Let’s talk about inspirational mom ideas to discover what every great mom wants. Welcome to the ‘That One Thing’ series. This is a fun set of posts covering that one thing we often contemplate as parents. This is the fourth post in the series and covering that one thing awesome moms want, including 9 brilliant tips for moms.

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Can you guess that one thing every mom wants?

Yes! It is definitely more sleep!

And when you have been following this series, you will know more sleep is just the tip of the iceberg.


Wondering why more sleep?

Because I am yet to meet the awesome mom who does not want more sleep! Are you a mom who will say no thank you to more sleep time? Then you better leave a comment as I want to meet your acquaintance today and hear your secret!

In general, as moms, we are often tired, overwhelmed, and stressed. And when you also feel this way, don’t worry, you are not alone. In today’s post, you will discover ways to recognize and deal with these feelings of overwhelm.

We will discuss the most important things we want as moms and an action plan to help you easily meet these needs you have.

And what is more fun than discovering these needs build around the acronym of that one thing we all want: M.O.R.E  S.L.E.E.P.

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That 1 Thing


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Tips for moms: That one thing every mom wants

 9 Tips for moms, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

As mentioned above, our needs as moms are built around the acronym M.O.R.E  S.L.E.E.P and include nine building blocks:

  1. M for Me-time
  2. O for Organisation skills
  3. R for Respect and appreciation
  4. E for Everyday happiness
  5. S for Superpowers
  6. L for Lots of sleep
  7. E for Everyone healthy
  8. E for Endless energy
  9. P for heaps of Patience

What do you think about that?

happy mom ideas and 9 inspirational mom tips

Time to break down each of these and discover the benefits of fulfilling these needs awesome moms have. And at the end, we will also discuss an easy action plan to build on these needs.

M for Me-time

Me time, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

Enjoying me-time as a mom is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity! And when you haven’t realized the benefit of this small action yet, you simply haven’t allowed yourself 10 minutes of me-time.

Wondering why me-time is essential?

It not only ensures a healthy mindset but also boosts your calm and patience. Something we all want as moms!

Taking time out to care for yourself, and having a way to plan, think and discover inner peace improves family relationships and happiness. And, when you have this time to re-focus it will help you manage stress better.

If you can’t imagine taking time for yourself, join the Awesome Parent Challenge now. This free 7 day email course will help you find ways to schedule me-time and also teach your more benefits of doing so.

O for Organisation skills

Organisation skills, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

As moms, we can all do with excellent organizational skills.

Why? Mostly because it boosts productivity helping you get more done. It will also reduce your stress levels and improves communication by keeping everyone calm knowing exactly what is expected.

Nothing beats having more energy and extra free time to spend with your kids. And, being organized can help you do exactly that.

Start making lists, planning meals and creating to-do lists for everyone and get organized. The How to be a better mom challenge will help you get organized easily and enjoy the benefits thereof.

R for Respect and appreciation

respect,, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

Every mom needs respect and appreciation as this strengthens family bonds as well as communication skills.

Moms knowing they are appreciated feel motivated and confident to do their best. They are happier and being respected helps them be better moms who are able to build strong family traditions.

Therefore you need to convey this message to your family members, allowing them to understand the importance of them respecting and appreciating you. Let them know how much you appreciate small gestures of love and appreciation.

E for Everyday happiness

Happiness,, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

Being happy and content are super important tips for us as moms. It combats stress and motivates us to achieve our life goals.

The best part of being happy is the resultant oxygen supply boost and keeping us healthy. Happiness has also been proven to boost our immune systems and also increase life expectancy. What more do you need to know to believe the importance of being happy?

And it is so easy to change! Start doing fun things together as a family but also remember the me-time we discussed above, as this will directly impact on your happiness.

S for Superpowers

Super powers, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

Now introduce me to the mom who doesn’t want superpowers!

Do you want the honest truth though?

As moms and parents, we do not need to be superheroes.

Yes, you read it right: we do not need superpowers.

We simply need to be awesome, believing in ourselves and doing the best we can.

So why did I mention superpowers here then?

Because you can enjoy all the superpowers you need, by simply using the mentioned building blocks included in the MORE SLEEP acronym.

And, what will happen when you do?

It will boost your productivity, build your self-confidence as a parent and improve your family lives.

You will be able to raise brilliant kids who are happy and healthy. And, not having true superpowers will make you confident in the parenting powers you do have and stimulate your creativity to do even better with what you already have!

woman journaling


You can find more awesome tips for moms and parents here:

L for Lots of sleep

lots of sleep, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

Even though we are using the M.O.R.E  S.L.E.E.P acronym, getting more sleep itself is one of the things we need as moms.

Why? Because it helps relieve your stress and boosts your immune system. Quality sleep will also improve your memory, reduce the risk of depression and help you function optimally every day.

In other words, help you be the awesome mom you want to be! Therefore, make sure you not only get more sleep but also good quality sleep.

E for Everyone healthy

Everyone healthy, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

Keeping our families healthy and safe is one of our biggest priorities.

And rightly so, as being healthy not only improve everyone’s mood and memory but also boosts immune systems and reduces disease risk.

Isn’t that exactly what we want?

Living healthy builds strong bodies, bones and teeth and can, therefore, limit the time and money spent on medical care. Definitely a bonus!


Not sure how to start living healthy?


Just follow these two easy steps and make the changes your family need:

1. join the free Healthier Family Challenge

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2. get the Healthy Lifestyle Kickstart you need

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E for Endless energy

Endless energy, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

Endless energy …  Now doesn’t that sound awesome?

Increasing your energy levels will help you reduce stress, boost your productivity and build your confidence to improve your family life.

When you are organized and energized your happy hormones will be boosted and mom life made so much more enjoyable.

Find ways today to be more energized and live healthy and happy. An easy start is using the effective HEALTHKICK7 solution. Check it out.

for heaps of Patience

Patience, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

Patience is indeed a special virtue …

As moms, it’s probably the one life skill that gets tested every single day. And it’s not easy to always remain calm, patient and in control.

We do however need to master being patient as it improves both our mental and overall health.

It also helps us build strong parent-child bonds and improves family communication skills. And, when we are patient it helps us to remain calm under stressful situations and also allows us to be more flexible. And of course, flexibility allows for creativity and resilience.

Top tips for moms

Here are three super easy strategies, to improve

An action plan for awesome moms

Action plan, Tips for moms, the top 9 you must know about. best parenting advice for moms. #momlife #motherhood #awesomemom #parenting #parentingtips

The action plan for awesome moms will help you understand your needs and discover easy ways to meet those. It’s all about tips for moms that are easy and actionable.


That one thing every awesome mom wants

There you have, a long list of tips for moms to live healthier, be happier, calmer and raise brilliant kids.

Print this slide below and use the action plan to keep these needs in mind and do one little thing, every single day, to help you achieve these.

Why? Because you will then be able to enjoy motherhood, live happy and healthy and love yourself for being the calm, organized and practical mom your family deserves!


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Please leave a comment

and let me know the one thing you wish your mom did for you … Any great tips for moms you can share?


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