Welcome to the ‘That One Thing’ series. This is a fun set of posts covering that one thing we often contemplate as parents. In today’s post, we will discover that one thing every child needs from you a parent. We will look at the specific needs of a child and how we as parents can fulfill these needs and raise mentally strong kids.

What every child needs, that one thing. The needs of a child. that one thing every child needs from their parents. Raising kids with great parenting tips #kidsneeds #parenting

Well, technically, as you could imagine, it’s more than one single thing. But, it can be grouped as one comprehensive idea.

Curious as to what that one thing comprising the needs of a child is? Well, you may be able to guess the idea it’s built around.

Yes, it’s LOVE!

But hold on, it’s not only the general love and affection all parents should have for their kids.

No there’s more, a lot more … And if you are interested to learn more about your child’s needs … read on.


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That one thing every child needs

So what is that one thing every child needs?

You already know it is based on the general love we feel for our kids. Now, let’s explore the rest of this comprehensive idea consisting of four building blocks.

that one thing every child needs from their parents. Raising kids with great parenting tips #kidsneeds #parenting


The needs of a child

are built around the acronym LOVE and include four building blocks:

  1. L for lots of Laughter
  2. O for Open Arms
  3. V for all-round Versatility and
  4. E for Everyday Learning

Time to break down each of these and discover the benefits of building on these blocks. In the end, we will also discuss an easy action plan to improve on these.

lots of Laughter

everyday learning The needs of a child. that one thing every child needs from their parents. Raising kids with great parenting tips #kidsneeds #parenting

or having fun is exactly what it says.

As a family, you need to organize lots of fun activities and HAVE FUN.

This is important to

  • help relieve stress and
  • keep our kids healthy by boosting their immune systems

Having good focus and memory is essential and what better way to improve this than by learning whilst having fun.

Our kids’ brains grow every single day and why not increase their oxygen supply with a lot of laughter. Sounds like a good strategy to me …


Open arms

open arms, The needs of a child. that one thing every child needs from their parents. Raising kids with great parenting tips #kidsneeds #parenting

As parents, having open arms is one of the most important skills we need to master.

We need to welcome our kids at all times.

And that means

  • put down your phone
  • switch of the television and
  • give your child your undivided attention.


Because it will help you raise a child who knows

  • how to communicate their needs and feelings and
  • how to deal with their fears and worries knowing they can share them with you

Hugging your kids every single day will boost their and your, happy hormones and help relieve stress.

The building blocks of a happy family. Sounds great?

Discover some great tips on how to take control of your mom life and learn how to be a confidently beautiful mom.

all round Versatility

all round versatility The needs of a child. that one thing every child needs from their parents. Raising kids with great parenting tips #kidsneeds #parenting

All-round versatility includes your efforts to expose your kids to various activities and situations to

  • help them learn new skills and
  • make it easier for them to adapt to any new situation.

By being versatile your kids will enjoy a more balanced life and limit their fears of the unknown.

Everyday learning

everyday learning The needs of a child. that one thing every child needs from their parents. Raising kids with great parenting tips #kidsneeds #parenting

Everyday learning is essential to a healthy childhood.

And it is your responsibility as a parent to provide the needed learning opportunities and support

  • this will not only build their confidence
  • but also motivate them to learn even more.

When they are exposed to learning every day they will master problem-solving more easily and their little brain will develop at the speed of light.

Here are two great resources to help your child learn


So there you have it – what every child needs

only LOVE,  including

  • lots of Laughter,
  • your Open arms
  • all-round Versatility and
  • Everyday learning

Easy right?

Well, maybe not that easy but surely giving you a good starting point to provide your child with everything they need.

Your Action Plan

action plan, The needs of a child. that one thing every child needs from their parents. Raising kids with great parenting tips #kidsneeds #parenting

Here is a quick action plan you can implement today and start being the awesome parent you want to be. And, when you need an extra bit of help, check out the free Awesome Parent Challenge.


Your action plan

includes 4 easy steps to improve the 4 LOVE building blocks and a good tip is to write your plan down to make it easier to stay on track.

Check out this great family journal to do just that

family journal


Your 4 action steps

  1. Organize activities you can do together as a family
  2. Get physical and hug your kids
  3. Expose them to different activities
  4. Teach your child a new skill every day

BONUS step

Learn how to take control of your mom life with the free mom class: How to master motherhood.

Frequently asked questions on the needs of a child

Before we summarize that one thing every child needs I want to spend a bit of time answering some of the most asked questions in this area of parenting.

This will help you understand the importance thereof and how to provide your kids with what they need.

1. why the first three years of child’s life is so important in their development

During the first three to five years a child’s brain develops very fast. They need to establish skills in the following areas:

  • social
  • emotional
  • language and
  • developmental

And, when kids do not receive the necessary stimulation and interaction, deficits in one or all of these areas will be inevitable.

The responsibility of developing our child’s skills during these former years lies solely with the parents or caregivers.

And, by providing the kids with what they need, many toddler- and teenager -struggles and disorders can be avoided, including

  • anxiety
  • depression and
  • unhealthy eating

2. What are the basic needs of a child

I think the LOVE building blocks discussed above answered this question.

3. What are the emotional needs of a child

More than anything else, kids require love and feeling safe. They need to establish a relationship with a parent where they are comfortable sharing their need and feelings. And a safe homely environment is part of these needs.

The Open Arms building block we discussed is also applicable here.

4. What are the nutritional needs of a child

A healthy eating plan for any child should include at least

  • lots of fresh foods
  • limited processed foods
  • enough water
  • superfoods


Need more information on healthy living

healthkick7 all in one healthy living solution


5. What are the social needs of a child

Social needs include healthy relationships with people kids trust and who help them feel loved and appreciated. And, provides them with all their basic needs like

  • food
  • shelter
  • education and
  • developmental skills


6. What are the intellectual needs of a child

We covered this question under the Everyday learning building block and it includes all features of learning using their five senses.

And that’s it on needs of a child

that one thing every child needs and the most common questions answered.

I hope you are now inspired to do even more as a parent and provide your kids what they need in every aspect of  LOVE:

  • lots of Laughter
  • Open arms
  • all-round Versatility and
  • Everyday learning


happy mom and daughter

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