Easter is great!

It is one of my favorite holidays

Easter family traditions and activities you will love #easter #easterideas

Do you also love Easter Family time?

The reasons I enjoy it so much, is

  • the spring feeling
  • delicious chocolate eggs
  • the treasure hunts or
  • maybe just the joy of happy family gatherings

that makes this holiday so special.

And when you were wondering:

how to transform this joyful holiday into a happy Easter family tradition

It is as easy as
  1. Having awesome Easter Family fun with Easter activities
  2. appreciating the true meaning of Easter, and
  3. creating strong Easter traditions as a family, to cherish in the years to come.

And, this is exactly what this post is all about.

Check the end of the post:

to find my favorite Easter gifts …


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How to Have the Best Easter Ever

The fundamental start to any family Easter should be:

spending quality time together.

Followed by steps 1 to 3:

1. Family Fun with Easter Activities

We all know the benefits of having fun as a family.

Use this family holiday to:

  • laugh together
  • get to know each other better and
  • show your love with small gestures

What are some Easter activities?

There are so many Easter activities you can enjoy as a family, including:

  • treasure hunts
  • Easter crafts
  • Easter egg decoration
  • Gift baskets
  • Easter egg games,

to name only a few.

Some of our favorite Easter activities to enjoy together as a family:

Biscuit Baking Fun

Easter family time baking easter biscuits #easter

No family time is spent better than when baking biscuits together.

The fun, the smell, the mess …

All great fun!

And what better time to do so than the Easter holidays.

Seeing daddy and the little ones mixing the dough and rolling fondant, with streaks of flour on their cheeks …


What you are baking, or even the end result is not nearly as important as the necessity for laughing together and having great fun with this family activity.

Our favorite baking Easter activity

We enjoy baking sweet vanilla biscuits from a trusted family recipe.

Need a good recipe?

These vanilla snap biscuits are easy to make and taste great.

My kids love creating fondant bunnies. Making peeping bunny biscuits is so simple.

The great thing is you can keep these biscuits in an airtight container for up to a week.

Make them in advance and surprise those unexpected Easter guests with a delicious and pretty treat.

Top biscuit gift tip

My kids love spoiling their schoolmates and teachers with these.

Packing a couple of the biscuits into a see-through packet, closed with a pretty ribbon, makes for a great gift.

Nobody can resist a delicious, awesome looking bunny biscuit!

And that is exactly what Easter is all about: Yummy Fun!

Hugs and Cuddles

easter family activities and fun

Easter is the greatest time for hugs and cuddles!

Sharing lots of bear hugs with your kids is an important part of the 7 Super Simple Strategies to be an Awesome Parent.

Want to know the best way to indulge in cuddles:

with a cute little Easter Soft Toy.

So why not surprise your little one with one of these cute friends?

They are sure to adore them!

Easter Family Crafting

Doing craft projects with kids is always a marvelous experience.

You can all about the benefits in the 8 Part Secret to have a Brilliant Child.

Seeing their creativity develop during these projects allows you to experience a different side of a sometimes reserved child.

Easter is the perfect opportunity to do a project together.

Depending on the age of your child it can be a very simple and easy craft like making a beautiful Bunny Easter card.

easter card diy #eastercard #eastercraft

Need some help making a fun card?

Our Easter activity secret

Free Easter bunny pages to color in

My kids love having new coloring pages.

Of course for Easter, we had to create some fun ones filled with cute bunnies!

So in the giving spirit of Easter, we are sharing them and you can download 6 new PDF coloring pages FREE to print as many times as you want.

Enjoying the cute free coloring pages?

Then you will also love our own coloring book!

You can check it out here:

Coloring Fun for the Kids. A beautiful book with more than 40 unique images from HealthyFamilyandMe.com

2. Appreciate the true meaning of Easter

Easter family traditions and activities you will love #easter #easterideas

History shows that the name ‘Easter‘ dates back to a celebration of spring in England. The celebration was named after their goddess, Eostre.

What is Easter really about?

Wondering what is the story behind Easter:

For Christians, Easter is about the resurrection of Christ. And, a very important holiday.

Unfortunately, egg hunting, gift giving and other holiday activities have diluted our appreciation for celebrating Easter for the right reasons.

You can find some more great facts about Easter for kids.

An interesting one is about those Marshmallow Peeps, you will read more about further along in the post:

It used to take 27 hours to make one of these candies back in 1953. Fortunately, now the automated process delivers one in just 6 minutes!

 Why do we celebrate Easter with eggs?

In ancient times, eggs were a symbol of fertility. And springtime, when we celebrate Easter, a time of rebirth and new life.

easter egg painting

Painted egg fact

60,000-Year-old painted ostrich eggs were found in my home country, Africa. These are believed to have been part of religious spring traditions.

Egg Symbolism

An interesting symbolism of the Easter eggs can be found from the Catholic churches where eggs are dyed red to symbolize the blood of Christ.

And they take it one step further suggesting that the intact egg is like the sealed tomb of Christ. And, when the egg is cracked: it symbolizes the resurrection.

Interesting right? And, a nice way to teach our kids

Interesting Easter facts

I had great fun reading all the interesting Easter facts online. Here are some of the best ones:

50 Amazing facts about Easter:

Number 8 states egg dyes use to be made of natural elements like flower petals and tree bark. I think this is a tradition that should maybe be reinstated.

What do you think?

Number 11 I didn’t know at all. They suggest the official flower of Easter to be the white lily or Easter lily. It is apparently the symbol of resurrection.

Did you know that?

easter lily for easter family traditon

Number 13 is a little bit shocking …

25 Funny, Curious And Interesting Facts About Easter

Heard about the diamond egg and cockerel worth £9 million?

Wom, they claim the tallest chocolate Easter egg made in Italy to be heavier than an elephant and taller than a giraffe!

Did you know there is actually a name for the egg painting we all do?

Yes, it’s called Pysanka

marshmallow peeps Easter candy for great family Easter tradition

Wondering what the most popular Easter candy is after chocolate?

Yes, you guessed it! Marshmallow Peeps.

A sweet snack made from marshmallow and shaped like a bird or bunny.


3. Create strong family Easter traditions

Easter family traditions and activities you will love #easter #easterideas

Be sure to create at least one new Easter tradition this year.

It will become a highlight that your kids look forward to and cherish.  In all likelihood, they will continue with these traditions one day with their own families.

So make sure to establish great traditions and leave a legacy to be proud of.

Let’s look at some great Easter tradition examples:

 Hunt for Treasure

easter treasure hunt

Easter is one of the splendid occasions every one in the family may legitimately partake in a Treasure Hunt!

The content or color of the hidden treasure doesn’t matter all that much, but sourcing pretty eggs with cool things inside just makes the fun even more.

Here are some great egg and treasure ideas:

After removing the treasure the little ones get to keep their eggs and refill them again and again.

At Easter time the fun never stops!

Get some inspiration from these Treasure Hunt Ideas.

Want to know the second best part of having a treasure hunt?

Collecting treasure in a Snazzy Easter Goodie Carry bags!

Check out these beautiful ones:

Treasure of a different nature

Prefer Easter basket gifts for your kids to be educational?

Consider a customized Treasure Box

  • Hoot for Kids will prepare a treasure box based on your child’s age and developmental stage and filled with selected toys and activities.
  • these are one of our favorites and definitely worth a try!

HOOT for kids. A treasure box of toys and activities customized for your child. Educate your child with www.HealthyFamilyandMe.com

Easter Movie Marathon

Make movie night special with this yummy popcorn mix. www.HealthyFamilyandMe.com

One of our favorite family traditions:

watching a movie together every Friday night.

It is a great way to start the weekend.  We all take turns choosing the movie and popcorn and milkshake is an absolute must!

Therefore, an Easter family movie weekend is definitely in the cards for us this year.

We will choose related movies and stock up on the goods!

Our secret Easter popcorn recipe is essential:

and we are more than happy to share this yummy recipe with you!

Now, who doesn’t love Lindt chocolate?

Chocolate bunny Easter Shake - a shake served inside of a chocolate bunny! So cute! Best Easter Ever with www.HealthyFamilyandMe.com

The answer is definitely: Not me!

That is exactly why we were super excited when we found this Awesome bunny milkshake on Pinterest.

Thank you Allison! You can enjoy your own Chocolate Bunny Easter Shake and start a delicious Easter tradition!

Easter Decorations

Setting the table for our Easter family celebration is always a highlight for me.

Adding small touches to the table we can repeat every year:

  • established a tradition
  • triggers memories from the previous year
  • and creates expectations for another awesome celebration.
So use your Easter decorations to speak for themselves.

Bunny Easter decorations

The best part of Easter decorations has to be the cute bunnies, right? Here are some great options:

Easter decorations for the home

Making the house look pretty with decorations is one of the things we enjoy doing together as a family. Everyone gets to choose their favorite decoration and up it goes!

The fun bunny stickers are often the first choice for the kids …

Easter decorations religious

For us, Easter is a religious celebration. And, what better time than to add a couple of decorations to remind us of the true meaning of this holiday.

Easter decorations for outside

Decorating the house is only step one. There are so many cool decorations available for outside.

Our ideal pick is definitely the bunny lights that will transform any garden.

More brilliant bunny table goodies

Decorating the table for Easter dinner is my pride and joy. The table decoration options are unlimited and here are a couple of my all-time favorites:

Easter Reading

There are a few things my kids enjoy as much as reading a new book.

The anticipation of:

  • getting to know the new characters
  • following the novel storyline and
  • feeling the excitement as the adventure unfolds.

Priceless …

A book is one of the best gifts for a child of any age.

easter reading books

Reading with your child has immense benefits:
  • building your child’s vocabulary
  • stimulating resourcefulness
  • and teaching them to listen
  • nurturing their imagination and
  • allowing them to revel in a world that unfolds with each new book.

Reason enough to add a book to your Easter basket?

For sure! So check out these 17 bestseller Easter books your kids will love!

Easter Family Photo Memories

Make a memory and take an Easter Family Photo. Best Family Easter Ever with www.HealthyFamilyandMe.com

A great way of establishing an Easter family tradition is to take an Easter family photo.

Make sure to add one to the collection every year and build your wall of memories.

It is great fun to make cute pompom tails and headband ears for each family member and capture the magic on a spectacular family photo.

If you are not up for DIY tails and ears, check out these super cute inexpensive bunny headbands that will help create that awesome photo.

These bunny shoes are made for walking…

bunny shoes for girls

Whilst browsing through the great Easter stuff on offer I came upon the most adorable bunny shoes for my little girl.

I could not resist grabbing a pair for her.

Now that we know how to

  • have fun with Easter activities
  • appreciate the true meaning of Easter, and
  • create Easter traditions

the only thing left to do is spoil my special ones with a little Easter gift.

Here are some of my favorite choices:

A Gift for My Honey

gucci wallet for men A special little something for my gorgeous hubby:

a thoughtful gift always goes a long way to remind him of how precious he is.

Curse of a Mommy Bloggerdiamond designer bracelet for womenDefinition:

Inability to not fall in love with the beautiful things you find online whilst doing research for your post…

I should probably not share the extent of my curse suffering.

And therefore the money spent on from-Mom-to-Mom gifts this Easter …

but I will gladly share my greatest finds:

I simply can not resist a pretty bracelet … You?

Not to mention a new designer handbag …

Hope you enjoyed

all the beautiful Easter Family Goodies with me.

Best Easter wishes to you and your family.

Leave a comment

And let me know your new Easter tradition this year.

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amazing family easter ideas you will love. Easter activities, crafts and Easter traditions for everyone. Check it out now #easter #easterideas #eastercrafts

Best Easter family ideas for Easter activities, appreciating the true meaning of Easter and creating Easter traditions. #easter #easterideas #eastercrafts

All you need for the best Family Easter Ever. #easter #eastertradition
Easter is a happy family tradition. get ideas now. #eaterideas #easter #eastertradition





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