Wow, can’t we all do with some secret insider tips to cope better with being a mom, having a career, and everything in between? Well, that’s what Lori Oberbroeckling is sharing in her brand new book: Secrets of Supermom: How Extraordinary Moms Succeed at Work and Home and How You Can Too. And in this post, I will tell you more about this amazing book and share an interview I did to help us find even more supermom tips! And you won’t be disappointed. She’s sharing some amazing tips to help us enjoy a successful career AND raise a happy family.

And even if you don’t get to read the book right now (we all know how reading is sometimes not a priority between all the other mom life things …) be sure to bookmark this one for later and watch the video for now. Or, use the great tips Lori shares below, and start enjoying things like reading because she will show you how to manage your time effectively!

secrets of super mom book

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Secrets of Supermom Review

This brilliant book is hot off the press from one of our Good Mom experts. And it’s an absolute pleasure to share it with you. What I love most about Secrets of Supermom, is the easy-to-read bite-sized chapters and quick tips you can put into action TODAY. It’s the perfect busy-moms’ best kind of read. And the best part is I got to also chat with the author Lori and asked her to share her 3 best supermom secrets and you’re going to love them!

Secrets of Supermom is filled with inspiring stories, easy exercises, and fast how-to steps that will inspire you to finally take control of your life. The author interviewed more than 200 moms and hearing how other moms face the same problems as us, helps us realize we’re not alone. And, that there are easy things we can do to take back control.

Lori covers in great depth

  • the perfect balance myth
  • working mom confidences
  • how to boost your energy and success by prioritizing your mind and body
  • the secret behind creating a life you love at work and at home

a word from the author

“Moms are continually taking on more responsibilities without the skills to manage them…and they are drowning.
They are tired, burned out, and overwhelmed.
I believe, with the right strategies, you can happily be an extraordinary mom and have an extraordinary career—without sacrificing either.”
Lori Whitney Oberbroeckling

But who is this supermom?

Lori Whitney Oberbroeckling is the author of this insightful book and she is a wife, mom of four, and corporate executive who helps moms develop the skills, habits, and confidence to happily have it all. She is passionate about sharing her expertise with as many moms as possible. And can also help YOU be extraordinary.

Secrets of Supermom Inteview

Watch this quick video and discover Lori’s best three tips on how to set your days up for success.

As we’ve heard in the video, Lori recommends we start focusing on these three things to help us cope with our mom life stresses. Especially when time is limited and our to-do lists overwhelming

  • have a routine
  • it’s all about the right habits
  • change our mindsets

Have a routine

I love that Lori emphasized the importance of starting your day strong with a morning routine. She says:

`set your day up for success, without your kids and with some kind of routine’

And here are the things she suggests we include in our morning routine list and make sure we get done before the day starts

  • plan your day and know what you need to get done
  • do some journaling or a devotional
  • read (this is where you can fit in those extra 10 minutes of reading!)
  • enjoy a cup of coffee and tea and
  • slowly and intentionally get ready to start your day

The right habits

Having the right habits is all about creating strategies in our days where we do things in the same way. Knowing exactly what we need to do and doing them in the same way, relieves stress and saves some vital brain space. Lori uses the example of driving to work, using the same route. We all know how we often arrive at a known destination without even noticing the journey. That’s exactly what Lori suggests, we do, making use of good habits to limit overwhelm.

Change our mindset

Now, this is the secret that often trips me up. It’s so easy to complain about everything we need to do. But how often do we stop to consider the privilege of doing these everyday tasks? Lori says we need to change the way we think about our time and say yes to our top priorities only. Because these are the things we choose to spend our time on and should be enjoying rather than seeing it as a burden. Like cooking every day. Not always fun. But isn’t it great that we have the opportunity to feed our kids healthy meals every day? It’s simply a mindset change!

Ready to learn more from Lori?

And if you need some help to get your own morning routine going, here’s a great free morning routine printable to start your day radiating positive vibes.

No more guilt, no more excuses. Just you. Happy. Confident. And in control.

morning routine printable

When you’re an action-taker mom who wants to learn some more supermom powers, here are great resources to get you started

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