The Best 7 Day Body Cleanse Plan
With Brilliant Worksheets to a Happy and Healthy You

You want to feel more energized, healthy and happy. Right? Of course, and that is why I am so glad you are reading this post today. This is exactly what you will discover: A simple, step-by-step 7 day detox plan, to body cleanse successfully and guide your body and mind back to vigor, naturally.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

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Today I want to share with you 2 simple, yet powerful actions that will change your life!

Everything you need to body cleanse in just one week AND live the healthy lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

A step-by-step plan with brilliant worksheets to guide you all the way. It has never been easier!

And, these worksheets were designed for the everyday healthy wannabe – simple yet powerful! No fluff … no wasting time …

1. 7 Day Detox Plan with Bonus Triple Detox Superboost

  • Find all the information in the post below, and the worksheets in HEALTHKICK7


    • All the worksheets you need to live a healthy lifestyle and plan healthy family meals
    • Read more about this awesome resource here.

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Why am I sharing all of this with you

A couple of months ago I was miserable and tired and desperately needed to change our family lifestyle to be more healthy. I have spent many hours researching the best health tips and detox solutions.

Using all the information I gained, combined with my knowledge as a medical doctor, I created these resources to help our family cleanse our bodies and start living the healthy lifestyle we always wanted. And we did it!

Because there is so much information out there that is absolute rubbish and downright scary … I decided to share our resources with everyone who wants to change their lives for the better and do so safely and effectively.

I am very happy to share all of this with you, knowing it is based on science, medicine and trustworthy resources. And, it can help you change your life as we did ours!

This exact plan combined in the HEALTHKICK7 solution, changed our lifestyle forever. As a family, we all lost weight, are happier, healthier and more energized! And, by using this plan, you can do it do!

You will be able to make long-term healthy lifestyle changes easily and without having to waste hours searching for the best and safest strategies.

Time to discover The 7 Day Detox Plan for an Optimal Body Cleanse

Exactly why it is perfect for you

You are feeling tired. Dragging your feet out of bed every day. Dreading another long day of taking care of your family, cooking, cleaning and more. Sounds familiar?

Don’t worry, You are not alone. A lot of us feel this way. Mostly because we often overindulge when stressed or tired, neglect our exercise programs and forget to make time for ourselves.

And if you are a mom, you are definitely not the only one feeling the pressure of motherhood. We all do. We all have too many things on our to-do list and struggle to keep up the pace.

But don’t fear, this is exactly why the free 7 day detox plan is perfect for you!

You need to do the 7 Day Detox Challenge today

Click here to join now.

Because you don`t need to feel stressed, tired and miserable for one more day. No, you don’t!

You can take control and start taking better care of yourself and your family. You can be an awesome parent and take simple steps to revitalize yourself naturally and with long-term benefit!

The 7 Day Detox Plan is a solid first step towards a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

We all heard low-carb meals are healthy and we should consider changing our lifestyles accordingly. But it is difficult. We are tired and busy and making these kinds of changes feels like climbing a mountain.

It is even tougher to start a new diet for the entire family. Simply, because radical diet changes affect sleep, mood, and behavior.  Even though these initial symptoms are temporary, they are real.

The last thing you need is moody, miserable and tired family members all at once. Right?

Therefore, I recommend you do the 7 day detox to cleanse your own body and mind. Afterward, you will feel revitalized. And, have more strength to help your family also progress from tired and miserable to energized, happy and healthy.

Making long-term healthy lifestyle changes will be so much easier after you are detoxified, energized and ready for the next challenge.

By following the 7 steps outlined in this post, and starting the 7 day detox challenge,  you will know the exact, easy steps to make those healthy lifestyle changes for good.

You will be inspired to be more energized, happy and healthy. And, you will know exactly how to get started without mountain climbing shoes!

And, if you need an extra bit of support and motivation to make these changes last, be sure to check out the Healthy Lifestyle Kit.

You will benefit from the 7 Day Body Cleanse

The 7 day detox is an easy and simple, step-by-step detoxification plan designed for the everyday person who wants to start their journey towards vitality.

The detox is specifically created to make the transition to a long-term healthy lifestyle and better quality of life, simple for a busy parent like yourself.

It is an easy directed process to guide you towards health and happiness.

This detox plan is probably not perfect for the health fanatic who does a detox once a month – although it will still serve as a great body cleanse for anyone wanting to be healthier.

But, if you are a busy parent longing to be healthier this is exactly what you need! And super simple!

What is The 7 Day Detox Plan

The 7 day detox plan includes 7 worksheets that will set you up for success. Guiding you step by step with easy to complete printables to be energized, happy and healthy.

When you download your 7 detox worksheets you will be able to
  • Complete the detox plan easily and successfully
    • Without any time-consuming preparation or difficult meal strategies
  • Know exactly how to plan your meals for the detox and
    • do so quickly and easily
  • Guide you towards being energized, healthy and happy within just 7 days

The worksheets are all designed to take very little time to complete, helping you conclude the detox cleanse and feel the difference immediately.

If you don`t have time to waste on complicated weight loss strategies and time-consuming healthy lifestyle suggestions you cannot keep up with, then this easy to complete 7 day body cleanse plan is perfect for you!

Completing the 7 day detox successfully will change your life

The purpose of this plan is to cleanse your body and mind and as a bonus lose some weight and improve your quality of life.

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamilyAt the end of the one week body cleanse, you will feel more energized, healthy and happy. No doubt!

The detoxification will not only improve your physical wellbeing but also assist in a positive mindset. You will feel great after successfully completing this challenge and ready for the next one!

The best part: it will also set you up to successfully change the lifestyle of your family in the long run.

Take action today and start the journey to a more energized, happier and healthier you

What do you need to do now? It`s super easy!

The 7 day detox plan has 7 simple rules you need to follow to make this detoxification process successful.

The plan does not include any supplements, unnatural substances or complicated meals. There will be no counting, weighing or foreign ingredients. Just simple low carb living!

The 7 day body cleanse plan was created to provide you with an uncomplicated strategy to cleanse your body and improve your quality of life and that is exactly what you will find.

You will see awesome results

You have to track your progress and mental wellbeing to ensure optimal weight loss and body cleansing during these 7 days. How?

Easy –  Grab your 7 detox plan worksheets as part of HEALTHKICK7

I strongly advise you to make use of these resources to ensure optimal detoxification success. Included are top tips to gain the most benefit from these 7 days of detoxification as well as measurement charts, a mood tracker and goals and success sheets.

These worksheets are Free for a limited time only. It will be converted into a paid resource within the next couple of weeks. So be sure to make use of this opportunity today.

UPDATE: This detox plan is now part of HEALTHKICK7

you can join the free 7 day detox cleanse challenge here

Grab yours now and detox like a pro!
You will love yourself for it!

A Personal Touch

I use this detox to cleanse my body whenever I feel the need. After completing it successfully for the first time, you will realize the difference it makes physically and mentally.

I also know that the first time can be challenging so if you need a bit of support, let me know via email when you start your detox. I will guide you with personal tips and suggestions to maximize your detox benefit.

7 Day Detox followed by a Healthy Lifestyle

The detoxification plan was designed to follow for 7 days, with the help of the detox plan in HEALTHKICK7.

And, thereafter continue a healthy and active lifestyle, with the help of the Healthy Lifestyle Kit in HEALTHKICK7

If you are planning to start an intensive new diet or exercise program then detoxification for 7 days first will set you up for success.

Therefore, complete the detox first and then jump into your long-term lifestyle changes. This way you are more likely to be successful at keeping up those healthy choices in the long run.

healthkick7You want to make long-term lifestyle changes as simple as possible.

Doing this is super easy by grabbing HEALTHKICK7.  It is jam-packed with powerful resources, worksheets, and meal planners to guide you through the process.

Important note

Never start this or any other detox or weight loss plan without consulting with your healthcare professional as needed. Especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

7 easy steps to transform you from stressed, miserable and tired to energized, happy and healthy

Step1, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

Download and print your 7 body cleanse worksheets

The plan and worksheets are everything you need to successfully complete the detox.

Grab HEALTHKICK7 now, including the detox worksheets and the healthy lifestyle kit and low carb recipe book, everything you need to boost your health and energy.

The 7 detox worksheets are designed to
  • Make your detox easy and successful
  • Track your progress
  • Identify your struggles
  • Measure your success

It will take you only minutes a day to complete and successfully use the resources.

All 7 the worksheets are one-pagers and mostly require a couple of tick boxes to complete every day. It will not take up a lot of your time but will ensure you get the best benefit from the detox.

7 day detox plan, with triple detox super boost secret, to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamilyAnd remember, if you want to super boost your 7 day body cleanse with optimal weight loss, body cleansing and feeling supercharged, be sure to check out the Bonus worksheet included in the 7 Day Detox Plan: 

My Triple Detox Super Boost Secret! 

The 7 Detox Worksheets include

  1. The 7 Detox Rules
    • To keep you on the right track for optimum detoxification benefit
  2. Measurements Chart
    • For body measurements and progress tracking
  3. Detox Goals and Success Sheet
    • To determine your detox goals and measure your compliance and keep you motivated
  4. Mood Tracker
    • To track your mental wellbeing
  5. Workout Plan and Daily Water Intake Sheet
    • To choose and track your workout routine
    • To help you ensure maximum daily water intake needed during the detox
  6. Detox Tactics for Meals with
    • Detox Plan
    • Daily Meal Planner for the 7 detox days
    • Healthy Food Choices Chart to identify the best food groups
    • Foods to Avoid List
  7. Triple Detox Super Boost 
    • 3 Super actions to supercharge your detox, resulting in optimal weight loss, core strength and energy.

You can access the 7 body cleanse worksheets here.

This offer will only be available for the next couple of weeks, as it will be converted into a paid resource. So be sure to grab yours now and get the maximum benefit of the detox. 

Healthy Lifestyle Triple Boost Secret to a happy and healthy you. Grab your kit now and get healthy with healhy food, healthy meals and meal planner. #healthylifestylekit #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyeating #healthyliving #ketoAnd, to guide your healthy lifestyle following your detox,

Grab your copy of the Healthy Lifestyle Kit including My Triple Lifestyle Super Boost.

Get all the juicy details here!

7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

Read and print your 7 detox rules

Click on the image below to download the 7 detox rules. When you are downloading the worksheets, the rules, as well as all the detail and printables to make your detox successful will be included and you can skip printing the rules here.

7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamily

Step 3, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyChoose a day to start your body cleanse

When you do a proper detox, the change is often a shock to your body. To try and adapt to the sudden changes, your body might feel deprived resulting in fatigue and sugar and caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

So expect to possibly feel tired and irritated during the first 3 intensive body cleanse period days. This is called the keto-flu and can include flu-like symptoms like a headache, body aches and tiredness.

See these symptoms in a positive light though as it means that your body is in the transition to burning fat and cleansing itself. Exactly where you want to be!

You can limit a lot of these symptoms by already cutting down on caffeine and sugary food in the days before your detox. Then, during the detox, there aren’t so many changes to your body all at once.

Fortunately, these symptoms won’t last and will get better day by day. Just stick it out, after 3 days you will start feeling better.

By the end of the 7 days, your body and mind will be cleansed and you will feel revitalized, energized and happy with successfully completing the challenge.

Top Tip

  • Try to start your 7 day detox over a weekend, or on days without stressful events scheduled.
  • A Friday is recommended.
  • Being relaxed at home for the first couple of days will help your body cope with the change.
  • However, avoid lying on the couch thinking about things you would like to eat …
  • Rather play with the kids outside, go for a walk or do any relaxing non-strenuous activities.

Step 4, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyDecide on a low-intensity exercise plan

Do not follow a strenuous exercise program during your 7 day detox as your body will be fatigued and have a lot to cope with already.

But, low-intensity exercise for  15 to 45 minutes per day, based on your fitness level, is essential during the 7 days detox to feel happier and healthier.

Even if you don`t feel like working out, you will still benefit from the body cleanse. Doing some exercise will, however, aid in weight loss.

Choose one activity you can easily incorporate and try sticking to it for the week. Good low-intensity workout choices are:

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

The body cleanse period is also a good time to include some daily stress relieve practices like yoga and meditation. Take time for some inner reflection and positive mindset building.

And, to guide you to self-belief and a calm mind after the 7 days of detox, use the  Better-Me Challenges included in HEALTHKICK7 

Step 5, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyPlan your 7 Day Detox

Start planning your 7 day detox with the help of the free worksheet downloads. Using these resources will help you successfully detox and get the best results.

It will only take you a couple of minutes to complete and you will have everything you need for your cleansing week.

  1. Complete your detox goals, body measurements and mood tracker.
  2. Plan your meals with the help of the detox meals tactics sheet.

That is it! You are all set to start 7 days to a new you!

For an added bit of motivation and comfort, also consider step 6:

Step 6, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyFind a detox friend

When you do a body cleanse, diet or new exercise program is often easier when you have a friend doing it with you. You can motivate each other and share your ups and downs.

Maybe you have a friend who is a new mom and you can see she needs a bit of energy – like most of us do … Or maybe your husband is overstressed and tired.

Invite them to join and get healthier and happier together. Just send them this link to download their own detox plan and worksheets, and get started.

Step 7, 7 Day Detox Plan Rules, 7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #detoxrules #healthylifestylesecrets #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips *healthyfamilyStart your 7 day detox

Congratulations! You have completed the most difficult steps already by making the decision to be healthier and starting the 7 day detox process.

You are now well on your way to a happier and healthier you. And, don’t let these resources sit and wait for you. Use them! You deserve to be happy and healthy!

Make the time and invest in the body cleanse you deserve.

If you are not sure of one of the steps or need extra guidance to get started, even if you did start and want to share your experience, joys or troubles during the detox – drop me an email. The email address is at the bottom of your first resource page.

I got your back friend! And, will support you through this detox to ensure optimal success. I have completed this exact detox several times, and know what you will be going through.  Reach out and let me guide you!

Enjoy your detox and don’t forget to share your suffering and success in the comments so we can all be motivated to take action and change our lives for the better.

Summary of the 7 detox plan step

  1. Set yourself up for success and invest in HEALTHKICK7
  2. Print the 7 rules
  3. Save the date to start your one-week body cleanse. Don`t wait, do it now!
  4. Decide on a low-intensity workout plan when weight loss is important
  5. Plan your 7 day detox and meals and be ready the get the most benefit possible
  6. Find a detox friend when you want to share the fun
  7. Start your 7 day detox with the use of your resources

And, to supercharge your lifestyle and get even more longterm benefits

  • Grab your copy of the popular HEALTHKICK7 including my Triple Lifestyle Super Boost 
  • Healthy Lifestyle Triple Boost Secret to a happy and healthy you. Grab your kit now and get healthy with healhy food, healthy meals and meal planner. #healthylifestylekit #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyeating #healthyliving #ketoYou will be able to super boost your healthy lifestyle  with
  • additional weight loss,
  • optimal health and energy
  • building your core strength
  • be calm and relaxed and
  • feeling supercharged.

Healthy Lifestyle Kit to a happy and healthy you. Grab your kit now and get healthy with healhy food, healthy meals and meal planner. #healthylifestylekit #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #healthyeating #healthyliving #keto

Immediate results: A more energized, happier and healthier you!

7 day detox plan to a happy and healthy you. Healthy Lifestyle tips. #healthylifestyle #detox #cleaneating #healthylifestyletips #healthyfamily

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