Amazing Gifts for Bloggers

Do you need a gift for a mom blogger? Or are you a mom blogger looking for useful blogging gifts to spoil yourself with? Then you are going to love this list of amazing gifts for bloggers.


Do you want to discover the best gifts for bloggers? Then click now to find 50 of the most useful blogging gifts all mom bloggers would love to have. There is more than 50 epic blogging courses, blogging books, desk stationary, blogging tips and gifts. #blogging #blogginggifts #giftsforbloggers #howtostartablog #momblog #giftguide


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Blogger needs

As a blogger, there will always be blogging necessities. Like a blog, theme, plugins and all the other usual goodies, we need to run a successful blog.

And, then there are the things we would love to have! Why? Because it makes our day to day blogging tasks so much easier and way more fun.

These are the kind of items that make awesome gifts for bloggers!


Our blogging journey

The list of blogging essentials is never-ending. This is because we progress daily on the road to becoming a thriving blogger.

When starting a blog you need certain things. Then you start doing podcasts and webinars and your needs expand and change. Trying your hand at creating videos – more items you need.

And this ever-expanding process will continue as your blog grows.


Fortunately for friends and loved ones, this is great news, as it means there will always be a variety of items a blogger needs or wants.

So whether you are enjoying your own blogging journey or spoiling a blogging partner or friend, here is a list of 50 amazing gifts for bloggers to choose from.

There is something for everyone, whether they are starting out or are already a pro-blogger!

Hope you enjoy this list of practical gifts for bloggers, just as much as I did when making it!


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Time to discover some awesome blogging gifts


Best gifts for bloggers, amazing blogging gifts all mommy bloggers will love. great mothersday present for mommy blogger. #blogging #blogginggift #bloggingtips #momblogs #momlife


Gifts for Bloggers: Online Courses

You have to consistently invest in your own growth and knowledge as a blogger if you what to be successful. The most important point is to know the good ones from the bad ones. The online courses I recommend here, are truly top-notch. I have taken all of them and love them. And, I know you will too.


grab this super course now from start a momblog Ebook by Number


One of my top posts on Brilliant Bloggers, list all the best blogging courses, freebies and resources you need to be successful at blogging. You can check out the complete post here.

For today, I will only mention my all-time favorites here.


Blog by number

If you want to start and monetize your blog this is an absolute must-have.

I have learned so much from the Blog by Number course! And, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Post by number

This course will teach you everything you need to know about writing posts quickly and efficiently.

It’s presented in an easy to follow format, filled with tips and worksheets.


 Affiliate Marketing

This was one of my best investments.

You can’t go wrong choosing this awesome book to start making money with your blog.

It is filled with tips, hacks and solid information.


 First affiliate sale in 24 hours

Learn exactly how to make money by leveraging Pinterest.

Grab your copy now as this is an absolute blogging must-have for anyone who wants to make money online!


List by Number course

Learning everything you need to know about ConvertKit or Mailerlite and list building in a super-easy way.

I go back to access this course when I need a quick Mailerlite tutorial. Super helpful!


The Blog Traffic ebook

I invested very early in my blogging journey in this great book.  This ebook is filled with useful tips and clear explanations of important action strategies.

When you’re serious about growing your blog traffic, this is the perfect book to get you started.

  • Just use this code TSA5OFF today and get a $5 discount.


Pinteresting Strategies

I am sure you heard about this book. It is one of the best courses on Pinterest manual pinning strategies. 

With this strategy, Carly is getting more than 200K page views to her blog from Pinterest! Imagine yourself doing this?

Well stop imagining and do it right with this valuable resource!


Making Pinterest Possible

This is an amazing course filled with Pinterest information, actionable tips, video training and lots more!

When you want to start rocking your blog traffic with Pinterest, this must be your first investment. You get so much more than what you pay for, worth every cent.

  • Just use this code TSA5OFF and get your $5 discount today!


Gifts for Bloggers: Equipment and Tools

Discovering all the great blogging equipment and tools out there is great fun! The best tip here is to invest as you need something. Only buy the tools you need at this point because as you grow, your needs and budget will change.


Affordable Microphone for laptop

The Blue Yeti is used and recommended by a lot of pro-bloggers. Why? Because it is one of the most affordable microphones that works brilliantly.


Great microphone for mobile

Blogger on the go? A must-have to create profession videos and audio files. Perfect for all smartphones and tablets.


Bestseller Light Ring

The perfect portable light ring to brighten up your face and looks stunning on all images and videos. You want this one if you want to shimmer like a star on your videos …



Screencastomatic is an affordable and easy to use screen editing program. I am using this tool for a while now and are loving it. It’s so easy, anyone can edit videos like a pro!


Everything you need Canon Camera bundle

No blogger can blog successfully without an awesome camera. And, even though our cell phones go a long way to take great pics, nothing beats the professional look of an awesome camera.


Affordable Panasonic Lumix

A great choice when professional photos are a blogging priority. Perfect for the fashion and food blogger.


Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit

This might not be a necessity in the beginning, but an absolute treat! You can’t imagine the difference this little gadget make to your blog photos! Time to snap like a pro.


Gifts for Bloggers: Blogging Books

The great part about blogging is that there is always someone who walked the path before you. You seldom need to invest new blogging stones. You can simply invest in great resources from other brilliant bloggers who are already successful. Never be afraid to invest in your knowledge.


Top blogging books every new blogger needs. Discover your blogging potential today. Remember to pin for later. #bloggingbooks #blogging #startablog #bloggingforbeginners

You can find 11 of the most powerful blogging books here

In this list, you will find a powerful blogging book for everyone, no matter where they are in their blogging journey. Check it out!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorites


How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul

We all know Ruth Soukup from EBA, right? Grab her inside secrets in this how to blog book.


Profitable Podcasting

Grow Your Business, Expand Your Platform, and Build a Nation of True Fans. The perfect choice when podcasting is the next blogging step.

It’s free with the free Audible trial … Check it out now!


The Food Stylist’s Handbook

Food blogger? Or just want to take awesome photos?

Hundreds of Media Styling Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Chefs, Artists, Bloggers, and Food Lovers. This book is the ultimate guide to succeed in beautiful blogging.


Great Gifts for Bloggers under $20

Yes, it is actually really easy to find an awesome yet inexpensive gift for a keen blogger. Have a look at these great options:

rose gold pens best gifts for bloggers

rose gold pen with a big diamond/crystal

So pretty, so useful!


Cat design gel pens

I just had to have these! So cute!


Retractable gel ink pens

Another perfect must have!

Blog Planner stickers

Very useful for every blogger.

keep calm and blog on mug gift for bloggers

Keep calm and blog on mug

Essential for that much-needed caffeine fix!


Mama’s been busy, read her blog

Now, who doesn’s love a cute baby outfit?


Why don’t you blog about it t-shirt

Cool looking blogger fashion.


Free blogging resources how to start a blog for beginners and how to make money online. best blog tips. blogging for beginners steps by step. #blogging #freeprintables #blogtips #howtostartablog #makemoneyonline

Gifts for Bloggers: Blog Planner under $20

If you are a blogger you know all about planning, right? Well, don’t make it more difficult than it has to be. Grab one of these beautiful blog planners and plan like a pro!


blog like a boss blog planner gift for bloggers

CREATE Blog and Editorial Planner

Very useful planner. Create Exceptional Content, Get More Done and Smash Through Your Blogging Goals.


The badass blog planner

Your guide to defining your purpose, creating clarity, and building a year of killer content.


Content strategy planner

Awesome 12-month planner. An Uncomplicated Guide To Simple Content Marketing: Battle the bounce. Retain more visitors with a clear system.


Blog Like a Boss

The Ultimate Planner to Help You Plan Your Blog Posts and Grow Your Blog


Gifts for Bloggers: Blogging Notebook under $20

Do you also one a hundred and ten little blogging notes lying around? Because you know you have to jot down those brilliant blog ideas as soon as you get it? I know the feeling!

Time to get a bit more organized, ditch the sticky notes and invest in a useful notebook. Then next time you need a bit of inspiration, all your awesome blog post ideas will be nice together in one handy book!


notebook gift for bloggers

Moleskin classic notebook

As bloggers, we are forever taking notes and in need of a new notebook.


Thick classic notebook

A beautiful must-have!


Organize your Blogging Space under $20

Isn’t amazing how much more we get done when our blogging space is well organized and practical? It sure is, so grab a couple of these affordable organizers and up your blogging game today.

desk organizer gifts for bloggersDesk organizer

Organize the perfect creative space with these beautifully carved flower design desk organizers.


Desk accessories caddy with drawer

The perfect complement with the desk organizer.


desk organizer gifts for bloggers

Acrylic and gold 3 tier stacker

For all those small goodies on your work table.


Rose gold post it pop up note dispenser

To jot down those amazing blogging ideas and dreams as they pop up!


A Practical Blogging desk

Some of us are lucky enough to have a large, dedicated blogging space but others have to optimize a small space. In this case, it is not the size that matters … Rather how well you organize it. Here are some great ideas to inspire you


blogging desk gifts for bloggers

Art deco vintage computer desk

A beautifully designed desk to meet all your blogging requirements.

Floating desk with storage

Ideal for the small blogging space. So beautiful and practical!

L-shaped desk corner table

If you have space, use it!


Blogger Inspiration Gift Ideas

Blogging can sometimes be tough. And why not make it a little bit more fun with inspirational gifts like these?

blogging bracelet gift for bloggers

You are braver than you think wall plaque

A beautiful wall plaque to keep you motivated on the more difficult days.

Inspirational art wall plaque

Love, love love this one! So cute and feminine!


Inspirational vinyl wall sticker

Need to be reminded how awesome you are? Then this one is for you.


Hand stamped inspirational bracelet

Perfect for the sentimental mom blogger.


What your heart needs for the hard days

52 Encouraging Truths to Hold On To. Perfect!


Also free on the Audible trial …

So, have you found that perfect gift? Is it for yourself? There is quite a few on this page I would love to have!

Leave a comment and let me know what is on your blogging gift wish list!


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