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My kids, aged 5 and 7 love coloring!

Why do I love it too?

Activities like coloring stimulate:

  • their brain development and
  • teach them skills like patience
  • attention to detail and
  • creativity

Therefore I am always more than happy to indulge in their need for creative activity and new coloring sheets.

Today’s post

will share with you:

  • our own coloring book creation
  • free coloring sheet printables, and
  • our favorite coloring sheets and book resources



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Our coloring book journey

Since the kids never seem to have enough new coloring sheets, we decided to start making our own.

And nowadays, I am constantly creating new coloring sheets for kids on request.

Anything from:

  • dinosaurs to fairies
  • weird and wonderful animals
  • and underwater creatures!

And that is why it is so much fun:

we can create whatever they can imagine!

Brilliant right?

Coloring sheet fun

Continually creating new coloring sheets for kids resulted in us having loads of new pages.

We print, color in, cut and paste these over and over again.

We even use the images to create gift cards and make room posters!

The end result

Realizing the vast amount of coloring pages we have created, we decided to put them together into a coloring book.

The result:

We published My Magic Kids Coloring Book


my magic coloring book with great coloring sheets for kids #coloring

Yes! We chose 43 of our coolest images and you can grab the entire book from Amazon.

The coloring book for kids aged 4 to 8 is:

filled with more than 40 unique images

My secret to keeping the kids entertained

so I can get things done

my magic coloring book for kids top learning styles

Yes, you guessed it …

new coloring pages!

So grab your copies now and keep them busy whilst having fun so you can also get things done!



Kids Coloring Book fun for boys and girls. A beautiful kids coloring book with more than 40 unique images from

You can buy My Magic Coloring Book for Kids

  • printed on quality paper with a beautiful glossy cover
  • delivered to your door within days, ready for coloring fun

Or when you prefer the images in a pdf file

  • ready for print as and when you need them
  • grab a pdf copy here

Thanks, we appreciate your support!

Coloring Fun for the Kids. A beautiful book with more than 40 unique images from

Free Coloring Sheets for Kids to Print

Just because we love sharing the fun:

you can download

Kids Coloring Book Fun for the Kids. A beautiful book with more than 40 unique images from

Coloring Sheets for Girls

coloring sheets for kids and coloring sheets for girls #coloring #coloringforkids

Finding pretty coloring pages for girls are relatively easy as they love anything cute, pretty or filled with hearts or unicorns!

Free Printables

Easter Coloring Pages

Coloring Books for Girls

Coloring Sheets for Boys

coloring sheets for kids and coloring sheets for boys #coloring #coloringforkidsAlthough boys prefer cars, animals and dinosaurs over al the hearty, unicorn stuff, there is still a lot of different coloring sheets for boys to choose from.

Free Printables

Dog coloring sheets

Coloring Books for Boys

Coloring Sheets for Teens

coloring sheets for kids and coloring sheets for teens #coloring #coloringforkids

As we know, teenagers are a kind of their own.

And, their coloring preferences seem to lean more towards

  • self-care quotes and
  • coloring pages with some deeper meaning

That is why the book recommendations below are perfect.

Free Printables

Inspirational coloring page for Teens

Coloring Books for Teens

Coloring Quotes

Bee coloring page. free printable #beecoloring #freeprintable #freecoloringimage #bumblebeeimage

Coloring quotes are not only perfect for teenagers, but also for younger kids and adults. Check out some great options:

Free Printables

Free bee coloring quotes

Coloring Books with Quotes

Coloring Sheets for Adults

Bee coloring page. free printable #beecoloring #freeprintable #freecoloringimage #bumblebeeimage

Coloring is of course not for the kids only.

Want to know an interesting fact?

Coloring for adults is huge!

Wondering why:

Because it is a relaxing activity to make your mind of other things. And, it really works. It is one of my favorite me-time activities.

There are so many options available for adult coloring sheets and you can find my favorite printable sheets and books below.

Free printables

Mindfulness coloring pages

Coloring books for Adults

Coloring Recommendations

Try these bright coloring pencils with My magic Kids Coloring Book from HealthyFamilyandMe.comPart of coloring is, of course, using good quality pencils.

We have bought these great coloring pencils and they are our new favorite!

Why we love these pencils:

  • super soft with
  • bright colors
  • easy to use for little hands and
  • creates beautiful pictures

Top tip

Make coloring sheets for kids even more magical:

  • brush a wet paintbrush over your coloring page
  • creating a painted effect

Kids Coloring Book Fun for the Kids. A beautiful book with more than 40 unique images from

Leave a comment

and let me know if you and your kids also enjoy coloring and share your favorite coloring sheet resources.

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