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Healthy habits to teach your kids today

and raise them to be happy and healthy. Today we will discuss at least 7 of the most important healthy habits for kids, they have to know and do every day.


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Did you know

95% of people do not wash their hands properly after using the restroom? Seriously!?

Have you ever considered that your children might omit this obvious healthy habit, simply because you didn’t teach it to them! Are they going to be one of the 95% who doesn’t know how to wash their hands properly?

Well, I say no! Let’s make a point of teaching our kids healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. And, let’s start today!

Are you with me?

To make things easy for you

The next time you have to face a question like this from your child:

how can I become super healthy mommy?

the answer will be simple when you recall and suggest these 7 healthy habits for kids we will discuss in this post

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Let’s start off with the basics of what healthy habits are


Healthy habits for kids like eating fruit and vegetables is easily taught with activities and crafts. Use a worksheet or printables to help them learn healthy habits. Great parenting advice to raise happy kids as an intentional parent. #positiveparenting #parenting #parentingtips #parentinghacks #momlife #motherhood #raisekids #healthyhabits #healthyliving

What is a healthy habit

A healthy habit is something we do repeatedly to ensure physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. In other words, the things we do daily to keep ourselves sane and healthy.

However, developing a new habit is not always that easy, is it?

Top Healthy Habits for Kids Tip

When we keep in mind the rainbow result of pursuing a habit relentlessly the journey becomes a little bit easier.

So, before trying to make healthy habit changes for yourself or for our kids, think why you are doing it. What do you want to achieve by learning a new habit?

And when the end goal is clear, start with small actionable steps to get you there.

Want to know:

The biggest reasons we often give up on our goals?

for example, new year’s resolutions,

because we make them without really thinking why.

And, when we don’t have a solid end goal, we give up along the way.

So change that today and stay motivated. Teach your kids the benefit of healthy habits first and then easy ways to implement them.

Now let’s look at the 7 easy ways to be healthier – for kids, but just as vital for us as adults …


Healthy habits for kids number 1: Proper hand washing


Healthy habits for kids proper hand washing #healthyhabits

Yes, this sounds elementary, but definitely worth a mention when you look at the alarming statistic I mentioned above:

95% of people do not wash their hands properly after using the restroom!

So you might be questioning what does a proper hand wash imply?

The U.S. Centre for disease control and prevention suggests you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds.

quick-win healthy habit approach for kids

Teach your kids a proper handwash technique by:

  • doing it with them
  • using soap
  • singing a song that lasts for 15 to 20 seconds, while you wash – by doing this they know exactly when to stop

Remember to conserve water, by keeping the tap closed, until they are ready to rinse their hands.

Smart mom tip

Save yourself some cleaning time by teaching kids to open the tap using their elbows, rather than soaped hands and use an automatic soap dispenser. Brilliant!

We use this one, and it works great for little hands …



Healthy habits for kids number 2: Healthy eating


Healthy habits for kids healthy eating #healthyhabits


We all know the importance of including fruit and veg in our kids’ diet, right? But did you know you can super boost the effect of adding fresh food by simply swopping healthy foods with superfoods?

Yes, give your child the maximum benefit of superfoods at times of high demand. By knowing when to add which superfood you can boost their:


And remember there are different superfoods for different ages. Here are some great resources to help you with that:

What are good eating habits?

The best good eating habit tip is, clean eating. That’s it! In other words

  • a lot of fresh food, including superfoods
  • no processed food and
  • don’t forget the water.


You don’t have to over complicate it. It can truly be as easy as that!

To help you out:

how do I teach my child healthy eating habits

leading by example …

When you have lots of fresh foods available in the house and offer healthy snacks when the kids are hungry, they will quickly learn the habit of healthy eating.


On the flip side though, when there is a lot of processed foods available, they will inevitably prefer those. So think twice before stocking up on all the crisps and sweets.

By doing this you will be helping yourself in the process too …

We can’t expect our kids to prefer healthy foods when we don’t.

how do you explain healthy eating to a child

The best way to teach kids about clean eating is to get them involved.

Allow them to

  • prepare food
  • grow vegetables
  • choose their favorite colored fruits
  • create colorful plates

And, again, be a role model!

quick-win healthy habit approach for kids

Find easy healthy kids recipes and prepare them together. Here are some great options:

And, when they love cooking as much as my kids do, maybe consider spoiling them with this.


low carb recipes easy and delicious. grab your copy and start with healthy living made simple. #lowcarb #ketorecipe #healthyliving #recipebook

Healthy habits for kids number 3: No hands in your face


healthy habits for kids no hands in your face #healthyhabits

Stop picking your nose! Get your hands out of your mouth!

Sounds familiar?

If I have a penny for every time I need to tell my kids that, I would be super rich! You?


Before reprimanding them though, always consider the fact that there might be a reason for them picking their noses or eating their fingers. Consider things like:

  • teething
  • blocked nose
  • infection causing itchiness

And treat those first. Then, teach them all about germs and how their continuous nose and face touching spreads them all over, causing infection.

Want to know my stuffy nose secret?

Check this out, you’ll love it!

quick-win healthy habit approach for kids

Teach kids all they need to know about germs with fun books

Healthy habits for kids number 4: Being positive


Healthy habits for kids being positive #healthyhabits


Being positive is another habit where kids need to be lead by example. You can not possibly expect your kids to be happy and positive when you are always tired, stressed and irritated.

So start with yourself:

And then only are you ready to teach your kids the be-positive habit.

quick-win healthy habit approaches for kids

Play games to help kids express their emotions.

Do super kids activities to master their moods.

Teach kids the benefit of relaxing yoga and meditation

Healthy habits for kids number 5: Staying active


healthy habit for kids staying kids #healthyhabits


The benefits of being active are numerous, and the most important ones include:

  • strengthening the heart
  • improving lung capacity and
  • supporting the immune system to better fight off infection

Top tip

Of course, these benefits extend to both us and our children, so be sure to join in the fun and get moving with them.

quick-win healthy habit approach for kids

  • Stretch the muscles by imitating animals.
    • be as tall as a giraffe
    • small as a mouse
    • mimic a hippo or
    • a crocodile or
    • roar like a lion

these are actions kids adore!

  • Enjoy sport and
    • be part of a team
  • Shake your sillies out
    • just get up and move
    • few things will lighten the mood as much as this fun activity
    • look at these fun dance activities for more inspiration

Join the Awesome Parent Challenge 


How to be a better mom, awesome parent challenge #parenting #parentingtips #awesomeparent #beabettermom

Healthy habits for kids number 6: Stimulating brain power


Healthy habits for kids stimulating brain power #healthyhabits


Keeping brains and minds active and stimulated is a very important healthy habit for kids. During the growth phases, kids need a lot of stimulation and exposure to various learning skills.

Easy brain-building activities to include in your weekly routine

  1. do arts and crafts
  2. read books together
  3. do coloring
  4. build puzzles
  5. play brain games
  6. learn together with music

Another great way of helping kids learn is to discover their learning styles.

And, then use this knowledge to develop their preferred skills and improve the lesser-used ones. This will improve their overall learning capacity, skills and memory.

Improving learning skills is super easy with these great free resources


Learning style activities guide for kids with learning style activities and worksheets. #parenting #kidslearning #learningstyles #freeprintables

All you need to do are these 3 steps:

  1. download your free Kids Learning Guide
  2. read the action-packed Learning Styles Post
  3. do the Learning Activities with your kids

2 other scientifically proven ways of stimulating brain development in kids

  1. Reading
  2. Coloring

quick-win healthy habit approach for kids

For 8 more quick-win habits on raising brilliant kids, be sure to read this Healthy Brain tips for kids post. You will love it!

And think twice before spending money on toys, rather invest in educational toys helping your child grow and learn. Click here for the best learning toys at different developmental stages.

Healthy habits for kids number 7: Mastering basic social skills


healthy habits for kids mastering basic social skills


There are loads of social skills your kids need to learn and master. Because this list is never-ending and this is an ongoing learning process, choose 5 of the most important ones and focus on them first. Your decision should be based on their age and developmental phase.

During the pre-school years these are the 5 basic social skills I focused on to teach my kids:

  • ask for help
  • be kind
  • say sorry
  • forgive
  • problem solve

You can find a list of 50 more social skills for kids here.

quick-win healthy habit approach for kids

Choose one social skill for the week and do various activities to teach this skill. Think:

  • games
  • activities
  • crafts

Healthy Habits for Kids Reviewed

The 7 top healthy habits for kids include


Raising healthy kids for life is easy when you start with these 7 healthy habits for kids.Help toddler development by teaching healthy habits for kids. Kids nutrition, activities and kids learning tips for easy mom life. #parenting #momlife #motherhood #tipsfornewmoms #healthyhabits #healthyliving ##teachingtoddlers

Let’s summarize

by answering the final question of what are healthy habits for life?

Healthy habits for life are those you teach your child when they are young.

And, then persist in perfecting them day by day.

We all know we need to ask kids the very same thing 20 times EVERY day, or they don’t do it. Right? Like pick up your towel, or use your fork …

Establishing healthy habits is no different.


We need to persist. Kids might refuse to eat fruit as a snack today, and tomorrow and even the day after.

But if you are willing to persist, and you should be, since that is what power parenting is all about … they will soon enough realize you are not going to offer them anything else.

And, if they don’t eat the healthy snack they will have to go without any.

If you didn’t persist and offered them biscuits in the end, just so they can stop moaning and eat something … well… not very useful in building new healthy habits is it?

You decide

healthy habits for life after a couple of days of hardship


unhealthy habits forever …

being part of the alarming 95% not washing their hands …


And when you want to know everything you need to raise the healthy family you always wanted, join the Healthier Family Challenge.

Why? Simple. When you join, you will as a family:

* live healthier

* be calmer

* feel happier

join the healthier family challenge

Leave a comment

and tell me about the healthy habits you are teaching your children. Do you find it difficult? Or do you have a special trick?

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Healthy habits for kids like eating fruit and vegetables is easily taught with activities and crafts. Use a worksheet or printables to help them learn healthy habits. Great parenting advice to raise happy kids as an intentional parent. #positiveparenting #parenting #parentingtips #parentinghacks #momlife #motherhood #raisekids #healthyhabits #healthylivingTeaching your kids healthy habits like these 7 is important to raise kids happy and healthy. Intentional parenting advice help you with parenting tips that work. Best parenting hacks. #happykids #rasingkids #parenting #parentingtips #parentingadvice #healthyhabits #momlife #healthyliving

Healthy habits for kids is important to raise kids happy and healthy. Parenting 101 includes child development tips and healthy lifestyle tips to improve kids health and family health. Clever mom life hacks. #parenting #healthyhabits #healthyfamily #familyhealth #kidshealth #healthtips #momlife #raisekids

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