A birthday party for my little girl! For her sixth birthday my daughter wanted a unicorn birthday party, not surprising as most little girls adore unicorns and rainbows. And of course, this is a party idea every mom loves to pursue … Cause, who doesn’t believe in unicorn magic …

unicorn birthday party ideas

We had so much fun creating the:

  • unicorn games
  • pinata
  • cakes
  • games and
  • treats for the unicorn party

And I hope you will enjoy reading all about it!

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Make sure you know what Unstable Unicorns are …

Time to plan the best unicorn birthday party ever.

In this post, you will find everything you need including

  • unicorn birthday party invitations
  • budget-friendly unicorn decorations
  • unicorn costume ideas
  • a magical unicorn birthday cake
  • yummy unicorn treats
  • a DIY unicorn pinata
  • fun party activities
  • unique unicorn party favors and thank you cards – plus free printables
  • unicorn birthday party games
  • and the most awesome unicorn gifts

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations

Like any other party, we started the party arrangements by printing party invitations. I decided to keep it simple, And, created a powerpoint slide with

  • rainbow
  • unicorn and
  • balloons

Then, simply added all the what and when details. We printed the invitations out and stuck the printed image on a beautiful cardstock. Inside an envelope, it went and ready for hand out.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

No time for DIY

Or simply preferring to grab some ready-made, pretty printed ones. I can highly recommend

A big part of the fun is decorating the venue. And you can do this easily with a low budget

The party venue

unicorn banner

There are so many options to consider when decorating the venue, depending on:

  • your budget and
  • your level of commitment (;

There are some bare minim decorations you need to invest either your time and money into and include

Banners and Balloons

The easiest way to have a party feel super special without much effort.

unicorn balloons

Recommended unicorn banner options

Best unicorn balloons

Prefer all in one banner and balloon sets? Then choose a great one here:

Table necessities

unicorn napkins and plates

We decorated a dreamy table with soft pink, blues and greens. Finishing it off with

My daughter chose these beautiful ones

These pretty plate and napkin set came a close second. And my favorites were

Unicorn Birthday Party Outfit

No party is complete without dressing up! First, we ticked off the guest costume box. You can do this easily and beautifully, by making super cool rainbow unicorn horns for every guest!

We created the unicorn horns using

Super easy and lots of fun! We made a horn for each friend and they sure loved wearing them.

Secret tip

I added a bit more colored ribbon to the horn for our guest of honor! She loved it …

No time for DIY

unicorn headbands

 Check out these very affordable, ready-made horns to spoil the little guests with:

My daughter also loved the

Then, it was time to dress the guest of honor

My little unicorn princess had the colored horn ready and next was a colorful rainbow tutu and t-shirt to match. I sew the tutu and she used a t-shirt she had.

Need an affordable ready-made unicorn outfit for your princess?

Here are some beautiful tutus and t-shirts to choose from

Rainbow tutus
rainbow tutu
Unicorn t-shirts
unicorn t-shirt for girls
All in one rainbow tutu and unicorn headband
  • be sure to check this out as an easy all in one option for your little one
and an outfit complete with birthday girl sash
for a true princess look and feel

The final outfit touch

No princess outfit is complete without a crown! So we added some sparkly beads to a

  • felt crown and
  • made sure she can wear it together with the unicorn horn

The result, A beautiful unicorn princess with a rainbow tutu, t-shirt, unicorn horn, and a sparkling crown. Beautiful! Want to make your little girl’s day and add the crown

Unicorn Birthday Party Cake

Baking the cake is always one of my favorite parts of arranging a party. I love working with fondant icing and creating this coach with a princess and a unicorn was lots of fun.

I baked my standard chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and decorated it with fondant. My daughter helped to make all the little fondant flowers. And, we shared some awesome mother-daughter time creating this cake.

No time for decorating your cake

Invest in cake decorations like these to make your cake awesome

Unicorn Birthday Party Treats

We made little unicorn faces from marshmallows and it was a super treat. You can find a step by step tutorial on how to make similar unicorn treats

It was so easy to create

  • I simply added a white marshmallow to a straw and
  • used a food pen to create eyes
  • the horn, ears, and stars were made from fondant icing and
  • stuck onto the marshmallow using a little sugar paste

So easy and yet so cute!

This is one of my favorite suppliers of soft, fresh fondant icing.

We baked some chocolate cupcakes with girly pink frosting, and, topped them with fondant flowers and hearts for sparkle magic. Place them in a pretty cupcake wrapper and they are ready to be devoured.

Want to make cupcake baking a little bit easier? Check out this cupcake kit – Brilliant!

Some more unicorn cupcake wrappers

unicorn cupcake wrappers

A secret tip

to transform a standard cupcake into an awesome cupcake …

Simply add some

  • Nutella or
  • mascarpone cheese inside the cupcake after baking

A delicious surprise! This trick is easily done with

Unicorn Birthday Party Pinata

I made the first pinata 2 years ago and since then it is the first thing my kids ask for when we plan their birthdays. It became one of their favorite birthday traditions!

Why do you want to have a pinata?

  • it not only adds to your party decorations but
  • also creates another activity and
  • give the kids toys to play with at the party and
  • take home as party favors   We always fill the pinata:
  •  not only with sweets but also
  • with a lot of small toys

as I am not a fan of having too many sweets around …

Top Pinata making tip

Make sure the toys you add won’t break when falling on the ground.

No time to make your own pinata? No problem, luckily they are readily available online!

Unicorn Birthday Party Activities

Doing a fun activity is always a big part of our parties. Giving the kids a chance to

  • create something  and
  • take it home to remind them of the awesome party they had

Our unicorn birthday party activities

Painting tote bags

unicorn tote bags for a unicorn birthday party

The materials we used

Tote bag tip

You can easily

  • buy or sew plain tote bags and
  • trace unicorn pictures on them to create the same effect

Or, buy ready-made tote bags with a unicorn design

Making a unicorn dream catcher

The materials and methods we used

Now just put it all together whilst having loads of fun!

Unicorn Birthday Party Favors and Thank You Cards

 Cool Unicorn party favor ideas

The best part of any party is always

  • leaving the kids with a little surprise to take home and
  • remember the magic

Each little princess received a

They sure loved it! Depending on your budget you can make the party favors as big or small as you want.

For an all-in-one unicorn gift set at an affordable price

consider options like

It is awesome because it includes everything little unicorn lovers adore

Here is a couple of affordable unicorn plush toy options

Beautiful Unicorn thank you cards

I created a little thank you card and you are welcome to

  • download it below and
  • use the template!

They work well when printed and stuck onto cardboard

Grab your free thank you tag template here

And, check out the free unicorn birthday banner templates here

Unicorn Birthday Party Games

We played a lot of unicorn party games including

And, who doesn`t love the old – pin a tail – game

This old time favorite becomes pin a rainbow horn. So much more magical!

Pin the unicorn horn game

I simply

  • cut rainbow unicorn horn shapes from colored paper
  • drew a unicorn on a large poster board
  • and gave it some color

We stuck it on the wall and the kids were blindfolded trying to pin the horn in the perfect position. Loads of fun.

Not up for game DIY

Gifts for a little Unicorn Lover

fingerlings baby unicorn

I had so much fun looking for the perfect gift for my daughter. And here is the best part, you can check out some of the most beautiful unicorn gifts I found

The Result: A Happy Daughter

We created an awesome unicorn birthday party. And, made everything ourselves. Arranging and preparing all the different items do take time, but, it also makes it so much more special and memorable.

My best Birthday Party Tip

Ask a friend to take as many pictures as possible. You will be too busy running around and organizing things. And, your daughter will be too busy having fun to take everything in.

There are few things as precious as sharing the awesome moments afterward by looking at the stunning photos together. You will both get to relive the magic again and again!

More free unicorn printables

You can grab more free unicorn printables here

Leave a comment

and let me know your favorite unicorn idea

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