Who doesn’t love cute Bumble Bees?

We sure do! My daughter asked me to draw new bee coloring pages for her. Or a humble bumble bee as she calls it! And, that is how this post came to life.

Bee coloring page. free printable #beecoloring #freeprintable #freecoloringimage #bumblebeeimage

This is a fun post

where you will find

  • a bit of information on bees as a learning topic with your kids, and then
  • some free bee coloring and art images
    • to download and enjoy
  • our coloring image secret
    • and a special bonus just for you right at the end of the post

Just for Fun!

Trying saying the first three words of the post title a few times quickly

3 free bee … 3 free bee … 3 free bee …  (;

Super funny, right?



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Why bees

We started talking about the life of a honey bee and how it is an endangered species. It became a much-loved topic we discussed for days on end.

We saw some awesome bumblebee images and honey bee coloring pages and then, of course decided to create our own.

Do you also create some? Leave a comment and let me know!

Bees are an awesome educational topic

to share with your kids. And, you will be amazed at the brilliant bee facts I didn’t even know about it all myself …

Great bee learning resources and tools

Some more great books you have to check out

  • Five Bizzy Honey Bees – The Fun and Factual Life of the Honey Bee: Captivating, Educational, and Fact. You will all love this Picture Book about Bees for Toddlers, Kids, Children, and Adults.
  • One of our favorite reads are:

A Bee's life book

Why do we love this one

 Time for Kids is our go-to guide for non-fictional books.

They cover a lot of topics and provide information for kids in an easy and interesting way.

I always search this list first when looking for or a new tool to educate my kids.

Give it a try!

More free resources

Read these posts for great educational tools

So we created lots of

Fun bee coloring images

And, just because you are an awesome parent

we decided to share two of our best images with you

When you download the bee coloring pages

it will be awesome if you can share

with your friends on social media for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you, I appreciate every share!


Bee coloring page. free printable #beecoloring #freeprintable #freecoloringimage #bumblebeeimage


Don’t know about you, but I love coloring just as much as my kids!

I couldn’t help printing al the images out and enjoy them myself as well.

So print away and have fun with these bee coloring pages.

Guaranteed fun for the whole family …

Bee coloring page. free printable #beecoloring #freeprintable #freecoloringimage #bumblebeeimage

And, maybe there is even one more in your pdf file
** Remember the bee coloring pages are for personal use only
  • Please don’t copy, sell or use the free images, in any way other than coloring at home
  • When you love them and want to use it for any other purpose, simply send me an email for written permission from HealthyFamilyandMe.com
  • Email to:  Estie@HealthyFamilyandMe.com

Would you like some more free coloring images

There are plenty going around in the Free Resource Library.


Free resource library #parenting #kidslearning #freeprintables #momblog

Want in on our little coloring secret?


My kids constantly have requests for new coloring images. This resulted in me creating loads of unique images to their likes and preferences.

We created images of
  • animals
  • fairies
  • elves
  • snowmen
  • underwater creatures and
  • so much more.

Why coloring images

Coloring Fun for the Kids. A beautiful book with more than 40 unique images #coloring #kidscoloring


I quickly realized that new coloring pictures occupy my kids for hours.

It became an easy way to get them interested in a new topic.

And, the part they loved best was getting to decide exactly what goes on each coloring page! It made them feel like they created it!


Remember coloring stimulates brain development.

It teaches skills like

  • patience
  • attention to detail
  • fine motor skills
  • and creativity
Of course, the coloring is only the initial fun

Have you thought about using coloring images

We do that all the time

  • to cover school books with?
  • to create a personalized gift wrap?

Yes, these are some of the things we love doing with our coloring images.

Great ideas

Why don’t you start creating your own unique images today!

Or, grab your free images and think of super creative ways to use them.

Leave a comment

and share your awesome coloring image ideas.

But wait, about that secret …

Time to reveal, We have rounded up all our coloring images and published a coloring book!


The secret is out

We now have a coloring book

my magic coloring book for kids


My Magic Coloring Book

  • fun for ages 4 to 8
  • filled with our own creations and
  • for sale on Amazon in a beautiful hard copy
  • or pdf download here

And when you love our free bee images above you are sure to love all the other fun images in our book too

It would be so awesome

when you support our efforts and grab a copy for your kids. I know your kids will enjoy it just as much as mine does!


my magic coloring book. #coloringforkids #magiccoloring #kidslearning


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Bee coloring page. Grab your free printable pages now! Click for the best bee art. #beecoloring #savethebee #bestbeeart #kidscoloring #adultcoloring
Do you also like the cute bumble bee? Get some free bee coloring pages today. #coloringkids #coloringfun #beecoloring #savethebees #kidslearing
Teach you kids to save the bees with bee coloring pages. #kidslearning #educatekids #savethebees #beecoloring #freeprintables #beeart
bumble Bee coloring page. Grab your free printable pages now! Click for the best bee art. #beecoloring #savethebee #bestbeeart #kidscoloring #adultcoloring





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