Don’t we all just love Valentine’s Day? Whether it is the love, all the red, the hearts, the chocolates, and candies or simply the shared feeling of a day filled with romantic love … And, in case you were wondering if it could possibly be even more magical? The answer is Yes, it can. When you have an amazing Valentine’s Day Plan! And, that is exactly what you will find in this post today.

valentines day plan

You will discover 10 great ways to make this Valentine’s romantic, surprise your man and have ideas on what to do and eat. Including ideas to share the celebration with your kids and do fun Valentine’s family activities.

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A valentine’s day plan that rocks

Valentine's day plan quote

 Valentine’s Day history

The first records of celebrating a day with your Valentine date back to the 14th century. The many ways of sharing and gifting evolved since with billions spent annually on cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts.


Reasons for thinking out of the box this year

As part of the expected 25 million people in the UK, we can simply send a card to our Valentine. Or, go the extra mile this year and have a truly meaningful Valentine’s Day Plan to make this day even more special. Let’s have a look at simple yet amazing ideas to help you do that.

10 Amazing ways to perfect your Valentine’s day plan

valentine's day plan ideas

Below you will find 10 great ideas you can use to create your perfect Valentine’s Day. Make sure it’s not an ordinary celebration by choosing two or three of the ideas and devise an actual Valentine’s Day Plan. Your plan does not have to be over the top or expensive or time-consuming. It’s all about choosing feel-good ideas that will show your partner how much you care and that you went through the effort of choosing personal and special ways to make their day brilliant.

For the ultimate Valentine’s day you can, of course, follow the entire plan and add all the ideas below to ensure a magical celebration with your entire family. Leave a comment below and tell me your secret plan for this year. 

valentines breakfast ideas

Awesome Valentine’s Day breakfast

Start your perfect day by sharing a great breakfast including a personal napkin note.

valentine's breakfast ideas

Starting the day with a special breakfast for your Valentine will leave a sense of lasting anticipation for the rest of the day. Think simple and easy to make meals like

  • pancakes and syrup or
  • classic French toast

and then convert them into a more magical meal by adding special ingredients, for example

  • red berries
  • chocolate sauce
  • a dusting of cacao or icing powder


pay extra attention to detail by using

 I love, love, love this cute heart cutlery set! Check it out now!

valentines plan cutlery

and then for that special touch

Make your loved one feel even more special by serving the meal with a personal note. Choose a pretty napkin, create or copy a cute Valentine’s day quote and write in down on a paper napkin. Ready to serve with your fabulous breakfast.

 My favorite paper napkins are


need some ideas on what to serve

Check out these yummy breakfast meals perfect for a celebration


valentines lunch box

Special Valentine’s lunch box

Prepare to pack a special lunch box including a personalized note.

special lunch box

Maybe you have to pack lunch every day anyway but even if you don’t, why not do it on this special day. Who doesn’t appreciate a meal box filled with goodies they love, ready for lunchtime in between a busy schedule? And be sure to add a handmade card as a surprise.

Check out the great lunch box love note ideas below and give these beautiful little cards a try to make your note super special.


DIY valentines crafts

Fun Valentine’s craft project

Kids love valentine’s day just as much as we do. I am yet to meet a young girl who doesn’t adore red hearts and cupids. So get the kids involved and spend time on this special day with them as well. It is great fun doing fun crafts together. And a perfect opportunity to spend some quality family time.

valentine's craft project

Valentine’s day craft

Want to know my little girl’s dream craft? To make a special card for her daddy on Valentine’s Day! And what better way to improve father-daughter relationships than by surprising each other with a little love note.


Valentin’s day craft project ideas


handmade cards

Handmade Valentine’s day card

Nothing says I love you more than a handmade card!

handmade Valentine's day card DIY

Whilst the kids are busy with their craft project, design your own Valentine’s card. Resist the urge to buy one as it is so much more fun making your own! And a handmade card is often appreciated a lot more …

Need a bit of inspiration?

look at these awesome handmade card ideas

And if you find the addition of a personal message for your valentine a daunting task cheat a bit and borrow a beautiful poem or funny quote right here.


DIY card essentials

valentines day plan card diy set

Be sure to source the best materials you can find when making a card this will help to make it look more professional … Here are some of my best card making recommendations


valentines love message

Personalized photo and message post

You are going to love this idea!

personalized Valentine's day plan message

Share on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, your blog or any social media that you use often a photo or image you love and tag your loved one. Make it even better by personalizing your image with a heart-felt message. And make it even better:

And then, copy and send the link to your loved one. They will love, love, love this public display of your affection. Just imagine someone did that for you. Simply thinking of it feels good. Doesn’t it?

There are so many cute and romantic Valentine’s day quotes available online. Just choose your perfect quote and even personalize it a bit to make it even more special.

valentines quote


Message tip

The message can be as general or personal as you prefer. And even if you don’t use any of these social media platforms, sending a special photo with a heartfelt note as a standard phone message makes anyone’s day super special.


handmade valentines gifts

A special Valentine’s gift

Create, make or buy a special gift for your Valentine.

Valentine's gift DIY

A Valentine’s day gift needn’t be the most expensive gift ever but it definitely needs to be well considered with the one you love in mind. That is part of the magic of a good Valentine’s Day Plan. Your loved one will feel extra appreciated realizing that you chose the gift with their preferences in mind.

Consider your options by looking at the examples below but make sure to add a personal touch, like pretty wrapping paper and your handmade card.


a gift wrapping secret

Wrap the gift in beautiful tissue paper first and then placing it into a metallic gift bag. By doing this you prolong the pleasure of opening a gift and it looks super special!


Meaningful Valentine’s Day gift ideas


valentines day food

Valentine’s Dinner

Prepare a romantic Valentine’s day dinner to impress.

Valentine's dinner ideas

Yes, you can go out to a restaurant for dinner. But some more awesome dinner ideas by candlelight include

  • a picnic at the lake or
  • at the beach or
  • even on the living room floor
  • making sushi together or
  • enjoying a meal home-cooked with much-loved ingredients

And don’t forget the best part of any meal, dessert! Making awesome desserts is my jam and creating something yummy as part of your celebration can be great fun.

If you need a bit of help, try one of these delicious ideas


date night ideas for her

Date night activity

Plan a Valentine’s date night activity and choose a fun activity to do together either as a couple or as a family.

date night activity

A great idea is to have fun by watching a romantic comedy together with

Or find more perfect activities from the ideas below


say i love you

Say I love you

Remember to say I love You, again and again and again…

say I love you

Do I need to say more … this is one of the most important parts of your perfect Valentine’s Plan!


love note for valentines day plan

A special note

Write a special note for your Valentine.

special Valentine's note

To end a perfect day and ensure your Valentine remembers this one until the next year, leave a last special note hidden under their pillow. Few things warm the heart as much as an unexpected find of affection.

An awesome way to end your super idea Valentine’s Day Plan, what do you think?


Start creating your awesome Valentine’s Day Plan early

Use one or all of the 10 Valentine’s ideas here to plan your perfect day. Download a free copy of the Valentine’s day plan and get ready for an amazing celebration.

  1. Prepare an awesome Valentine’s day breakfast with a personal napkin note
  2. Pack a special idea Valentin’s lunch box and add a personalized card
  3. Enjoy a fun Valentine’s craft project with your kids
  4. Create a handmade Valentine’s day card
  5. Take a photo, personalize and post it
  6. Create, make or buy a special gift
  7. Prepare a VAlentine’s dinner meal to impress
  8. Plan a Valentine’s date night activity
  9. Remember to say I love You
  10. Write a special note for your Valentine

Please leave a comment

and tell me about your awesome Valentine’s ideas for this year.

Do you love making handmade cards and meals? What is the best gift you have ever received for Valentine’s Day?


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