The Ultimate 10 Idea Valentine’s Day Plan

Ultimate Valentine's Plan

Don’t we all just love Valentine’s Day?  Whether it is the love, the red, the hearts, the chocolates and candies or simply the shared feeling of a day filled with romantic love. The first records of celebrating a day for your valentine dates back to the 14th century and many ways of sharing and gifting evolved since with billions spent annually on cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts. As part of the expected 25 million people in the UK we can simply send a card, or go the extra mile this year and plan a truly meaningful Valentine’s Day. Follow this easy 10 idea plan and let your loved one feel the love.

1. Prepare an awesome Valentine’s Day breakfast with a personal napkin note

Valentine's napkin note for your loved one

Starting the day with a special breakfast for your valentine will leave a sense of lasting anticipation for the rest of the day. Simple meals such as pancakes and syrup or classic French toast can easily be converted into a magic meal by adding red berries, chocolate sauce and a little attention to detail like using heart shaped cutters. Make your loved one feel extra special by serving the meal accompanied by a personal note written on a paper napkin.  My favorite paper napkins are ones designed with a lot of hearts that I can use not only for Valentine’s messages but any day my husband or one of the kids needs a bit of a surprise motivation. Be inspired by the awesome valentine’s breakfast ideas below:

Napkin note to loved one

2. Pack a special Valentine’s lunch box and add a personalized card

Card for him to say I love youMaybe you have to pack lunch every day anyway but even if you don’t, why not do it on this special day. Who doesn’t appreciate a meal box filled with goodies they love, ready for lunchtime in between a busy schedule. Add a handmade card as a surprise to ensure you make your valentines day even better. Click below for great lunch box love note ideas and give these beautiful little cards a try to make your note even more special.

3. Enjoy a Valentine’s craft project with your kids

Kids love valentine’s day just as much as we do.  I am yet to meet a young girl who doesn’t adore red hearts and cupids. Use this day to spend time with your kids as well and do some fun crafts together. Making a special card for daddy is most girl’s dream craft and can be a great mother-daughter activity.

Craft time with kids

4. Create a handmade Valentine’s day card

Ultimate Valentine's PlanWhilst the kids are busy with their craft project, design your own card for a loved one.  Resist the urge to buy one as it is so much more fun making your own and it will be more appreciated. If you need a bit of inspiration look at these awesome handmade card ideas below and if you find the addition of a personal message for your valentine a daunting task, borrow a poem or quote from this great site online. Choosing beautiful card stock with an envelope for your project is a must and using top quality paints, stamps and stickers make a great difference.

“She bath’d with roses red, and violets blew,
And all the sweetest flowres, that in the forrest grew.”

Edmund Spenser (1590)

5. Take a photo, personalize and post it.

Ultimate Valentine's PlanShare a photo or image on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, your blog or any social media that you use and personalize it with a message from the heart. Copy and send the link to your loved one. They are sure to adore the public display of your affection. The message can be as general or personal as you wished.  And even if you don’t use any of these platforms, sending a special photo with a related note as a standard phone message is enough to make someone’s day super special.

6. Create, make or buy a special gift for your Valentine

A Valentine’s day gift needn’t be the most expensive gift ever but it definitely needs to be the most thought of gift. Consider your options by looking at these examples, but make sure to add a personal touch like pretty wrapping paper and your handmade card. One of my wrapping secrets to creating a magic touch is to wrap the gift in beautiful tissue paper first and then placing it into a metallic gift bag. Your loved one will feel extra appreciated by realizing that you had them in mind when choosing the amazing gift.A gift of love

7. Prepare a Valentine’s dinner meal to impress

Yes, you can go out for a restaurant dinner but does that really beat a picnic at the lake or beach or even on the living room floor, making sushi together or enjoying a meal home cooked with much loved ingredients. Light some candles and enjoy one of these awesome dinner ideas together. The last recipe below is an absolute Valentine’s Must Have!

Ultimate valentine's plan

8. Plan a Valentine’s date night activity

Super yummy movie night popcornChoose an activity that you can do together. Have fun by watching a romantic comedy together with yummy popcorn and a cocktail, frying marshmallows over a candle or find your perfect share from the ideas below.

9. Don’t forget to say I love You

Again and again and again…

10. Write a special note for your Valentine

Love noteTo end a perfect day and ensure your Valentine remembers this one until the next year, leave a last special note hidden under their pillow. Few things warm the heart as much as an unexpected find of affection.


Enjoy your Valentine’s day, make new memories with your loved one and use all or part of the 10 idea plan to start new Valentine’s traditions. I would love to hear about your awesome plans for this year, so share some thoughts in the comment section below for all to enjoy.

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Ultimate Valentine's Day Plan with your family Ultimate Valentine's Day Plan with your family Ultimate Valentine's Day Plan with your family

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