Body Cleanse – How to Detox in just 7 Days – Safe and Simple

The Best 7 Day Body Cleanse Plan
With Brilliant Worksheets to a Happy and Healthy You

You want to feel more energized, healthy and happy. Right? Of course, and that is why I am so glad you are reading this post today. This is exactly what you will discover: A simple, step-by-step 7 day detox plan, to body cleanse successfully and guide your body and mind back to vigor, naturally.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you.

Today I want to share with you 2 simple, yet powerful actions that will change your life!

Everything you need to body cleanse in just one week AND live the healthy lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

A step-by-step plan with brilliant worksheets to guide you all the way. It has never been easier!

And, these worksheets were designed for the everyday healthy wannabe – simple yet powerful! No fluff … no wasting time …

1. 7 Day Detox Plan with Bonus Triple Detox Superboost

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Why am I sharing all of this with you

A couple of months ago I was miserable and tired and desperately needed to change our family lifestyle to be more healthy. I have spent many hours researching the best health tips and detox solutions.

Using all the information I gained, combined with my knowledge as a medical doctor, I created these resources to help our family cleanse our bodies and start living the healthy lifestyle we always wanted. And we did it!

Because there is so much information out there that is absolute rubbish and downright scary … I decided to share our resources with everyone who wants to change their lives for the better and do so safely and effectively.

I am very happy to share all of this with you, knowing it is based on science, medicine and trustworthy resources. And, it can help you change your life as we did ours!

This exact detox plan, in combination with the Healthy Lifestyle Kit worksheets, changed our lifestyle forever. As a family, we all lost weight, are happier, healthier and more energized! And, by using this plan, you can do it do!

You will be able to make long-term healthy lifestyle changes easily and without having to waste hours searching for the best and safest strategies.

Time to discover The 7 Day Detox Plan for an Optimal Body Cleanse

Exactly why it is perfect for you

You are feeling tired. Dragging your feet out of bed every day. Dreading another long day of taking care of your family, cooking, cleaning and more. Sounds familiar?

Don’t worry, You are not alone. A lot of us feel this way. Mostly because we often overindulge when stressed or tired, neglect our exercise programs and forget to make time for ourselves.

And if you are a mom, you are definitely not the only one feeling the pressure of motherhood. We all do. We all have too many things on our to-do list and struggle to keep up the pace.

But don’t fear, this is exactly why the 7 day detox plan is perfect for you!

You need to do the 7 Day Detox Challenge today

Because you don`t need to feel stressed, tired and miserable for one more day. No, you don’t!

You can take control and start taking better care of yourself and your family. You can be an awesome parent and take simple steps to revitalize yourself naturally and with long-term benefit!

The 7 Day Detox Plan is a solid first step towards a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

We all heard low-carb meals are healthy and we should consider changing our lifestyles accordingly. But it is difficult. We are tired and busy and making these kinds of changes feels like climbing a mountain.

It is even tougher to start a new diet for the entire family. Simply, because radical diet changes affect sleep, mood, and behavior.  Even though these initial symptoms are temporary, they are real.

The last thing you need is moody, miserable and tired family members all at once. Right?

Therefore, I recommend you do the 7 day detox to cleanse your own body and mind. Afterward, you will feel revitalized. And, have more strength to help your family also progress from tired and miserable to energized, happy and healthy.

Making long-term healthy lifestyle changes will be so much easier after you are detoxified, energized and ready for the next challenge.

By following the 7 steps outlined in this post, and starting the 7 day detox challenge,  you will know the exact, easy steps to make those healthy lifestyle changes for good.

You will be inspired to be more energized, happy and healthy. And, you will know exactly how to get started without mountain climbing shoes!

And, if you need an extra bit of support and motivation to make these changes last, be sure to check out the Healthy Lifestyle Kit.

You will benefit from the 7 Day Body Cleanse

The 7 day detox is an easy and simple, step-by-step detoxification plan designed for the everyday person who wants to start their journey towards vitality.

The detox is specifically created to make the transition to a long-term healthy lifestyle and better quality of life, simple for a busy parent like yourself.

It is an easy directed process to guide you towards health and happiness.

This detox plan is probably not perfect for the health fanatic who does a detox once a month – although it will still serve as a great body cleanse for anyone wanting to be healthier.

But, if you are a busy parent longing to be healthier this is exactly what you need! And super simple! And FREE…

What is The 7 Day Detox Plan

The 7 day detox plan includes 7 worksheets that will set you up for success. Guiding you step by step with easy to complete printables to be energized, happy and healthy.

When you download your 7 detox worksheets you will be able to
  • Complete the detox plan easily and successfully
    • Without any time-consuming preparation or difficult meal strategies
  • Know exactly how to plan your meals for the detox and
    • do so quickly and easily
  • Guide you towards being energized, healthy and happy within just 7 days

The worksheets are all designed to take very little time to complete, helping you conclude the detox cleanse and feel the difference immediately.

If you don`t have time to waste on complicated weight loss strategies and time-consuming healthy lifestyle suggestions you cannot keep up with, then this easy to complete 7 day body cleanse plan is perfect for you!

Completing the 7 day detox successfully will change your life

The purpose of this plan is to cleanse your body and mind and as a bonus lose some weight and improve your quality of life.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamilyAt the end of the one week body cleanse, you will feel more energized, healthy and happy. No doubt!

The detoxification will not only improve your physical wellbeing but also assist in a positive mindset. You will feel great after successfully completing this challenge and ready for the next one!

The best part: it will also set you up to successfully change the lifestyle of your family in the long run.

Take action today and start the journey to a more energized, happier and healthier you

What do you need to do now? It`s super easy!

The 7 day detox plan has 7 simple rules you need to follow to make this detoxification process successful.

The plan does not include any supplements, unnatural substances or complicated meals. There will be no counting, weighing or foreign ingredients. Just simple low carb living!

The 7 day body cleanse plan was created to provide you with an uncomplicated strategy to cleanse your body and improve your quality of life and that is exactly what you will find.

You will see awesome results

You have to track your progress and mental wellbeing to ensure optimal weight loss and body cleansing during these 7 days. How?

Easy –  Download your free 7 detox plan worksheets.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

I strongly advise you to make use of these resources to ensure optimal detoxification success. Included are top tips to gain the most benefit from these 7 days of detoxification as well as measurement charts, a mood tracker and goals and success sheets.

These worksheets are Free for a limited time only. It will be converted into a paid resource within the next couple of weeks. So be sure to make use of this opportunity today.

Grab yours now and detox like a pro!
You will love yourself for it!

A Personal Touch

I use this detox to cleanse my body whenever I feel the need. After completing it successfully for the first time, you will realize the difference it makes physically and mentally.

I also know that the first time can be challenging so if you need a bit of support, let me know via email when you start your detox. I will guide you with personal tips and suggestions to maximize your detox benefit.

7 Day Detox followed by a Healthy Lifestyle

The detoxification plan was designed to follow for 7 days, with the help of the Detox Plan Worksheets.

And, thereafter continue a healthy and active lifestyle, with the help of the Healthy Lifestyle Kit.

If you are planning to start an intensive new diet or exercise program then detoxification for 7 days first will set you up for success.

Therefore, complete the detox first and then jump into your long-term lifestyle changes. This way you are more likely to be successful at keeping up those healthy choices in the long run.

Healthy Lifestyle Kit to a happy and healthy you. Grab your kit now and get healthy with healhy food, healthy meals and meal planner. #healthylifestylekit #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyeating #healthyliving #ketoYou want to make long-term lifestyle changes as simple as possible.

Doing this is super easy by grabbing the Healthy Lifestyle Kit. It is jam-packed with powerful resources, worksheets, and meal planners to guide you through the process.

Important note

Never start this or any other detox or weight loss plan without consulting with your healthcare professional as needed. Especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

7 easy steps to transform you from stressed, miserable and tired to energized, happy and healthy

Step1, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

Download and print your 7 body cleanse worksheets

Click to access the 7 free detox plan printables now. The plan and worksheets are everything you need to successfully complete the detox.

And, if you need some more resources to help you change your lifestyle following the detox, consider grabbing the Healthy Lifestyle Kit with super additional worksheets like the superfoods chart to boost your health and energy.

The 7 detox worksheets are designed to
  • Make your detox easy and successful
  • Track your progress
  • Identify your struggles
  • Measure your success

It will take you only minutes a day to complete and successfully use the resources.

All 7 the worksheets are one-pagers and mostly require a couple of tick boxes to complete every day. It will not take up a lot of your time but will ensure you get the best benefit from the detox.

7 day detox plan, with triple detox super boost secret, to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamilyAnd remember, if you want to super boost your 7 day body cleanse with optimal weight loss, body cleansing and feeling supercharged, be sure to check out the Bonus worksheet included in the 7 Day Detox Plan: 

My Triple Detox Super Boost Secret! 

The 7 Free Detox Worksheets include

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

  1. The 7 Detox Rules
    • To keep you on the right track for optimum detoxification benefit
  2. Measurements Chart
    • For body measurements and progress tracking
  3. Detox Goals and Success Sheet
    • To determine your detox goals and measure your compliance and keep you motivated
  4. Mood Tracker
    • To track your mental wellbeing
  5. Workout Plan and Daily Water Intake Sheet
    • To choose and track your workout routine
    • To help you ensure maximum daily water intake needed during the detox
  6. Detox Tactics for Meals with
    • Detox Plan
    • Daily Meal Planner for the 7 detox days
    • Healthy Food Choices Chart to identify the best food groups
    • Foods to Avoid List
  7. Triple Detox Super Boost 
    • 3 Super actions to supercharge your detox, resulting in optimal weight loss, core strength and energy.

All yours for Free! You can access the 7 body cleanse worksheets here.

This offer will only be available for the next couple of weeks, as it will be converted into a paid resource. So be sure to grab yours now and get the maximum benefit of the detox. 

Healthy Lifestyle Triple Boost Secret to a happy and healthy you. Grab your kit now and get healthy with healhy food, healthy meals and meal planner. #healthylifestylekit #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyeating #healthyliving #ketoAnd, to guide your healthy lifestyle following your detox,

Grab your copy of the Healthy Lifestyle Kit including My Triple Lifestyle Super Boost.

Get all the juicy details here!

7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

Read and print your 7 detox rules

Click on the image below to download the 7 detox rules. When you are downloading the free worksheets, the rules, as well as all the detail and printables to make your detox successful will be included and you can skip printing the rules here.

7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

Step 3, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyChoose a day to start your body cleanse

When you do a proper detox, the change is often a shock to your body. To try and adapt to the sudden changes, your body might feel deprived resulting in fatigue and sugar and caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

So expect to possibly feel tired and irritated during the first 3 intensive body cleanse period days. This is called the keto-flu and can include flu-like symptoms like a headache, body aches and tiredness.

See these symptoms in a positive light though as it means that your body is in the transition to burning fat and cleansing itself. Exactly where you want to be!

You can limit a lot of these symptoms by already cutting down on caffeine and sugary food in the days before your detox. Then, during the detox, there aren’t so many changes to your body all at once.

Fortunately, these symptoms won’t last and will get better day by day. Just stick it out, after 3 days you will start feeling better.

By the end of the 7 days, your body and mind will be cleansed and you will feel revitalized, energized and happy with successfully completing the challenge.

Top Tip

  • Try to start your 7 day detox over a weekend, or on days without stressful events scheduled.
  • A Friday is recommended.
  • Being relaxed at home for the first couple of days will help your body cope with the change.
  • However, avoid lying on the couch thinking about things you would like to eat …
  • Rather play with the kids outside, go for a walk or do any relaxing non-strenuous activities.

Step 4, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyDecide on a low-intensity exercise plan

Do not follow a strenuous exercise program during your 7 day detox as your body will be fatigued and have a lot to cope with already.

But, low-intensity exercise for  15 to 45 minutes per day, based on your fitness level, is essential during the 7 days detox to feel happier and healthier.

Even if you don`t feel like working out, you will still benefit from the body cleanse. Doing some exercise will, however, aid in weight loss.

Choose one activity you can easily incorporate and try sticking to it for the week. Good low-intensity workout choices are:

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

The body cleanse period is also a good time to include some daily stress relieve practices like yoga and meditation. Take time for some inner reflection and positive mindset building.

And, to guide you to self-belief and a calm mind after the 7 days of detox, use the  Better-Me Challenges included in the Healthy Lifestyle Kit.

Step 5, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyPlan your 7 Day Detox

Start planning your 7 day detox with the help of the free worksheet downloads. Using these resources will help you successfully detox and get the best results.

It will only take you a couple of minutes to complete and you will have everything you need for your cleansing week.

  1. Complete your detox goals, body measurements and mood tracker.
  2. Plan your meals with the help of the detox meals tactics sheet.

That is it! You are all set to start 7 days to a new you!

For an added bit of motivation and comfort, also consider step 6:

Step 6, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyFind a detox friend

When you do a body cleanse, diet or new exercise program is often easier when you have a friend doing it with you. You can motivate each other and share your ups and downs.

Maybe you have a friend who is a new mom and you can see she needs a bit of energy – like most of us do … Or maybe your husband is overstressed and tired.

Invite them to join and get healthier and happier together. Just send them this link to download their own detox plan and worksheets, and get started.

Step 7, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyStart your 7 day detox

Congratulations! You have completed the most difficult steps already by making the decision to be healthier and starting the 7 day detox process.

You are now well on your way to a happier and healthier you. And, don’t let these resources sit and wait for you. Use them! You deserve to be happy and healthy!

Make the time and invest in the body cleanse you deserve.

If you are not sure of one of the steps or need extra guidance to get started, even if you did start and want to share your experience, joys or troubles during the detox – drop me an email. The email address is at the bottom of your first resource page.

I got your back friend! And, will support you through this detox to ensure optimal success. I have completed this exact detox several times, and know what you will be going through.  Reach out and let me guide you!

Enjoy your detox and don’t forget to share your suffering and success in the comments so we can all be motivated to take action and change our lives for the better.

Summary of the 7 detox plan step

  1. Set yourself up for success and download your 7 detox worksheets
  2. Print the 7 rules
  3. Save the date to start your one-week body cleanse. Don`t wait, do it now!
  4. Decide on a low-intensity workout plan when weight loss is important
  5. Plan your 7 day detox and meals and be ready the get the most benefit possible
  6. Find a detox friend when you want to share the fun
  7. Start your 7 day detox with the use of your resources

And, to supercharge your lifestyle and get even more longterm benefits

  • Grab your copy of the great Healthy Lifestyle Kit including my Triple Lifestyle Super Boost 
  • Healthy Lifestyle Triple Boost Secret to a happy and healthy you. Grab your kit now and get healthy with healhy food, healthy meals and meal planner. #healthylifestylekit #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyeating #healthyliving #ketoYou will be able to super boost your healthy lifestyle  with
  • additional weight loss,
  • optimal health and energy
  • building your core strength
  • be calm and relaxed and
  • feeling supercharged.

Read all about the Healthy Lifestyle Kit and Triple Detox Super Boost

Healthy Lifestyle Kit to a happy and healthy you. Grab your kit now and get healthy with healhy food, healthy meals and meal planner. #healthylifestylekit #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyeating #healthyliving #keto

Immediate results: A more energized, happier and healthier you!

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamily

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips- Top 25 backed by Science

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

We all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes we need a little kickstart to make the necessary changes in terms of our health, exercise and mental wellbeing.

Get the powerful tips to have that healthy lifestyle with the top 25 healthy lifestyle tips for busy moms. Read now. #freeprintables #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyfamily #lowcarb

Discover that headstart here today and use the easy tips and hacks to guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you.

All the tips are well researched and backed by science.  So you can confidently use them to aid you in your journey to be more happy and healthy. And, as we are all busy and prefer quick and easy, you will love the simple yet actionable tips.

These tips will improve your family`s health and wellbeing without breaking the bank or wasting your time.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

It is generally believed that changing our diet and therefore lifestyle is quite difficult and complicated. We are tired and busy and making these kinds of changes seems time-consuming and energy draining.

Join the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge to get the best tips to be energized, happy and healthy. #healthylifestylechallenge #healthylifestyle #weightloss #detox

Here is the good news

It does not need to be complicated and time-consuming. Remember the saying – don`t work harder, work smarter? That is exactly what these healthy lifestyle changing tips are all about.

healthy lifestyle #smoothie #healthylifestyle #detox

Simple actions to be healthier and happier as a family.

The Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a Healthy Lifestyle should not be complicated. Don`t start counting calories and weighing ingredients. It is a waste of time. All you need to do is know and understand the basics of a healthy lifestyle and then start implementing them.

That is exactly what the tips below will do – empower you to improve your lifestyle today!

A Healthy Lifestyle includes 3 important aspects:

  • Clean eating
  • Being active, and
  • Pursuing happiness

Prioritize these 3 aspects and you will be amazed at the healthy lifestyle result.  Your first step should be to print the Healthy Lifestyle Tips_HealthyFamilyandMe and start to incorporate it into your day to day life. One at a time!

You will feel the difference physically and mentally. And, be on the right track to have the healthy lifestyle you always wanted.

If you need a bit more guidance on how to make healthy food choices and live a low-carb lifestyle, be sure to join the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge and receive the best tips on a healthy lifestyle, low carb meals, and recipes directly to your inbox.

Bonus Healthy Lifestyle Hack for Busy Parents

Are you feeling too tired and miserable to start making lifestyle changes?

Then energize yourself before starting to change your family`s diet and lifestyle. This is super easy with the 7 day detox plan.

Cleanse your body and mind naturally in just one week.  Afterward, you will feel revitalized. And, have more strength to help your family also progress from tired and miserable to energized, happy and healthy.

That is thinking like a Power Parent – Help myself so I can help others better!

So, take action today and save your spot in the 7 day detox with free resources to help you succeed. Just click below and be notified of the 7 day detox plan coming soon.

A simple step towards a more energized, healthier and happier you.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamily

Time to look at those Top 25 Healthy Lifestyle Tips backed by Science

1.  Follow a low-carb eating plan including lots of low carb veg, good protein and good fats.
3. Handle cravings better by allowing yourself a cheat day.
  • We all crave sugar and carbs sometimes. And, that is ok! Don`t be discouraged by it.
  • When you crave carbs, simply include a good carb cheat day into your weekly planner and have the carb cheat meal on this day.
  • Keep it controlled and choose better carbs.
  • Then, the cheat day will not affect your weight or health.
  • In fact, it will aid a positive mindset as continuous unmet cravings will merely make you depressed!
  • However, if you want some solid reasons why carb cheating is not the best option, read this.
4. Try out this superfood if you want to feel more relaxed, energized and healthy
If there is only one tip you choose to try, consider this one first!

You will be astonished how relaxed and energized you will feel within a day or two! I use it every single day and the results are amazing. I know you will love it just as much as I do. Be daring and give it a try.

5. Track your progress to stay motivated.
  • There are two schools of thinking here. Some say way yourself every day to stay motivated.
  • Others say weigh yourself only once a week and rather use measurements and or clothes to assess your weight loss.
  • This helps avoid demotivation from slight daily weight differences that occur due to water retention and hormonal influences.
  • I definitely belong to the latter group of thinking.
  • But either way, have a way to track your success.
6. Avoid fruits with high carb and high sugar content like grapes, cherries and figshealthy lifestyle #superfoods #healthylifestyle #detox
  • Take the healthy lifestyle challenge and get to know exactly which fruits you should limit in your meals
  • Always opt for low carb and low sugar fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and berries.
7. When shopping for food, make it a habit to quickly check food labels.
  • Especially for the amount of sugar and carbs included.
  • To know if a product has too much sugar, just remember 4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon of sugar …. Really want to buy that soft drink with 4 teaspoons of sugar …
  • Keep in mind that a healthy, active lifestyle should include about 50 grams of carbs per day. In other words, one chocolate bar that has on average 70 grams of carbs already exceeds your daily limit. So keep an eye on those labels.
8. Don`t fall into the trap of so-called low-carb products without making sure it is the correct one.
  • I couldn`t believe my eyes in the shop the other day. I wanted to buy almond milk, and the carb content of the different brands ranged per 100 ml from 0.5g to 75g! Unbelievable!
  • No use trying to limit carbs and then unknowingly adding a high-carb product to your meals.
9. Eat your last meal around seven to half past seven at night.
  • If you go to bed at ten, your body will have enough time to digest the meal.
10. To boost metabolism and strengthen your immune system drink a cup of ginger tea after dinner.
  • Ginger improves blood sugar
  • And has antioxidant benefits
  • The best way to prepare this tea is to add some freshly sliced ginger, water, and a tea bag and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • I recommend using rooibos tea, as it has no caffeine to interfere with your sleep.
11. Replace your morning coffee and milk with cinnamon tea
  • Simply prepare your favorite tea and add half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon or
  • Simmer teabag in water for 10 minutes with an added cinnamon stick.
  • For an extra metabolism boost in the morning try my bulletproof coffee.

bulltetproof cofee as part of a healthy lifestyle #healthylifestyle #bulletproofcoffee #metabolismboost

12. Eat slowly, without any interference
  • Avoid distraction from the TV and your phone and focus on your meal.
13. Try to exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Regular exercise improves blood pressure and control sugar levels.
  • It does not need to involve going to the gym.
  • It can be as easy as going for a 30-minute walk, or
  • Playing football with the kids
  • Cycling or swimming
  • Aim to take 5 – 10K steps daily
14. Complete a detoxification prior to making big diet and lifestyle changes
  • That way you will be energized and healthier to help your family do the same.
  • Claim your 7 day detox plan, with free resources to help you complete the body cleanse successfully below.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamily

15. It is recommended you do a detoxification 2 to 4 times a year.
  • By grabbing your 7 day detox resources you will have everything you need to do a detox successfully. You can use the resources continuously for every detox you want to do now and in the future.
16. Get enough sleep
17. Drink more water to increase your weight loss
  • Minimum daily water intake is 8 glasses of water.
  • Try to drink one glass of water half an hour before every meal to help you eat less and burn almost 100 more calories.
18. It is best to eat 3 meals per day
  • You can add another one when you are always hungry in the afternoon or
  • Add a low carb snack in the afternoon between meals.
  • Avoid skipping meals, unless you are doing an intermittent fast.
19. Beware of high sugar content in fruit juices and soft drinks.
  • It is best to avoid these all together and
  • Rather make your own fresh juices or smoothies, knowing exactly what it contains.
20. Have a high protein breakfastlow carb breakfast as part of a healthy lifestyle #lowcarbbreakfast #healthylifestyle #detox
  • This will help control cravings throughout the day.
  • Join the 7 Day Detox plan to get a copy of my favorite low carb, high protein breakfast recipes.
21. Eat whole food, not processed food
  • Resist the urge to buy ready-made sauces and canned food
  • When you eat whole food and prepare all meals from scratch you know exactly what it contains
  • No preservatives and hidden carbs or sugar
22. If weight loss is your main goal, or you just want to save some time preparing meals, replace one meal a day with a detoxifying smoothie.
  • This is a great way to cleanse your body and kickstart your metabolism.detox smoothie for a healthy lifestyle #smoothie #healthylifestyle #detox
  • Always opt for a fresh homemade detoxifying smoothie including greens, natural super foods like berries, green tea powder and chia seeds.
  • Best to stay away from supplements, and unnatural additives.
  • The only boost your digestive system needs is a healthy unprocessed mix of low carb veg, fruit, protein and good fats.
  • For an additional anti-oxidant boost, add matcha tea powder to your smoothies.
23. Include superfoods to at least one meal a day
  • It will stimulate metabolism, supercharge immune systems and even boost memory power.
  • Check out this post for more information on superfoods to include in times of high demand.
  • Remember the best superfood in tip nr 4.
24. Make time for yourself.
  • When you are stressed, not eating healthy foods and not sleeping well you are on the downhill path to self-destruction.
  • Take action now and make time to relax and exercise.
  • When you are stressed, tired and miserable, so is your family…
  • With that in mind, take action today, be awesome and do the 7 day detox.
25. Believe in yourself
  • Changing your lifestyle do not need to be hard. You simply need to be inspired, believe in yourself and take action.
  • By joining the healthy lifestyle challenge you will be inspired over the next 7 days to follow a low carb lifestyle
  • Being inspired and having the knowledge you need to make the changes that will allow you to believe in yourself
  • And then, the only thing left is you taking action! You can do it!

Leave a comment below and share with us your biggest healthy lifestyle challenge.

  • Is it lacking the motivation to get started?
  • Needing a guide for meal plans?
  • Or are you thinking that it is just too difficult and time-consuming?
  • Let me know so we can find a solution together.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

Remember to save your spot in the 7 Day detox challenge.

And grab all the great detox resources to guide you to being energized, happy and healthy. You can use the detox resources as many times as you like and on your time. The first step toward a long-term healthy lifestyle.

If you enjoy even more scientific facts supporting the benefits of a low carb diet, check out this review article including 23 rated publications on the topic.

You can save and print the tips in pdf here,
Healthy Lifestyle Tips_HealthyFamilyandMe

Check out this great low carb recipe

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See the top tips to be happy and healthy with a low carb healthy lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyfamily #lowcarb We all want to live a healthy lifestyle. It does not need to be complicated with these top tips backed by science. Read now. #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyfamily #lowcarb

Have that healthy lifestyle with the top 25 healthy lifestyle tips for busy moms. Read now. #freeprintables #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyfamily #lowcarb

Unbelievably Smart Kids. This is the How To Secret.

The Secret to Raising
Unbelievably Smart Kids

I am sure you have also asked these questions before: How do I raise an intelligent child? Or, What is the secret to raising smart kids? Right?

Well, if you did, like most parents often do…  then you are in the right place today!

Do you want to know the secret to raising smart kids? Grab the infographic and detail now. #smartkids #brillilantchild #parenting #freeprintable

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you. 

This post was triggered from the recollection of this exact question posed by a patient consulting at my family practice.

During that consultation, my initial scientific thought, to answer her, was a solid genetic make-up. Certainly, the easiest way to ensure you have a clever child!  In other words, marry the most intelligent man you can find!

But, unfortunately, this logical answer would not help my patient much at that point since she was already married and pregnant … The opportunity for genetic selection had passed.

And, even though my kids were very lucky to be gifted with an insanely smart father, there are many things we can do every day to
help our kids be even more brilliant.

Our kids’ intelligence does not only rely on our brain power as parents. We can also stimulate their brain development further and empower them with skills to succeed in life.

Perspectives of a Physician Mom

Perspectives of a mommy doctor raising smart kids #powerparent #parentingtips #smartkids #brilliantchildAs a parent, we prioritize the general welfare of our kids.

As a physician, we prioritize the mental and physical wellbeing of our patients.

Combine these two and the result is a collective perspective to change general parenting tips into expert, actionable advice.

So, today I want to challenge you to think differently. Be inspired to think deeper. Think beyond the obvious. And, discover the secrets to raising smart kids!

So let’s start using this transformed thinking process to convert general day to day parenting tips into actionable advice and raise smart kids.

Yes, in essence, that will translate into you being a Power Parent raising Brilliant Kids!

Join the best Awesome Parent Challenge now!

Parenting Skills Simplified with this free 7-day email course

How to be a better mom, awesome parent challenge #parenting #parentingtips #awesomeparent #beabettermom

To get you going, I will share 5 great examples of this transformed thinking process. You will immediately realize the power of using these power parenting strategies for raising smart kids. And then, all you have to do is start to implement them on a daily basis.

General Tip:
Plan Meals with Healthy Food
Actionable Advice:
Boost Meals with Superfoods

We all know the importance of planning meals for our families including healthy foods.  But let’s think one step further.

How can I transform this health tip into actionable advice that will truly make a difference to my child’s wellbeing?

Easy, start thinking: How can I boost my child with superfoods?

That is the kind of easy and actionable advice that every parent needs to raise smart kids.
It is essential to know the value of adding superfoods to family meals.

The right superfoods at times of high demand will boost your child’s development potential. Superfoods will support your family’s daily physical and mental demands.

For example, Be sure to know how to boost your child’s brain and memory during test and exam times.

And, How to help your teenager boost their skin health.

These are the kind of actions that will set you apart from the average parent and raise unbelievably smart kids.

Top SuperFoods Tip

Unsurpassed Superfood Power Series Mega Memory Boost. Targeted ways to boost your child's performance during exam times. Free PrintablesNeed a little bit of guidance on how to include superfoods every day? Then print your own superfoods infographic and make adding superfoods to daily meals super easy.

It will not only give you a list of the best superfoods to include at certain times but also great recipe suggestions and tips on things to include and avoid.

I also make use of this great resource to find more ideas to boost my family with healthy superfoods.

General Tip:
Let your Kids be Happy
Actionable Advice: Understand  the Neuroscience of Happiness

We all want happy families, right? Well, it is much easier to spread happiness when you understand the science behind it. In other words, we should not only try to help our kids be happy, we should also understand the neuroscience behind happiness.

In that knowledge, we will find the approach to raise happy and successful young people. You can find 10 simple steps to a happier family here.

Happiness is a trait that is surely not overrated. Research has proven, people that are happy are often more successful in life than those that are unhappy.

Recognizing the process of being happy and sustaining the beneficial effect is what it is all about.

This knowledge will empower you to easily include things in your day-to-day living to share happiness. Happy parents most often have happy children. You can discover some more great ways to be an Awesome Parent and raise smart kids.Smart kids secret. #smartkids #cleverchild #parentingtips

Kids raised in a happy environment feels safe and protected. Their steadfast connection with their parents allows for an appreciation for life.

They are confident in themselves and find it easy to explore life. Discovering happiness within themselves and building a happy future.

You can find some more interesting facts about children and happiness here.

And, due to my genetic research background, I simply can’t resist mentioning, genetics also play a big role in happiness…

Therefore, be sure to not only choose a clever father for your kids, but also a happy one!

If, like me, you are interested in the actual neurochemicals in the brain involved in happiness and sure-fire ways to ensure lifelong happiness, remember to subscribe to be notified of this and other new posts.

The neuroscience of happiness post includes some awesome happiness hacks as well as the science behind it. Aiming at having a happy and healthy family for life.

We hate spam and only share our most valuable content!

Top Happiness Tip

the Neuroscience of Happiness. Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacksAs a bonus, you can now grab a copy of the JumboList with 101 Family Happiness and Kindness Hacks.

It will inspire you to do more awesome fun family activities together.

General Tip:
Raise an Intelligent Child
Actionable Advice:
Stimulate Brain Development

Yes, it is very important to raise an intelligent child. But, delve a bit deeper into this general parenting tip and realize: It is even more important to stimulate your child’s brain development.

Investing in the best Learning toys at different developmental stages is essential. You can great examples here.

This will directly result in raising an intelligent child, setting him up for a successful future. 

An easy way to do this is by discovering your child’s learning styles. You can find the step-by-step process of doing this here and use it to successfully educate your child every day.

The result: unbelievably Smart Kids!

Top Brain Development Tip

There are 8 easy activities that in combination will reveal the secret to help you raise a brilliant child.

The joint effect of these activities will armor them with essential life skills, stimulate their brain development, imagination, intellect and mental well-being.

Discover a sensible strategy to stimulate multifaceted brain development. Use it as the starting point to succeed as an awesome parent raising a brilliant child. Unlocking your child’s true potential.

If you need to buy a toy for your toddler or preschool kids that are not only educational but also stimulates brain development and fine motor skills, check out my favorite educational toys for kids here and here.

best educational toys for kids aged 7 to 10When choosing a new toy always keep the following considerations in mind:

Read the Learning toys by developmental stage post here.

General Tip:
Have Fun with your Kids
Actionable Advice:
Armor Kids with Skills to Succeed

Having fun with your kids is an absolute must! But, again try to think of ways to turn this tip into a power parenting strategy.

Instead of just buying them a new toy, buy a new toy and have them share one of their old ones with another child at the same time.

Therefore, teaching them the value of sharing and donating. And, as a Bonus: Also a brilliant decluttering hack!

Another example is enjoying nature together, and at the same time teaching them the skill of caring for nature. Trash laying around the playpark? Clean it up with the kids before playing.

It’s all about Learning whilst having fun!

Top Life Skills Tip

50 family kindness hacks. Grab you copy now. #smartkids #brilliantchild #parenting #bestparentingtipsOne successful strategy I love to use is teaching my kids the value of an act of kindness.

This is can be as easy as drawing a special picture for a grandparent or cleaning their own room without being asked.

Want 50 more acts of kindness ideas for your family?

Grab your own copy now and start being a more happy and kind family.

General Tip:
Be a Super Parent
Actionable Advice: 
Be a Power Parent

The reality is that we need not be superhero parents.

Knowing and accepting that we needn’t be super parents will allow us to be awesome parents. Able to keep up the pace and not fear burn-out.

Being a power parent allows us to master essential refueling strategies to cope with daily life without trying to be a super parent.

Discover my secrets to being an awesome parent here and if you dare, also here and even here

We can easily armor our kids with tools to succeed in life, by following power parenting strategies. As a starting point, try these 5 actionable how to hacks.

The best way to discover more workable actions is by simply being a parent and learning from our daily struggles and mistakes and knowing how to deal with it.

Another important power parenting tool is effective parent-child communication. You can immediately start to converse more easily with your kids today by understanding the differences in communication style. And, by implementing these 6 valuable building blocks.

Top Power Parenting Tip

become a power parent today with these 5 simple strategies. #powerparent #parentingtips #bestparentingAllow kids to kids to choose their own rewards and punishments. This will motivate them to reach their goals and avoid disappointment.

Provide kids with the opportunity to actively partake in being raised smartly.

Allow them to make the own choices, make their own mistakes and be empowered to take responsibility.

By doing this you will raise strong, smart kids with a bright future.

This is how I empower my awesome kids and stimulate their brain development!

Smart Kids Conclusion

raise smart kids. discover how to secret today #smartkida #cleverchild #parenting

Turn general parenting tips into actionable advice and raise Unbelievably Smart Kids!

Start to Think:
  • Boost Meals with SuperFoods NOT JUST Plan Meals with Healthy Food
  • Understand the Neuroscience of Happiness NOT JUST Let your Kids be Happy
  • Stimulate Brain Development NOT JUST  Raise an Intelligent Child
  • Armor kids with Skills to Succeed NOT JUST Have fun with your Kids
  • Be a Power Parent NOT JUST Be a Super Parent

So what will the end result be of thinking deeper and changing day to day parenting tips into actionable advice?

Your child’s development potential will skyrocket … The secret to raising smart kids discovered!

What is your power parent strategies? How do you take general parenting tips further and discover ways to be a better parent? Share your tips in the comments below and help us all to be awesome parents.

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Want to rock as a new blogger? This is how to get a blogging head start today! grab your cheat sheet with 5 must do's to streamline affiliate marketing. #freeprintable #cheatsheet #bloggingtips #newbloggerThen check out this resource now!

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We all want smart kids. Discover expert advice to skyrocket your child's potential today. #smartkids #kidslearning #parenting #cleverchilc

Discover the secret today to raise smart kids. Have intelligent children with these power parenting strategies. #kidslearning #parenting #smartkids #cleverchild Want to know the secret to raising smart kids? Then discover this strategy today and raise intelligent children #kidslearning #parenting #smartkids #cleverchild

Do you want to know the secret to raising smart kids? Then click now to discover the facts. #bestparentingtips #kidslearning #parenting #smartkids #cleverchild



Unbelievably smart kids. This is the how to secret shared for all parents. Read now and grab your free printables. #freeprintable #kidslearning #parenting #bestparentinghacks #smartkids #cleverchild

Awesome Mom versus Super Mom

How to be an Awesome MomSuper Mom or Awesome Be the best mom you can be with your feet on the ground and without fear of burnout. #awesomemom #bestparent #happymom

I want to be an awesome mom, but being a mom is hard work. It consumes our time and tests our patience. To be an awesome mom, we need to master being productive by having excellent prioritizing skills and endurance.

But too often we judge ourselves harshly believing we need to be a super-mom. Time and again, super-mom attempts result in exhausting efforts that drain our powers and slay our motivation.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you. 

The reality is that we need not be superheroes.  Living as a healthy happy mommy is the only prerequisite to be at our best for our partners, kids and most importantly ourselves. Knowing and accepting that we needn’t be super-moms will allow us to be awesome moms.

Able to keep up the pace and not fear burn-out. This post is all about what you need do to triumph as an awesome mom. One who has mastered essential refueling strategies to cope with daily life without trying to be a super-mom.

Join the best Awesome Parent Challenge now –  and boost your Awesomeness!

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How to be a better mom, awesome parent challenge #parenting #parentingtips #awesomeparent #beabettermom

Relax and enjoy a cuppa Awesome Mommy Enjoy a cuppa

Make time every single day to sit down and have a cup of tea … or coffee … or hot chocolate … Make sure to use your favorite teacup!  Take a daily moment to breathe and consider the coming day. You will then feel comfortable with what lies ahead and be mentally prepared for it.

Reflect on the previous day to allow your brain to process recent events and be better equipped for similar scenarios in the future. Believing that you are too busy to sit down for a cuppa simply means that you haven’t recognized the immense benefit of this modest action yet.

It is as easy as getting up 5 minutes earlier in the morning. Claim your 5 minutes before the crazy family routine starts. Or, take your 5 before you go to bed at night.

Write your errands down Awesome momWrite lists

As moms, we always have a list the length of our arm to remember. From the next birthday party to an important school test, to packing swimming clothes on pool day.

Making a list of our tasks is very useful to deal with this problem. You can jot down your errands down in your diary or use an electronic calendar. If you are anything like me that prefer quick and efficient ways, write a sticky note and stick it somewhere you can easily see it.

By doing this, you will not only avoid missing an important to-do but you can even arrange them in order of priority. Writing an item down means you will have one less thing to remember.

Hence one less thing to clutter your already crowded brain awesome mom.

Relax and enjoy me-time Awesome MomMe, myself and I

Taking me-time as an awesome mom is not a luxury, but rather an absolute necessity. Having a brain filled with kids and family and homework is great, but it has to be balanced with a good dose of marriage, merriness and me!

You need time to recharge, and this is best achieved by listening to yourself think.

We can extend our 5-minute tea break to enjoy a bubble bath with music and scented candles, relax with yoga stretches on your favorite yoga mat, read or even create a new blog post!

Reveling in a favorite book, watching a much-loved movie or visiting a cherished friend, all help us to regain focus, enthusiasm, and inspiration. One of my favorite unwind activities is coloring. A great awesome mom activity.

There are so many brilliant adult coloring books to choose from. And it’s always a great idea to let the kids join in the fun with great kids coloring books. The 50 color pencil set from Artlicious is an absolute must-have!

As long as there are no kids involved, an activity ought to be considered me-time. You must regard sharing these times alone with your husband, an utter privilege.

the Neuroscience of Happiness. Jumbo List with 50 happy family hacks. Grab yours now. #happiness #happyfamily #familyhappiness #behappy #happinesshacksGrab the Free Jumbo List with 50 Family Happiness Hacks now.

A Happy Family is a Healthy Family!

Share the load awesome mom

Teach kids to help around the house Awesome Mom

Instilled in every awesome mom is the ability to appreciate the value of sharing the load.  Kids are great at doing small jobs around the house.

They can unpack the dishwasher and fold their clean clothes. Teach them from young to help and make sure they know how much this means to you.

They will quickly learn that by doing a 5-minute job they not only make you happy but hence gain an extra 5 minutes of your attention.  You can also read more about this and other super simple strategies on how to be an awesome parent.

Remember to boost your family members during times of high demand. Do this with help from the Superfood power series with targeted ways to boost their performance.

Another benefit of sharing the load as an awesome mom is being able to talk about the things that keep you busy every day.  Build a relationship with your husband where he recognizes that even though you are not innovating nuclear science, your activities are important to keep your family alive, sane, happy, healthy and loved.

Feeling appreciated and able to talk about your frustrations and achievements help you cope and fuel motivation.  Stay in touch with friends and family and use the opportunity to release some steam. Reach out to other mothers and share day-to-day experiences to feel understood and be encouraged.

You are special Awesome MomSpecial moments

Learn not to torment yourself over things that could have been done differently. Smile at the end of the day knowing there was at least one moment of value.

You are entitled to feel worthy of your daily achievements as an awesome mom.  Some days we have to search a bit deeper to find that special thing.

But, there always is at least one. It can be as modest as a big fat bear hug from your baby boy. Or a distinctive moment shared with your daughter.

A love you message from your husband goes a long way to revivify your day – make sure he knows it and do the same for him. Appreciate the emotions these special moments evoke in you and enjoy a happier life.

A happy mother makes a happy family.

Finally, be the best mom you can be and bear in mind that no one benefits from a momentary super-mom. An around-the-clock awesome mom is treasured a great deal more.

Ever so often, it’s essential for a mother’s soul to be ignorant of the pressures of parenthood and simply relish the journey. Enjoy every moment! Don’t forget to pamper yourself from time to time – you deserve it, Awesome Mommy!

Join the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge to get the best tips to be energized, happy and healthy. #healthylifestylechallenge #healthylifestyle #weightloss #detox

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Be an awesome mom with these 5 powerful tips. click now to discover the secret. #awesomemom #bestmomtips #parenting #bestparentingtips

super mom versus awesome mom. be the best mom yr can be with these top tips. #awesomemomBe the best mother ever with these awesome mom tips from #awesomemom #paenting #bestparentingtips

10 Idea Valentine’s Day Plan

Don’t we all just love Valentine’s Day?

Whether it is the love, the red, the hearts, the chocolates and candies or simply the shared feeling of a day filled with romantic love. And, having a super idea Valentine`s Day Plan, makes it even better!

Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

The first records of celebrating a day for your Valentine dates back to the 14th century and many ways of sharing and gifting evolved since with billions spent annually on cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts.

As part of the expected 25 million people in the UK we can simply send a card, or go the extra mile this year and plan a truly meaningful Valentine’s Day. Follow this easy 10 idea plan and let your loved one feel the love.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you. 

1. Prepare an awesome Valentine’s Day breakfast with a personal napkin note

Valentine's napkin note for your loved one Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

Starting the day with a special breakfast for your valentine will leave a sense of lasting anticipation for the rest of the day. A brilliant way to start your good idea Valentine`s Day Plan.

Simple meals such as pancakes and syrup or classic French toast can easily be converted into a magic meal by adding red berries, chocolate sauce and a little attention to detail like using heart shaped cutters.

Make your loved one feel extra special by serving the meal accompanied by a personal note written on a paper napkin.

My favorite paper napkins are ones designed with a lot of hearts that I can use not only for Valentine’s messages but any day my husband or one of the kids needs a bit of a surprise motivation. Be inspired by the awesome valentine’s breakfast ideas below:

Napkin note to loved one. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

2. Pack a special idea Valentine’s lunch box and add a personalized card

Card for him to say I love you. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplanMaybe you have to pack lunch every day anyway but even if you don’t, why not do it on this special day.

Who doesn’t appreciate a meal box filled with goodies they love, ready for lunchtime in between a busy schedule?

Add a handmade card as a surprise to ensure you make your valentines day even better. Click below for great lunch box love note ideas and give these beautiful little cards a try to make your note even more special.

Join the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge to get the best tips to be energized, happy and healthy. #healthylifestylechallenge #healthylifestyle #weightloss #detox

3. Enjoy a great idea Valentine’s craft project with your kids

Kids love valentine’s day just as much as we do.  I am yet to meet a young girl who doesn’t adore red hearts and cupids.

Use this day to spend time with your kids as well and do some fun crafts together. Making a special card for daddy is most girl’s dream craft and can be a great mother-daughter activity.

Craft time with kids. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

4. Create a handmade Valentine’s day card

Ultimate Valentine's Plan. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplanWhilst the kids are busy with their craft project, design your own card for a loved one.

Resist the urge to buy one as it is so much more fun making your own and it will be more appreciated.

If you need a bit of inspiration look at these awesome handmade card ideas below. And if you find the addition of a personal message for your valentine a daunting task, borrow a poem or quote from this great site online.

Choosing beautiful card stock with an envelope for your project is a must and using top quality paints, stamps and stickers make a great difference.

“She bath’d with roses red, and violets blew,
And all the sweetest flowres, that in the forrest grew.”

Edmund Spenser (1590)

5. Take a photo, personalize and post it

quote Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplanShare a photo or image on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, your blog or any social media that you use and personalize it with a message from the heart. A truly heartfelt idea Valentine`s plan.

Copy and send the link to your loved one. They are sure to adore the public display of your affection. The message can be as general or personal as you wished.

And even if you don’t use any of these platforms, sending a special photo with a related note as a standard phone message is enough to make someone’s day super special.

6. Create, make or buy a special gift for your Valentine

A Valentine’s day gift needn’t be the most expensive gift ever but it definitely needs to be well considered, with the one you love in mind. That is part of the magic of a good idea Valentine`s Day plan.

Consider your options by looking at these examples, but make sure to add a personal touch like pretty wrapping paper and your handmade card.

One of my wrapping secrets to creating a magic touch is to wrap the gift in beautiful tissue paper first and then placing it into a metallic gift bag. Your loved one will feel extra appreciated by realizing that you had them in mind when choosing the amazing gift.A gift of love.Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

7. Prepare a Valentine’s dinner meal to impress

Yes, you can go out for a restaurant dinner but does that really beat a picnic at the lake or beach or even on the living room floor, making sushi together or enjoying a meal home cooked with much loved ingredients.

Light some candles and enjoy one of these awesome dinner ideas together. For an awesome dessert, try these easy mini chocolate cakes with red berries, pistachios and a drizzle of chocolate.

And, if you love Nutella as much as me, check out these super yummy Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting.

Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplan

8. Plan a Valentine’s date night activity

Super yummy movie night popcorn. Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Plan #ideavalentine`s #valentine #valentineplanChoose an activity that you can do together. Have fun by watching a romantic comedy together with yummy popcorn and a cocktail, frying marshmallows over a candle or find your perfect share from the ideas below.

9. Don’t forget to say I love You

Again and again and again… This will always be part of the best idea Valentine`s day plan…

Free resource library #parenting #kidslearning #freeprintables #momblog

10. Write a special note for your Valentine

Love noteTo end a perfect day and ensure your Valentine remembers this one until the next year, leave a last special note hidden under their pillow.

Few things warm the heart as much as an unexpected find of affection. An awesome way to end your super idea Valentine`s Day Plan.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day, make new memories with your loved one and use all or part of the 10 idea plan to start new Valentine’s traditions.

I would love to hear about your awesome plans for this year, so share some thoughts in the comment section below for all to enjoy.

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Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Day Plan with your family. #valentines #familyvalentine #valentineideas Ultimate 10 idea Valentine's Day Plan with your family. #valentines #familyvalentine #valentineideas The best ever 10 idea Valentine's Day Plan with your family #valentines #familyvalentine #valentineideas


Pregnancy Changes The Size of Your Brain

It is True! Pregnancy changes the size of your brain!

Pregnancy does change the size of your brain. #pregnancychanges #brainsize #baby #pregnancy

Ever wondered why you had that instant connection with your baby as soon as he or she was born? The truth is that a mother’s brain, in fact, shrinks.

This is one of the many pregnancy changes that will happen. And, you will have to survive with this change in gray matter for at least two years, if not for life.

Don’t worry though, this is actually good news. If not great news, rather than bad.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you. 

Pregnancy Resource Recommendations

At the end of the post, I also share my best recommendations for all the pregnancy information you might need. Topics include pregnancy information, health, nutrition, father of my baby and more.

When I was pregnant, my best friend gifted me a book. This book changed my entire outlook on raising my baby and helped me thrive as a new mommy. Empowering me with the skills I needed to raise a happy baby.
I know it will help you too!

Join the best Awesome Parent Challenge now –  and boost your Awesomeness!

Parenting Skills Simplified with this free 7-day email course – simple yet powerful

How to be a better mom, awesome parent challenge #parenting #parentingtips #awesomeparent #beabettermom

What science says about brain changes during pregnancy

I came across a recent and impressive publication by Elseline Hoekzema and colleagues and instantly knew that mothers would be fascinated by what they found.

Let’s start off with why and how they investigated these pregnancy changes and then share their interesting results. Read on to also find out how the brain of your baby’s father is affected during pregnancy.

And, what this brain altering data actually means to you and me.

A study designed to evaluate brain size during pregnancy changes

Over 5 years, data were collected from first-time pregnant women and their male partners. They compared this to data from non-pregnant women and men without children.

Since there is limited information on actual brain changes during pregnancy, the researchers from this Barcelona clinic performed various brain scans and cognitive tests.

These were done before and after pregnancy as well as two years after childbirth. Results were used to shed light on this topic of pregnancy changes.

Reduced gray matter volume was proven after pregnancy

Their results show that pregnancy indeed leads to a reduction in gray matter volume. And, therefore a reduction in the overall size of a mother’s brain.

The changes were mostly seen in the cerebral cortex, which is associated with supporting social skills or helping mother’s respond to their babies.

The extent of brain volume change is directly linked to how attached the mother was to her baby.

The change is therefore seen as being part of the adjustment process to becoming a mother.

As confirmation of this surprising finding, the authors showed that by looking at the brain changes only, they were able to say without any other information whether a woman was pregnant or not.

Mother-Baby Attachment

Based on the brain scans and cognitive tests performed, the authors concluded that your emotional connection with your baby will be determined by the extent of brain volume change.

Has someone ever commented before on how incredible it is that you can distinguish your baby’s cry from any other baby? Or, how you know your baby’s needs by simply hearing the sounds he or she makes?

This is exactly what the volume changes in your brain allow for during pregnancy. This brain modification is believed to enhance a new mother’s face and emotion recognition.

Remarkably, it made no difference whether mothers conceived naturally or via assisted fertility treatment. The gray matter volume pregnancy changes were alike in both.

Also, it made no difference whether they expected a boy or a girl, or had a single or twin pregnancy. Therefore no matter how you conceive or the gender or number of your babies, you would be blessed with this pregnancy-related brain alteration.

Helping you to better connect with your baby.

Improved social networking skills

The authors also speculate that your brain further develops the neural network responsible for the social interaction.

Maybe that’s exactly why there are so many mommy bloggers out there. We all have enhanced social networking skills because of our pregnancy!

I remember when we had our first baby, my husband commented on how amazing it was how she would immediately be calm when in my arms. Even after being terribly difficult seconds ago without me.

This is just one of the examples and privileges of having your brain altered by pregnancy in order to care for your baby.

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How pregnancy changes the brain of the father. Find out how today. #pregnancychanges #pregnancy #brainchangesThe Father’s brain

So bless this group of experts for posing one of the more interesting scientific questions out there:

How does pregnancy affect the brain of my baby’s father?

And the simple answer is that it doesn’t. Of course not …

They showed absolutely no changes in the gray matter volume of men following the pregnancy of their partners.

This further proves that the changes in gray matter volume in females are due to biology and not simply the experience of parenthood.

In other words: blame those hormones! There were of course also no brain volume changes for the non-pregnant females over the course of the study.

Sometimes, our partners need a little bit of motivation and inspiration to be the best dads they can be.

I can highly recommend you invest in resources like these to ensure your baby has the best dad ever!

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Lasting brain alteration following pregnancy changes

Even two years after giving birth, it was shown that the gray matter volume changes were still obvious in most of the cortical regions.

The fractional recovery of hippocampal gray matter after two years could explain why we feel partial relief from that scatterbrained feeling experienced mostly during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

Memory shortfall in pregnant mothers has previously been described scientifically. However, it was not confirmed by the researchers in this study.

While it was tested, the results were not significantly different from non-pregnant women.

Although we as mothers do not need to be reminded of the marshmallow-head-syndrome we all suffer during pregnancy. We can now at least keep our chins up knowing that it is bound to improve in time.

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Brain-related pregnancy changes summarized in my opinion

This article validates our maternal feelings by associating them with structural and hormonal brain changes.

It allows me to hugely appreciate that pregnancy does not just simply conclude with the gift of a newborn baby, but also provides us with all the essential emotional attributes that afford us the opportunity to become great mothers.

Pregnancy physically changes our brains so that we can recognize, truly connect and understand our own babies. It empowers us to be the best mothers we can be.

So embrace the changes that pregnancy imposes on your mind and body. Knowing that it is your instinctive contribution to a new little life.

I love to hear from you so leave a comment and share your best pregnancy-brain incident.

Pregnancy might shrink your brain but it simply means that you will love your baby the most!

Pregnancy leads to long-lasting changes in human brain structure. Hoekzema et al., Nature Neuroscience 20, 287-296 (2017).

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Pregnancy does change the size of your brain. Read now to learn how. #pregnancychanges #brainsize #baby #pregnancy


Pregnancy changes the size of your brain. This is a good thing! Find out why now #pregnancy #brainchanges #pregnancychanges #brainsizeScientists prove Pregnancy changes your brain. Find out how and why now! #pregnancychanges #pregnancy #brainsize