Let’s discover, the importance of balance in life.

I’m feeling so anxious. Getting out of bed is the hardest part. Mom life can be so tough. I have no time for myself.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Then you desperately need to find balance in life. And, learn how to counter your anxiety and stress. And we can only do this when we understand the importance of balance in life.

The good news is, you’re not alone in experiencing these negative feelings.

As moms, we go through a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes we’re feeling energetic and on top of the world, but more often than not, we’re feeling stressed and tired to the bone. The important part is that we know how to deal with it before it results in burnout.

That is exactly what we will discuss today

  • 9 easy habits to help you find balance and
  • counter your anxiety, especially when you’re a busy mom
  • discover the importance of balance in life

The perfect solution to when you’re trying to find your balance as a mom, homemaker, partner, and colleague.

find balance

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Let’s jump right in

How to find balance in life

For this post, I decided to do a bit of research on Pinterest. I’ve decided on this search engine because that’s our go-to place, right? That’s where we all find inspiration and guidance. So today we’ll test if their advice is solid.

I delved into the trends and searches moms like me and you do every single day trying to find clever ways to live a more vibrant life. And this is what I discovered.

Very clear from my research was the fact that health and wellness are not about luxurious treats. Pinterest suggests we start thinking about our wellness in a more everyday fashion and learn how to create an individual wellness routine that is easy to follow and that fits into our hectic lives.

It is obvious that whether journal writing or dancing around the room is our thing, is not important. What is important, is that we need to find easy ways to get our daily dose of positive vibes in whichever manner or style we prefer.

If not luxury spa visits, what does a health and wellness routine then include?

We need not complicate our activities to find balance. It can incorporate easy, relaxing and soothing rituals like candlelit baths, yoga and meditation. Or even simple yet compelling activities like self-discovery journal writing and art therapy.

How to counter anxiety & stress

Let’s start this off by understanding why we want to counter our stress and anxiety. And the answer is simple. To prevent burnout. The human body was not designed to endure stress over long periods of time. Our physiological responses are triggered to fight or flee as soon as we are under stress.

Naturally, our bodies wish to choose the path of least resistance and preserve energy and sanity. But sometimes we make it very difficult for ourselves.

We continue to add stress, linger on anxiety creating thoughts and crawl on stress-inducing mind paths. We are often our own worst enemies when it comes to countering anxiety. A lot of us love to have something to worry about. Because what is life if we can’t worry right?


My Not-so-Little Secret

We need to let go of negative thoughts and habits and move on to find balance on our self-discovery journey.

This will help us live our best lives, be the best we can be, and love life for its relaxed energetic progression and tranquil balance. Isn’t that exactly what we all strive for?

The importance of balance in life

But why are we even bothering to try and find balance in life? Why is it important and what exactly is balance in life? Let’s quickly answer these questions before we delve into the actual habits to find that important work-life balance.


Our overall health and wellbeing depend on whether we are able to find a balance between work, life, raising kids, and ourselves. When we are confident in what we want to achieve in life, it becomes a lot easier to reach these goals. And when we are able to create a strategy to spend enough thought and time into making our dreams reality, that’s when we start to find balance.


It all boils down to us being capable of scheduling enough time to take responsibility of all aspects of our lives. Including, but not limited to, our health, emotional and physical wellbeing, relationships, careers and families.


Simple. By identifying your priority responsibilities and then start focusing on easy habits, like the ones below to find your perfect balance.

Finding success in life is mostly impossible when we are not able to focus on what’s really important. And then spending the necessary time to do and enjoy those things. This is exactly where self-care starts to make more sense. Not sure how good you are with taking care of yourself?

Take the quick quiz and find out.

So let’s start looking at the 9 easy habits suggested by experts and moms alike. It includes easy rituals we can easily fit into our hectic lives to find balance and counter anxiety. Leave a comment and let me know which one you will be starting with.

9 Easy habits to find balance in life

1. use self-discovery journal prompts

The reason I want to start this power list of activities to find balance, with self-discovery journal prompts, is because I believe it to be one of the most powerful ways to find balance and enjoy life. And it also helps you to discover your personal importance of balance in life.

Journal writing is such an easy self-development activity that you can develop to your own personality and preferences. There’s the perfect journal for you, whether you are

Have you find your favorite journal?

Whether you have or not, here’s a free reflection journal to get you started. Click here to grab your own 365 one line a day reflection journal and initiate your journey to find balance and create your personal wellness routine that fits into your hectic everyday life.

happy mom journaling

2. Do art therapy activities

When beating stress in no time is a priority, there’s no easier way than doing art therapy activities. And no, no-one has time for hourlong art classes.

But, every mom, even the busy ones like me and you, have 10 minutes to spare and indulge in some form of art therapy to help us de-stress with colorful creativity. And it’s something we can even do with our kids.

If you’re new to this, start with one of these

Or simply take up some crayons, paints, or whatever color markers you have at home. Grab a clean piece of paper and draw your emotions. It’s a very abstract activity and your picture doesn’t need to resemble anything identifiable.

When you’re done, sit back, look at and think about how it makes you feel. Absorb those feelings and then try to understand them. Ask yourself these self-discovery questions to get to the real answers

  • what emotions do I feel looking at my artwork
  • why did I choose these colors
  • how do the colors make me feel
  • how can I turn these emotions into a positive force?

And remember, art therapy activities are for you. it’s not open for judgment or comments. Not even from you! Use this activity to feel and understand your emotions, not judge or correct them.

3. The power of a detox

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I love a good body cleanse detox. And even though a body detox does have an impact on our health and wellness, the detox we need to find balance in life, is a social media detox. Close your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest apps, put away your phone and invest the next ten minutes into doing something you love.

Yes, I know you love Pinterest

But reading a book, doing meditation, cooking, or painting will improve your mood and wellbeing way more than scrolling down on social media pages and feeds. I’m not saying we should never use social media. I mean really … that would just be absurd. But I’m saying our souls need relaxation and mood-enhancing activities more than it needs social media.

And it’s your responsibility to answer to all your body and mind’s needs. No-one is going to do it for you.

When you’re up for a challenge

Reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning? Why don’t you try to not even look at your phone for the first hour in the morning? It’s hard! But it is will help you use those first minutes in the morning to plan and be ready for the day ahead.

And the best way to do that is when you follow a healthy morning routine, like this kickass one. I can guarantee you, you will start your day stronger, radiating positive vibes. Click here to give it a go.

4. Try feng shui decor

Surrounding ourselves with clutter results in brain and senses overload. Simple as that. The minimalistic furniture approach has long been proven to help us calm our mood and detox our minds. So when finding balance is our priority, it’s time to do some home improvements with feng shui decor. Removing clutter instantly helps us relax and de-stress.

Not sure how to get started?

These are my favorite go-to guides whenever I’m ready to declutter my environment

5. Enjoy mood booster playlists

We all have our own mood booster playlists. Whether jazz, rock, or opera is your thing, increase the volume, shake your body, and listen to your favorite music to get the happy hormones flowing.

There’s no easier and more instant mood booster helping us find our inner balance than listening to our mood booster playlists.

My Not-so-Little Secret

Do you want to know the one thing I enjoy more than listening to my mood-boosting playlist?

Using this AMAZING LITTLE SECRET MACHINE … and no, it’s not just for babies, it’s my can’t-live-without, mommy-lifesaver

6. Discover chicory root

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about chicory root yet. (if your rocks are aligned and in perfect balance though, no problem …)

Chicory root is the current century’s alternative to coffee and doesn’t only taste awesome, but also has huge health and wellness benefits.

So why not swop your morning coffee for a cup of chicory to suppress your appetite, boost your immunity, and relax your mood. Just remember to go for good quality when you choose your chicory root coffee. For me, roasted is best.

now is the time to find balance in life

7. Savor nutritious green juice

Saying green juice, it’s with one particular one in mind, cucumber Juice. Most of us know that cucumbers are good for weight loss but did you know it’s also a great antioxidant and mood booster.

My favorite way to prepare cucumber juice is super simple. Just add 2 cucumbers, a handful of mint leaves and a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger and enjoy.

When I need an extra energy boost I also add a quarter teaspoon of matcha powder. Delicious and super healthy. (Just make sure the matcha tea powder is from Japanese origin and superior quality, like this one, otherwise it tastes a bit like seaweed …)

Here are some more easy green juice recipes

Time to go green, but don’t know where to start?

Then you have to check out Cleanse to Heal.

It’s a brilliant guide helping you step-by-step to overcome depression, anxiety, weight issues, brain fog, and more using all-natural healing plans.

Click here to peek inside this healing guide.

8. Try superfoods like sea moss

We can all benefit from the power of sea moss. Sea moss? Yes, you read it right. Sea moss is the best superfood to boost immunity and vitality. And the easiest way to benefit from all it’s 92+minerals is to add it to smoothies or fresh juices.

Today we are looking to this superfood to also help us boost our mental and emotional health and wellbeing. And we won’t be disappointed. Just be sure to choose an all-natural, high-quality see moss, and keep it at hand in your preferred form

9. Learn to appreciate essential oils

Essential oils like ylang-ylang oil are currently very popular. And for good reason. You can put this essential oil to good use not only for healthy skin and hair care but also as an antiseptic. Where ylang-ylang oil plays a vital role in finding balance in life is when it’s used as aromatherapy for relaxation and calm.

You can use 5 to 8 drops of ylang-ylang oil in a diffuser or even add it to your running bathwater. The fragrant scent will help to calm your mood and promote relaxation.

You won’t believe the amazing benefits of this essential oil before you give it a try. So get yourself a 100% pure sample (THIS ONE is my favorite ylang-ylang oil) and try it out today.

I know you’ll be quite surprised at how easily your mind goes into relaxation mode when surrounded by the awesome aroma of ylang-ylang oil.

And when you’re new to essential oils, start here

I’m convinced, you’ll never look back as soon as you’ve enjoyed the incredible benefits of that very first essential oil.

Let’s summarize tips on how to find balance and the importance thereof

Let’s recap the nine easy habits we can include in our hectic routines to find balance and counter anxiety and the importance of balance in life. And don’t forget to focus and discover your personal importance of having balance in life.


  1. use self-discovery journal prompts – grab your free reflection journal
  2. do art therapy activities
  3. detox often
  4. try feng shui decor
  5. enjoy mood booster playlists plus my can’t-live-without super secret
  6. discover chicory root
  7. savor cucumber juice
  8. try sea moss – check out Cleanse to Heal
  9. learn to appreciate essential oils like ylang-ylang

women relaxing to find balance in life

  • Leave a comment

And tell me which one of these nine easy rituals to find balance you’re going to add to your daily routine. Or do you have an even better idea?

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