Raising kids is not always easy. Raising kids with special needs even harder. And when it comes to homeschooling a child with ADHD, you need to have an arsenal of tips and resources. And when we have tips we can trust from professionals, it makes life so much easier. Not only for us but also for our kids. In today’s Good Mom interview I’m talking to pediatrician and ADHD specialist, Dr. Hokehe Effiong. And she is sharing her best tips on how to raise a child suffering from a learning disorder. If you’re wondering how to easily connect with and support your child, watch this informative video.

Homeschooling a child with ADHD

Is it even possible? And the answer is yes. But only if you understand the causes, the appropriate treatment and how to support your child physically and emotionally.

Watch the video to hear how environmental and nutritional factors can cause a decrease in focus and even cause inattentiveness. And, to discover more brilliant tips to help any child with ADHD, even when homeschooling.

Dr. Effiong suggests that different treatment options should be considered including

  • behavioral therapy for both parents and kids
  • sessions with the kids’ teacher and
  • diet related strategies since ‘food is medicine’

‘set aside your expectations and meet your child where they are’

Dr. Hokehe Effiong

ADHD and diet

One of the easiest ways to support kids with learning difficulties is to keep them hydrated and offer them the rainbow to eat. Fruits and vegetables include all the natural sugars and vitamins our kids need for optimal brain health. And I love how Hokehe suggests we only shop on the outside aisles because the inside racks usually contain more unhealthy products.

Watch the video below to discover more brilliant tips to help any child with ADHD, especially when homeschooling.

You can grab a free copy of Dr. Effoing’s report called Help, my child has ADHD, now what? You can also visit her website ADHDpracticalsolutions.com to learn more about how she supports parents with kids who have ADHD.

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