Healthier Family Challenge, Your Action Guide to Healthy Living in 7 Days

healthier family challenge workbook and free popular mom course

Welcome to the Healthier Family Challenge – A Free Course for Moms

Do you wish to be healthier, calmer and happier? Most of us do! And that is exactly what the Healthier Family Challenge will help you with. This brilliant mini-course will teach you quick win action to take charge of your lifestyle and provide you with all the worksheets and checklists to make significant healthy living changes in just 7 days.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Healthier Family Challenge perfect for me?

* I wish I knew how to live a healthier lifestyle …

* I am too tired to change our family living style habits …

* my family members are always stressed and miserable …

* my kids need to eat more healthy foods but I don’t know where to start …

When one or all of these statements ring true:

this challenge is ideal for you and your family

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What will happen when we complete the Healthier Family Challenge?

As a family, you will:

* gain knowledge on how to live healthier

* master the skill of being calmer

* enjoy the feeling of being happier

It’s time to take action and live the healthy family lifestyle you always wanted

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What is included in the HealthierFamily Challenge?

* 7 challenge emails delivered directly to your inbox

* a free basic worksheet

* daily action tasks

* daily quick healthy living hacks for immediate results

* powerful tools and cheat sheets

* a fast track workbook option

healthier family challenge workbook

Everything you need to successfully change your family lifestyle and

live healthier

be calmer and

enjoy feeling happier


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all you need is 7 day to feel healthier and happier from HealthyFamilyandMe

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with these amazing parenting cheat sheets.

Grab your own copy and

instantly boost your parenting skills.

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Your cheat sheets are on the way!

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