Today we are discussing 10 values dads must teach their daughter to ensure a lasting and strong Father-Daughter Relationship. The days when dads did not take an active role in raising kids are luckily gone. Nowadays fathers play a huge role in teaching kids skills and values and today we will discover the 10 values a daughter must learn from her father.

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There is just some special link between fathers and daughters. isn’t there?

Have you also experienced that special look or smile or joke only the two of them share? It’s magic when it’s there!

And, if you were wondering what fathers can do to achieve that unique bond, you are in the right place today.


Father-daughter relationships

are built upon trust, respect, and love. And do you want to know the easiest way a father can earn these?

Yes, you guessed it, by teaching their daughter life skills like the ones we will discuss today.

Although these values can be learned from moms and dads or any other caregiver …

In my experience, there is added benefit when a girl learns these from her father. It’s all about that special father-daughter relationship.


Discover the and let me know

  • do you agree with this list of values a daughter must learn from her father
  • and  the skills you would add to the list


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happy father and daughter

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Values a Daughter must learn from her Father

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Respect for a woman

This is a truly important value every girl needs to discover

And it is learned so much easier when there is a good father-daughter relationship.

The respectful way a dad treats his wife and daughter reflects his admiration and love.

And, by seeing their father’s ways day-to-day, daughters discover the true worth of this value.

And, when girls grow older

they are empowered with the ability to make the best relationship choices.

So Dads, make use of that solid father-daughter relationship you have created and each your daughter the way they need to be respected by a man. I am sure you can guess the flip side of this, many daughters unfortunately also learn from their dad’s example, the way a woman should not be treated

Please don’t put your daughter in that miserable situation.


child relationship tips

Be strong and decisive

Women are allowed to voice their own opinions and stand by what they believe. Having a difference of opinion does not mean a viewpoint is wrong whether you are male or female.

Remember that!

Want to know the official opinion rule in our house

You are allowed to share an opinion, as long as it is backed by

  • research
  • experience or
  • a gut feeling

In other words, all opinions are welcome and considered!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  

Albert Einstein

Trust your instincts

Yes it is true, every girl needs to learn to trust her gut feeling or so-called sixth sense. This is a skill that comes in very handy the day she becomes a mother. Research has proven cognitive function changes during pregnancy

  • to help moms connect with their babies
  • strengthening a mom’s ability to intuitively know what their baby needs

In other words,  trust your gut feeling! Interested to learn more about the power of your intuition have a look at how to unlock that power here

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Stand up for yourself

Yes, Fathers should teach their daughters a couple of solid self-defense moves. since it might just save her from an unwanted situation one day … But important as the physical defense strategies are the emotional ones might even be more significant. Two of the best ways to teach your daughter to stand up for herself

  • give her a lot of compliments and
  • teach her to handle critique

These are vital social skills she needs to learn from early on. Tease her,  pull her ponytail and tell her how cute she looks in a new outfit. These interactions will help her handle similar situations later on in life. Dealing with comments and compliments will be part of her everyday life growing up.


Being used to good comments

and therefore able to distinguish them from inappropriate ones will ease her school life tremendously. Teaching your daughter to stand up for herself is part of being a power parent and essential when building a father-daughter relationship. So start dishing out compliments today! What lies behind this truth is knowing how to discipline your daughter in a positive manner.


father teaching daughter

Know the qualities of a good husband

Girls want husbands who are like their fathers. Yes it’s true! Few young women will actually admit to his …

But more often than not, girls want a father

  • who loves her mom and
  • always behaves like a good father and
  • a loving husband

And, knows how to apologize when he fails at this …

Girls are able to choose better husbands

by recognizing the good qualities to look for and the bad qualities to avoid … Need a bit of extra parenting awesomeness, check out these 7 super simple strategies to raise smart kids.


daughter and dad learning

How to be an entrepreneur

Business skills and career aspirations are often born:

  • from a girl’s adoration for her father’s success and
  • the basis of a healthy father-daughter relationship


Want to know how your girl sees you

mostly as a corporate giant … social idol … or DIY hero … Girls are inspired by their dad’s skills and accomplishments and dreams of replicating it in their own lives.

It is not important for girls

whether their fathers are business managers, bus drivers or firefighters. What is important

  • that they love their jobs and
  • they love going to work every day
  • they come home happy
  • and they want to share some of their work passion and skills with their kids


A cool fact to keep in mind

Learning how to be an entrepreneur, is not only about being successful in business. But, also to succeed as a life entrepreneur. In other words, being triumphant in everything you do!

As a father, you have the power to teach your daughter just that …

teach daughter self-confidence

Believe in yourself

Teaching a daughter self-confidence starts with her parents. When she does not trust her parents to believe in her, she will find it very difficult to believe in herself.

Want to know one of the biggest struggles of teenage girls?

the acceptance of their own looks and being

How to limit this problem

As a parent and especially a father, you have to take an active role in promoting self-confidence in your daughter from a young age. You might be wondering how exactly?

Try this

  • encourage your child’s efforts
  • compliment their talents and
  • trust in their abilities

By doing this you will

  • help your kids to believe in themselves and
  • grow up to be confident and successful young adults.

You can read more about this strategy here


teach kids to work with money

How to work with money

Learning how to budget and work with money is a trait a father needs to teach kids from a young age. Although moms also play a big role here, daughters tend to take money matters more seriously when dads invest time in teaching them.

Help your kids become financially intelligent with great tips like these:


values daughter must learn from her father

Learn a special skill

father teaches daughter a special skill

Every daughter needs to have great memories of her father teaching her a special skill. These are the kind of things that build a lasting father-daughter relationship. It is not important whether this special skill is:

  • how to ride a bike
  • learn to ski or
  • skate or
  • any other unusual ability


The important part is, your daughter having amazing memories she can cherish and relive the day her husband teaches their daughter that same skill. Magic! So be sure to take the time dads, and leave a legacy. Your daughter will love you even more! There are certain things like this a daughter simply MUST learn from her father

teach kids to respect what they own

Respect what you own

Kids need to learn to respect and take care of things. Whether it is a toy, pet or any other belonging. And, the best way to learn this important value, by following a parent’s example


Want to know another secret

Girls don’t love their fathers more because they drive the biggest and most expensive cars. They love them because they have trust in their steadfast relationship. Have to admit though, they do sometimes like them just that little bit more when whatever they drive is super shiny and cared for …


A daughter needs to be proud of her father

But also, proud of her father’s

  • actions
  • and beliefs

When you value things your kids will inevitably do so as well. Teaching your kids to care for and appreciate what they have is one of the most important values a daughter must learn from her father. Don’t you agree?


values a daughter must learn from her dad

Distinguish left from right

Let’s face it few women can get that right! So, dads, make the effort and teach your girls to identify left from right. It will make their lives just that little bit easier!


So there you have all the values a daughter must learn from her father

The top 10 values a dad must teach his girl to secure a lasting father-daughter relationship.

And when the relationship is secured


Leave a comment

Are there more values you think a daughter must learn from her father? Share your thoughts and experiences on a good father-daughter relationship

And let us know the top ways of being a super cool parent, as described by your kids!


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