Are you a good mom? Of course you are! I truly believe that as moms, we are blessed with a touch of magic when we see our little ones for the very first time. And that magic is the source of our inner mom beauty. Today you will discover how to extend that unique advantage and learn how to be a beautiful mom.

how to be a beautiful mom

Learning how to be a beautiful mom

Can you remember that very moment you first set your eyes on your new little bundle of joy? It was magic right?

That feeling of love, all-consuming and pure. The completely unconditional sense of belonging and heartfelt raw emotion. Wanting to make you cry and smile at the same time …

Do you remember that moment? I sure do!

For some of us, it was a moment of instant magic. For others, it took some time to develop. Either way, it was the exact moment you got blessed with true mom glamour. A one of a kind beauty, reserved for mommies only.

And, even when you had a tough pregnancy or difficulty giving birth, the beautiful sensation was there. Yes some of us experience it more clearly than others, but we all have it because our brains already changed physiologically during pregnancy allowing us to encounter this moment in a very unique way.

How to be a good mother tip

If there was one tip I could give every mommy out there, just before baby’s arrival, it would be this:

Allow yourself to fully experience, value and remember the beautiful magic contained in that very first moment you meet your baby.

In doing so, you will be able to relive that fantastical emotion and use it at times of parenting difficulty you are sure to face as your little one gets older.

And don’t worry, if your magic moment was delayed due to any reason. When there was any medical, physical or emotional cause in the way of you fully experiencing that moment, it does not mean it didn’t happen. It simply implies that your moment was a bit delayed. But inevitably still happened.

In saying that, of course, you might think the fact that you already possess this beauty might make this discussion a bit pointless. True, if it wasn’t possible to solidify and grow and enhance your inner mom beauty. And fortunately, it is possible. And easier than you think. So, that is exactly what we will discover here today

You will learn how to grow three of your essential beautiful mom qualities. And discover all the help you need to be the beautiful mom you can be.

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Do you prefer short cuts?

I sure do, and that’s exactly why I will start by giving you four easy steps to make your motherhood journey super easy and great fun.

Here are your first four steps to learn how to be a confidently beautiful mom

1. your free cheat sheet

If you want to get started immediately, grab your free copy of the popular cheat sheet. Download the convenient easy to use PDF format that you can print and save for later.

free printable

It gives you quick and easy access to smart actions and power affirmations to change your mom life today. And, it will also keep you motivated and help you succeed in being a more beautiful mom.

2. your beautiful mom freebie

This awesome freebie will inspire you with

  • 21 unique ways to be a good mother
  • stunning art print and
  • power journal prompt and printable journal page

The tips included in this freebie are not your average, be-a-better-mom tips, but rather thought stimulating behaviors that will help you transform your mom life into an enjoyable, magic memory-filled journey. And you can get a free copy by clicking 21 unique ways to be a beautiful mom

beautiful mom freebie

3. your beautiful mom guide

If you need a bit more help to grow your five mom qualities and learn to be a better mom, the beautifully created, 80+ page eBook is perfect for you. It will encourage you to

  • discover your mom goals
  • grow stronger and healthier and
  • teach you how to take better care or yourself
  • whilst believing in your own mom skills.

When you are ready to do the work and enjoy the benefit of transforming yourself into a confidently beautiful mom, who knows how to take care of her family and herself, this brilliant guide is there to help you.

Check it out here, The Beautiful Mom Guide

beautiful mom guide

4. how to be a confidently beautiful mom

mom course

When you are ready to challenge yourself, put in the necessary time and effort, build your mom skills and learn how to be a confidently beautiful mom, this course will lead you every step of the way.

This is an amazing, interactive course with

  • level 10 ratings and graphs
  • quick-win actions and
  • power journal prompts
  • inspiring art prints and quotes

All the actions and printables are designed to help you be a good mother, feel confident and take control of your family life. This amazing course will lead you step-by-step and help you see results quickly and easily.

If you are up for the challenge, check out How to be a Confidently Beautiful Mom course

beautiful mom course

After choosing your favorite ones from the four steps above it’s time to discover some quick actions and affirmations to help you be a better mom today.

As we said earlier, we were blessed with an inner mom beauty and now we will learn how to use that to grow our mom qualities. We simply need to build on it. Make it stronger and grow it bigger and better.

the 5 important qualities of a beautiful mother

we need to improve to help us be better moms including how to be awesome, happy and healthy, positive and strong.

You will find quick actions and affirmations to get you started on all five of these qualities on the cheat sheet. And we will discuss the former three in more detail below. To get more help growing all five of these, check out the Beautiful Mom Guide.

Time to learn how to live our best mom lives using our beautiful parent advantage.

the best and easiest way to be more beautiful right now

is to use the four quick win steps above and then to challenge ourselves to start building and growing our mom skills. Therefore, challenging ourselves to be confidently beautiful moms. Are you up for the challenge?

Use your great cheat sheet from step one to follow the actions and practice the positive affirmations. Let’s have a quick look at what those entail

your easy steps to successfully complete the better mom actions

  • read through the rest of this post
  • discover the five mom qualities to build on
  • understand the benefit of strengthening each quality
  • do the quick action tips and affirmations
  • enjoy being a better mother
  • use one of the short cuts for instant results

how to be better mom

Time to discuss each of the beautiful mom qualities as well as the quick win tips to help you take action today including the scientific evidence behind everything.

1 How to be an awesome mom

awesome mom and daughter

The first skill you need to master to be a beautiful mother is being awesome. And being an awesome mom is all about

  • believing in yourself and
  • taking good care of yourself

And because I am super enthusiastic about discovering ways to be an awesome mom there are loads of amazing resources to help you gain parenting awesomeness.

Here are some the best awesome mom resources on the blog

Self-care as a parent is very important as it promotes overall health and wellness and encourages self-improvement. It also limits the chronic stress response restricting the physicological stress response inducing high blood pressure increased heart rate, and slowed digestion. This is important as you want to avoid this response that results in stress and chronic disease.

Practicing self-care will make you stronger mentally, physically and also psychologically. So now is a good time to create a solid self-care routine and enjoy being an awesome parent.

a proven method of self-empowerment

is using positive self-affirmation. The self-affirmation theory by Steele in 1988 and, even as soon as  L. Festinger’s original theory in 1957, sparked further investigations into the value of self-affirmation. And since then it is a practice endorsed by most psychiatrists.

Mostly because it has been proven to work! Science confirms that self-affirmation improves positive self valuation. And by activating the pre-frontal cortex, it promotes self-related information processing, helping us build our self-confidence.

There is more than enough neuroscience data to prove that positive affirmation is beneficial and well worth the time and energy. Mood-inducing affirmation practice boost serotonin levels in the brain and that is exactly what every mom wants!

secret life tip for mothers

This is one of my favorite books, helping you know how you can heal your life. Check it out!

awesome mom action

Do self-affirmation at least once a day.

You spend time doing your make-up every single day, right? Or brush your teeth? (… of course …) It’s a great idea to combine your self-affirmation with a task like one of these.

This ensures we never forget and start reaping the immense benefits of self-healing, including being more awesome. Here are 4 tips with all the self-care resources you need. Use it to establish your self-care routine asap

know how to beat mom overwhelm

Discover how to use your journal and power journal entries to take control and beat feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

You will find tips on how journaling can help with feelings of anxiety and depression and help you sleep better. Read more about beating mom overwhelm …

use 5-minute self-care tips

Self-care must never be complicated or time-consuming.

Find small actions that have a huge benefit on your mental and physical well-being and be sure to include it in your daily routine. Discover 59 5-minute self-care activities …

use positive affirmations

Affirmations that are positive, personal and easy-to-remember are a great way to fight mom overwhelm.

Read more about the power of affirmations and download 32 positive affirmations for moms …

know where to focus

Establishing a good self-care routine and therefore growing stronger as a mom starts with knowing your strong and weak points.

Do the quick Self Care Assessment Survey and identify your self-care needs as a mom.

You can find even more awesome mom tips here.

awesome mom affirmation

inspirational affirmation

2 How to be a healthy mom

healthy mother and child

The second mom skill you need to improve in order to be a more beautiful mom is to be healthy. We all know the benefits of living a healthy life. And if you only take away one message from this part today, let it be that being healthy need not be difficult. There are numerous small things you can do on a daily basis to make a huge improvement to your overall health.

healthy living tips

A healthy lifestyle must always be about

  • healthy eating
  • being active
  • growing positive minds
  • and happy souls

Psychoneuroimmunology studies have shown us that health and happiness even boost our bodies’ natural immune response and therefore keep us healthy and living longer. And, our brain chemistry is affected by certain foods that help to make us happy.

Similarly not getting the right happiness foods, containing essential brain fatty acids, like docosahexaenoic acid or DHA, can cause depression and anxiety symptoms. So get to know the happy foods and start eating them more.

happy foods list

Try to include more eggs, fish, bananas, berries, chicken, dark chocolate, green tea, and raw nuts in your family meals.

healthy mom action

Play outside with your kids, at least once a week. Not only will you all be healthier physically but you will grow closer as a family and be stronger mentally. Thus, helping you all live longer!


healthy family

When you need a step by step guide to help you live the healthy family lifestyle you have always wanted, check out these two great resources

Time to create your own healthy mom affirmation or practice the one below to grow a healthy mindset.

healthy mom affirmation

health affirmation

3 How to be a happy mom

happy mother and child

Definition of a happy mother

How happy or unhappy you are is a personal decision without your own soul. We all know it is only you who can rate your own happiness.  A similar truth we tend to ignore is that happiness does not come from others, but from within ourselves. When we choose to find happiness in difficult situations, our stable mood is further enhanced by sustained energy levels.

secret happiness hack

Want to know a clever way to enjoy the benefits of happiness even when you don’t even feel all that happy?

Use the power of smiling. Did you know, that when you smile a chemical reaction is triggered in your brain increasing serotonin and dopamine levels? These are associated with happiness and lowers your stress levels. Smiling will keep your blood pressure low, your heartbeat slows and your body happy and healthy. So start smiling!

Another great way to radiate positive vibes is by starting your day with a healthy morning routine. Check out this kickass

love these secrets and unique hacks?

then you have to check out the Beautiful Mom guide

happy mom action

No matter what your mood, try smiling when you wake up in the morning and just before bedtime. Even if it’s a fake smile, your body will enjoy the benefits of feeling happy.

This small action will give you a better start to your day. And the serotonin boost before bedtime will improve your sleep quality. All great reasons to give this little tip a try today, and every other day.

happy mom affirmation

happiness affirmation

Remember to download your free PDF copy of the How to be a Beautiful Mom infographic

free printable

Positive images motivate and inspire us

Science has proven, positive images can motivate and inspire you.

free art prints

And, that’s exactly why the bonus included in the Beautiful Mom guide is stunning art prints including inspirational quotes, self-affirmations and coloring pages.

Grab your copy now and learn how to build these three parenting skills as well as being positive and happy. Be sure you get this super bonus.

How to be a beautiful mom concluded

We have discussed great action tips and affirmations to help us be awesome, healthy and happy moms. Use these tips and all the additional resources to help you learn how to be a beautiful mom.

When you want to learn even more easy tips to build all these mom skills as well as being a beautiful, positive and strong mom, check out How to be a Confidently Beautiful Mom.

It will guide you step-by-step to being beautiful, feeling confident and taking control of motherhood.


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Leave a comment below and let me know your beautiful mom secret. What do you do to be awesome, happy and healthy?

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beautiful mom skills

awesome mom and daughter

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