We all want to know the best and easiest tips to be healthy. Especially at the beginning of the year when we make healthy living resolutions we are hoping to keep. And after discussing 11 ridiculously easy ways to stay healthy in part one, today we will look at 11 less common yet very important tips to stay healthy as a busy mom. These are simple tips on how to stay healthy not only as a mom but also as a family. And the best way to get started is with a kickass morning routine.

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11 Must-know tips to be healthy as a busy mom

Time to look at 11 less discussed tips to be healthy that you should know about as a mom. These simple health tips will help keep you and your family happy and healthy.

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stimulate your senses

When we make time to relax, especially in a relaxed environment we enable our senses to be part of the relaxation. Good setting examples to practice relaxation are

No forest close by?

No worries. You can simulate a forest environment and get similar benefits by

You can also stimulate your senses

with this unique 6 senses self-care journal prompt. It’s a great journaling technique to get to know yourself and identify your self-care needs.

putting the science to good practice

Relaxation techiniques like yoga can limit acute depression symptoms and alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. Be more mindful and spend time relaxing and breathing whilst stimulating all your senses to reap the most benefit from this simple health tip.

simple health tips for everyone

keep good company

Surround yourself with people you love and trust. Let go of negative and exhausting relationships and focus your time and energy on friends and family who really add value to your life. Unnecessary and unhealthy social relationships simply wear us down and create self-doubt.

Ask yourself these questions to establish the health of a relationship. Do your conversations

  • make you feel good about yourself
  • add value to your life
  • offer support when you need it most
  • allow you to be yourself
  • make you feel comfortable and at ease?

If not, end this relationship swiftly and rather invest yourself into those that do.

putting the science to good practice

One of the best ways to build a strong self esteem is by securing healthy social relationships. It helps us be more confident and relieves stress from being able to share our hopes and fears. Make good use of this simple health tip by scheduling frequent social activities with valued friends and family.

how can I be healthy every day

boost emotional intelligence

A big part of being mentally healthy relies on our emotional intelligence which starts with

Boost your mental health by learning to acknowledge, accept and control your emotions. Here some tips to help you do just that

putting the science to good practice

Science has proven that emotional intelligence carries similar weight in being happy and succesful in life, as does cognitive intelligence. In Drigas‘ words “Emotional Intelligence provides you with a better inner world to cope with the outside world.”

tips to be healthy

beat mom fatigue

Learning how to beat mom fatigue with easy healthy lifestyle tips is a great way to immediately enjoy the benefits of being healthy.

Here are 9 powerful tips to instantly boost your energy

  1. avoid sugar and alcohol
  2. ensure quality sleep
  3. drink enough water
  4. eat energy-boosting food
  5. exercise often
  6. limit stress using self-care and positive affirmation
  7. be social
  8. have fun
  9. avoid processed foods

putting the science to good practice

Chronic fatigue impacts not only our social and work responsibilities but also our family obligations. And as this condition is very difficult if not impossible to treat, we are better of avoiding chronic fatigue syndrome. We can do this by spending time and effort on improving our quality of life, work-life balance and healthy social relationships.

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simple ways to stay healthy

upgrade your self-care

Taking good care of yourself is probably the most beneficial health tip of all. Because when we are happy and healthy so are our families. And remember taking time out for yourself is an absolute necessity. You should never feel bad for spending time on your own health and wellbeing.

Here are som valuable resources on self-care tips for moms

putting the science to good practice

A good self-care routine protects us from chronic disease and helps us feel less overwhelmed with the pressures of motherhood. Optimise your self-care routine with this amazing free course on How to Master Motherhood.

healthy mom life ideas

boost focus and memory

Mom life is a lot easier when we are focused and in control. A simple health tip is to boost your focus and memory by

putting the science to good practice

Scientists have shown sleep deprivation and poor quality of sleep results in impaired cognitive and emotional skills. Thus one of the best ways to improve focus and memory retention is to optimise your health and sleep routines. Do this by incorporating the 11 mentioned tips to be healthy and start reaping the benefits instantly.

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go for check-ups

This is probably one of the most important tips to stay healthy as a mom. We need to get regular medical check-ups. Keep in mind that sometimes we don’t have any symptoms even though we already have a disease. This can, however, be easily prevented when we have the recommended checkups.

Visit your treating physician and follow his or her recommendations on a comprehensive check-up schedule. This is not a comprehensive list but here are the most important tests you need to have included in your regular health routine

  • blood sugar
  • blood pressure
  • vitamins and minerals like
    • iron, calcium, magnesium and more
  • hormones for
    • productive system and
    • thyroid health
  • urine tests
  • mammogram
  • PAP smear
  • eye test screening

putting the science to good practice

The benefits of disease prevention by following a regular check-up routine has a huge impact on quality of later life. Preventive measure practiced at a young age has direct impact on the elderly including healthy lifestyle decisions, sufficient vitamin and mineral supplements and good muscle and bone health.

So do your check-ups and live longer, happier and healthier.

morning routine

tips on how to be healthy

avoid trigger foods

Some of us are more sensitive to certain foods than others. Depending on our health and mental state we can be overstimulated by

sugar-rich foods

causing a sugar imbalance after the initial surge leaving us feeling tired and depressed. Avoid these trigger foods to ensure stable sugar levels.

spicy foods

All though spicy foods can be good in kicking your metabolism into shape, it can also trigger migraines and anxiety.

refined grains

Can trigger irritable bowel syndrome and lead to symptoms including abdominal discomfort, constipation and diarrhea.

sugar-rich or high-fat foods

can trigger overeating and need to be avoided when attempting to lose weight or control body weight.

Keep a food journal

and identify your trigger foods. Be sure to avoid them at all times, especially when you are tired, miserable or stressed. Since our ability to resist trigger foods during these times are limited and the devastating results even more pronounced.

putting the science to good practice

Certain trigger foods are related to specific health conditions and should be avoided. Identify and avoid your personal trigger foods.

tips to be healthy

simple health tips

supplement when needed

Even when we follow a healthy diet we sometimes need additional vitamins and minerals. Common deficiencies include

  • iron
    • and extra water especially menses
  • vitamin D during wintertime
  • calcium and magnesium
  • vitamin B12

And supplements do not only mean vitamin and mineral tablets. As women, we often need to take our supplement needs into further consideration by contemplating ways to ease menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. There are many good creams available to ease these difficult symptoms.

Find your favorite one and add it to your supplement list.

Supplement recommendations

** Only use supplements as approved by your own treating doctor and take extra care when pregnant or suffering from chronic disease

my favorite tablet supplements for moms

my favorite cream and serum-based supplements for moms

putting the science to good practice

By supplementing our diet at a young age we can improve our lives and health at a later age. For example, doing exercise and taking calcium, magnesium and vitamin D supplements will ensure strong bones and healthy muscles, that in turn decrease rehabilitation time after injury.

Be sure to not only eat smart and live healthy, but also supplement when needed.

eat smart not less

Eating healthy is not about how much we eat but rather what we eat. When we make healthy food choices and lifestyle changes with long-term benefits, living healthy becomes easier. And if you like shortcuts, you’ll love the FREE detox cleanse challenge to help you lose some weight and feel amazing. Click here to join now.

Here are some quick tips to get your healthy lifestyle going

When you need a step-by-step guide

on how to kickstart and maintain your healthy lifestyle, check out the

putting the science to good practice

Stress and mood disorders can be avoided by physical activity and health eating. Instantly improve your quality of life and mood by introducing healthy eating habits and starting a regular exercise routine.

healthy living tips

body cleanse

At least twice a year we need to cleanse our bodies and get rid of all the toxins we so willingly ingest and expose our bodies to. And the best part is when we want to make long term lifestyle changes it’s so much easier after we are detoxified, energized and ready for the next challenge.

A good tip

While you do a body cleanse, also do a digital detox. Put your phone away and try living without it for at least 48 hours. This will not only improve your own health but also your family relationships.

7-day body cleanse

I recommend doing a 7-day detox to get rid of toxins and clear your gut, liver and mind. It will help you feel happier, calmer and healthier.

Check out this great resource for a body cleanse that is perfect for moms. You will find everything you need to cleanse your body and mind and lose some weight. And the best part is, it’s free. So join now.

putting the science to good practice

Kick start your healthy lifestyle changes with a proper body cleanse. This allows us to see fast result that in turn motivates us to keep going whilst feeling more energized and positive. Do a 7-day detox and enjoy the immense benefits on your body, mood and brain.

Tips to be healthy as a busy mom concluded

Those are 11 not so common tips to be healthy we need to remember as busy moms. Remember to download and save your free copy of the health tips tracker.

healthy mom tips

Here’s a recap of those 11 simple tips to be healthy

  1. stimulate your senses
  2. keep good company
  3. boost emotional intelligence
  4. beat mom fatigue
  5. upgrade self-care
  6. boost focus and memory
  7. go for check-ups
  8. avoid trigger foods
  9. supplement when needed
  10. ear smart not less
  11. body cleanse (join the free step-by-step detox challenge, if you dare …)

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