Resourceful soul of a female entrepreneur like Chrissy Weems. Are you also an aspiring female entrepreneur. Find inspiration here from known and new female entrepreneurs alike. #femaleentrepreneur

Ever wondered what great women like Martha Stewart, Estée Lauder, Chrissy Weems and Eleanor Roosevelt have in common? Let’s investigate this thought and in doing so reveal the secrets of the resourceful soul of a female entrepreneur. I will kick things off by outlining the constituents of this post title with 3 simple questions.

What does it mean to be a Female Entrepreneur?

A female entrepreneur is defined as a female individual “who organizes and manages any business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”.

And, just for interest sake, female entrepreneurs constitute an impressive one-third of all entrepreneurs worldwide! An inspiring amount!

How do we define being a Mother?

Simple. A mother is the “female parent of a child.” Defining an awesome mother, of course, is slightly more complicated … but that is a discussion for another day!

Who is Chrissy Weems?

Chrissy Weems is a creative female entrepreneur whose story I will gladly share with you to serve as an inspiration to us all.

So what is the common denominator in the answers to these 3 questions?
The female aspect of course!

This leads me to the most important question of all:

What does it take to be a Loving Mother and a Resourceful Entrepreneur?

The aim of this post is to answer just that! In doing so, let’s explore the composition of the resourceful soul of a female entrepreneur that reaches far beyond everyday motherhood.

A lot of information is available on how to be an awesome mother. There are also great examples of the world’s most powerful female entrepreneurs to trail.  Inspiring lists can be found from high-impact resources such as Forbes and Entrepreneur. And, the one evident thing that all the mentioned women have in common is their willingness to bare their resourceful souls! Triggered by their enthusiasm to share their beliefs and prove their worth as mothers and female entrepreneurs.

Resourceful soul of a female entrepreneur like Chrissy Weems. Are you also an aspiring female entrepreneur. Find inspiration here from known and new female entrepreneurs alike. #femaleentrepreneur

The most magical aspect of this resourcefulness is its expression above and beyond what is required as a mother! We know two-thirds of business entrepreneurs are still male. But, in my humble opinion, being a power parent whilst rocking a business necessitates exceptional skill.

It requires an intelligent, resilient and resourceful soul! Yes, many successful male entrepreneurs also have these outstanding qualities, but for the vast majority, business comes first and then family. The opposite is true for female entrepreneurs – they are mothers first, then businesswomen.

Being a successful female entrepreneur requires added effort and skillfulness over those portrayed by the average person.

Unfortunately, there are not many resources available explaining how to juggle the numerous balls of motherhood combined with those needed for entrepreneurial success. The best way to understand this elusive strategy is thus to look at real-life cases. And today, I will mention the successful female entrepreneur, Chrissy Weems, as an exceptional example. She is a thriving businesswoman and proud mother of 5 children … quite an accomplishment in itself!

The Story of Chrissy Weems

Chrissy Weems is a woman who upholds all of the above-mentioned traits as a mother and a resourceful female entrepreneur. Her inspiring journey started when her eldest daughter expressed her wishes to have her own car at age 16. To make this wish come true, they created a jewelry company called Origami Owl. And, they haven’t looked back since.

Chrissy Weems took the initiative to turn her daughter’s birthday wish into a business opportunity. They built a profitable business and paid for an expensive birthday gift! Something most parents would not be able to do.

And then, the magic that derives from being a mother and an entrepreneur transpired!

Chrissy Weems was not satisfied with simply creating a lucrative business; she felt she had to also share her success. She decided to find a way to empower the members of her community. And that’s exactly what she did by starting a program where teenagers can learn to build their own business and earn money.  Therefore passing on her expert know-how and helping others to help themselves.

Resourceful soul of a female entrepreneur like Chrissy Weems. Are you also an aspiring female entrepreneur. Find inspiration here from known and new female entrepreneurs alike. #femaleentrepreneur

Chrissy Weems conveyed her philosophy in making the challenging decision to help her daughter buy a car and she stuck to that choice. Exactly as Eleanor Roosevelt suggested, she turned it into a responsibility. And more importantly, ensured a positive end result by capitalizing on her skill, strength and sheer willpower.

She applied her maternal passion for her family’s welfare, her dedication to persevere, her resourceful entrepreneurial spirit and became a powerful businesswoman with the life-force of a mother. It doesn’t get any better than that!

The brilliant leadership skills demonstrated by Chrissy Weems defines her actions to “create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

Shining as a successful mother and an entrepreneur just became a reality. We don’t have to dream about rocking this combination any more … We just need to do it!

And, when we bare our resourceful souls empower others, we will succeed. We will find joy in sharing happiness. Feel content, by allowing those around us to feel satisfied. Find our faith in making others believe. In this, lies the answer to being an awesome mother and a brilliant entrepreneur.

Let’s use the journey of women like Chrissy Weems to inspire us. Help us believe in ourselves. Lead us to greatness. And, allow us to embrace the empowering triumph of being able to bare our resourceful souls as mothers and entrepreneurs – and hence prosper.

To all the inspiring Martha’s, Eleanor’s, Estée’s, and Chrissy’s out there, we acknowledge you today!

I created the content for this post based on the inspiration I personally gain from other resourceful female entrepreneurs. This is a sponsored post via DiamondLinks that was motivated by my firm belief in the power of being a mother and a female entrepreneur. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you.

I would love to hear who your favorite female entrepreneur is, so leave a comment and also share the great ways you bare your resourceful soul as a female entrepreneur AND a mother.

Photo attributions
Estée Lauder: By New York World-Telegram and the Sun staff photographer: Sauro, Bill, photographer. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Oprah Winfrey: Byhref; CC BY 2.0 href via Wikimedia Commons
Martha Stewart: By David Shankbone CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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