Welcome to the ‘That One Thing’ series. This is a fun set of posts covering that one thing we often contemplate as parents. This is the second post in the series and covering that one thing healthy families mastered, including the top 8 healthy family tips.

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Healthy Family Tips

Some families make it look so easy to be happy and healthy. Do you also know a family like this?

They are always on the go, friendly and it seems like they have their lives organized and are ready for anything. It sometimes tires you out just looking at them, doesn’t it …

But don’t be resentful be motivated!

Want to know the secret they have?

They know the building blocks of how to ‘BE ACTIVE‘.

And, after reading this post, you will also share in this secret and have an easy action plan to start making those healthy lifestyle changes quickly and easily. And, also have a better understanding of the benefits of living more healthy.

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That one thing healthy families mastered

I am pretty sure you are wondering what I’m on about saying healthy families mastered the BE ACTIVE building blocks. And no, it’s not as obvious as getting off the couch, and do some exercise.

That would be too easy … Though it certainly is part of the healthy family strategy …

No, the BE ACTIVE solution includes the steps all families should master to live healthily. Brilliant and actionable healthy family tips, anyone can do.

building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

These Healthy Family Tips

are built around the BE ACTIVE acronym and include 8 building blocks:

  1. B for a Balanced life
  2. E for Eating healthy
  3. A for being Active
  4. C for Continued brain development
  5. T for Thinking positive
  6. I for Interacting well
  7. V for all-round Versatility
  8. E for Emotional Intelligence

The strategy is created around the 4 pillars of healthy family living, helping families like yours

  • live healthier
  • be calmer and
  • feel happier

If this sounds good to you, be sure to check out the Healthier Family Challenge where you can learn all about this, for free.

healthier family challenge #healthy living

Let’s have a look now at

  • each of the BE ACTIVE building blocks
  • the benefits of mastering these healthy family tips and
  • an easy action plan to implement them today

a Balanced life

balanced life, building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

Living a balanced life is important for all members of the family. This includes us as parents, having the ability to balance family, life and work. Also for kids to balance school, extra activities, and family life.

A lot of kids get so overwhelmed by all the activities and school work they partake in, that building a healthy family life is often neglected. And the subsequent effects are detrimental to their development.

The benefits of living a balanced life include

  • stress relief
  • overall health improvement and
  • mental well being

Being able to balance day-to-day living also stimulates creativity and improves the overall quality of life for all the family members.

Eating healthy

healthy eating, , building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

We all know the importance of eating healthy. As a reminder:

it not only regulates body weight but also boosts immune systems and protects your family against disease.

It is so easy to boost your kids with superfoods to

  • improve their memory and
  • increase their energy levels

You can find some inspiration for adding superfoods to your daily diet here. And, when you are pregnant, don’t forget to eat as many pregnancy superfoods as you can.

Here is a great FREE pregnancy guide with all the nutrient and superfood information you need to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Healthy mom, healthy baby. healthy pregnancy care package #pregnancy #healthypregnancy

being Active

be active, eating healthy, building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytip

As I mentioned earlier, even though getting off the couch is not the only thing you can do to be healthier, it sure is important.

We all know kids prefer to play games on electronic devices these days to playing outside …

This is the exact reason for the large percentage of overweight and unhealthy families …

Don’t be a statistic. Rather take action. Change your family life today by implementing these healthy family tips, starting with being more active.


Daily activity will not only regulate body weight and build strong bodies, but also relieve stress and boost immune systems. An easy way to protect your kids against getting sick.

Need some ideas on family activities? Check out the 101 family happiness and kindness hacks with free download.

Continued brain development

brain development, thinking positive, be active, eating healthy, building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

Part of being healthy as a family is to continually stimulate brain development.

This does not mean the kids only. There is a lot of research proving the long term benefit of brain-stimulating activities even when we are older. Not only to develop our brains but also to maintain good brain function with age.

Here are some great free resources to get you going with the kids:

And a couple of my favorite brain-building activities for the whole family:

Thinking positive

thinking positive, be active, eating healthy, building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

The power of a positive mindset is incredible.

Just by considering whatever life throws at you, as a half-full glass situation, as opposed to a half-empty glass scenario, will ensure the following benefits:

  • stress relieve
  • happiness
  • overall health improvement

Thinking positive on a daily basis has even been proven to extend your life span and improve your quality of life. So why not give it a try today?

Top tip

Join the Awesome Parent Challenge and do the better-me challenges to help you improve your mindset.

Interacting well

interacting well, building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

Learning how to interact as a family is essential for healthy family living.

When we don’t know how to respect each other and communicate effectively, our days will be filled with stress and conflict.

Use the communication building blocks to improve your family interaction and build strong family relationships.

Practicing respectful interaction will relieve stress, improve coping skills and teach your kids confidence and resilience.

Amazing skills!

Be sure to grab your free calming tool from the How to calm your child down, post. It will help your family interaction tremendously knowing how to cope with a difficult situation.

all-round Versatility

versatility, building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

When you have read the first post in this series on what every child needs, you will already know the importance of versatility.

All-round versatility includes your efforts to expose your kids to various activities and situations to

  • help them learn new skills and
  • make it easier for them to adapt to any new situation.

By being versatile your kids will enjoy a more balanced life and limit their fears of the unknown. Family versatility also helps everyone establish and achieve life goals – a very valuable healthy family tip.

Be sure to read 11 ridiculously easy tips on how to stay healthy as a busy mom.

Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence, building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

Emotional intelligence is one of the most essential life skills you have to teach your kids.

When you join the Healthier Family challenge, you will find some great hacks on how to easily achieve this.

Two of my favorite ways to teach kids to handle big emotions

  1. using an effective calming technique
  2. sharing books on this topic – having fun whilst learning

So there you have it

the 8 healthy family tips to master 

How many of these healthy family tips are you already doing? Leave a comment and let me know.

Yes, it’s a long list. But don’t be discouraged. Tackle one building block at a time and start making the healthy family lifestyle changes you deserve.

And, to help you out, here is an easy action plan to get you started:

Your Action Plan

n plan for healthy family tips, building blocks of a healthy family lifestyle. #healthyfamilytips

Use this action plan one step at a time to start living healthier as a family.

And, when you need a little more help, join the free 7-day email course, the Healthier Family Challenge.  It will guide you step-by-step into a healthy direction with actionable healthy family tips and hacks!

Top Tip

Healthy lifestyle changes are always easier to make when you stay motivated. And what better way to stay motivated than to use a tracker sheet. This is a great option to use for that:

hello new me, healthy family tips tracker journal

Your 5 action steps to include these healthy family tips

  1. get moving with activities in nature t be more active and enjoy the benefits of getting lots of fresh air
  2. plan healthy snacks and meals
  3. play brain games together
  4. learn to handle big emotions
  5. improve communication skills

Need more information on healthy living

and motivated to get more healthy as a family with these easy healthy family tips?

Take action today and make it happen  with 3 easy actions:

  1. join the Healthier Family Challenge
  2. find ways to make a healthy lifestyle simple
  3. discover the secret to healthy living in 3 easy steps

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