Awesome Mom versus Super Mom

How to be an Awesome MomSuper Mom or Awesome Be the best mom you can be with your feet on the ground and without fear of burnout. #awesomemom #bestparent #happymom

I want to be an awesome mom, but being a mom is hard work. It consumes our time and tests our patience. To be an awesome mom, we need to master being productive by having excellent prioritizing skills and endurance.

But too often we judge ourselves harshly believing we need to be a super-mom. Time and again, super-mom attempts result in exhausting efforts that drain our powers and slay our motivation.

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The reality is that we need not be superheroes.  Living as a healthy happy mommy is the only prerequisite to be at our best for our partners, kids and most importantly ourselves. Knowing and accepting that we needn’t be super-moms will allow us to be awesome moms.

Able to keep up the pace and not fear burn-out. This post is all about what you need do to triumph as an awesome mom. One who has mastered essential refueling strategies to cope with daily life without trying to be a super-mom.

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How to be a better mom, awesome parent challenge #parenting #parentingtips #awesomeparent #beabettermom

Relax and enjoy a cuppa Awesome Mommy Enjoy a cuppa

Make time every single day to sit down and have a cup of tea … or coffee … or hot chocolate … Make sure to use your favorite teacup!  Take a daily moment to breathe and consider the coming day. You will then feel comfortable with what lies ahead and be mentally prepared for it.

Reflect on the previous day to allow your brain to process recent events and be better equipped for similar scenarios in the future. Believing that you are too busy to sit down for a cuppa simply means that you haven’t recognized the immense benefit of this modest action yet.

It is as easy as getting up 5 minutes earlier in the morning. Claim your 5 minutes before the crazy family routine starts. Or, take your 5 before you go to bed at night.

Write your errands down Awesome momWrite lists

As moms, we always have a list the length of our arm to remember. From the next birthday party to an important school test, to packing swimming clothes on pool day.

Making a list of our tasks is very useful to deal with this problem. You can jot down your errands down in your diary or use an electronic calendar. If you are anything like me that prefer quick and efficient ways, write a sticky note and stick it somewhere you can easily see it.

By doing this, you will not only avoid missing an important to-do but you can even arrange them in order of priority. Writing an item down means you will have one less thing to remember.

Hence one less thing to clutter your already crowded brain awesome mom.

Relax and enjoy me-time Awesome MomMe, myself and I

Taking me-time as an awesome mom is not a luxury, but rather an absolute necessity. Having a brain filled with kids and family and homework is great, but it has to be balanced with a good dose of marriage, merriness and me!

You need time to recharge, and this is best achieved by listening to yourself think.

We can extend our 5-minute tea break to enjoy a bubble bath with music and scented candles, relax with yoga stretches on your favorite yoga mat, read or even create a new blog post!

Reveling in a favorite book, watching a much-loved movie or visiting a cherished friend, all help us to regain focus, enthusiasm, and inspiration. One of my favorite unwind activities is coloring. A great awesome mom activity.

There are so many brilliant adult coloring books to choose from. And it’s always a great idea to let the kids join in the fun with great kids coloring books. The 50 color pencil set from Artlicious is an absolute must-have!

As long as there are no kids involved, an activity ought to be considered me-time. You must regard sharing these times alone with your husband, an utter privilege.

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A Happy Family is a Healthy Family!

Share the load awesome mom

Teach kids to help around the house Awesome Mom

Instilled in every awesome mom is the ability to appreciate the value of sharing the load.  Kids are great at doing small jobs around the house.

They can unpack the dishwasher and fold their clean clothes. Teach them from young to help and make sure they know how much this means to you.

They will quickly learn that by doing a 5-minute job they not only make you happy but hence gain an extra 5 minutes of your attention.  You can also read more about this and other super simple strategies on how to be an awesome parent.

Remember to boost your family members during times of high demand. Do this with help from the Superfood power series with targeted ways to boost their performance.

Another benefit of sharing the load as an awesome mom is being able to talk about the things that keep you busy every day.  Build a relationship with your husband where he recognizes that even though you are not innovating nuclear science, your activities are important to keep your family alive, sane, happy, healthy and loved.

Feeling appreciated and able to talk about your frustrations and achievements help you cope and fuel motivation.  Stay in touch with friends and family and use the opportunity to release some steam. Reach out to other mothers and share day-to-day experiences to feel understood and be encouraged.

You are special Awesome MomSpecial moments

Learn not to torment yourself over things that could have been done differently. Smile at the end of the day knowing there was at least one moment of value.

You are entitled to feel worthy of your daily achievements as an awesome mom.  Some days we have to search a bit deeper to find that special thing.

But, there always is at least one. It can be as modest as a big fat bear hug from your baby boy. Or a distinctive moment shared with your daughter.

A love you message from your husband goes a long way to revivify your day – make sure he knows it and do the same for him. Appreciate the emotions these special moments evoke in you and enjoy a happier life.

A happy mother makes a happy family.

Finally, be the best mom you can be and bear in mind that no one benefits from a momentary super-mom. An around-the-clock awesome mom is treasured a great deal more.

Ever so often, it’s essential for a mother’s soul to be ignorant of the pressures of parenthood and simply relish the journey. Enjoy every moment! Don’t forget to pamper yourself from time to time – you deserve it, Awesome Mommy!

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