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to help you succeed at blogging. Let’s discover all the best booking blogging books to help you start a blog and make money!


11 Powerful blogging books to help you start a blog and make money. read it now be a better blogger. #bloggingbooks #startablog #newblogger #bloggingforbeginners

Did blogging books change the game for me as a new blogger?

Most Definitely! 

Will it change the game for you?


And, when you agree with this statement, you are in the right place today.

With this post I will help you find top blogging resource recommendations:

  • to grow your blog
  • and make money online



This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated when you make a purchase after clicking a link, with no added cost to you.


Grab your free copy

The magic recipe to succeed at blogging

Now isn’t that exactly what we all want as bloggers?

Yes, we want to know about the best and quickest ways to start a blog and make money.

Of course! It’s human nature to want the easiest way out.

The honest truth

You know already, is that there is, unfortunately, no magic recipe to ensure success …

The is good news though

there are awesome blogging books available to help us succeed

  • written by professional bloggers
  • who have proven to earn this title


  • who make a LOT of money from blogging.

But blogging is not for the faint-hearted, it takes a lot of:

  • hard work
  • patience
  • determination
  • and time

And, when you have all of those aspects covered, it’s time to invest in the best resources.  And, today I will help you find those to set you up for success.

Each and every resource listed here are written by

  • established bloggers
  • who I trust and
  • still learn from on a daily basis.

When you spend some time in the blogging scene, you quickly learn the big blogger names and get to know advice from whom are worthwhile and also those less so …


Blogger newsletter signups

Are you signed up to the biggest bloggers in your niche?

Yes? Awesome!

This is one of the best ways to stay updated and keep learning.

The signup downside …

Unfortunately, some bloggers

  • only promote themselves and
  • rarely share anything useful or insightful…

Of course, you never want to be named in this group

True signup value

Fortunately, there are also bloggers who share EVERYTHING!

They walk the path with you and will do anything to help you succeed. Those are the kind of bloggers you want to follow and learn from.

The best news today

Every single blogging book and blogger mentioned in this list are one of those brilliant bloggers!

So the best advice I can give you today to be successful blogging:

  • follow them now
  • learn from them and when you are ready
  • invest in their courses
The benefit of these actions
  • set you up for success from day one
  • guide you to do the right stuff at the right time and
  • make sure you don’t waste your time and money with ineffective strategies.

I personally follow each of these bloggers and have invested time or money or both, in their courses, training, webinars or freebies.

Every single one has been worth every cent and every minute spent!

Find more blogging resources here

Top Tip when investing in your blog

When we start our blogs, we are often tempted to buy any and every blogging resource we can find. Unfortunately, this action is often somewhat counterproductive, since

  • you will only end up being overwhelmed and
  • all those great resources will simply be collecting dust!

A wise strategy is to look where you are in your blogging journey:

and buy the most relevant resource appropriate at that time.

A solid blogging strategy

when you are starting out
desperate for more traffic
time to monetize
need inspiration for blog post ideas

The benefits of this blogging resource strategy

It’ simple, when you invest in a relevant course or book that you need, at that moment, you are more likely to finish it.

And, more importantly, take action and implement the taught strategies.

Your next step

Grab one of these powerful blogging books:

  • depending on where you are on your blogging journey and
  • start rocking your blog!


Free blogging resources how to start a blog for beginners and how to make money online. best blog tips. blogging for beginners steps by step. #blogging #freeprintables #blogtips #howtostartablog #makemoneyonline


Time to check out these great resources

Powerful Blogging Books

Blog by Number 

grab this super course now from startamomblog Blog by Number

  • You can buy the Blog By Number book only, when you are on a tight budget.
  • Or, invest in the ebook and course – a worthwhile investment

I totally recommend you grab the complete package if you can!

  • You won’t regret it!

Remember to also

Personal Advice from Suzi

“Take action. Even if you’re scared you’re not doing the right thing – take action. In perfection, action is better than no action.”

Suzi Whitford

Boosting your Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic Ebook from TheSheApproach

  • When you need easy tips to grow your blog traffic as a beginner, this is an excellent book.



  • You get $5 off of on Boosting your Blog Traffic today, just because:
    • you buy it here and
    • Ana is awesome!
  • Just use this code TSA5OFF and get your discount.

Jump Start Blog Traffic

  • Susan is an awesome blogger you HAVE to follow when you want those useful tech tips that no one else shares! She is excellent at breaking it down so anyone can understand it.


hustle by niel patel blogging books

  • If you only want to follow one entrepreneur that will give you solid

it has to be Niel Patel.

  • He has incredible blogging knowledge he loves sharing.
  • Invest in this book to change your life TODAY! and
  • remember to subscribe to his blog.


  • Subscribe to his Marketing School and get quick and easy blogging tips in short power-packed videos. Get “Your Daily Dose” …
  • If you are not already using Ubersuggest for keywords, check it out now!

I love Pinterest

And, have invested a lot of time and money into perfecting my strategy.

There are 2 resources you simply HAVE TO grab if you want to be successful at pinning on Pinterest.

Don’t hesitate

I can guarantee these two blogging books:

  • will take your blog to the next level
  • no matter where you are at the moment.

At least, that is what it did for me!

Making Pinterest Possible

best blogging books

This blogging book will be one of your most worthwhile investments.

Ana shares anything and everything about Pinterest in an easy and actionable way.

I really love this book!


  • You get $5 off of on Making Pinterest Possible today
    • just because you buy it here and
    • Ana is still awesome!
  • Just use this code TSA5OFF and get your discount.

Pinteresting Strategies

  • I bought and read this book more than once!
  • It is filled with great tips and hacks to rock Pinterest and
  • it was updated in October 2018 and
  • including an awesome manual pinning strategy.

Personal Advice from Carly

“My best tip for new bloggers is that they should just go with the flow.

If you find something that works for you and your audience, do more of that thing! Don’t just assume that because there is a “right way” to do something, or that you have to do something just because that’s what “everyone else is doing”.

Maybe a broad topic blog works better for you than a super niche blog… or maybe you don’t want to use Instagram, and that’s ok because Pinterest is going great for you!

Just do more of what works FOR YOU.”

Carly from MommyOnPurpose

Make money with Amazon Affiliates 

Need training in an easy and understandable format:

  • Then Suzi is your best friend and you will love this resource!
  • Check this brilliant one on boosting your Affiliate Income now

How to Blog for Profit

How to Blog for Profit without selling your soul blogging book

  • From Ruth Soukup at EBA
  • Everyone in the blogging scene knows Ruth Soukup and EBA.
  • And even if you, like me, not have the budget to enroll in this expensive course, we can still learn from this blogging expert by investing in her ebook!


#girlboss blogging bookFrom Sophia Amoruso

  • This great bestseller blogging book is an inspiring read for all bloggers.


Beginners Guide to WordPress

Beginners guide to wordpress Susan Velez blogging books

  • This an awesome guide and
  • everything you need to know when starting your blog with WordPress
  • Remember to also subscribe to the blog for awesome tips.

365 Blog Topic Ideas

365 blog topic ideas blogging books

  • From Dana Fox
  • Perfect for the Lifestyle Blogger who doesn’t know what to write about.

And that’s it for today

Hope you have enjoyed my blogging books list and it will help you to find all the brilliant blogging books you need at every step of your blogging journey.

Leave a comment and

Let me know your favorite blogging books and favorite bloggers to follow!

Remember to


Just because I know how hard blogging can be in the beginning, I want to give you an insider look at the best resources I use on a daily basis:

Blog Set-up Recommendations

I personally use and love all of these

Time for a new blog domain name

  • Register your new blog domain name at an affordable prize with Namecheap.

Need the best hosting

And it seriously doesn’t get any better than this

  • use Siteground
  • they are affordable
  • easy to work with and
  • provides great customer care.

Rock Pinterest

  • with the best scheduler Tailwind.
  • adding to Tailwind Tribes you will skyrocket your traffic and repins.
  • With this link, you can get one month free!
  • Check it out today!

Have the best theme

  • For easy to use themes, visit MyThemeShop.
  • The Schema Theme helps your blog load super fast and
  • is awesome for SEO

Write perfect posts

  • Make sure your blog posts are
  • perfect in terms of spelling and grammar
  • by using Grammarly.
  • This is one resource you should not be without!

Do videos like a pro

  • Screencastomatic is an affordable and easy to use screen editing program. I am using this tool for a while now and are loving it. It’s so easy, anyone can edit videos like a pro!

Time for sponsored posts

  • Get paid to blog, subscribe to BlogDash today!
Take action:
It’s time to start rocking your new blog!

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Best blogging books to go from beginner to pro. Check it out now. #bloggingbooks #bloggingforbeginners #makemomeyonline

Best blogging books if you want to blog like a pro. Read now and save for later! #bloggingbooks #startablog #newblogger #bloggingforbeginners Top blogging books every new blogger needs. Discover your blogging potential today. Remember to pin for later. #bloggingbooks #blogging #startablog #bloggingforbeginners








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