Mom life as we know it

Busy and stressed and tired … why are these the major adjectives we use to describe ourselves as moms? It’s sad. Don’t you think? What happened to motherhood is a joy! Mom life is awesome! I am a happy and fun mom! Somewhere in between all the rushing and cooking and cleaning and teaching we lost ourselves as beautiful moms. And in the process, now mostly identify with simply being a busy mom … If you are a busy mom in desperate need of self-care this is for you.

mom and child happy with epic self-care ideas for busy moms

But do you know what?

We have direct control over the power of motherhood. Knowing this, why is it that mom burn-out and overwhelm is such a big problem in our current societies?

Is it because we allow motherhood to pull us down instead of enjoying the highs of being a fun mom?

Do we actually welcome added pressure instead of standing up for ourselves and learning to say no?

Is it realistic to keep comparing ourselves non-stop to the seemingly perfect social-media-created mom image?

Or is it simply, as research has proven, that we believe ourselves to not be good enough …

We need to snap out of it

And take back control! Our kids need and deserve good parents. And we need to do whatever it takes to be that awesome parent. No, it doesn’t mean you need to be a perfect parent. Simply an awesome one doing the best you can!

And being an awesome parent starts with taking care of yourself. It’s time to take back the reigns and start being the beautiful moms we want to be. Take action by reading this post, grabbing the freebies, joining the courses and starting to master AND enjoy motherhood … you can do it … even when you are a busy mom

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Busy mom self-care ideas

are part of the How to Master Motherhood series where we cover the 5 major aspects of mom life, including

  1. self-care
  2. parenting
  3. healthy living
  4. kids learning and
  5. pregnancy

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How and why you need to practice self-care as a busy mom

Self-care is one of the most important aspects of happy motherhood. When we do not know how to take good care of ourselves it is impossible to take good care of our families. These days mom burn-out is a challenging reality we all need to face. And our first defense against burn-out is to practice quality self-care.

We have talked a lot about the importance of self-care to your body, mind and soul. And, how your family suffers when you are feeling tired and depressed. If you need a bit of a recap you can read these

Today we will look at some of the best busy mom self-care resources

to help you take control, including how to

  • set up an amazing self-care routine and
  • schedule your much-needed me-time and
  • great self-care activity ideas you can easily fit into a tight busy mom schedule.

Self care, How to master motherhood, a free mini course to help you take control of your mom life. Loads of parenting tips and free printables. #momlife #motherhood #freeprintables #freecourse #parenting

Epic self-care tips

Here are some of the best tips to establish a good self-care routine quickly and easily

An amazing self-care routine for busy moms

Creating a self-care routine that works for you and fits into your schedule is important. You don’t need to have hours a day to take good care of yourself. Scheduling five to ten dedicated minutes a day is already a great start. And you will feel the difference in your energy levels and positive mindset immediately.

Here are some great resources to get you started

Unique journal prompt ideas

An easy way to create your self-care routine, discover your mom goals and stay on track is by journaling. The 6 senses journal prompt ideas, is one of my favorites and you will love it too. And don’t forget to start your day strong and radiating positive vibes by creating your won kickass morning routine. You can grab your free morning routine checklist here.

Journal and pen with 6 senses journal prompt for self-care

Must have journal pages

  • mom goals
  • priority tasks
  • to do list
  • gratitude page
  • 6 senses self-care

Favorite journals

  • One of the most used journals is the Leuchtturm 1917 hardcover. It is one of the bestselling journals available in many different colors, long-lasting and reading for some serious journaling action.

  • The 6-minute diary is a simple and effective gratitude journal and will help you be more happy, mindful and productive. And the best part is, you only need to spend 6 minutes a day. Perfect for the busy mom.
  • The morning sidekick journal is the perfect daily planner for creating the perfect morning routine and positive life habits. The daily content journal and accountability tracker will help you change and stick with your new life goals.
  • The clever fox planner is one of my favorite non-dated weekly planners. It comes with stickers and tabs and it is super easy to get organized and keep track of your goals and to-do lists. And, you are sure to find one in your favorite color.

Journaling essentials

There is no better way to make journaling fun as with great accessories. Here are my must-haves

How to schedule your much-needed me-time

All you need is 5 minutes a day to enjoy the benefits of unique self-care ideas like these. No excuses!

Awesome 5-minute me-time activities

Start scheduling your me-time today with the help of the great printables in this post.

self care goodies and self care ideas for busy moms text

How to be an awesome mom

even when you are busy …

Discover great tips on how to be the calm and confident mom you want to be. Perfect with a free printable you can save and download.

mom and daughter with how to be a confident mom secrets

Good days start with gratitude

This is an awesome 52-week guide to help you cultivate and attitude of gratitude

good days start with gratitude journal

Great self-care ideas

you can easily fit into a tight, busy mom schedule

How to fight mom fatigue as a busy mom

There is no better way to boost your energy levels than by including these great superfoods to your diet. You will feel the difference immediately. Grab your free cheat sheet now.

You have to check out 11 ridiculously easy tips on how to be healthy as a busy mom.

healthy foods and text describing the best foods to fight mom fatigue for tired moms

Self-care assessment

You can do this quick 2-minute survey and discover

  • if you are any good at taking care of yourself as a busy mom
  • great tips on how to do a better job

text questioning how good you are at self-care as a busy mom with survey and checklist

Three easy steps

  1. Do the self-care assessment
  2. Get your free self-care assessment checklist
  3. Discover the self-care group you belong to and how to up your game

Hot mess to mindful mom

This is a must-read when mom overwhelm has a grip on you.

hot mess to mindful mom book

How to take care of yourself as a busy mom endnote

There you have a great list of awesome busy mom resources. Remember, taking care of yourself is essential not only for your own physical and psychological wellbeing but also for your family because it directly impacts on their health and happiness.

Take action today by using these resources, creating an amazing self-care routine and prioritizing your own health and wellness. You can do it! And, both you and your family members will love you for it!

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How to enjoy a healthy family lifestyle

Healthy living, How to master motherhood, a free mini course to help you take control of your mom life. Loads of parenting tips and free printables. #momlife #motherhood #freeprintables #freecourse #parenting

Intentionaparenting skills

Power parenting, How to master motherhood, a free mini course to help you take control of your mom life. Loads of parenting tips and free printables. #momlife #motherhood #freeprintables #freecourse #parenting

Free printables to help you educate your kids successfully

Kids learning, How to master motherhood, a free mini course to help you take control of your mom life. Loads of parenting tips and free printables. #momlife #motherhood #freeprintables #freecourse #parenting

Awesome resources to help you enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy, How to master motherhood, a free mini course to help you take control of your mom life. Loads of parenting tips and free printables. #momlife #motherhood #freeprintables #freecourse #parentin

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Who is How to Master Motherhood for

This course is for all action-taker moms who want to take control of their mom life. The resources are easy to use and perfect for moms who need a bit of guidance in the 5 major aspects of motherhood including

  • self-care
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  • power parenting
  • kids learning and
  • healthy pregnancy

Who is How to Master Motherhood not for

This course is not for moms who do not wish to take action and

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Resources included in How to Master Motherhood

The course will give you access to resources in the 5 major aspects of mom life, and loads of awesome

  • mom life tips
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