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Having fun as a family over the holidays

Establishing family traditions is very important to us. Want to know one of our secret family rituals that can also transform your holidays into fun, memory-making moments Christmas gift exchange games and themes!


diy ornaments, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions


Wouldn’t it be awesome when you are a grandparent, seeing your children share with their kids, the same traditions you shared? The very things that you did to give them happy childhood memories, living on in your grandkids’ lives!

Brilliant! That is what leaving a legacy is all about. The little things we do that lasts more than one lifetime.


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Our New Christmas Family Tradition

Last year I decided to add Christmas gift exchange games to our family holiday traditions. Why? Because its fun and everyone will get the chance to feel the pleasure of sharing and receiving personalized gifts.

For our kids now 6 and 7 years old, traditions like these are thoroughly enjoyed and remembered. And, repeated every year, as that is the purpose of a tradition. Right?

We played a simple Christmas gift exchange game where everyone prepares a gift according to a theme. And, then we swap them amongst each other.


For example, last year our theme was photo memories. I bought some pretty photo frames, printed cute family photos and the kids cut, decorated and created their own framed collages.

You won’t believe how giving the kids free creative rein, results in the most incredible gifts.

This year our theme is going to be memory books. Everyone has to draw pictures, and write down memories from the past year.

I simply gathered some colored papers and our favorite pencils and the kids get to draw one picture for every day of December. Just before Christmas Eve, I will help them to put it together and bind it into a book. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

They are super excited to do one drawing every day. At the same time counting the days down to Christmas. Because who doesn’t enjoy the fun of having a Christmas calendar! And the outcome of this one?

A 25 picture collection memory book to cherish for years to come.


The Value of Family Traditions

Doing activities like these together as a family is important to create strong family bonds. And, what better time than the  Christmas holidays to enjoy moments like these together.

The theme you choose or the exchange games you play can vary every year and you can adapt it to fit your family size and kids’ ages. To make it easy for your young kids, buy something related to the theme and let them turn it into a gift. Be creative!

You can build the tradition within your close family or even include your extended family members for all to enjoy together and create awesome holiday memories.

Free Printable Just Because You Are Awesome!

Download your Christmas Menu Planner, it is an awesome tool for stress-free holiday menu planning. Just click the link below, print and enjoy!


Christmas planner. #christmasplanner #christmasmenu #menuplanner

More family Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes

Choosing the theme for your gift exchange games will depend on the age and abilities of your kids. Choose one that is easy for them to participate and allow them to follow their own ideas.

I will share some of our best ideas with you below. Choose one, adapt one, or create a new one!

You can also write down a couple of your favorite ideas on a piece of paper, place them in a jar and every year someone else gets to choose one for that year.


Frugal Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes


wind chimes diy, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions


  • nature

During December everyone collects beautiful things from nature, like stones or shells and then create a gift using their treasures. You can find some awesome shell gift ideas here.


  • creative writing

Each family member writes a poem or story and then read it on Christmas Day. Younger kids can draw pictures and tell the story using their images. This is an awesome way to stimulate those creative minds.


  • recycle

Save recycled items and make something useful with it. For example, help the kids create beautiful wind chimes. Here are some great ideas to also make eco-friendly gift wrap.


Fun Family Activity Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes


Christmas mug, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions


This is one of my favorite ways to build family holiday traditions. Even when you choose one of the other exchange themes, be sure to always add a family activity as well. Times like these, spend as a family, builds the basis for happy and healthy family relations.

  • movie night

Everyone wraps something related to enjoying a family movie night. Think popcorn, drinks, chocolates, a movie, pajamas. Exchange gifts and watch the movie together on Christmas Eve.


  • enjoy a cuppa

Buy some cute coffee mugs and sharpie permanent markers. Everyone decorates one mug and exchanges it. Enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate together in your new mugs.


Beautiful Memories Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes


diy ornaments, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions


  • pictures and drawings

Everyone draw pictures of their favorite memories from the past year and share the stories around it on Christmas Eve.


  • diy tree ornament

It is super fun to make your own tree ornaments and decorate the tree together with all the DIY ornaments. I love these felt ones.

The best part is re-discovering these DIY ornaments the next year!


Favorite Food Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes


Christmas cookies, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions


  • chocolate

The kids choose their favorite chocolates, add a personalized card and exchange them on Christmas Day.


  • fresh fruit

Go to a local market where everyone selects fresh fruit. We have done this before, after buying the fruit my kids grabbed our re-usable mesh and muslin drawstring bags and created an awesome gift hamper for their grandparents.

I also love this fruit Christmas wreath idea!


  • cookies

Prepare Christmas cookie batter together and have the kids choose their favorite cookie cutters. They can shape, bake, decorate and then pack a selection of cookies for each family member.

This is also an awesome family holiday activity to do together. Bake and decorate your favorite biscuits or cakes.


Family Fun Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes


Christmas cookies, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions


  • play the gift exchange game with a dice

And exchange gifts. Each number on the dice has a different instruction. Be prepared with a small gift ready that everyone will love receiving and start playing!

Think of gifts like

You can find this and other gifts exchange games here.


  • Toys

Exchanging toys is super fun for kids and you can easily also include the adults in this theme, with toys like


  • smelly gifts

This is one the kids will love!

You can either take the kids to the shop to choose an item or be frugal and have them choose something that’s already in the house.

They need to find something you can smell through the wrapping paper. Everyone receives one of the smelly gifts and needs to guess what is inside without opening it.


Good choices include

A good tip is to rub a piece of napkin in the lotion, soap or oil and add it in the package. It will help the person receiving it, to guess the smell.

And, yes the less nice smelly ones like cheese and old shoes will also be considered …


  • Be spoiled

Each family member creates three spoil coupons, offering things like a foot massage, nail care, making a cup of tea, cleaning someone’s room or any other spoil activity. The spoil coupons are exchanged and everyone gets spoiled!


Favorite Color Christmas Gift Exchange Games and Themes


Christmas color, Christmas gift exchange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions


  • Choose a color and everyone needs to be creative and find or create a gift matching that color.


These are just a few ideas of great Christmas gift exchange games and themes.

The fun of doing this lies within the personalized family touch. There are no rules and you can choose any theme!

Think out of the box, start your own family holiday tradition and have fun together!

Leave a comment and let me know your gift exchange idea. Or, family traditions you cherish over the Christmas holidays.


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Need a new Christmas family tradition. Check out the Christmas gift exhange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions Christmas gift exhange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions




Family Christmas gift exchange ideas. Check out the Christmas gift exhange games and themes for families #christmas #christmasgifts #christmastraditions

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