Mom overwhelm is real. And provoking a lot of our content souls into a flurry of fatigue, feelings of doubt and insecurity. If you are also currently experiencing motherhood in disarray, don’t worry. You are not alone and there is help at hand! Today we will discover a compelling way to take back control by sharing power ideas for journal entries that will change your mom life for the better.

We will learn

  • power ideas for journal entries to make mom life easier
  • how journaling helps us handle mom overwhelm
  • also how to journal for self-improvement, including
    • the way journaling can help with mental issues and
    • dealing with stress
  • and how to make journaling part of our daily routine

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Power ideas for journal entries

to make mom life easier. There are loads of different types of journals you can use. And to make sure you get the most benefit from journaling, find the right one for you.

The type of journal depends on your journaling preferences and needs and has to be perfect to help you achieve your goals. You can choose your type from the table above or if you are not sure, read this journaling guide to help you find the perfect one.

Some of us use our journals to write down whatever comes to mind. Whereas others like to use journal prompts. Either way, just get started, by

Now that you have found your perfect journal, let’s learn how journaling can help you take back control.

How journaling can help us handle mom overwhelm

ideas for journal writing

Journaling forces us to think about the reasons why we are feeling tired or overwhelmed. And these should be the inspiration behind the ideas for journal entries that will help us develop ourselves.

That’s how journal writing helps us to examine our feelings and motivations and can help us beat mom overwhelm, because

  • when we write down our thoughts and feelings, it creates a solid starting point to understand them
  • journaling provides us with self-accountability, allowing us to have a record of the things we’ve done, good and bad
  • and helps us to put things into perspective
  • it also helps us understand the reasons behind our feelings and whether they are actually worth our worries
  • it inspires us to handle situations better
  • and helps us grow our confidence and mom skills
  • journaling has the power to help us explore opportunities to avoid roadblocks in advance, therefore helping us beat mom overwhelm by having a plan in place

So kick off your journal writing by taking down all the possible reasons for you feeling overwhelmed and tired. This will be the start of finding solutions to each of those reasons and take back control.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to correct behavior after putting the actual feelings down on paper. It enables us to break it down into workable actions. And after writing down your initial thoughts on feeling overwhelmed, read on to understand how journal entries can help you cope with mental issues and stress related to mom overwhelm.

how to journal for self-improvement

ideas for journal entries

Science has proven the immense benefits of journaling and it’s benefits linked to self-improvement in an easy and sustainable way. Let’s find out how power ideas for journal entries can help us to deal with mental issues and stress.

how journaling can help us with mental issues

Keeping any type of journal will help us to improve our mental health. Use the one you chose earlier because it helps to

boost our mood

A gratitude journal is perfect for this. All you have to do is once a day, preferably before bed, write down what you’re grateful for today.

It might not seem like much but it’s very powerful for helping us go to sleep feeling relaxed and positive.

increases our sense of well-being

As we write out our thoughts, we start to see our issues from a new angle just because we’re opening our minds to think about it.

This makes us feel more capable of dealing with whatever happens.

can lessen symptoms of depression

We need to understand that depression is something different from sadness and that we likely need professional help to deal with depression.

That being said, writing down everything we feel and experience whilst being sad can make it seem less horrific and help us feel better about it. Plus, we can look back at days we thought life was super difficult and see better days after.

can reduce anxiety

The problem with anxiety is that it was designed to help us get away from immediate danger. It triggers the “fight or flight” response. If each time we have those anxious feelings, we choose to write it down in our journals, especially how we are feeling and why then we will start to control it better.

lowers avoidance behaviors

Many people who have mental health issues practice avoidance behaviors such as not going to places that cause them anxiety, or not doing the things they need to do due to how they feel.

When we write these terrifying things down, it can help us to

  • get the feelings out and put them in perspective and
  • have the courage to do the very things that scare us most

woman journaling

helps us sleep better

Pouring our hearts out into a journal is a great way to get things out of our minds and worries. However for journaling to improve sleep, we need to end our days’ with a positive mindset.

And that’s why a gratitude journal is perfect to write down what we’re thankful for and then going to sleep thinking of that.

makes us a kinder person

Exploring our own emotional state and accepting our feelings while we work through what makes us who we, naturally make us more empathetic to others too. When we let go of judgment for ourselves, we automatically lesson our judgment of others.

improves our memory

Writing things down helps us remember them because we can go back and read it, but also because the act of writing something down enables us to recall it. A great memory trick!

beautiful mom

how journaling can help us to deal with stress

Stress affects almost everyone at some time in their lives. For some people, it’s more of a problem with their genetics and for some, it’s due to their current situation. And whether it’s motherhood or anything else causing your stress at the moment, good for you for recognizing it!

Here are some good ways to use journal writing to combat your stress.

write daily for 5 to 15 minutes

The thing about journaling that is important, is we need to do it daily long term for it to really work. It takes a lot of writing and insight to figure out why we’re dealing with stress and how to overcome it.

write about your worries

Go straight to the problem and write about your worries. Describe them from every single angle you can come up with.

The more descriptive, the better. Go back to the first time you felt this feeling regarding this topic so that you can get to the bottom of it.

describe what’s happening now

Put out of your mind what you did, what someone else did, or what can be done. Write about precisely what is happening right now and where you stand with the issue causing your stress.

If it’s generalized stress, try to make a list of things that might be contributing. If its mom overwhelm,

  • make a to-do list and
  • start prioritizing your tasks.

it’s not about getting everything on your to-do list done, simply about starting with the most important things – that’s how we can regain control

document the worst that can happen

As we look at the situation, one thing that often causes stress is the unknown, or the “worst thing” that we think can happen. Describe this worst thing but make it realistic.

Remember, be realistic. However bad the situation might look. This will help you put things into perspective and stop worrying about unrealistic fears.

document the best that can happen

Let’s get serious by thinking about and writing about the very best (realistic) outcome of the situation we’re stressing about.

We can include potential steps and tactics to achieve this best-case scenario so that we can see it to fruition if you so choose.

write down what is really happening

As we are writing, we need to be very careful to be genuine and honest above all else. Other than when we imagine the best and worst, we should also document the reality of what is happening to us right now. That way, we can narrow down identifying the stress-inducing situation.

write a counter-argument

A really good way to overcome some stress about a situation is to argue with ourselves. We can tell our story as a letter to ourselves about what is happening. Then write a letter back to ourselves in answer, arguing all the negativity and turning it into positivity.

Imagine if your best friend wrote that first letter, what would you say back?

It’s surprising that writing can accomplish so much, but if you go into journaling to help with stress under the right attitude and with a goal in mind, you can achieve a lot.

The important thing is that we need to be honest with ourselves so that we can find out the true causes of our stress. In this way, the actions we take to overcome our stress can really be effective.

Now that we understand how and why journaling can help us with dealing with mom overwhelm and improve our self-development, let’s learn how to make journal writing an important part of our day.

Tips for making journaling part of our daily routine

ideas for journal writing

The way to ensure that journaling works for us are to do it long term. Long-term journaling gives us more insight into our lives because we’ll be able to look to the past and present to get answers in our lives.

But first, we have to do it. And we need to do it daily to make it a habit. Let’s review a few tips for making journaling part of your daily routine. Try to set it up to become a habit.

make it easy

Don’t make it a huge deal, and it’ll be simpler to get done. For example, it’s easier to use a notebook and paper than a computer for most people. You can have the book in your bag or on your bedside table or wherever you plan to write in it.

choose a time that works

The best times to do it are early morning, first thing, or the last thing before we go to bed. However, that might not work for some people.

If you know a better time, do it. For example, some people like journaling while on lunch at work in the park. It’s up to you.

get a drink

You don’t want to have any excuses or extraneous thoughts while you’re writing in your journal. Make sure you’re fed and hydrated.

create a comfortable and assessable space

It’s easier to get into our thoughts if we’re comfortable and not thinking about how bad our tailbone hurts or our wrist aches.

Some people like using a desk, some a comfy easy chair, others their bed. Whatever works for you – be comfortable.

combine it with something else you enjoy doing

If you enjoy cleaning the house, then reading in your clean house with the windows open and the breeze flowing in, why not journal at that moment? If it’s a daily thing, add journaling to it, and it’ll create a habit fast.

add some relaxing music to set the mood

Now it’s true that some people prefer silence, so that’s fine if you do. But consider trying some music that doesn’t have words and that is relaxing, to help you gather your thoughts and stay calm and focused.

use a particular type of journal

For some people, using a style of journaling like bullet journaling, prayer journaling, project journaling, and more, works better since it defines some rules for entry.

Check out this journaling guide to help you choose your perfect journal

consider using journaling prompts

Using journal prompts is a great way to stay motivated and achieve your journaling goals. You can find great journaling prompts online for any type of journal.

Here is a great journal prompt idea for moms, using your six senses.

reward yourself

When you have been diligent for a month writing in your journal, take some time to read what you wrote, then reward yourself for doing it. You might buy some

To truly experience the full benefits of journaling, it needs to be done most days, which is why you need to find a way to incorporate journaling into your everyday life. The best way to accomplish this is to make it easy and turn it into a habit.

Need some powerful journal pages to get you started?

Check out these awesome resources

Power ideas for journal entries summary

Hope you enjoyed all the information and know-how on

  • power ideas for journal entries to make mom life easier
  • how journaling helps us achieve handle mom overwhelm
  • also how to journal for self-improvement, including
    • the way journaling can help with mental issues and
    • dealing with stress
  • and how to make journaling part of our daily routine

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and let me know your favorite journaling tips and tricks and how it makes your mom life easier.

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