What every intentional parent wants. This is the fifth post in the ‘That One Thing’ series for parents. Today we cover that one thing all parents want, including 8 intentional parenting tips. It’s all about parenting done right and tips to be a positive and intentional parent. 

Parenting done right. #parenting

Parenting done right

Could there possibly be only one thing all parents want?

Well, I know you have probably read the other posts in this serious and therefore know there is always one central idea, but in actual fact, many things, so here goes:

That one thing all intentional parents want is, of course, F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

Isn’t that exactly what you as a parent also want? Freedom. In so many different forms and shapes. And today we will discover 7 building blocks to parenting done right, included in the F.R.E.E.D.O.M acronym. You are going to love it! And, look out for the action plan for more freedom, towards the end.

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That 1 Thing:


Do you know about this parenting done right resource?


Let’s get straight into the detail of what F.R.E.E.D.O.M entails

That One Thing Every Intentional Parent Wants

freedom for parents #parentingdoneright

Time to discover those F.R.E.E.D.O.M building blocks for parenting done right

  1. F for aFFord things
  2. R for stress Relief
  3. E for Everyone healthy
  4. E for Endless time
  5. D for Dependable support
  6. O for Organizational skills
  7. M for Me-time

Those are the 7 things most parents want and need. Let’s see how these are part of a parenting done right strategy and discover an action plan you can implement today.

afford life

Freedom to afford life as a parent. #parenting

One of the biggest pressures of parenting life is to try and afford everything for our kids. Truth is however, we do not need to be able to give them anything and everything they want. Yes, you need to provide your kids with life essentials but anything more than that is luxury and can often be improvised without affecting your quality of life negatively.

When you adopt this line of thinking as a parent is will immediately reduce family stress and improve your relationships knowing the rules regarding luxury needs.

It will set boundaries and incite your kids’ negotiation skills, teaching them how to convey their wants and learn how to compromise. Saying no to some things your kids want is not a bad thing! It will stimulate their creativity to try different means of receiving stuff. Like working for extra money, or selling some of their old toys. When they show interest, be sure to give them a bit of guidance in finding creative ways to meet their needs.

Stop punishing yourself for not giving your kids EVERYTHING and rather start enjoying giving them LIFE. Empowering them with essential life skills, only learned when start to think for themselves.

stress relief

stress relief for parents #stressrelief #parenting

When parents are stressed and tired it negatively impacts the entire family. Likewise, dealing with your stress and making time to handle the things causing your stress will improve your family relationships.

When we are calm and patient it also improves our sleep quality and boosts energy. This, of course, results in more energy and more free time. And who doesn’t want that? So get your stress levels sorted and enjoy all of these benefits.

Top tips for stress relief

everyone healthy

healthy family #healthyliving #parentingtips

As a parent we want our kids to be happy and healthy because it boosts their immune systems, their moods and also their focus and memory. All essential requirements for being successful at school. And when everyone is healthy, everyone is also happy and there are fewer visits to the doctor’s office. Brilliant!

Investing time and effort into raising a healthy family is one of our biggest priorities as a parent.

We need to do whatever we can to keep everyone happy and healthy. And it does not need to be difficult. Nor does it need to be expensive. There are small things you can change in your everyday life to help you live healthier and enjoy all these benefits. When you need a bit of inspiration to get you going, be sure to join the free Healthier Family Challenge now.

Healthy Living Secrets

that will make a difference to your family health right now

healthy family


endless time

endless time as a parent #timemanagement

We can only dream of endless time …

Why? Mostly because it will take a lot of stress out of our days when we can calmly access our life goals and enjoy all the free time we want. But unfortunately, the clock is ticking. So be sure to optimize the time you do have by managing it well, getting more organized and learning to use every second smartly.

Time management hacks for parenting done right

dependable support

dependable support for a family #parentingtadvice

Parenting is made a lot easier when we have dependable support structures in place. Some of us are fortunate to have awesome family members close by and others rely on friends. Either way, be sure to build a close support frame around you and then, more importantly, don’t be scared to ask for help.

Having people around us to help and support, relieves a lot of day-to-day stress and improves family life. It allows for much-needed me-time and, it also teaches our kids to trust others and be more independent.

Discover some more, great brilliant child tips

organizational skills

get organized as a parent #organize

Being organized doesn’t need to be as daunting as you sometimes think. It’s more about doing small things that save you a lot of time later. And, it certainly helps you to be more prepared for unexpected situations.

When you are organized it will relieve a lot of your stress and boost your energy. When kids know what to expect it improves communication and limits out-of-routine demands. Therefore, optimizing your daily family life function. An essential strategy.

Get organized tips


me time as a parent #momlife

When you have been following this series, you probably realized that I very often suggest me-time. And it’s because me-time is such an important part of being an awesome parent. You are not physically or emotionally able to be a good parent when you do not take care of yourself. When you are tired, stress and miserable, guess what? So will your kids be! If you want to learn how to be a confidently beautiful mom, check this out.

Discover some of the best self-care tips:

beautiful mom

If you only remember one thing after reading this

let it be the importance of making time for yourself.

And, using that time to reflect, plan and affirm. Doing so will not only improve your mindset and stress management but will also help improve your family relationships.

A happy and healthy mom has a happy and healthy family!

action plan for parenting done right

action plan for intentional parents

Your quick action plan to help you enjoy the benefits of being an intentional parent includes:

  • create a budget and know exactly what you can afford and where you have to be creative
  • master affirmations to help you relieve stress
    • keep an eye out for the beautiful mom guide …
  • build those dependable support structures and ask for help
  • get yourself, and your kids more organized
  • learn hacks to manage your time better
  • live happier and healthier


Parenting done right

There you have it, that 1 thing every intentional parent needs: F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

  1. F for aFFord things
  2. R for stress Relief
  3. E for Everyone healthy
  4. E for Endless time
  5. D for Dependable support
  6. O for Organizational skills
  7. M for Me-time

Is there anything else you would have added to this list?

Now, it is in your hands to use your knowledge of these building blocks and the action plan to be an even more awesome parent. Don’t feel overwhelmed, just start with one and take it one step at a time.

None of us are perfect parents

And as long as we do our best every single day and strive to be even better, no one can fault us. Print the action plan and take action today! It’s all about parenting done right …

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and let me know the one thing you think should be part of parenting done right?

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