Healthy Lifestyle Tips- Top 25 backed by Science

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

We all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes we need a little kickstart to make the necessary changes in terms of our health, exercise and mental wellbeing.

Get the powerful tips to have that healthy lifestyle with the top 25 healthy lifestyle tips for busy moms. Read now. #freeprintables #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyfamily #lowcarb

Discover that headstart here today and use the easy healthy habits hacks to guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

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All the tips are well researched and backed by science.  So you can confidently use them to aid you in your journey to be more happy and healthy. And, as we are all busy and prefer quick and easy, you will love the simple yet actionable tips.

These tips will improve your family`s health and wellbeing without breaking the bank or wasting your time.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

It is generally believed that changing our diet and therefore lifestyle is quite difficult and complicated. We are tired and busy and making these kinds of changes seems time-consuming and energy draining.

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Here is the good news

It does not need to be complicated and time-consuming. Remember the saying – don`t work harder, work smarter? That is exactly what these healthy lifestyle changing tips are all about.

healthy lifestyle #smoothie #healthylifestyle #detox

Simple actions to be healthier and happier as a family.

The Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a Healthy Lifestyle should not be complicated. Don`t start counting calories and weighing ingredients. It is a waste of time. All you need to do is know and understand the basics of a healthy lifestyle and then start implementing them.

That is exactly what the tips below will do – empower you to improve your lifestyle today!

A Healthy Lifestyle includes 3 important aspects:

  • Clean eating
  • Being active, and
  • Pursuing happiness

Prioritize these 3 aspects and you will be amazed at the healthy lifestyle result.  Your first step should be to print the Healthy Lifestyle Tips_HealthyFamilyandMe and start to incorporate it into your day to day life. One at a time!

You will feel the difference physically and mentally. And, be on the right track to have the healthy lifestyle you always wanted.

If you need a bit more guidance on how to make healthy food choices and live a low-carb lifestyle, be sure to join the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge and receive the best tips on a healthy lifestyle, low carb meals, and recipes directly to your inbox.

Bonus Healthy Lifestyle Hack for Busy Parents

Are you feeling too tired and miserable to start making lifestyle changes?

Then energize yourself before starting to change your family`s diet and lifestyle. This is super easy with the 7 day detox plan.

Cleanse your body and mind naturally in just one week.  Afterward, you will feel revitalized. And, have more strength to help your family also progress from tired and miserable to energized, happy and healthy.

That is thinking like a Power Parent – Help myself so I can help others better!

So, take action today and save your spot in the 7 day detox with free resources to help you succeed. Just click below and be notified of the 7 day detox plan coming soon.

A simple step towards a more energized, healthier and happier you.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamily

Time to look at those Top 25 Healthy Lifestyle Tips backed by Science

1.  Follow a low-carb eating plan including lots of low carb veg, good protein and good fats.
3. Handle cravings better by allowing yourself a cheat day.
  • We all crave sugar and carbs sometimes. And, that is ok! Don`t be discouraged by it.
  • When you crave carbs, simply include a good carb cheat day into your weekly planner and have the carb cheat meal on this day.
  • Keep it controlled and choose better carbs.
  • Then, the cheat day will not affect your weight or health.
  • In fact, it will aid a positive mindset as continuous unmet cravings will merely make you depressed!
  • However, if you want some solid reasons why carb cheating is not the best option, read this.
4. Try out this superfood if you want to feel more relaxed, energized and healthy
If there is only one tip you choose to try, consider this one first!

You will be astonished how relaxed and energized you will feel within a day or two! I use it every single day and the results are amazing. I know you will love it just as much as I do. Be daring and give it a try.

5. Track your progress to stay motivated.
  • There are two schools of thinking here. Some say way yourself every day to stay motivated.
  • Others say weigh yourself only once a week and rather use measurements and or clothes to assess your weight loss.
  • This helps avoid demotivation from slight daily weight differences that occur due to water retention and hormonal influences.
  • I definitely belong to the latter group of thinking.
  • But either way, have a way to track your success.
6. Avoid fruits with high carb and high sugar content like grapes, cherries and figshealthy lifestyle #superfoods #healthylifestyle #detox
  • Take the healthy lifestyle challenge and get to know exactly which fruits you should limit in your meals
  • Always opt for low carb and low sugar fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and berries.
7. When shopping for food, make it a habit to quickly check food labels.
  • Especially for the amount of sugar and carbs included.
  • To know if a product has too much sugar, just remember 4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon of sugar …. Really want to buy that soft drink with 4 teaspoons of sugar …
  • Keep in mind that a healthy, active lifestyle should include about 50 grams of carbs per day. In other words, one chocolate bar that has on average 70 grams of carbs already exceeds your daily limit. So keep an eye on those labels.
8. Don`t fall into the trap of so-called low-carb products without making sure it is the correct one.
  • I couldn`t believe my eyes in the shop the other day. I wanted to buy almond milk, and the carb content of the different brands ranged per 100 ml from 0.5g to 75g! Unbelievable!
  • No use trying to limit carbs and then unknowingly adding a high-carb product to your meals.
9. Eat your last meal around seven to half past seven at night.
  • If you go to bed at ten, your body will have enough time to digest the meal.
10. To boost metabolism and strengthen your immune system drink a cup of ginger tea after dinner.
  • Ginger improves blood sugar
  • And has antioxidant benefits
  • The best way to prepare this tea is to add some freshly sliced ginger, water, and a tea bag and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • I recommend using rooibos tea, as it has no caffeine to interfere with your sleep.
11. Replace your morning coffee and milk with cinnamon tea
  • Simply prepare your favorite tea and add half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon or
  • Simmer teabag in water for 10 minutes with an added cinnamon stick.
  • For an extra metabolism boost in the morning try my bulletproof coffee.

bulltetproof cofee as part of a healthy lifestyle #healthylifestyle #bulletproofcoffee #metabolismboost

12. Eat slowly, without any interference
  • Avoid distraction from the TV and your phone and focus on your meal.
13. Try to exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Regular exercise improves blood pressure and control sugar levels.
  • It does not need to involve going to the gym.
  • It can be as easy as going for a 30-minute walk, or
  • Playing football with the kids
  • Cycling or swimming
  • Aim to take 5 – 10K steps daily
14. Complete a detoxification prior to making big diet and lifestyle changes
  • That way you will be energized and healthier to help your family do the same.
  • Claim your 7 day detox plan, with free resources to help you complete the body cleanse successfully below.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamily

15. It is recommended you do a detoxification 2 to 4 times a year.
  • By grabbing your 7 day detox resources you will have everything you need to do a detox successfully. You can use the resources continuously for every detox you want to do now and in the future.
16. Get enough sleep
17. Drink more water to increase your weight loss
  • Minimum daily water intake is 8 glasses of water.
  • Try to drink one glass of water half an hour before every meal to help you eat less and burn almost 100 more calories.
18. It is best to eat 3 meals per day
  • You can add another one when you are always hungry in the afternoon or
  • Add a low carb snack in the afternoon between meals.
  • Avoid skipping meals, unless you are doing an intermittent fast.
19. Beware of high sugar content in fruit juices and soft drinks.
  • It is best to avoid these all together and
  • Rather make your own fresh juices or smoothies, knowing exactly what it contains.
20. Have a high protein breakfastlow carb breakfast as part of a healthy lifestyle #lowcarbbreakfast #healthylifestyle #detox
  • This will help control cravings throughout the day.
  • Join the 7 Day Detox plan to get a copy of my favorite low carb, high protein breakfast recipes.
21. Eat whole food, not processed food
  • Resist the urge to buy ready-made sauces and canned food
  • When you eat whole food and prepare all meals from scratch you know exactly what it contains
  • No preservatives and hidden carbs or sugar
22. If weight loss is your main goal, or you just want to save some time preparing meals, replace one meal a day with a detoxifying smoothie.
  • This is a great way to cleanse your body and kickstart your metabolism.detox smoothie for a healthy lifestyle #smoothie #healthylifestyle #detox
  • Always opt for a fresh homemade detoxifying smoothie including greens, natural super foods like berries, green tea powder and chia seeds.
  • Best to stay away from supplements, and unnatural additives.
  • The only boost your digestive system needs is a healthy unprocessed mix of low carb veg, fruit, protein and good fats.
  • For an additional anti-oxidant boost, add matcha tea powder to your smoothies.
23. Include superfoods to at least one meal a day
  • It will stimulate metabolism, supercharge immune systems and even boost memory power.
  • Check out this post for more information on superfoods to include in times of high demand.
  • Remember the best superfood in tip nr 4.
24. Make time for yourself.
  • When you are stressed, not eating healthy foods and not sleeping well you are on the downhill path to self-destruction.
  • Take action now and make time to relax and exercise.
  • When you are stressed, tired and miserable, so is your family…
  • With that in mind, take action today, be awesome and do the 7 day detox.
25. Believe in yourself
  • Changing your lifestyle do not need to be hard. You simply need to be inspired, believe in yourself and take action.
  • By joining the healthy lifestyle challenge you will be inspired over the next 7 days to follow a low carb lifestyle
  • Being inspired and having the knowledge you need to make the changes that will allow you to believe in yourself
  • And then, the only thing left is you taking action! You can do it!

Leave a comment below and share with us your biggest healthy lifestyle challenge.

  • Is it lacking the motivation to get started?
  • Needing a guide for meal plans?
  • Or are you thinking that it is just too difficult and time-consuming?
  • Let me know so we can find a solution together.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

Remember to save your spot in the 7 Day detox challenge.

And grab all the great detox resources to guide you to being energized, happy and healthy. You can use the detox resources as many times as you like and on your time. The first step toward a long-term healthy lifestyle.

If you enjoy even more scientific facts supporting the benefits of a low carb diet, check out this review article including 23 rated publications on the topic.

You can save and print the tips in pdf here,
Healthy Lifestyle Tips_HealthyFamilyandMe

Check out this great low carb recipe

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See the top tips to be happy and healthy with a low carb healthy lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyfamily #lowcarb We all want to live a healthy lifestyle. It does not need to be complicated with these top tips backed by science. Read now. #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyfamily #lowcarb

Have that healthy lifestyle with the top 25 healthy lifestyle tips for busy moms. Read now. #freeprintables #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyfamily #lowcarb
Use these healthy habits to have the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Read now. #healthyhabits #nutritionplans #freeprintables #healthylifestyle  #healthyfamily #lowcarb

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