Father Daughter Relationship -Values a Daughter must Learn from her Father

 There are many Values a Daughter must learn from her Father to ensure a lasting Father Daughter Relationship.

Today we will discuss the top 10 of these values and skills important in any father daughter relationship. They can, of course, be learned from moms and dads or any other caregiver.

But, in my experience, there is added benefit when a girl learns these from her father. Read on, and let me know if you agree with this list of values a daughter must learn from her father.

Father daughter relationship. special skills a daughter must learn from her dad is very important #kidsvalues #parentingtips #dadtodaughter

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Number 1 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
Men must respect women

This is a truly important value every girl needs to learn in a good father daughter relationship.

The respectful way a dad treats his wife and daughter reflects his admiration and love. And, girls learn the importance of this in their father’s ways.

It will later in life empower a daughter with the ability to make the best relationship choices.

So, dads, be sure to teach your daughter the way they need to be respected by a man. In real life, unfortunately, many daughters also learn from their dad’s example, the way a woman should not be treated

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Number 2 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
Be a strong, decisive woman

Women are allowed to voice their own opinions and stand by what they believe. Having a difference of opinion does not mean your viewpoint is wrong – whether you are male or female.

In our house we have an official opinion rule stating:

As long as your opinion is backed by research, experience or a gut feeling you are allowed to share it!

Therefore, all opinions are welcome and considered. And, yes every girl needs to learn to trust her gut feeling or sixth sense. This is a skill that comes in very handy the day she becomes a mother.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  -Albert Einstein

Research has proven thacognitive function changes during pregnancy to help moms connect with their babies. These changes strengthen a mom’s ability to intuitively know what their baby needs.

In other words, trust your gut feeling! You can read more about unlocking the power of your intuition here.

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Number 3 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
How to stand up for herself 

Yes, Fathers should teach their daughters a couple of solid self-defense moves. This is part of a solid father daughter relationship and might just save her from an unwanted situation one day…

But, it is not only important for dads to share physical defense strategies, also emotional ones.

Give your daughter a lot of compliments and teach her to handle critique. These are vital social skills she needs to learn from early on. Tease her, pull her ponytail and tell her how cute she looks in a new outfit.

These interactions will help her handle similar situations later on. Dealing with comments and compliments will be part of her everyday life growing up.

Being used to good comments, and therefore able to distinguish them from inappropriate ones, will ease her school life tremendously.

Teaching your daughter to stand up for herself is part of being a Power Parent! And, an important value a daughter must learn from her father.

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Number 4 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
Know the qualities of a good husband

Girls want husbands who are like their fathers. One who loves her mom and always behaves like a good father and a loving husband. And, knows how to apologize when he fails at this …

Knowing the good qualities to look for in a husband, and, the bad qualities to avoid, will help girls choose a better husband.

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Number 5 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
How to be an entrepreneur

Business skills and career aspirations are often born from a girl’s adoration for her father’s success and the basis of a healthy father daughter relationship. Girls view their fathers as corporate giants, social idols, and DIY heroes.

They are inspired by their dad’s skills and accomplishments and dreams of replicating it in their own lives.

Father daughter relationship. Values a daughter must learn from her father. one is how to be an entrepreneur #daughterfromdad #valueskids #fromdadtodaughter #daddyloveFor daughters, it is not important whether their fathers are business managers, bus drivers or firefighters. What is important, is that they love their jobs.

That they love going to work every day. And, that they want to share some of their work passion and skills with their kids.

Learning how to be an entrepreneur, is not only about being successful in business. But, also to succeed as a life entrepreneur – being triumphant in everything they do!

Number 6 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
To believe in herself

Teaching a daughter self-confidence starts with her father. If she does not trust her parents to believe in her, she will find it very difficult believing in herself.

A lot of teenage girls struggle with the acceptance of their own looks and being. Parents, and especially fathers who take an active role in promoting self-confidence from a young age, limits this problem.

Praise your child’s efforts, comment on their talents and trust in their abilities.

By doing this you will help your kids to believe in themselves and grow up to be confident and successful young adults.

Number 7 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
How to work with money

Learning how to budget and work with money is a trait a father needs to teach kids from a young age. Although moms also play a big role here, daughters tend to take money matters more serious when dads invest time in teaching them.

Help your kids become financially intelligent with great tips on teaching kids about money. And, how to handle money intelligently – important values a daughter must learn from her father.

Number 8 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
Learn a special skill

Father daughter relationship. special skills a daughter must learn from her dad is very important #kidsvalues #parentingtips #dadtodaughterEvery daughter needs to have great memories of her father teaching her a special skill. These are the kind of things that build a lasting father daughter relationship.

Whether this is how to ride a bike, learn to ski or skate or any other unusual ability.

She will cherish these memories and relive them the day her husband teaches their daughter that same skill.

So be sure to take the time dads, and leave a legacy.

Your daughter will love you even more! Certain things a daughter MUST learn from her father

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Number 9 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
Respect what you own

Kids need to learn to respect and take care of things. Whether it is a toy, pet or any other belonging. And, the best way to learn this important value, is by following a parent’s example.

Girls don’t love their fathers more because they drive the biggest and most expensive cars.  They love them because they have trust in their father daughter relationship.

They do however like them just that little bit more when whatever they drive is super shiny … Daughters want to be proud of their dads, their actions, and their beliefs.

When you value things your kids will inevitably do so as well. Teaching your kids to care for and appreciate what they have is one of the most important values a daughter must learn from her father.

Number 10 Value a Daughter
must learn from her Father
Distinguish left from right

Let’s face it, few women can get that right! So, dads, make the effort and teach your girls to identify left from right. It will make their lives just that little bit easier!

Now that you know the 10 top values a daughter must learn from her father to ensure an awesome and lasting father daughter relationship, start working at it today.

Be an awesome dad
and raise brilliant kids!

Father daughter relationship. Values a daughter must learn from her father. #daughterfromdad #valueskids #fromdadtodaughter #daddylove

Do you need a little inspiration on how to be a super cool dad? And, know the true reasons why a little girl loves her daddy? Then see the lists below.  My daughter was very happy to share her thought on these topics.

15 Ways to be a Super Cool Dad
defined by my 7-year-old daughter
(who has an awesome father daughter relationship)

  1. Tell me you love me – every day!
  2. Do our secret handshake
  3. Give me plenty of hugs
  4. Hide with me whilst waiting for the tooth fairy
  5. Play soccer with me
  6. Spend more time at home
  7. Hold my hand when I have to go to the dentist
  8. Read more than one bedtime story (I do LOVE this one!)
  9. Remember to buy mommy flowers
  10. Climb a tree with me
  11. Go on an adventure together
  12. Help me build a sandcastle
  13. Play our favorite songs and dance
  14. Play Leapfrog games with me and my brother (This is my favorite one!)
  15. Make funny faces

The true reasons why a daughter loves her father

why a daughter love her daddy. Father daughter relationship. Values a daughter must learn from her father. #daughterfromdad #valueskids #fromdadtodaughter #daddylove

Are there more values you think a daughter must learn from her father? Share your thoughts and experience and let us know the top ways of being a super cool parent – as described by your kids!

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Father daughter relationship are build with these 10 powerful values a daughter must learn from her father. #fatherdaughterrelationship #awesomeparent #parenting #bestparentingtips

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