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Discover the secret to an amazing pregnancy with the best pregnancy resources you need. #pregnancy #pregnancytips

Are you pregnant, or want to be pregnant:

and wondering where to find the best pregnancy resources you can trust?

There are so many books and pregnancy resources available out there:

we often do not know the good ones from the mediocre or worse, the bad ones.

But don’t worry.

You are in the right place today:

to find some of the best pregnancy resource recommendations

I have collated a list for you

of my best pregnancy-related resources that I love and trust


Because I know how daunting pregnancy sometimes can be …

And I also know it is just that little bit easier:

when you have practical and trustworthy advice to follow

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You can find some great pregnancy resources:

  • including freebies, informational posts, tips and hacks and great pregnancy books

Hope you will enjoy these as much as I did.

Pregnancy Resources 1

The best free pregnancy resources

healthy pregnancy care package #pregnancy #healthypregnancyThe Healthy Pregnancy Care Package

To help you

  • know and
  • understand the pregnancy superfoods and
  • nutrients you need

Healthy Pregnancy Care Package

Included in your Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Pregnancy Care package is

  1. Your Healthy Pregnancy Tips
    • with 20 top tips on what to do and
    • what to avoid for a safe pregnancy
  2. Your Pregnancy Superfoods Guide
    • Listing the top 12 superfoods to include in a healthy pregnancy diet
  3. Essential pregnancy nutrients list with
    • function and required amounts
    • Snack or meal suggestions
  4. Essential pregnancy vitamins list with
    • function and required amounts
    • Snack or meal suggestions
  5. Prenatal supplement checklist
    • To make sure you and your baby get all the micronutrients you need to thrive

Grab your FREE copy now!Healthy mom, healthy baby. healthy pregnancy care package #pregnancy #healthypregnancy

Pregnancy Resources 2

The best pregnancy tips and information

You will find some great, honest pregnancy tips from:

1. Carly blogging at Mommy on Purpose

I love her detailed, helpful pregnancy posts and you will too!

Some of my favorites are:

  • 12 ways to actually get some sleep while pregnant
  • the ultimate third-trimester to-do list

2. Heide blogging at What to Expect

Her blog has a wealth of pregnancy information

You will also love her:

3. Since you are already visiting Healthy Family and Me

Check out more of my top pregnancy posts:

4. Addiction and pregnancy: A Guide for Mothers

You will find some eye-opening information on:

  • the effects of addiction like alcohol use and
  • smoking on you and your baby

Pregnancy Resources 3

Tips and hacks to make pregnancy and baby care easier

Do you want in on the secret hacks and tips that a lot of third and fourth time moms use:

but unfortunately, no one tells first time or even second time moms … Then this section is for you

Helping baby sleep

Enjoying a comfortable pregnancy

Surviving breastfeeding

Some new moms love breastfeeding. But others, like me, find it difficult, tiresome and painful! These are the things I used to survive breastfeeding:

Keeping baby safe and helping you sleep

One of the best things you can do as a mom is to make sure your baby is safe at night when you are asleep. There are so many things that can go wrong when a baby is alone in his or her bed like choking, apnoea and even cot death.

The good news is:

even when you are asleep you can ensure your baby’s safety. Your first baby investment must not only be a baby monitor, but a baby monitor continually checking for movement or vital functions like breathing.

This is an absolute must for any mommy. Knowing my baby was safe and I was alerted immediately when something was not right, helped me sleep way more sound. And, it will do the same for you. I used our angel pad until my daughter was 18 months old!

These are some of the best ones I can recommend:

Pregnancy Resources 4

The best pregnancy books all moms and dads must read

Before I even start to list the rest:

the Baby Wise book deserves a special mention.

My best friend gave me this book when was pregnant the first time:

and it changed my life!

How you might wonder?

Reading this book … at least 3 times … helped me

  • learn baby wise hacks
  • understand baby sleep patterns
  • decreased my pre-baby stress
  • helped me do baby sleep training easily



Do yourself a huge favor:

and invest in your own copy of  Baby Wise

baby wise. Ready for pregnancy changes #babywise #pregnancyPersonal Recommendation

This book helped me raise a happy baby and love my time as a new mommy.

I know it will help you too, check it out

  1. On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep


pregnancy changes guidePregnancy Information

Pregnancy is a time of change.

Know what to expect and arm yourself with the knowledge to deal with the changes ahead.

  1. I’m pregnant, now what?
  2. Guide to a healthy pregnancy


pregnancy changesPregnancy Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of pregnancy.

Not only for yourself but also for your baby.

  1. The whole 9 months
  2. Eating well when you are expecting


pregnancy yogaPregnancy Health

Make sure you stay healthy physically and mentally with great resources like these:

  1. Peaceful Yoga
  2. Psychology for Pregnancy


Pregnancy Journal

It is very helpful to keep a journal during your pregnancy and I love these beautiful journals:

  1. From Pea to Pumpkin
  2. My Belly Book


pregnancy changesThe Father of my Baby

Give the father of your baby the information and guidance he needs:

  1. The good Dad guide
  2. A Daughter must learn from her Father these top 10 Values.
  3. How to be The Perfect Guide
  4. The Expectant Father

A final word on Motherhood

When you find yourself in a situation where:

  • you are not sure what to do
  • and there is no person you trust
  • or resource you believe

Trust your own instincts

Yes, it is true:

as a mom, we need to learn to trust our so-called sixth sense

Research has proven :

cognitive function changes during pregnancy

  • to help moms connect with their babies
  • strengthening a mom’s ability to intuitively know what their baby needs
In other words:

 trust your gut feeling!

Interested to learn more about the power of your intuition:

have a look at how to unlock that power here

Leave a comment:

  • and let me know your best pregnancy resource
  • who do you trust most to give you good parenting advice? Your mom?

A final thought

Are you having an uncomfortable pregnancy?

Does this sound like you:

  • I am not sleeping well
  • waking up repeatedly every night
  • I always have back pain
  • My legs hurt all the time …

Then it’s time to make a change. Just imagine being super comfortable sleeping, sitting and even nursing! Heaven right?

And the good news is, it’s easier than you think. Get the much-needed rest you deserve and by

Checking out my all-time BEST comfortable pregnancy tip now

You will be so glad you did. I know, because this was not only one of my first pregnancy investments but also one of the greatest ones!

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