One of the easiest ways to help our kids develop strong emotional skills is with journal writing. This ingenious ability can benefit kids from a young age to help boost their happiness whilst cultivating positive habits. And this is exactly why I have created the My Happy Self Journal based on cognitive behavioral therapy for my kids.

Where did the Happy Life Journal idea come from

Once a month, we have a family meeting to decide on a mutual goal we will pursue during that month. It creates the opportunity to discuss specific needs and values and at the same time, help us grow a stronger family bond. This month, we chose, be happier as our goal. And when my daughter saw me writing in my journal this morning, she commented that it would be a lot easier for her to work towards our happiness goal if she had a happy journal. So what could I say other than, let’s immediately create one!

Today we will have a look at the most common questions asked around happiness journals as well as the benefits of journaling for kids. And if you haven’t discovered the power of journaling as a busy mom, I recommend you check out this guide soonest.

You can also grab a free copy of our Happy Life Kids Journal Printable and get in on the fun. It’s available in a convenient pdf format for easy download and instant printing. The journal download includes printable journal pages with prompts and positive affirmations, and you can even choose between two different themes to make sure your kids love their journal template.

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But we took it even one step further and using trusted psychotherapy tools, the Happy Me Journal was born. It is an easy-to-use PDF printable designed for kids aged 8 to 18 years. It teaches them how to use a journal to make sense of their big emotions. And cope better with everyday life without the stress & overwhelm.  Based on cognitive-behavioral techniques and perfect to help you as a parent boost your kids’ mental wellbeing. 

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Is journaling good for kids

The simple answer is, it’s not only good, it’s great. As we’ve mentioned already, journaling is an excellent way to grow emotional skills. And that’s super important, as well all know. Just think how often our absence of emotional intelligence can make us suffer.

Some of the emotional skills to focus on during journal writing include

  • expressing feelings with words
  • self-confidence and
  • having a positive self-image

In addition, journal writing allows for reflection and self-evaluation. Skills that, even as adults, we sometimes struggle with. Journaling is also a great way to stimulate happy hormones and fight depression. You can read more about these journal writing benefits here.

How do you start a journal for kids

Starting a journal is very easy and can be a fun project to do together. Whether you choose to download a free template, like our Happy Life Journal, create your own, or grab a bestseller one, is up to you. Here’s a quick list of criteria to consider when you want to choose the best journal for your child

  • age
  • creative template
  • fun images
  • child-friendly writing prompts
  • additional benefits like positive affirmations
  • child-specific design

Keep these criteria in mind when creating your journal to make sure you get the desired benefits.

Remember that journaling is a skill and your child might need some practice. That’s why we’ll discuss next, how to teach your kids to journal and the best way to do it with them.

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How do you teach journal writing

When we start to journal we all need a bit of help. It doesn’t always come naturally to verbalize your words and feelings and feel comfortable writing them down. But as soon as we experience the benefit of letting it all out and seeing it on paper we start to see things in perspective.

Are you suffering from a racing mind at bedtime? Try writing your thoughts down. The same principle holds true for kids, especially in the teenage years. They tend to keep things inside, worry about them, and generate unnecessary anxiety. When they have the ability to think it through, write it down and deal with it, problems become a whole lot easier to solve.

How do I journal with my child

Start by creating focused time and sit down with your kids. First, explain to them why they should start journaling and give them an easy prompt to start. Depending on their age you can begin with things like, write down 5 things that

  • make you happy
  • make you sad
  • you worry about
  • you’re thankful for

Journaling is quite addictive and as soon as your child starts he or she probably will do it for life. But if your child is not overly interested, don’t worry. Try again in a couple of weeks of time, but don’t give up. Some kids are generally just more in control of their emotional skills and find journaling super easy and fun. Others, verbalize with difficulty and have to master this new skill before they will start to enjoy it.

The answer to ‘How do I get my child to write’ is, therefore, to do it with them, be patient and keep going until they get it right.

What do you write in a journal for happiness

We are focusing on creating a Happy Life Journal since happiness is our goal for this month. And writing in a journal for happiness is super easy. Kids who are resistant to writing about their feelings and emotions, generally find it easy to write about gratitude and happiness. Use your happy journal to note things like

  • what makes me happy
  • what makes me unhappy
  • and what can I do to be happier
  • my happy song
  • my happy quote
  • or even my happy outfit

What is some good journal topics for kids

Happiness is definitely the first topic to consider when you want your kids to start journaling. Other good topics include gratitude, nature, vacation, project, daily prompts, or feelings. Or anything really that they experienced, are interested in or worried about, or want to learn more about.

How do you make journaling fun for kids

Journaling has to be fun, otherwise, why are we doing it? Here are some tips to make journaling more fun

What makes you happy writing prompt

We’ve already mentioned some happy prompts to get your child started. But knowing the power of having a happy journal, I want to make sure you find an inspirational prompt to not only get your kids started but yourself too.

So here are some of the best happy writing prompts for you and your kids

  • my favorite memory
  • positive affirmation
  • the greatest thing that happened to me
  • this inspires me
  • my dream destination
  • I feel happiest when
  • the best joke I’ve ever heard
  • 5 things that make me smile
  • my perfect day
  • the day I laughed the most
  • I dream about
  • my favorite person in the world

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our Happy Life Journal, the benefits of journaling for you and the kids and also how it can be fun. Remember to grab your free Happy Life Journal, and if you dare, check out my favorite journal secret here.

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