
  • I know what my child needs
  • My baby will thrive because I love him


Positive daily affirmations

  • Motherhood is not easy but I can do it
  • difficult times always pass
  • smiling makes me beautiful
  • I will share my belief in unicorns with my daughter


Positive affirmations for the morning

  • I am choosing to have an awesome day
  • Self-care is not a luxury it is a necessity
  • This day will be beautiful
  • I am strong because I believe in myself


Positive affirmations for motherhood

  • When I am happy my family is happy
  • I am not perfect and neither are my kids
  • it feels great to lie down and clear my mind
  • I trust my mom instincts
  • I am not a perfect mom but I am proud to be a mom
  • My kids love me because I am their mother


Positive affirmations for work

because sometimes we just need a bit of motivation to go to work and not spend all our time with the kids.

  • I am grateful for being able to work
  • I am ready to slay this day
  • I am valued at work and at home
  • I make a difference at work


Positive affirmations for kids

Research also shows using affirmations are not only an excellent self-care technique for adults but for kids too.

Teach them the value of using affirmations and help them establish a routine for using them. Teenagers especially will appreciate the power of affirmation, when used right. Here is a couple to get you started:

  • I love mornings
  • I choose to have a cool day
  • Others can’t touch my soul
  • Even when I struggle I will keep going
  • I am proud of myself


Free cheatsheet

Download a copy of the 32 positive affirmations cheatsheet and use it to start changing your mindset and life. You will be amazed at the huge benefit of this self-love technique, helping you be a more confident mom.


Self affirmation for moms. How to be a good mom and do self care. #momlife #affirmation #selflove #motherhood


The power of affirmations in a nutshell

There you have it. The science backing the epic power of positive affirmations. Great not only for moms and even overwhelmed moms, but also for kids. Use the cheat sheet to get you started and be inspired to create your own powerful affirmations. Happiness is your choice!


Please leave a comment

and let me know your favorite mom affirmation. Does it work for you?


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How to be a confident mom. Have you tried positive affirmation for moms? You should, the power of affirmations is epic. Mom life made easier. #affirmations #momlife #motherhood #beagoodmom #parenting



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