Do you want to be an Awesome Mom or a Super Mom? Difficult question. Although, as moms, we experience a lot of pressure to be a perfect parent, the truth is we needn’t be a super mom. All it takes to be brilliant at parenting is being the best mom we can be. In other words, being an awesome mom! And it’s really easy when we know positive parenting tips like the ones we will discover today. The most important thing I’ve learned is that we need to be able to give ourselves some grace and believe that we are good enough.

awesome mom and daughter

You are probably wondering, what does it mean to be an

  • awesome mom or
  • a super-mom

And, even before defining them further, I have a feeling, being an awesome mom will be more sustainable than being a super mom … What do you think?

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awesome mom and daughter

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Time to unravel some awesome mom secrets

and discover 5 easy hacks to be a calm and confident, awesome mom. It’s all about finding ways to be a better mom and boost your self-belief as a mom. And if you like the quick and easy way to instantly be more awesome, check this out

Super Mom or Awesome Be the best mom you can be with your feet on the ground and without fear of burnout. #awesomemom #bestparent #happymom

As moms, we all know, being a good mother is hard work. It consumes our time and tests our patience at the best of times.

And, do you also sometimes wish you knew how to just be the mom you always wanted … Because let’s face it, being an angry, tired, disorganized mom often comes without much effort …

But how do we change that? What are easy ways to be more patient, more organized and less tired and angry? That is exactly what you will discover here today.

Let’s start off by

What does it mean to be an awesome mom

and discover how you can be a more present mom. In my opinion and experience from interviewing 100 other good moms, this is what it takes to be an awesome mom. The ability to

  • master being productive and
  • have excellent prioritizing skills
  • have lots of endurance and patience
  • and, most importantly, enjoy being a mom

Sounds good to you as well? But is this even possible. I think it is, with just a little added planning, patience and dedicated focus. And sometimes we just need to be challenged to bring out the best in ourselves. That’s why I have created the Good Mom challenge journal. A brilliant resource to help you be a good mom AND pursue your happy life.

good mom
good mom challenge journal

How to be a calm and confident mom

the resulting question is of course then, Is it even possible to achieve all of that?

And, the good news is, it’s actually much easier than you think. Too frequently we judge ourselves harshly believing we need to be a super mom, although some amazing moms do manage to earn the super-mom badge. The problem is we should rather focus on more realistic goals. Especially since our misguided super-mom attempts often result in exhausting efforts

  • draining our powers and
  • slaying our motivation

If you take away one thing from this post today, let it be this fact that as parents, we need not be superheroes.

No, we really don’t! Living as a healthy happy mommy is the only prerequisite to be at our best for our partners, kids and very importantly, ourselves.

Therefore the very first step to awesome mom success

is knowing and accepting we needn’t be supermoms. This knowledge in itself allows us to be awesome moms! And, doesn’t knowing this instantly take a massive load from your shoulders?

Well, it should. Because striving to be an awesome mom is so much more attainable than the impossible dream of being a super mom.

The benefits of being an awesome mom

along with knowing the qualities of a good mother help us gain calm in confidence in our motherhood journey. Rather than trying to be a super mom, we should simply aim for being a good mother, because that

  • helps us keep up the viable awesome mom pace and
  • keeps us safe from burn-out as a result of trying to be a super parent.

woman journaling

Do you want to know the aftermath of being a momentous super mom?

Being an everyday mom who is tired and yells at her kids …

Being an unorganized mom who can’t keep up the pace …

Being an unhappy mom who does not believe in herself …

If any of these ring true today, it’s time to stop trying to be a super mom. Discover hacks like these 5 below, implement them and start enjoying motherhood as a happy, loving, awesome mom!

And then you never have to ask again:

How can I be the best mother … or

How can I be a better mom and not yell …

the bottom line

It is all about being a mom who has mastered essential refueling strategies to cope with daily life.

And enjoying motherhood at a sustainable pace.  Time to find out exactly how to achieve this

list of awesome mom tips

How to be an Awesome Mom Hack 1

Relax and enjoy a cuppa

Make time for yourself and enjoy a cuppa

Yes, this hack is as easy as making time every single day to sit down and have a cup of tea … coffee … or hot chocolate … using your favorite teacup of course …

we need to take this daily moment to

  • breathe, gather our thoughts and
  • contemplate the coming or passing day

This is an easy way to feel comfortable with what lies ahead and be mentally prepared for things.

Discover some epic 5-minute self-care activities here

use this time to reflect and

  • allow your brain to process recent events and
  • be better equipped for similar scenarios in the future

Believing that you are too busy to sit down for a cuppa simply means that you haven’t recognized the immense benefit of this modest action yet …

it is as easy as

  • getting up 5 minutes earlier in the morning
  • or, taking your 5 before you go to bed at night

When you do it, is irrelevant. But actually doing it, is what is important.

I know what you are thinking: I don’t have time for that!

Well, then it’s time to check out these 5 minute self-care activities!

Who is going to feed the baby? What about the washing! The food … the shopping … the cleaning …

Forget about all those excuses and take action today. Claim those 5 minutes every single day.

Why? Because You deserve it. And, more importantly, You need it!  And if you enjoy quick and easy tips to take better care of yourself you will love the Beautiful Mom Guide!

and what will taking those 5 minutes mean for you as a mom?

You will be more relaxed, having had the time to organize and package recent events in your overloaded brain.

It’s like trying to keep shoving stuff into an overfilled cupboard. We have all tried that one right?

At some point, you need to take the time to sort and repackage the stuff in order to make everything fit. It works exactly the same in your head. When you sort and package on a daily basis, you will avoid a breakdown. And one of my favorite ways to get this right is using my Good Mom Journal. And you can get a free copy here.

good mom daily journal prompt printable

Convinced about scheduling those 5 crucial minutes yet? You should be. Don’t deny this little hack of its value. Give it a try. You will be amazed.

How to be an Awesome Mom Hack 2

Write your errands down

Be more organized

I know! Being more organized sounds like a lot of work. And, who has time for that?

But, remember this is about having easy yet powerful awesome mom hacks. So let’s not overcomplicate things but rather find an easy way to do this.

my suggestion for instantly being more organized

is writing lists.

As moms, we always have a list the length of our arm to remember. And a simple hack to deal with this is to simply write them down.

You can be fancy and jot your errands down in your diary or even use an electronic calendar.

Or, if you are anything like me, preferring quick and efficient ways, just write a sticky note and stick it somewhere you can easily see it. Or, use the notes page on your cellphone.

get more organized tips

the benefit of writing lists

Writing things down will help you avoid missing an important to-do. And also help you prioritize your tasks. When you make a list is it so much easier to realize exactly what it is you need to get done and even to arrange it in order of priority.

Seeing your tasks written out, immediately makes it less intimidating and means you will have one less thing to remember – Brilliant, one less thing you have to declutter during your 5-minute break …

Need a bit of extra help being more organized as a mom?

Then you will love the organization section in the Awesome Parent Challenge. It gives you

  • great tips and free planners to help you organize your mom life
  • and lots of freebies to help you be an Awesome Mom

happy mom and daughter
Start your course How to master motherhood

How to be an Awesome Mom Hack 3

Relax and enjoy me-time

Me, myself and I

So we have now scheduled 5 minutes in our day to declutter our thoughts and written down and prioritized our tasks.

Will this help us be less tired and disorganized? For sure!

So what is next?

Doing what we can to be a happy and patient mom.

And, what easier way to achieve this than taking me-time. Taking me-time as an awesome mom is not a luxury, but rather an absolute necessity.

Discover more

Time to stop believing (and I know you do this!): taking me-time makes you a bad mother.

It doesn’t!

In fact, it makes you an awesome mother. Because taking time for yourself regularly, keeps you sane. It helps you to be more patient with your kids and enjoy the time you spend with them even more.

Having a brain filled with kids and family and homework is great but, it has to be balanced with a good dose of social connections, joyfulness and yours truly. Make it happen today and enjoy the benefits of being more patient and happy.

Me-time allows you to

  1. regain your thoughts and prioritize tasks
  2. find your inner serenity and
  3. build trust in your own strength

Only when you have these 3 things sorted in your own head, can you begin to be the strong mom you want to be.

You need time to recharge. And, the best way to do that is to listen to yourself think during me-time activities.

That is why I strongly recommend you

some of my favorite me-time hacks

I often extend my 5-minute tea break:

Taking me-time does not mean spending time developing a cure for cancer – unless of course, like for my husband, that is your thing … It’s simply finding little things you enjoy, like

  • revel in your favorite book
  • watch a much-loved movie or
  • visit a cherished friend

These are the kind of actions that help us to regain focus, enthusiasm, and inspiration.  And, we need that!

Another one of my favorite unwind activities is coloring. It’s a great awesome mom activity.

There are so many brilliant adult coloring books to choose from. And it’s always a great idea to let the kids join in the fun after you had your me-time.

my favorite me-time essentials

Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite me-time activity?

an awesome wife tip …

When the majority of your me-time is spent with your husband

  • enjoy it and
  • regard it as an utter privilege

rather than feeling cheated from having alone me-time

Build a relationship with your husband where he recognizes, even though you are not innovating nuclear science, your activities are important to keep your family alive, sane, happy, healthy and loved.

Feeling appreciated and able to talk about your frustrations and achievements helps you cope and fuel your mom motivation.

Sometimes you just need to voice your fears in order to deal with them better.

A Happy Family is a Healthy Family!

beautiful mom

How to be an Awesome Mom Hack 4

Teach kids to help around the house

Share the load

Instilled in every awesome mom has to be the ability to appreciate the value of sharing the load.

Always keep in mind, kids are great at doing small jobs around the house. And more importantly, capitalize on this!

They can easily unpack the dishwasher and fold their clean clothes. And them doing this frees up time for you.

Teach them from young to help with chores and make sure they know how much this means to you. They will quickly learn by doing a 5-minute job they not only make you happy but also gain an extra 5 minutes of your attention … It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Do you also sometimes feel like your husband doesn’t help with any of the house chores? We all do!

But, have you actually asked him to help? Or do you just assume that he knows you need help and choose to ignore it?

Nope, this is rarely the case. Men are from Mars, right …

They are most of the time simply oblivious to the fact that you need help. And, a gentle reminder goes a long way to get them to help out. Try it!

You can find more awesome parent tips and hacks like these, making a huge difference to your day-to-day home life

For me, part of the sharing-the-load hack is to

stay in touch

It is very easy to live a secluded life as a stay-at-home mom. But even the most introverted of us, need social interaction at times. Meeting up with friends and family helps us talk about our feelings and is a way of putting things in perspective and releasing some steam.

another powerful way of staying in touch

  • reach out to other mothers who share your motherhood joys and fears. This helps you feel understood and be encouraged to do even better. And, realize there are other moms who struggle just as much as you, or even more so …

How to be an Awesome Mom Hack 5

Now that we know how to make time for ourselves, be more organized and able to share the load, there is only one thing left:

You are special

Create and enjoy special moments

An important awesome mom tip is to learn not to torment ourselves over things that could have been done differently.

We need to just smile at the end of the day knowing there was at least one moment of value. We are entitled to feel worthy of our daily achievements as an awesome mom.

Some days this is easier than others

But on those more challenging days, we simply need to search a bit deeper to find that special time. And, when there isn’t one:

Create one!

Special moments don’t have to happen during a magical carpet ride. It can be as modest as:

  • a big fat bear hug from your baby boy or
  • a distinctive moment shared with your daughter

It’s the small things that can make a huge difference to your day. If, and only if, you search for and treasure those magical moments.

the benefit of enjoying special moments

Appreciating magic times with your loved ones evoke happy emotions in you and makes you a happier person. It’s all about those happy hormones:  Find them, stimulate them and enjoy them!

Need a happy moment today?

Find some inspiration from the 101 happiness and kindness hacks here

Awesome mom summary

How to be an Awesome Mom and stop trying to be Super Mom

  1. Make time for yourself

    because you need it and deserve it

  2. Be more organized

    and prioritize your daily tasks

  3. Establish a self-care routine

    and build your confidence

  4. Share the load

    and learn to ask for help

  5. Create and enjoy special moments

    and build strong family relationships

Being a mom is not always easy and we often experience burn out, feeling overburdened and discouraged.

But have you ever considered

who makes the verdict of you being awesome or not? The scary answer is: YOU DO!

You consciously or not, decide the scale of your parenting awesomeness!

No one judges us as harshly as we do ourselves. Remember, no one is going to condemn you for being a bad parent.

And unfortunately, they won’t often praise you for being an awesome one either …

Realize the good news today

YOU can decide how awesome you want to be as a parent. And, then decide how you are going to succeed at it and thereafter, make it happen!

the best advice anyone can give you

is to remember not to set yourself up for failure with impossible expectations. You needn’t be a superhero parent,  only an awesome one doing the best you can! That is what being a better mom is all about!

the bottom line

You can easily be a better parent by

  • simply gathering as much information as possible to improve your parenting skills, like these 5 hacks and then
  • implementing the most effective strategies

Your next step to parenting awesomeness

After reading through this post today, you are armed with 2 top strategies to be the awesome mom you always wanted to be. Now you only have to:

  1. implement the 5 Brilliant Awesome Mom Hacks above
  2. join the Awesome Parent Challenge filled with loads of parenting tips, hacks and printables to help you succeed.
  3. check out the Good Mom Collective
  4. download your Beautiful Mom Freebie
  5. get your own Good Mom challenge journal

And if you need to hear, you are not alone when doubting your parenting skills, check out this post where I’ve asked 100 moms whether they are good moms or good enough moms. And the results were very interesting.

One final thought on being an awesome mom

Ever so often, it’s essential for a mother’s soul to be ignorant of the pressures of parenthood and simply relish the journey.

Stop putting so much stress on yourself. And just enjoy being a mom. That is what being a parent is all about, right? Well, it should be!

Leave a comment

And share some of your awesome mom joys and difficulties.

I would love to hear what you love most about being a mom.

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