Everyone has been talking about superfoods for a while now. But what is it really? And what are the benefits of super foods? Do superfoods really have the power to impact our health? Today we will find some answers to these and more relevant superfoods questions to help you decide if and why you need to add superfoods to your diet. And also, if there is any value in feeding our kids superfoods.

benefits of super foods


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benefits of super foods

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Time to figure out whether superfoods are worth all the hype. Let’s kick it off by discovering

what are superfoods

Research has proven that superfoods, like the ones listed below, are food groups containing extra amounts of nutrients.

These nutrients are essential for DNA repair and growth. And, they can, therefore, protect you from certain diseases or support times of high demand. More so than non-superfoods. 

certain foods are classified as superfoods because they contain

  • specific nutrients
    • supporting general growth and development
  • antioxidants
    • protecting the body and brain from damage

And yes, high-quality allergen-free multivitamin supplements do have a place in providing essential nutrients, however, nothing beats the super health benefits of natural and unchanged vitamins and minerals found in fresh, unprocessed foods.


what are the health benefits of super foods and are superfoods important

Scientists have repeatedly shown that superfoods are essential for

  • healthy living
  • bone and cell growth and
  • physical and brain development

And especially so for young children. They protect us against diseases, boost our immunities and help us to cope better in emotionally and physically stressful situations.

why we should eat superfoods – or not

I think the jury is out on whether or not we should be eating superfoods. Adding these energy and health-boosting food groups to our daily meals have been proven repeatedly to improve our general wellbeing. It’s time to stop considering the possible benefits, simply believe the actual benefits and start adding as much as possible of the different kinds of superfoods to our and our kids’ diets.

These are the small yet truly beneficial actions we can take as moms to make sure we boost our kids’ growth, development, and performance as much as possible.

the key to a balanced diet

It lies withing including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and limited amounts of animal proteins. If you want to find out more about healthy living, check out these great resources

disadvantages of superfoods

The added minerals and nutrients in certain superfoods can, however, be potentially harmful. Some examples of this include

  • kale can influence thyroid functions and iodine uptake
  • quinoa can trigger gut irritation
  • grapefruit can interact with certain medications
  • excess carrot consumption can cause carotenemia
  • goji berries have an impact on arthritis symptoms

all these disadvantages are mostly only experienced when foods are consumed at excess levels but it sure is worthwhile checking with your physician or dietician before trying new food groups, especially when suffering from chronic diseases or taking chronic medication.

the bottom line on the benefits of super foods

There is no logic in consuming huge amounts of superfoods. Our bodies are designed to only absorb essential nutrients as needed and will simply get rid of the rest. It’s important to identify and consume all food groups according to your own lifestyle and health profile.

Get to know your trigger foods and consume them wisely. A great way to do this is by using a health journal.

easy ways to include superfoods into family meals

It’s easy to get the benefits of super foods by adding them to your healthy meals. It will boost everyone’s overall development and performance. An easy way to make sure your kids consume the superfoods they need is by adding it to lunch boxes or snack packs where they have limited choices and are more likely to finish the healthy content.

* Always remember to discuss adding new food groups to your child’s diet with your treating physician when they suffer from an allergy, eating disorder or intolerance.

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recommended superfood supplements

More so than non-superfoods. In case you were wondering whether natural vitamin supplements

The answer is yes, it certainly does. As long as it is of high quality and optimal ingredient compilation like the one above.

why fresh foods are more super for enjoying the benefits of super foods

The nutrients in natural superfoods are more easily absorbed than those found in supplements. A good idea during exam time is to plan meals

  • to include at least two of these superfoods daily to help your child prepare and excel


superfood resources

This is one of my favorite superfoods resource I use all the time. This book provides great inspiration for serving healthy foods. You will find a lot of ideas to serve your family with super healthy meals they will adore.

super food for super children

the benefits of super foods for brain power

Getting to know, and including the brain food in your child’s diet is super easy and very important to boost focus and memory. This is one of the essential benefits of super foods we can not ignore.

Here is a free brain foods list you can download and print and use for easy reference. It contains

  • 10 memory boosting superfoods and
  • top tips for optimal brain development and
  • foods to avoid for brain health

the benefits of including brain food for kids

  • to stimulate cognitive function and
  • enhance memory and focus

Infographic The Unsurpassed Superfood Power Series

Click here to grab your own copy of the Superfoods Printable and start boosting your kids today

the benefits of superfoods for healthy skin

Did you know you can feed your teenage kids superfoods to help promote healthy skin? Then why are we not all doing this … Grab your free printable below and start today.

this great infographic will help your teenager

  • have healthier skin
  • know what to eat and do when acne breaks out
  • have access to top tips on how to keep skin healthy
  • have access to a quick list of actions to avoid during an acne breakout

healthy family


Top 10 Super foods List

Here is the list of the top 10 superfoods that the everyday family actually consume and have at hand in a regular pantry (and if you don’t, you probably should …) Add these foods twice daily to your meals and start enjoying the true benefits of super foods.

benefits of super foods

  1. avocado
    • fiber, potassium and monounsaturated fats
  2. eggs
    • rich in minerals, nutrients and protein
    • build strong muscles and boost brain power
  3. cruciferous vegetable like broccoli
    • vitamins, folate and anti-oxidants
    • helps with wound healing
  4. fish like salmon and tuna
    • contains omega 3 fatty acids
    • boost brain development, memory and focus
  5. berries including blueberries and goji berries
    • vitamins, fiber and antioxidants
    • promotes healthy skin and blood vessels
  6. chia seeds
    • omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and anti-oxidants
    • protects against heart disease
  7. green tea
    • contains nutrients and anti-oxidants
    • improves brain function, helps with weight loss
  8. leafy greens like spinach and kale
    • vitamins and minerals
    • boost immunity, sustains eye and blood vessel health
  9. olive oil
    • monounsaturated fats and anti-oxidants
    • anti-inflammatory and protects against heart disease and stroke
  10. sweet potato
    • fiber, minerals, vitamins and betacarotene
    • protects against heart disease and cancer

 The benefits of super foods concluded

So yes, I definitely think, based on evidence from clinical research and experience, superfoods are valuable and have immense health benefits to both us and our kids. And within moderation, we should include all the different superfood groups to boost our health, immunity, physical and mental development and make good use of the proven benefits of super foods.

Leave a comment, and let me know your thoughts on adding superfoods to your meals.

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