How to be Happy and Kind 101

How to be happy, Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacks #howtobehappy

We all want to know the answer to this secret:

how can we be happy as a family?

Well, it is actually very easy!

Being happy as a family is in our own hands. Without even realizing it we make the decision to either be negative about everything in life or to find a happy moment in every single experience.

Sometimes it is a little bit more difficult to identify a positive side to things happening. But, when we consciously choose to try and be more assertive and happy in life, it gets easier and easier.

So make that mindset change today and start being a fun mom raising happy kids, by doing some of the great activities below.


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What we can do to be happy

It’s all about making that conscious effort to find happiness and kindness in every day. Some days these moments are bigger than others. But the most important thing is, the necessity to seek for them and when we can not find a happy moment, to create one!

And, doing just one small act of kindness every day:

  • will not only make us happy
  • but also those around us.

So teach your kids from a young age, how to be happy and kind and they will have a bright future. Understanding and appreciating the huge value of small kindness and happiness-creating gestures.

Want to know a happy secret?

By following your example of being happy and kind your kids will find it even easier to develop those same skills.

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Time to check out the

101 hacks to be happy and kind

You can save your own copy

of the 101 fun hacks printables. Just click the link below to download the pdf

And, let me know your favorite one in the comments below!

51 Fun How to be Happy Hacks

How to be happy, Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacks #howtobehappy

  1. Have a race to the nearest tree
  2. See who can fit more mini marshmallows in their mouth
    • so much fun!
  3. Tell knock-knock jokes
  4. Play in the rain
  5. Go on an adventure
  6. Plant a veggie garden
  7. Do yoga together
  8. Go fruit picking
  9. See who can smile the biggest
  10. Enjoy a family movie marathon weekend and
  11. Bake giant chocolate cookies or mini chocolate cakes and
  12. Build sandcastles
  13. See who can jump
    • the highest, furthest, or funniest
  14. Create a gratitude list
  15. Play outside with your pet
  16. Build a tower with
    • anything you can find
  17. Sing songs together
  18. Make clay animals and
    • play zoo
  19. Make silly faces
  20. Do an act of kindness for someone
    • see 50 fun kindness hacks below
  21. Sleep outside in a tent
  22. Invent something
    • like new playing cards
  23. Organize a dress-up party
  24. Blow giant bubbles
  25. Go for a walk in the forest
  26. Create a family goal board
  27. Stay in bed until lunchtime
  28. Paint each others’ faces
  29. Write a storybook together
  30. Tell each member of the family you love them
    • 10 times in one day!
  31. Shake your sillies out
  32. Go on a road trip
  33. Have a tea party
  34.  Make huge hamburgersHamburger How to be happy, Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacks #howtobehappy
  35. Learn something new
    • like playing an instrument
  36. Fly a kite together
  37. Visit a fire station
  38. Enjoy a bubble bath
  39. Adopt a puppy
  40. Play board games
  41. Gaze at the stars
  42. Play ball
  43. Climb a tree
  44. Have a treasure hunt
  45. Go to the beach
  46. Save money for a special holiday
  47. Have a water gun war
  48. Have a pajama party
  49. Plan a picnic
  50. Find and smell fresh flowers together
  51. Enjoy the magic of coloring

Bonus Hack

When I want to spend a bit of extra time with the kids and do something we all enjoy:

Awesome Fun!

Be brave, and give it a try.

How to be happy, Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacks #howtobehappy

50 Fun How to be Kind Hacks

50 family kindness hacks. Grab you copy now. #smartkids #brilliantchild #parenting #bestparentingtips

  1. Leave a secret note for someone
  2. Pick up trash in nature
  3. Smile and wave
    • to the bus driver
  4. Tell a joke to
    • someone you don’t know
  5. Give the postman
    • a bar of chocolate or
    • a note
  6. Wash the neighbor’s car
    • for free
  7. Water the plants
    • when a friend goes on holiday
  8. Go fruit picking and
    • gift it to someone else
  9. Offer to carry shopping bags
    • for the elderly
  10. Bake your favorite biscuits and
    • share it with friendsHow to be happy, Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacks #howtobehappy
  11. Surprise the bus driver
    • with a thank you note
  12. Cut a friend’s lawn
  13. Clean your room
    • without being asked
  14. Share your toys
    • with other kids
  15. Offer to walk someone else’s pet
  16. Secretly fold and pack away
    • all the laundry
  17. Give a flower from your garden
    • to the cashier at the shop
  18. Write a song
    • and dedicate it to a sibling
  19. Babysit for free
  20. Plant a tree
  21. Do one of your sibling’s chores
    • Now there is a good one!
  22. Give lots of hugs
  23. Smile ALL day
  24. Give a sincere compliment
  25. Wash grandma’s hair …
  26. And, paint her nails
  27. Be kind to yourself
  28. Draw pictures illustrating your
    • interpretation of kindness
  29. Write a storybook
    • about family kindness
  30. Tell each member of the family
    • you love them 10 times in one day
    • and leave them a surprise note
  31. Paint a rock and
    • leave it on a doorstep
  32. Host a tea party for friends
  33. Gift a free movie ticket
    • to a friend
  34. Have kids send a text message
    • to family members
  35. Blow up balloons and
    • take it to a sick friend
  36. Pour your partner a bath
    • filled with bubbles
  37. Surprise the kids with a movie night and
  38. Offer to help wash the house windows in spring
  39. Donate old clothes and toys
  40. Make a family video and
    • send it to family living abroad
  41. Visit sick kids in the hospital with
  42. Play ball with
    • the new kid on the block
  43. Print coloring pages and
    • share it with friends
  44. Organize a surprise treasure hunt for the whole family
  45. Add notes to lunchboxes
  46. Surprise grandparents with
    • an unplanned visit
  47. Take a warm meal to
    • new neighbors
  48. Arrange a picnic and
    • invite every child you know
  49. Do homemade teacher gifts
  50. Make a friendship bracelet for your best friend

50 family kindness hacks. Grab you copy now. #smartkids #brilliantchild #parenting #bestparentingtips

Final happy thoughts

Did you find a happy and kindness hacks you love?

Choose your favorites and start enjoying them with your family today. Remember it’s about making the small things in life count.

Enjoy happy moments

share kind ones

and create new ones.

that is how to be Happy 101 at it’s best!

Leave a comment

and share your best family hacks

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How to be happy. 101 Family happiness and kindness acts. Pin for later and click to read now. #howtobehappy #happyfamily #kindfamily #happiness #kindness

How to be Happy, discover 101 awesome hacks to be a happy and kind family. Click now to read. #howtobehappy #happyfamily #kindfamily #happiness #kindness Discover how to be happy and kind as a family with 101 fun hacks. Pin for later and click to read now. #howtobehappy #happyfamily #kindfamily #happiness #kindness


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