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The Ultimate Pregnancy Nutrition Guide



Pregnancy is a time of change and challenges

During this time, you will transform

  • physically
  • mentally
  • and even as a family


It is easier to enjoy these times of transformation

  • by understanding what lies ahead and
  • being prepared for everything life will throw at you over the next couple of months.


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The Healthy Pregnancy Care Package

  • created with love and devotion
    • to make your pregnancy as enjoyable as possible
  • providing you with all the information and worksheets
    • you need to appreciate your pregnancy.


The Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Package includes

  1. Your Healthy Pregnancy Roadmap
    • a complete outline of every step of your pregnancy
    • you need to understand and know about
  2. Your Healthy Pregnancy Tips
    • 20 top tips on what to do and
    • what to avoid for a safe pregnancy
  3. Your Pregnancy Superfoods Guide
    • the top 12 superfoods to include in a healthy pregnancy diet
  4. Essential pregnancy nutrients list with
    • nutrient function and
    • required amounts and
    • snack or meal suggestions
  5. Essential pregnancy vitamins list with
    • Vitamin function and
    • required amounts and
    • snack or meal suggestions
  6. Prenatal supplement checklist
    • making sure you and your baby get all the micronutrients
    • you need to thrive

Grab your free copy of the Healthy Pregnancy Care Package

and be prepared

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Grab your free copy of the healthy pregnancy care package now. This free pregnancy guide will help you understand, appreciate and thrive through out your pregnancy. #pregnancy #healthypregnancy #pregnancytips

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