Beautiful bunny Easter Card DIY

The kids are sure to love this Easter card DIY, as it is super simple and lots of fun!

Create your own Easter card with free step-by-step

Easter holidays are amazing family time

to do great crafts with the kids.

Besides baking delicious Easter biscuits, making our own Easter cards is one of our favorite Easter crafts.

You can follow the easy video below or read through the steps for an easy DIY tutorial. Including everything, you need to complete your cards.



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Everything you need for the Easter Card

  • Download your free bunny images
  • Glue stick
    • I totally love the Power glue stick from Pritt, especially for sticking embellishments to never come loose
  • Pretty card stock
  • Good quality paper scissors
    • having awesome scissors specifically for cutting paper makes a big difference in creating beautiful images

  • Decorative washi tape rolls
    • there are so many different washi tapes available
    • the best tip is to source them in beautiful bright colors to liven up any craft project and
    • use them for different crafts
  • stickers
  • foam stickers and
  • pretty embellishments
  • little pom poms
    • don’t be scared to source a few of these cute little balls as you can use them for many different projects

Time to make those cute Easter cards

Step-by-step Easter Card DIY Tutorial

These cute bunny cards are so easy to make and perfect for little hands. Depending on their ages you can assist with the cutting and tape sticking.

Allowing them to paste the bunnies and do the embellishments ensure loads of fun.

Easter Card DIY Step 1

Cute bunnies for Easter

  • download and print the PDF bunny images
  • adjust the size as needed
  • cut it out along the printed line
  • you can use as many bunnies as you prefer

Easter Card DIY Step 2

easter card diy #eastercard #eastercraft

  • stick the decorative tape in strips across the image
  • stick the tape pieces side by side and
  • continue to fill the entire bunny image
  • use different colors and prints alternatively and in any direction
    • variations make it look pretty

Easter Card DIY Step 3

easter card diy #eastercard #eastercraft

  • turn the image with tape over and cut the excess tape, following the paper outline
  • turn tape side up and your bunny is now ready to be used on the card

Easter Card DIY Step 4

easter card diy #eastercard #eastercraft

  • choose a rectangle shaped card from your preferred card stock and
  • fold in half to create a card
  • make sure your card front is big enough to fit your bunny images
    • suggested size: 24 x 34 cm cardstock fold in half

Easter Card DIY Step 5

easter card diy #eastercard #eastercraft

  • apply glue to the white side of the bunny image and
  • stick it onto the front of your card
  • make it look pretty by adding stickers, eyes, pom-pom tails and any other embellishments you like

Easter Card DIY Step 6

easter card diy

More Easter Card DIY ideas

Create your own Easter card with free step-by-step. easter card diy

  • decorate your bunny by drawing a face on the taped image
  • cover your bunny using one decorative tape only
  • add a special Easter message inside
  • create fluffy ears with wool
  • decorate your card with Easter egg stickers
  • let your own imagination free

Your card is done!

Does it look awesome? Did you enjoy making it with the kids?

Leave a comment or pin a photo of yours on Pinterest.

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