Healthier Family Challenge Workbook

Thank you for joining the Healthier Family Challenge


Well done for taking action and wanting to make the healthy lifestyle changes you and your family deserve!


healthier family challenge #healthyliving


What will happen when you complete the challenge?


As a family, you will:

* gain knowledge on how to live healthier

* master the skill of being calmer

* enjoy the feeling of being happier


You will receive everything you need to complete the challenge over the next week straight to your inbox.

This challenge will help you to

successfully change your family lifestyle in just 7 days


Want to get the best possible results in the shortest time?


Grab your Healthier Family Fast Track Workbook

healthier family challenge workbook

For just $7

What you will find in this fast track workbook


* the complete challenge worksheet

* 4 pillar worksheets

* communication cheat sheet

* social skills alphabet

* family calming tool

* 25 healthy family living tips

* memory boost superfoods list


Who is this fast track workbook for?


This workbook is perfect for action takers

Families who want immediate access to all available tools and cheat sheets to get the best possible results in the shortest time

healthier family challenge workbook start

Can you do the challenge without the workbook?


Yes you can.

If you prefer to search through all the available information yourself and choose the best strategies for your family, no matter how long it takes, you can do it without the workbook. The challenge will provide you with enough information to get your healthy lifestyle started.

healthier family challenge workbook start


Your next steps


* check your inbox for DAY ONE of your Healthier Family Challenge

* read all the emails

* do the action steps

* follow your workbook tips and

* enjoy the life-changing benefits of

living healthier

 being calmer and

feeling happier!


enjoy your challenge







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PLUS BONUS 101 family activities list

Your cheat sheets are on the way!

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