Unbelievably Smart Kids. This is the How To Secret.

The Secret to Raising
Unbelievably Smart Kids

I am sure you have also asked these questions before: How do I raise an intelligent child? Or, What is the secret to raising smart kids? Right?

Well, if you did, like most parents often do…  then you are in the right place today!

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This post was triggered from the recollection of this exact question posed by a patient consulting at my family practice.

During that consultation, my initial scientific thought, to answer her, was a solid genetic make-up. Certainly, the easiest way to ensure you have a clever child!  In other words, marry the most intelligent man you can find!

But, unfortunately, this logical answer would not help my patient much at that point since she was already married and pregnant … The opportunity for genetic selection had passed.

And, even though my kids were very lucky to be gifted with an insanely smart father, there are many things we can do every day to
help our kids be even more brilliant.

Our kids’ intelligence does not only rely on our brain power as parents. We can also stimulate their brain development further and empower them with skills to succeed in life.

Perspectives of a Physician Mom

Perspectives of a mommy doctor raising smart kids #powerparent #parentingtips #smartkids #brilliantchildAs a parent, we prioritize the general welfare of our kids.

As a physician, we prioritize the mental and physical wellbeing of our patients.

Combine these two and the result is a collective perspective to change general parenting tips into expert, actionable advice.

So, today I want to challenge you to think differently. Be inspired to think deeper. Think beyond the obvious. And, discover the secrets to raising smart kids!

So let’s start using this transformed thinking process to convert general day to day parenting tips into actionable advice and raise smart kids.

Yes, in essence, that will translate into you being a Power Parent raising Brilliant Kids!

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To get you going, I will share 5 great examples of this transformed thinking process. You will immediately realize the power of using these power parenting strategies for raising smart kids. And then, all you have to do is start to implement them on a daily basis.

General Tip:
Plan Meals with Healthy Food
Actionable Advice:
Boost Meals with Superfoods

We all know the importance of planning meals for our families including healthy foods.  But let’s think one step further.

How can I transform this health tip into actionable advice that will truly make a difference to my child’s wellbeing?

Easy, start thinking: How can I boost my child with superfoods?

That is the kind of easy and actionable advice that every parent needs to raise smart kids.
It is essential to know the value of adding superfoods to family meals.

The right superfoods at times of high demand will boost your child’s development potential. Superfoods will support your family’s daily physical and mental demands.

For example, Be sure to know how to boost your child’s brain and memory during test and exam times.

And, How to help your teenager boost their skin health.

These are the kind of actions that will set you apart from the average parent and raise unbelievably smart kids.

Top SuperFoods Tip

Unsurpassed Superfood Power Series Mega Memory Boost. Targeted ways to boost your child's performance during exam times. Free PrintablesNeed a little bit of guidance on how to include superfoods every day? Then print your own superfoods infographic and make adding superfoods to daily meals super easy.

It will not only give you a list of the best superfoods to include at certain times but also great recipe suggestions and tips on things to include and avoid.

I also make use of this great resource to find more ideas to boost my family with healthy superfoods.

General Tip:
Let your Kids be Happy
Actionable Advice: Understand  the Neuroscience of Happiness

We all want happy families, right? Well, it is much easier to spread happiness when you understand the science behind it. In other words, we should not only try to help our kids be happy, we should also understand the neuroscience behind happiness.

In that knowledge, we will find the approach to raise happy and successful young people. You can find 10 simple steps to a happier family here.

Happiness is a trait that is surely not overrated. Research has proven, people that are happy are often more successful in life than those that are unhappy.

Recognizing the process of being happy and sustaining the beneficial effect is what it is all about.

This knowledge will empower you to easily include things in your day-to-day living to share happiness. Happy parents most often have happy children. You can discover some more great ways to be an Awesome Parent and raise smart kids.Smart kids secret. #smartkids #cleverchild #parentingtips

Kids raised in a happy environment feels safe and protected. Their steadfast connection with their parents allows for an appreciation for life.

They are confident in themselves and find it easy to explore life. Discovering happiness within themselves and building a happy future.

You can find some more interesting facts about children and happiness here.

And, due to my genetic research background, I simply can’t resist mentioning, genetics also play a big role in happiness…

Therefore, be sure to not only choose a clever father for your kids, but also a happy one!

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The neuroscience of happiness post includes some awesome happiness hacks as well as the science behind it. Aiming at having a happy and healthy family for life.

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Top Happiness Tip

the Neuroscience of Happiness. Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacksAs a bonus, you can now grab a copy of the JumboList with 101 Family Happiness and Kindness Hacks.

It will inspire you to do more awesome fun family activities together.

General Tip:
Raise an Intelligent Child
Actionable Advice:
Stimulate Brain Development

Yes, it is very important to raise an intelligent child. But, delve a bit deeper into this general parenting tip and realize: It is even more important to stimulate your child’s brain development.

Investing in the best Learning toys at different developmental stages is essential. You can great examples here.

This will directly result in raising an intelligent child, setting him up for a successful future. 

An easy way to do this is by discovering your child’s learning styles. You can find the step-by-step process of doing this here and use it to successfully educate your child every day.

The result: unbelievably Smart Kids!

Top Brain Development Tip

There are 8 easy activities that in combination will reveal the secret to help you raise a brilliant child.

The joint effect of these activities will armor them with essential life skills, stimulate their brain development, imagination, intellect and mental well-being.

Discover a sensible strategy to stimulate multifaceted brain development. Use it as the starting point to succeed as an awesome parent raising a brilliant child. Unlocking your child’s true potential.

If you need to buy a toy for your toddler or preschool kids that are not only educational but also stimulates brain development and fine motor skills, check out my favorite educational toys for kids here and here.

best educational toys for kids aged 7 to 10When choosing a new toy always keep the following considerations in mind:

Read the Learning toys by developmental stage post here.

General Tip:
Have Fun with your Kids
Actionable Advice:
Armor Kids with Skills to Succeed

Having fun with your kids is an absolute must! But, again try to think of ways to turn this tip into a power parenting strategy.

Instead of just buying them a new toy, buy a new toy and have them share one of their old ones with another child at the same time.

Therefore, teaching them the value of sharing and donating. And, as a Bonus: Also a brilliant decluttering hack!

Another example is enjoying nature together, and at the same time teaching them the skill of caring for nature. Trash laying around the playpark? Clean it up with the kids before playing.

It’s all about Learning whilst having fun!

Top Life Skills Tip

50 family kindness hacks. Grab you copy now. #smartkids #brilliantchild #parenting #bestparentingtipsOne successful strategy I love to use is teaching my kids the value of an act of kindness.

This is can be as easy as drawing a special picture for a grandparent or cleaning their own room without being asked.

Want 50 more acts of kindness ideas for your family?

Grab your own copy now and start being a more happy and kind family.

General Tip:
Be a Super Parent
Actionable Advice: 
Be a Power Parent

The reality is that we need not be superhero parents.

Knowing and accepting that we needn’t be super parents will allow us to be awesome parents. Able to keep up the pace and not fear burn-out.

Being a power parent allows us to master essential refueling strategies to cope with daily life without trying to be a super parent.

Discover my secrets to being an awesome parent here and if you dare, also here and even here

We can easily armor our kids with tools to succeed in life, by following power parenting strategies. As a starting point, try these 5 actionable how to hacks.

The best way to discover more workable actions is by simply being a parent and learning from our daily struggles and mistakes and knowing how to deal with it.

Another important power parenting tool is effective parent-child communication. You can immediately start to converse more easily with your kids today by understanding the differences in communication style. And, by implementing these 6 valuable building blocks.

Top Power Parenting Tip

become a power parent today with these 5 simple strategies. #powerparent #parentingtips #bestparentingAllow kids to kids to choose their own rewards and punishments. This will motivate them to reach their goals and avoid disappointment.

Provide kids with the opportunity to actively partake in being raised smartly.

Allow them to make the own choices, make their own mistakes and be empowered to take responsibility.

By doing this you will raise strong, smart kids with a bright future.

This is how I empower my awesome kids and stimulate their brain development!

Smart Kids Conclusion

raise smart kids. discover how to secret today #smartkida #cleverchild #parenting

Turn general parenting tips into actionable advice and raise Unbelievably Smart Kids!

Start to Think:
  • Boost Meals with SuperFoods NOT JUST Plan Meals with Healthy Food
  • Understand the Neuroscience of Happiness NOT JUST Let your Kids be Happy
  • Stimulate Brain Development NOT JUST  Raise an Intelligent Child
  • Armor kids with Skills to Succeed NOT JUST Have fun with your Kids
  • Be a Power Parent NOT JUST Be a Super Parent

So what will the end result be of thinking deeper and changing day to day parenting tips into actionable advice?

Your child’s development potential will skyrocket … The secret to raising smart kids discovered!

What is your power parent strategies? How do you take general parenting tips further and discover ways to be a better parent? Share your tips in the comments below and help us all to be awesome parents.

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We all want smart kids. Discover expert advice to skyrocket your child's potential today. #smartkids #kidslearning #parenting #cleverchilc

Discover the secret today to raise smart kids. Have intelligent children with these power parenting strategies. #kidslearning #parenting #smartkids #cleverchild Want to know the secret to raising smart kids? Then discover this strategy today and raise intelligent children #kidslearning #parenting #smartkids #cleverchild




Unbelievably smart kids. This is the how to secret shared for all parents. Read now and grab your free printables. #freeprintable #kidslearning #parenting #bestparentinghacks #smartkids #cleverchild

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