New blogger?
Brilliant Blogger?

Fortunately, there will always be someone that knows more than us.
Otherwise, we would not have a source for learning…

This post is dedicated to:

each and every new blogger out there who works hard at a successful blog
and all the brilliant bloggers out there who are so willing to share their expertise!

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I am by no means a blogging expert. And, no matter what the niche we choose as new bloggers, we have to learn all the tips and tricks to make a success of it.

Are you also trying to learn the blogging ropes?

Then you will know spending time online teaches us something new every day.

You also know we need to read gazillions of blog posts, free resources and emails to try and find our feet in the challenging new blogger space.

I am enjoying every minute of it, though. You?

As you have probably also realized, being a new blogger is not easy.

It is downright time consuming and hard work. And, when we want to be successful:

  • we need to have the dedication
  • motivation and
  • a craving for knowledge.

And, we need a crapload of each of these!


This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you.

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New Blogger Dedication

What makes you dedicated?

Is it like me, the love for being a stay at home mommy, allowing us to always be there for our kids.

How blogging changed my life

Being an awesome mommy is great, but being able to also blog productively makes me feel like an awesome woman!

I continue to learn new blogging skills and at the same time share my health and parenting knowledge with others.

This shapes me daily, bit-by-bit, into a better blogger and it’s also my creative outlet.

I can write and hopefully help others, whilst satisfying my own personal aspirations. The perfect solution! Is it the same for you?

New Blogger Motivation

We can not succeed at anything when we are not motivated. My motivation is fueled by my loving husband who believes in me and supports every crazy blogging or product idea I come up with.

Wants to know an easy way to find some motivation?

Read the success stories from other bloggers. It will inspire you to keep going and do even better.

New Blogger Craving for Knowledge

Finding blogging know-how is easy in the wealth of blogging tips and advice that is so kindly and freely shared by more experienced bloggers.

There are loads of fellow bloggers willing to share their information with us newbie bloggers.

If they were to keep all their success and experience only to themselves, we would never be able to get ahead as easily.

So make use of this valuable information from others. It is available for free in the form of

  • freebies
  • emails
  • courses
  • ebooks and a whole lot more
Affiliate Marketing Cheat Sheet

Grab the Free Cheat Sheet with 5 Must Do’s now and set your blog up for success. Yes Please!

Free blogging resources how to start a blog for beginners and how to make money online. best blog tips. blogging for beginners steps by step. #blogging #freeprintables #blogtips #howtostartablog #makemoneyonline


Want to know the best way to tap into these resources:

start following the best bloggers and subscribe to their lists. Easy as that!

And more importantly than signing up:
  • open their emails and newsletters
  • read every word
  • and then take action

You will find a ton of useful and free advice here – tips not shared anywhere else!

And to make the deal even sweeter:

the established bloggers frequently share

  • special deals
  • discounts and
  • sales on their own and others’ products.

Take the Next Blogging Step

But, even if like me, you spend a couple of months to collect every single available piece of blogging advice out there, you will reach a point where you need more expert advice to continue growing.

This is where paid courses and ebooks have its place.

Don’t be scared to invest in yourself if you are taking blogging seriously.

The information contained in paid sources is rarely found for free and this is the type of advice you really need to take your blog that extra step forward.

So, if you haven’t started your blog yet, take that leap of faith and start today.

You won’t regret it!

I also contemplated the idea for a long time. But not even for a second have I regretted my decision to jump in and start blogging.

Invest in your Blogging Future

I invested in some paid courses and there is still quite a few I would love to do.

You, probably like myself, cannot afford to buy each and every available course and that is why I recommend the best courses here to get you started in each of the most important blogging fields, including:

  • starting a blog
  • traffic growth
  • list building
  • monetizing and more

My best suggestion is that you try and invest in a good course as and when you need it.

Don’t try to buy everything up front as you will be completely overwhelmed and not able to get your money’s worth from it.

Best start-a-blog tip ever

Invest in at least one solid get-your-blog-started course.

It is very important to start right. It will save you from a lot of headaches later to try and fix issues like a bad website host or theme choice.

This is what this blog post is all about today. Not my expert advice, but my sharing of expert resources to help you excel as a new blogger.

Using these brilliant resources will:
  • skyrocket your blog traffic
  • increase your affiliate marketing income
  • and help optimize your social media marketing strategies.

Please note: the list below is in no specific order.

It is definitely not in order of preference, nor related to the magnitude of blogging wealth, but simply listed in frame with the time I connected with each brilliant blogger.

Each and everyone mentioned here had a tremendous impact on me as a new blogger. And I would not be here today writing about my journey if it wasn’t for these awesome bloggers sharing information to support new bloggers to succeed.

So be sure to learn from the best and get that dream blog started!

Sharing the Best of the Best

The resources you will find below are all

  • super affordable and
  • worth every cent.

I only recommend content that I truly believe in and use myself.

And, I know you will love it just as much as I do.

All the bloggers having a significant impact on my blogging journey are listed here. You will find:

  • links to their website
  • their best freebies and
  • their top courses.
Want all this blogging information in pdf?

Grab your copy now!

Time to meet the best bloggers I know and adore:

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at

Ana is a successful blogger from whom you can learn all about

  • optimal blogging and
  • social media strategies
  • beautiful branding
  • and marketing.

In her own words, she wants to be your “online cheerleader”! Let her do it!

Make sure to subscribe and receive awesome tips and tricks that will help you grow your online presence.

She will kick start your new blog with a smile!

Best New Blogger Freebie

Recommended Courses

Blog Traffic Ebook from TheSheApproachI invested very early in my blogging journey in The Blog Traffic ebook.

This ebook is filled with useful tips and clear explanations of important action strategies.

When you’re serious about growing your blog traffic, this is the perfect book to get you started.

Because I am confident that you will love the quality resources from Ana just as much as I did, I recommend that you check out her complete training bundle as well.


  • You get $5 off of on Boosting your Blog Traffic today, just because you buy it here and Ana is awesome!
  • Just use this code TSA5OFF and get your discount.

Ana just launched The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible.

And, it is a good one!

I grabbed my copy immediately and I am sure glad I did!

This amazing course is filled with:

  • valuable Pinterest information
  • actionable tips
  • video trainings and
  • lots more!

Be sure to get your copy as well and start rocking with Pinterest!

If you grab it today, you can use this code TSA5OFF to get $5 off!

Best New Blogger Tips

Ana also has a stunning ‘One stop Gift Shop for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs’ at Blogging Mode

Definitely worth checking out and you can get 20% off your first purchase now!

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at

Wow, I don’t know what to say about this blogger …

other than she is Amazing!

She has been named the ‘Oprah of Blogging’, and rightly so!

She loves helping other bloggers grow, and if you need help or inspiration this is the site to visit!

Be sure to subscribe to her email list immediately to access the wealth of assistance and information she happily provides!

Best New Blogger Freebie

I will boldly state that you simply HAVE TO grab this FREE 12month blog plan if you want a head start as a new blogger!

Recommended Courses

Suzi has so many brilliant courses, you will have a difficult time choosing the ones you want first.

Fortunately, she offers great bundles to grab the best ebooks together at a more affordable price.

All of her courses are super informative. Make sure you grab yours today!

grab this super course now from startamomblog Blog by NumberIf you want to start and monetize your blog this is an absolute must-have.

I have learned so much from this solid get-your-blog-started course

The Post by Number course will teach you everything you need to know about writing posts quickly and efficiently.

The Income Journey ebook was one of my best buys! Suzi shares step-by-step how she made $53,000 in her first year of blogging!

Grab this course as soon as you are ready to start monetizing your new blog!

grab this super course now from start a momblog Ebook by Number Suzi shares all her expertise in the eBook by Number course. Teaching you how to bring out your own ebook from beginning to end.

Learning everything you need to know about ConvertKit and list building is made easy with her List by Number course.

The Niche by Number course includes 9 steps to find your perfect niche and will help you set your new blog up for success.

Because I know you are going to love her resources as much as I do:

check out the great bundles to get even more brilliant blogging resources

grab this super course now from startamomblog Ultimate bundle

  • Grab the best of the best with the 5-course Bundle, all you need to start a successful blog now!

Best New Blogger Tips

Suzi also has awesome youtube training videos that are easy to follow and with lots of actionable tips. I can honestly recommend her Gift Guide video for affiliate income.

mom life happy life opportunity for all bloggers

As if Suzi hasn’t already done her share to support the blogging community

she also recently created Mom Life Happy Life.

This is a blog she administrates for new bloggers like us!

Yes, she publishes our best blog posts on any niche, which creates awesome exposure to our own blogs. It doesn’t get better than that!

Check out Mom Life Happy Life and subscribe to the Once in a Lifetime offer with Post by Number today!

Update Jan 2019

Suzi has retired her husband and now spends her time helping bloggers even more – if that is possible with everything she does already!

Visit startamomblog now, to find more details.

Personal Advice from Suzi

“Take action. Even if you’re scared you’re not doing the right thing – take action. In perfection, action is better than no action.”
Suzi Whitford

Free resource library #parenting #kidslearning #freeprintables #momblog

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at

 As soon as you are ready to monetize your blog, this would be your best place to start.

  • subscribe at the start of your blogging journey
  • gain all the information you need and
  • invest in the incredible courses Michelle has to offer.

This blogger rocks at affiliate marketing and she share all her best tips based on her super successful experience!

Best New Blogger Freebie

Michelle has an awesome how to start a blog email course that will set you up for success.

Recommended Courses

The ultimate affiliate marketing course from someone who knows what she is talking about is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

This is one of those courses you simply cannot miss out on!

There are so many awesome reviews available on this course and it is currently the number one book on my wish list.

Best New Blogger Tips

Michell shares so many actionable tips and useful information in her blog posts. Be sure to subscribe and get first access to her great content!

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at

Ready to skyrocket your traffic with Pinterest?

Then Carly is your best blogger friend! She created a brilliant manual pinning strategy for Pinterest that drives massive traffic to her blog. And you can do the same …

Best New Blogger Freebie

For a good start as a new blogger be sure to grab the Free Blogging Basics Guide from Carly to do things right from the start and build a profitable blog.

Recommended Courses

Carly offers one of the best courses on Pinterest manual pinning strategies called Pinteresting Strategies.

With this strategy, Carly is getting more than 200K pageviews to her blog from Pinterest!

Imagine yourself doing this?

Well stop imagining and do it with this valuable resource!

Top tip

Make sure this brilliant book is one of your first investments when you are ready to rock Pinterest.

This ebook was definitely one of my most worthwhile investments and you will love it too!


I also invested in this super book from Carly. You absolutely can’t go wrong with buying it.

It’s brilliant if you want to start making money with affiliate marketing.

Best New Blogger Tips

Carly is a no-nonsense blogger who has a profitable blog and is happy to share her knowledge with new bloggers.

Subscribing to her blog will keep you up to date with the best and newest Pinterest and blogging strategies. Check it out today!

Personal Advice from Carly

“My best tip for new bloggers is that they should just go with the flow. If you find something that works for you and your audience, do more of that thing! Don’t just assume that because there is a “right way” to do something, or that you have to do something just because that’s what “everyone else is doing”.

Maybe a broad topic blog works better for you than a super niche blog… or maybe you don’t want to use Instagram, and that’s ok because Pinterest is going great for you! Just do more of what works FOR YOU.”

Free blogging resources how to start a blog for beginners and how to make money online. best blog tips. blogging for beginners steps by step. #blogging #freeprintables #blogtips #howtostartablog #makemoneyonline

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at

From Lena’s blog, with hundreds of valuable posts, you will find everything you need to know about blogging and a money-wise family!

Subscribe to her list today to get access to brilliant resources.

Best New Blogger Freebie

You must grab her great freebie called Blog Traffic Bonus Guide now to drive that all important traffic to your blog from the start.

Recommended Courses

  • Be sure to check out Traffic Transformation, which also has a super informative free trial. I loved the trial and can’t wait to be able to invest in this great course.
  • She also offers the Blog Income Boost. Check this out now and learn from the best!
Update Jan 2019:

I have bought Traffic Transformation, and love it! Check it out for yourself

Best New Blogger Tips

You get the best of both worlds when joining the WhatMommyDoes community. Lena not only seriously knows her blogging stuff, but also has awesome suggestions to teach your kids about money and much more!

Personal Advice from Lena

“When you’re a beginner blogger AND a mom, the most important thing to remember is to give yourself grace with deadlines. Don’t stress yourself out about your blog and do one thing a day to move forward in the right direction.”

brilliant blogger #blogging

Brilliant Blogger at

This is the blog to visit when you want:

  • no-fuss
  • straight to the point
  • super useful information

that will really make a difference to the quality of your blog and content.

Recommended Courses

Susan has great ebooks jampacked with blogging tips and hacks. My favorites include:

Check these out, you will love them!

Best New Blogger Tips

When you subscribe to, rest assured you will only receive an email when she has something brilliant to share. The amount of new quality content published on her blog is incredible and is guaranteed to teach you a new skill or hack every time!

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at
Elite Blogging Academy

Elite Blogging Academy is for the serious new blogger! New bloggers who want the best of the best, and don’t mind waiting or paying for access to the ultimate blogging training, this is the best place for you.

Best New Blogger Freebie

EBA has a brilliant Blog Structure Blue Print available to help you set up your blog for success.

Recommended Courses

You should check out the great EBA Blogging Resources now!

Best New Blogger Tips

Take mega leaps on your blogging journey by joining up with Ruth. Even if you can’t afford to join a course now, be sure to subscribe and receive valuable blogging information from day one.

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at

She will help you to set up a successful blog and make passive income from the start.

Subscribe to her list to get great blogging information and actionable tips.

Best New Blogger Freebie

Elise has an entire Vault of free Business Resources that will help you grow your blog. Get your access now.

She also offers a free Passive Income course that is so worth grabbing.

Recommended Courses

Learn exactly how Elise has made her first affiliate sale in 24 hours by leveraging Pinterest. Grab your copy now as this is an absolute must-have!

Best New Blogger Tips

Elise offers in-depth blog posts that will teach you everything you need to know as a new blogger.

You can also get great information from her youtube videos.

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at

Chelsea has a great blog that offers so much information for new bloggers. She will help you set up your new blog for success, effortlessly!

Best New Blogger Freebie

Don’t miss out on the awesome

She also offers a free Profitable Blog Toolkit filled with great resources to help a new blogger make money from blogging. Be sure to check it out soon!

Recommended Courses

Chelsea has created a very valuable course called the Blog Boss! Profitable from the Start.

This is an awesome course to get your blog up and running perfectly from day one.

I have truly learned a lot of actionable tips from this resource.

 Best New Blogger Tips

Chelsea also has great blog coaching offers. Check it out today!

Personal Advice from Chelsea

“My advice to a new blogger is to just go for it, and keep learning! There will be times when blogging seems hard or confusing, but know that blogging is a process. Just vow to do a little and learn a little each day, and you will be earning an income from your blog before you know it.”

Free blogging resources how to start a blog for beginners and how to make money online. best blog tips. blogging for beginners steps by step. #blogging #freeprintables #blogtips #howtostartablog #makemoneyonline

Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today!Brilliant Blogger at

Be sure to subscribe to Christina’s list today! You will receive valuable information on succeeding with Pinterest, Affiliate Marketing, Tailwind and more.

Best New Blogger Freebie

Christina offers awesome free courses:

Recommended Courses

You will find a couple of great courses at OrganizeYourBiz that will totally be worth your time and money. Be sure to have a look and choose your favorite today.

Best New Blogger Tips               

Follow Christina today to get top blogging and Pinterest tips and start rocking your blog!

Would you like to save these brilliant blogger resources in pdf for later? Grab your copy now!

More Brilliant Bloggers 

The following bloggers are surely worth a mention in any best blogger list.

I have only recently stumbled upon their blogs and as I discover their wealth of information I will update this post and also share their best freebies and courses with you.

Be sure to subscribe to their blogs and discover their best resources with me or if you are already familiar with their greatest stuff, leave a comment below and share your link to tell us all about it.

By sharing we all succeed!

Summer at

Summer is an awesome blogger with so much blogging expertise to share. You have to check out her Free Pinterest Power 5 day course.

I am looking forward to learning more from her in the near future. Her subscriber emails are jam-packed with blogging information.

Neil at

If you want to do blogging perfectly with optimal SEO, analytics and marketing then this great entrepreneur Neil is your guy!

You can not blog successfully without proper keyword research and he offers an awesome resource called ubersuggest. Check it out today!

Rosemarie at the

She offers a brilliant 90 day Budget Bootcamp and I recently invested in her 10 hour Time Block Strategy to grow your blog in just 10 hours a week.

A real gem!

Coco at

This lady knows how to rock her blog!

Subscribe now for great new blogger information.

Sarah at

When you subscribe to Sarah’s list you will receive load of

  • honest reviews,
  • useful tips and
  • wesome freebies.

Elna at

If you are a new blogger, you have to, have to subscribe to this blog!

lna has priceless information on starting a mom blog, growing your list and Pinterest.

Grab her free resources and keep your eye on her informative blog posts.

Taylor at

Taylor has so much to offer to new bloggers.

Make sure you subscribe to her list and receive awesome information to make your blog succeed.

Meera at

I only recently discovered this great blogger and can’t wait to devour all the awesome resources she has on offer. Be sure to visit this great blog soon!

Unfortunately, I have to stop somewhere…

The list of awesome bloggers out there seems to be never-ending…

Final thoughts

To all those brilliant bloggers out there and not yet featured on this list – I am looking forward to meeting you all soon!

To each and every New Blogger:

Find your dedication, your motivation and keep on learning!

To all the Brilliant Bloggers:

Thank you, we salute you!

 Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today! grab your cheat sheet with 5 must do's to streamline affiliate marketing. #freeprintable #cheatsheet #bloggingtips #newbloggerNeed to streamline your Affiliate Marketing?

Grab your Cheat Sheet with 5 Must Do’s now!


Blog Set-up Recommendations

When you are setting up your new blog and finding it difficult to choose the best resources, I can honestly recommend the following:

  • I personally use and can highly recommend Mailerlite as an email provider. You can use them to set up automated campaigns, popups, landing pages and everything you need. And the best part is, you can use them for free for your first 1,000 subscribers. Just click here and sign up now.
  • VIDEO EDITING PROGRAMScreencastomatic is an affordable and easy to use screen editing program. I am using this tool for a while now and are loving it. It’s so easy, anyone can edit videos like a pro!
  • For easy to use themes, visit MyThemeShop. The Schema Theme helps your blog load super fast and is awesome for SEO.
  • Rock Pinterest with the best scheduler Tailwind. By adding to Tailwind Tribes you will skyrocket your traffic and repins. With this link, you can get one month free! Check it out today!
  • Make sure your blog posts are perfect in terms of spelling and grammar by using Grammarly.
  • Register your new blog domain name at an affordable prize with Namecheap.
  • For the best hosting, I love and recommend Siteground. They are affordable, easy to work with and provides great customer care.
It’s time to start rocking your new blog!
Would you like to save these brilliant blogger resources in pdf for later? Grab it below:

Free blogging resources how to start a blog for beginners and how to make money online. best blog tips. blogging for beginners steps by step. #blogging #freeprintables #blogtips #howtostartablog #makemoneyonline

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best blogging resources for new bloggers. learn how to start a blog and make money online with the best blogging tips #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #startablog #makemoneyonline

Best tips for new bloggers wanting to start a blog and make money online. Use this strategy to succeed at blogging. #blogging #bloggingforbeginners #bloggingtips

Everything you need to rock your blog. The best resources, freebies and courses from top bloggers. Read it now and grow your blog #bestbloggingtips #newblogger #bestblogger #bloggingtips



5 sure ways to streamline affiliate marketing. cheatsheet to rock as a new blogger. #blogger #blogging #blogforbeginners #bestbloggers #momblog #Bloggingtips

This is the ultimate list of the best blogging resources you need to start and rock your blog. Grab your copy now. #bestbloggingtips #newblogger #bestblogger #bloggingtipsDo you want to be successful as a blogger? Of course you do! Then follow brilliant bloggers and learn from the best. Grab your list of 17 best bloggers now and start rocking your blog. Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today! Click now to grab your free printables. #newblogger #bloggingtips #bestbloggers #freeprintables





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